The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Witches Pyramid

 Good Evening,

Did you catch that nip of winter in the air today? I've been watching the Canada geese heading south, by instinct of course, and desire no doubt!

Tonight I want to touch on a maxim popular within modern Wicca.  It's referred to as The Witches Pyramid, The four powers of the Sphinx, and attributed as  a Rosicrucian maxim. Regardless of origin though, it has lessons to be taught to us following a magickal path today.  

                                    To Know,  To Will,  To Dare,  To keep Silent

 Tonight we'll discuss the first "To Know ".  Sounds simple enough. Or is it.  As we study and learn about the areas of interest in our lives, we run the risk of getting to a place where we stop learning and rely on everything we think we know.  This is more likely the older we become. 'Been there, done that', but the witch benefits from looking at each situation  with a fresh eye. To Know, and to know that you don't know it all.  An important rule to remember. 

I'm asked often "how can I develop my psychic sight, or become better at intuition, divination or sensing energies? Read. Reading about these topics opens up channels in the brain and in your psychic mind. It also forces you to keep an open mind, as long as you read in the areas that aren't totally in your comfort zone. Challenge what you think you know. Read others experiences and ideas.Learn about the areas you may not be comfortable with. Scared of ghosts? Good, then ghosts are your first topic!  Just don't get divination or tarot cards? Go out a buy your first deck, then work with them to learn from them.

Always studying your craft. Maybe you've read all the books, now what? Practice, practice, practice. And learn from your practice. I find my magick is better and I'm happiest when I am casting spells that are new and untried, reciting incantations new and fresh every time. My magick changes as I do, consistently and deliberately. I am always striving to become a better person, so change lives with me daily.

The witches path is one of literacy and knowledge. Study and practice. I've been living a magickal life, it feels all of my life, but I started serious study in some of these areas as early as my late teens, early twenties. I was studying everything I could find regarding this world. It was primarily in the study of spirits, ghosts and hauntings and divination. After 30 years of learning, I haven't stopped yet.

The witch has always been the 'wise one'. A derivation of the world witch, an  Old English word wic, the root for wicca, means wise one. In reference to the wise woman or wise man of the village or clan.

Many want to live the life of a witch, and they can. It just requires a dedication to learning and study that not everyone is ready to dedicate to this path. But no worries, I like to say. You will get out of your path, that which you put into it. No more, no less.

I am a bit old fashioned, in the respect that I appreciate correct spelling, proper grammar and a serious study ethic. I can be a demanding instructor, but I personally enjoy working with a few  serious students at Enchantments every Saturday morning. I continue to learn with their experiences, their triumphs and their challenges.  For the first step I believe, on the path of the witch is simply .  .  .  To Know. 

My students like homework, at least they tell me they do. So, if you'd like I'll give you some. No need to turn it in, you see you govern your own growth and pursuit of knowledge. Write down on a piece of paper, or in your notebook Book of Shadows,  a list of 20 things you don't know.  Just that.  Simply 20 things you do not know.  No other criteria. See what you come up with. Make sure you date it. You might find it interesting.

 Tomorrow we'll discuss the next level of the Witches Pyramid  "To Will"  


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