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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Law of Attraction

Evening greetings all,

Well, again I say! The weather is following the calendar quite closely and behaving itself.  Today's darkened skies and cold, blustery rain is just what one can expect this time of year in New England.  Did you find yourself grumbling about the rain today?  Well, toughen up my fellow yankees ( an old term for those of us from New England, I have no particular baseball affiliation)  because it could be snow. It's not. I'm happy about that.  I'm not a witch that enjoys the winter, I'll admit. Well, I may enjoy it more from a sunny deck chair in Florida, but not this week! 

This upcoming week promises to be warmer and just lovely weather. Time to get some additional chores out of the way, now that the big holiday of Samhain (Halloween) has passed. In the meantime I have been asked yet another very good question.  What is the law of attraction? As this applies to spell casting it fits right in for tonight's discussion.

As early as 391 B.C.E. Plato was speaking of the laws of affinity. The primary understand is that 'like attracts like'. Earth to earth, water to water and so forth.  One can take this concept to deep philosophical places where often one can see that  people tend to associate with like-minded people. I know I spoke just the other day with a  businessman who stopped into the shoppe, and it came up in conversation that he didn't find himself surrounded with magickal minded people all day! That most people aren't. Sadly that is true.

In my world, I'm surrounded by very interesting, fun, exciting people everyday. People that come into the store ask about spells, potions, crystals and discuss energies with ease. But of course, its a witch shoppe. So like minded come by to shop and learn more. 

It's not just in the human realm, cats hang with cats and dogs tend to pack with dogs. There are many folk sayings "Like attracts like",  "birds of a feather, flock together',  'lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas' (yes, that's one also! More of a warning that if you hang with a certain element you'll become as they are. Or was it already in you and that's what attracted you in the first place? hmmmmm, See, I told you it gets deep!)

From this witches point of view, I see this principle play out everyday. Mostly in the form of people bemoaning the challenges that they encounter in life. But the law of attraction suggests that we bring in all that is in our life. The witch believes this.  Everything is in our lives because we will it to be.  Everything.

This may be easy to accept when it is every day annoyances or happy surprises, but more difficult when it involves tragedy and grief. The law of attraction is not the only universal law. There are others, gravity for one!  Yet the law of attraction we work with everyday.  We go to work, work hard for money to live, and that's a strong energy people send out. .  .  .  need money, to live, to eat.    .   .   Just think of a scene from television or a movie of a busy sidewalk in New York City, we've all seen a scene like this. Countless people moving quickly, coming, going, moving. A projective energy, making things happen. Going to work, making money, having purpose. Can you feel the energy my imagery brings up? Fast, intense, purposeful.  That's the energy you are sending out. 

Then we send out energy to negate that 'money making' energy. For instance,  so many people, in my experience, feel that its not o.k for them to ask for money, magickally. Or that if they could, possibly, have a wish come true or a desire manifest,  it should be for global good. That it's selfish to ask for money, perhaps they feel some guilt for asking and receiving money.  There's lots of baggage people have built up around money. More commonly is the prevailing belief,  with our current economy,  that its all going to go away, collapse, no longer be there. the money will never be enough, or the money that is coming in will dwindle.

Guess what? we're creating our reality. Our strongest thoughts are what manifests first. If enough people feel the same and put that energy out there they can create cultural and global change. The hundredth monkey principle in effect. If enough people feel the economy is going to collapse, it will. On an individual basis,  if these belief-defeating thoughts are strong enough, they come back to run headlong into the 'making money' energy you've already sent out. This throws the law of attraction into a place reminiscent of a pin ball machine.You wind up with just enough, but never getting ahead and add the entire country getting into the negative energy party, well its pretty bad.

Have you heard this old chestnut, "better not ask for money because dear old Grandmother will pass away and leave you all her money in her will."  Basically a warning to the novice against working with what was thought of as evil, dark forces. You'll get money, yes you will, but at the expense of poor, old, beloved Grandmother!   How could you!!

There are several other universal principles developed by different cultures and philosophers throughout history that we can cover at a later time, but one that applies to poor, old, Grandmother, is you can't work natural forces that goes against the laws of nature.  It just can't be done. What this means is no spell can cause the death of a person. A life can be taken by many physical means, natural causes, homicide, suicide,  but not by spell casting or natural magick.

As much as we say we want things in our lives, we have truly manifested what is in our lives. The people, the places, where you work, all of these things are in your life because of choices you've made. The witch is constantly looking through her life and making new choices, discarding what no longer serves and creating new needs and desires.  If you want to start understanding the Law of Attraction, know this. Surround yourself with what you desire. You've created your reality, if you don't like what you have, recreate it anew.


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  1. Ms. Faith - I noticed that the zebra grass (in the parking lot) has indeed been harvested. Does it have a magickal purpose? or does it just need to be cut down to come back stronger next year?