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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spell Manifestation Steps 9 & 10

Spell Casting Greetings,

It takes a dedicated spell caster to be following these steps.  Many wish to wear the garb, use the arcane language and act the part, but for those of you following my witches blog you are seeing how much work and understanding it takes to become adept at what we do.  Well the good news is we are past the half way mark. 

Tonight we will discuss steps 9 and 10 of spell manifestation:  Need and When its not supposed to.


 I intended Spell Manifestation,  as I use the phrase,  to be specific as to how and why your spells don't seem to work out as you expect them to. Frankly, no one is concerned when their spells work out perfectly! So, the work comes when our spells manifest and yet, are not quite right. 

You must have a need. For whatever you spell for, you must have a need. This is the primary reason doing spells for others doesn't work.  Yes, you can design a spell, put a small spell with all the components together and the directions, what we call a spell kit,  and give it to someone for their use and teaching them how to use it, that's just fine. But casting a spell for another, without their presence and participation just doesn't work.

There must be a need for the magickal goal.  For instance a person may come into my store, Enchantments, and ask for a love spell to be cast for her. The person may be just the nicest person going, but I don't really have a need for her to find true love and happiness. Yes, it's a nice altruist attitude, but it doesn't contain 'need'.  Need, does not mean nice to have, but necessary to have.  Must have.  It should make no difference in my life if that customer gets her personal desires for love met. I can help her choose candles, stones, herbs and the like to help her create her spell. And honestly, I hope all does go well for her, but, and I don't kid myself, the need is hers not mine. Becoming too involved with your clients personal stuff is not ideal.  It also puts you in the precarious position of teetering over that precipice between a humble reality and a super power trip. You need to be working on your stuff, in my witch's opinion.  If the spell doesn't manifest as expected, or you see no manifestation then you might look at this step and the visual you used to determine if you had a true need.

When it's not supposed to: 

I've heard it before  "But Ms. Faith, you said 'When it's not supposed to' wasn't a decent answer to the question of  why spells don't manifest the way we want. Yet now its here in Spell Manifestation number 10! I'm confused" 

Let me explain. Yes, I did start this discussion by saying that it wasn't a good enough answer, in light of,  it's the current, most prevailing answer out there. I have yet to find a list of solid reasons as why our magick  doesn't work out, on the internet or in any books.  Of course, I haven't read every book, as I'm very busy with the practice at hand, but it's not common. It's so uncommon I came up with Spell Manifestation to address this very issue. 

Let me tell you about Spell Manifestation, step 10 in its entirety.  "When it's not supposed to and the reason will become apparent within 30 - 90 days". This happens when other energies that you have already put out there come into conflict with what you're doing. Yes, we put out energies every moment,  which color our days, weeks and months ahead of us. Our energy being directed in certain directions, by us, although without the aid of spell work or many times without conscious awareness.  This is why  I can read someone's tarot cards and tell them what will be happening in the next few months of their lives. They have already put the information, the energy out there. I just read it back to them.  We are alive and creating energy 100% of the time, yet we are aware, in my opinion,  of about maybe 10% of it, at any given time.

So back to Spell Manifestation.  Let me explain more clearly. I cast a spell once to find a building to house Enchantments. I looked at two buildings prior to the one I finally purchased, and each of the prior buildings, in my inexperienced eye, was perfect. In reality, it was more like "we'll make it work, somehow".  I really wanted each building, but right at the last moment the deal fell through, over seemingly silly, trivial minutia.

Each prior deal went long enough, actually longer than they should have, one took over three months, that by the time the building we did purchase went on the market, we had enough experience, and knew it truly was what we wanted, all the required approvals already met, that the deal went through in one week. I had wondered what was holding things up? My spells are pretty strong and have been very effective over the years so I was in a confusion regarding what was going on. Then when the building we did buy came up and we bought, everything went much smoother, I can now see the other two buildings really would not have worked as well as this one.

There will be times when things are already set in your future, by you remember.  Then we decide on a course of action, cast a spell and it doesn't work.  When its not supposed to speaks to the energies already in motion, manifesting in a different direction perhaps, but your latest spell didn't work because it went in opposition to what you've already been brewing in your cauldron.  The truth to look for in this step is the knowledge that is to come. Within 1-3 moon cycles  you will know, absolutely why your spell did not manifest.  That if it had, this, this and that would not have happened and so on .  .  .

I'd like to thank Karen for her recent comment.   "I TOLD you to write a book! If they're reading your blog in other countries they'll be more than willing to read a book Faith"  Karen

I thank you for your enthusiasm and support.  I have published just this year,  my first book, the full details just below, and am working on another manuscript I hope to have published sometime next year. But as much as this 'blog' is helpful in getting information out there, there is so much more in this vast genre, I could never put it all in print.  I am also aware that not everyone can take classes at my school, or are not in a position to be 'out of the broom closet' and open about their interests, and as I believe knowledge and information are valuable and necessary, I hope those that cannot train with others can learn through my words.  My book is also available via mail-order on my If there is ever a problem ordering through the website, as it is at times under construction, please call Enchantments at 850-791-6033 and with a credit card we can ship out your order that day! 

I thank you all for reading my work, and I hope it brings to you what you wish.


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  1. Thank you Miss Faith. I read your blog every night and am learning so much. With this and access to your Enchantments shop I am on my way to a better understanding and am loving it. :)