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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Spell Manifestation Steps 3 & 4

 Evening Greetings,

Tonight we will be discussing the next two steps or areas to consider when your spells do not manifest as you desire.  These two steps, "Goes Against Practitioners true desires" and "Goes against the laws of nature" are phrased this way to explain why your spells did not manifest as expected.  Let me explain in detail. 

Goes Against practitioners true desires:

So you cast a spell. This was a spell for money, specifically a better job.  Except you initially decided to cast this spell because your boss was a jerk just the other day! He/She said or did or didn't do something that just ticked you off. " Well, I'll show him!  I'm gonna cast a spell that will give me a better job, with a better boss and that'll teach him,  so there!"  Except,  this job is perfect for you and you love your co-workers, the pay is good,  the benefits good and you really don't want to have to look for another job all over again.  So, this spell, although fueled by emotion, which can help or hinder, won't manifest as you desire.

Because you, deep down inside, don't want it to.  This is the primary reason we don't cast spells for others. You might be a very nice person, you might need something very much, but I won't do a spell for you because it's not in my area of need.  There are those who don't follow this understanding though and cast spells, or claim to cast spells for others for a fee.  There is no better method of deducing a fraud, a charlatan and downright crook than someone who will say "I'll cast a spell for you for so much money".  Guess what? This is why those spells do not work. Never have, never will.

I have met many, far too many people, who have been conned by charlatans. Primarily over the Internet. And what a perfect cover.  I once spoke with a gentleman who purchased 'love soap' guaranteed to bring him a lover. It cost him $300.  For a bar of soap.  Didn't work.  No recourse as the guarantee was as bogus as the person who shortly after cashing his check and sending him the bar of soap disappeared and was no longer available.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  I guess its something that he actually received the bar of soap! We sell bars of love soap also, for a few dollars but it is designed to bring loving energies into your life and we instruct you as to how to visualize when using it.

Instead, I prefer to teach others how to cast the spells for yourself.  My simple spell kits for the adept or the novices are only $9.00 each and I and my assistant Ms. Laurel, are always available to help you if you have a question or if something doesn't work as it should.  

Goes Against the Laws of Nature

The next step to consider carefully when casting a spell is the one that says your spell will not manifest as you desire if it goes against the laws of nature.  Let me start by saying the Laws of Nature are NOT man's laws. There is no good or bad in nature. The laws I speak of are akin to gravity. There's no good or bad when it comes to gravity, it just is.  

For instance an old chestnut, or rumor with no basis in truth is the old  saying "Be careful what you ask for" This seems to come from an older admonishment "Be careful what you spell for. If you ask for money, poor, old grandmother will pass away and leave all her money to you."  In a sense blaming the person for grandmother's death by casting a money spell.  I personally feel that this warning was specific to stopping young people from even dabbling in the magickal arena.

From my understanding of the magickal energies, we cannot affect change in the laws of nature. What this means is we cannot cause someone's death nor prevent a birth, stop gravity or stop the sun from rising each day.  Yes, we can affect the weather, but that's a changable energy that like electricity can be manipulated by ones energies.  Many have the example that they cannot wear a watch because it refuses to run, or often stops, loses time. But the same watch on someone else works fine. 

By working magick to kill, or to harm and control, the laws of nature will only succeed in frustration for the magickal practitioner and something else also.  I have seen,  from those who have been open about sharing their ways with me, and who see nothing wrong with trying to harm others with magick, a curious result.

Those that seek to harm others, harmfully manipulate or control others (even the love spell which on the surface can seem sweet and not manipulative) lose whatever ability to work magick they may have had.  Their spells fall flat, every time. No manifestation, almost a vacuum with themselves spinning aimlessly within. 

Should they continue to try to control and harm others and continue to work magick I have seen something even more curious occur.  The energy does seem to blow back to them, in this case, causing what I can only term mental illness and delusions. A true sickness of the mind comes over them.  Yet, perhaps there was some of that already in the mix for someone to be so hell-bent on harming another with magick in the first place.

I don't recommend it, but as always .  .  .  do what you will. 

Tomorrow we will discuss steps 5 & 6

 'Evoking harm'   & ' An it harm none" 

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