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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you want to cast a spell? Here, let me show you how

 Evening greetings my eager spell casters,

Before you can cast a spell you need to know a few basic steps. Well,  five steps to be precise. I call these five steps my 'Anatomy of a Spell'.  Now, I'll tell you, just about any beginner's book on spell casting has a version of an anatomy of a spell.  I've seen many formulas from a few steps to some with up to 30 plus steps! Yikes!  Yet all of them can be boiled down to the five I teach in my spell casting classes.  For the purpose of this discussion we will stick with a simple candle spell when covering the steps.  Follow the steps as one would follow a recipe and before you know it, you'll be casting spells with confidence, ease and effectiveness. 

Oh, yes! Before I forget let's discuss the term 'spell casting'. Simply put, what a Christian would call a prayer, a Witch would call a spell. Catholics are known for lighting candles and asking a Saint for their favor. What a witch does is similar. Witches are comfortable working directly with Deity and often employ more tools and craft a more elaborate 'recipe' if you will, than what is typically put into a prayer.

To start, first read and then follow my Anatomy of a Spell:

1.) Magickal Goal - have a magickal goal. I step away from modern magickal terminology and use the word goal instead of intent. For me, intention has the same flavor as a New Year's resolution.You know,  " I really meant it at the time!!"  Frankly people do all sorts of questionable things with the 'best of intentions', so I set aside the word and use the word 'goal'. Remember the eighties, I do, do you? Well, many of us learned in various business or personal motivational seminars about goal setting and how successful it can be. And it is!  Have a specific goal in mind. One that can be reached for, and if you miss, you keep striving for that goal. It's concrete,  absolute, it must be! Much more creative energy than the word intention, (at least for me) and I find it works better to have a solid, concrete, achievable goal. 

 I have my students choose one of five goals to focus on:  Money, Health, Tranquility, Protection, Love

These are concepts everyone can imagine having a little bit more of in their lives. They are also self focused. Please do not start spell casting with the intention of casting spells for others. Do not do that. Work on yourself first and foremost.  We can discuss spell casting in regards to others at a later time. Choose one of the five magickal goals above.I've picked protection for the sake of this example.

2. Magickal Method - your method of spell casting must be decided. For this example, as I've previously mentioned, we choose candle magick. Some other choices of methods are: petitions, potions, moon magick, cord magick, pouch of stones,crystals, talismans, amulets, tarot spells, just to name a few! Did I mention this was a broad subject? We'll touch on these also in the near future.

For now we've chosen to cast a candle spell for protection.

3. Charm, enchant and layer your spell:

  • Gather all of your ingredients, tools and supplies.  Available at all fine witch shoppes near you!
  • For this spell we have a small black spell candle, a toothpick, a vial of protection oil, a black plate, black salt and stones of jet, lava and quartz crystal. 
  • Hold the candle in your hands. press it between your palms and surround it with your hands in prayer position. This is a significant position for charging items quickly and fully with your energy. See the candle, in your mind's eye glow a bright white. See your home, in this instance, being surrounded with bright white energy in a complete circle allowing no break 
  • After a few moments open your eyes and take the toothpick and carve protective symbols on your candle. If you wish to keep intruders and unwanted people away and out of your house,  a circle with a slash across, a common symbol in our time, meaning stop or don't is acceptable. A symbol that looks like an arrow pointing up is the rune tir, which also brings protection.  
  • Then rub a few drops of oil into candle, until absorbed. 
  • Place in a fire safe holder, place on black plate and surround with salt and stones.
You have completed the first three steps. Still with me? Good, you're doing just fine.  Now step four:

4. Cast your spell. With a candle spell, that means burning the candle. Allow the candle to burn all the way down. Using a small spell candle allows your spell to be cast and the candle burned between 20 and 30 minutes. If possible do not disturb and let burn until it extinguishes itself. Don't leave burning candle  unattended

5. Last step, perhaps the most difficult. Trust and believe your spell will manifest.-  Doubt and skepticism will negate some of the manifestation. Don't tell others if you feel it will cause you to doubt and become skeptical. Trust it will manifest and keep your eyes open to see how it does just that.   Take the salt and stones and any  bits of candle wax that remains and place in a small black bowl and place somewhere in your home where you can see it. Keep seeing the white light of protective energy encircling your home, keeping harm out and protection around you. Renew spell every 30 - 60 days, or more often if circumstances warrant, to keep the protection around your property strong. 

For one of the other four magickal goals just choose an appropriate colored candle, see my post on November 1, 2010 for the list of colors and magickal goals. Switch out the correct stones and crystals and choose appropriate oils and symbols for your magickal goal.

This is a subject that has many layers, and can become quite complex. I will have a number of posts over the next few weeks covering spell casting. I will attempt to post the spell casting discussions on Thursdays and Fridays, leaving the rest of the weekly posts to cover other areas of interest. Also if you have any questions regarding spell casting please ask in the comments section and I'll attempt to answer questions that have interest to the general readership. 

Happy Spell Casting!

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  1. Ms Faith, you make no mention of actually casting a circle before the imagine a circle of white light...can you address that deeper for me please? Thanks!