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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spell Manifestation 11 and 12

 Evening Greetings,

Just four little steps left to cover.  Tonight we will be discussing the steps 11 and 12  When direct non-magickal means are readily available and manipulation of others against their will.   Yes these steps will also make your spells manifest in funky and many times undesirable ways.

  When direct non-magickal Means are readily available

When someone wants to cast a spell it is always to create change. Why else would we do it? If everything was wonderful, warm and fuzzy then why would we want to change it?  So, spell casting equals creating change.  Yet, sometimes the most troublesome difficulties are capable of being handled without spell casting.  Or maybe spell casting can help, or enhance the situation making it easier for you to physically do what must be done. Too vague? Let me clarify my point.

This time of the year brings up many issues for people relating to family and friends. The relationships in our lives.  Many times I have students that want a spell to make the holidays go easier. Well, don't we all!? I assure you, casting a spell for money and making it manifest is by far easier than affecting positive, beneficial change in inter-personal relationships.

I've often been asked for a spell or some magickal means of dealing with a troublesome family member over the holidays.  I once taught a woman who had a disagreeable brother-in-law.  She was desperate for some magick, a spell, an amulet or talisman, something to help her deal with his negative attitude just for the holidays until he went back to his far away home.

When asking about the specific issues, she shared that her sister and brother-in-law came and stayed with the her throughout the holidays. My first suggestion was,  .  .  .  oh! some of you have jumped ahead!

"Why don't you have them stay in a hotel?'  Well, it seems simple doesn't it? She turned this down.  I don't remember why.   Then the suggestion of reducing the length of their stay, rather than two weeks Yikes!, how about a night or weekend? Again, no.  But she would have bought any spell I would have sold her, to magickally make it happen.  I didn't sell her anything. They wouldn't  worked the way she wanted them to anyways. Why? When direct non-magickal means are readily available. That's why.

She could have simply made other arrangements, but she was scared of confronting him, fearful of making any changes and not confident in doing it herself. A spell, some might feel is easier because it could handle things instead of you. Well, I can't give you that.  You are intimately involved with every spell you cast. It can't work without you being in the front and center of its manifestation. In this situation,  if she had cast a spell to have her not be so affected by him over the holidays, the spell very well could have manifested in a way that would have forced a confrontation, forcing her into the very situation she wanted to avoid.

She was also trying to manipulate him, to magickally make him become a nicer person by spell casting. See the next step to get more detail on this part.  There are some situations in life that are opportunities to stand strong, even if its scary and that can be very hard for some people. I'm sorry that spell casting won't help with this, but the work to be done so you can accomplish this is so much more important on your magickal path. 

Spell work does not do the work for you. It aids in coaxing energies favorably in your direction. To help those not familiar with the physics of spells and magick, this metaphor may help make things simpler.  Imagine you are lying out on a hot day. You wish for a breeze but the air is still and quiet. You pick up a little paper fan and gently start to wave the air over your face.  You become cooler and more comfortable. It really is a lovely, quiet, hot and lazy summer day.

Well, you are the magickal practitioner, the one lying in the sun.  The tools you need to conduct your spell are simple for this spell, the fan.  You cast the spell, waving the fan.  The spell manifests, cool air flowing over your skin, making you more comfortable.  Yes, I suppose you could have done a spell to make the breeze pick up right then and there, but you didn't need to. Everything you needed was right there for your use.  Can you see the magick in this story?
In spell casting we are moving the energies that will eventually make us more comfortable. If that's the magickal goal?  In all spell casting scenarios we are moving the energies, as the movement of the fan moved the air.

The path of the witch does not lay smooth and well worn for those who are fearful of confrontation and scared of being the authentic person inside.  Magick, if anything else, makes one responsible for their path and before long I find people wish to be proud of their path, then more open, as they find out what is truth and what is illusion.

For only you make the final decision as to what your life is.  Not magick, not Wicca, only you.

Manipulation of others against their will 

This is a curious step.  Well, let me see, we already covered harming others didn't we? Oh, yes that was Step 5, a little bit of Step 6 and some of Step 8. Yeah, harming others is a pretty big no- no in my Book of Shadows. But, hey, that's just me! 

This step does refer to harming others but not in the way you might think.  Let me list a few areas in spell casting where this applies:

Love spells, attraction spells
Healing spells
Protection spells
Spells to keep my kids from i.e. hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing drugs, getting poor grades, etc
Spells to keep my husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, stalker faithful.  What? Something amiss?  I just put 'stalker' in to see if you were still paying attention! 

All of the above spells are not o.k. if the person you are thinking of is not aware of the spell or is not good with it.  No, "I'm casting this spell and you're gonna like it!" , and no,  you can't convince me that its for their own good, you know best, blah, blah, blah.  The exception is spells for very young children. To keep them safe and healthy. And, don't get me wrong, if you want to cast a spell to keep your teenage son from getting into trouble, hanging out with the wrong element,  you can! Just get him to go along with it.  It has to be his desire. The earlier steps still apply. He's got to have a need, a deep desire for these things to come to pass, not just to make mom happy.

Same goes for the person that you want to keep faithful. I had a lady that came into the store and she was divorced from her husband. He had cheated on her and left. She wanted a spell to make him come back and then be faithful. I've been a witch for many years, decades in fact, and I could not begin to tell her how to do that. I know she was in pain, that she still loved him, but she needed to move forward. I told her that unless she changed her focus, and just ask for loving energies to come into her life, her spells would not work.

  She did purchase a spell kit we make, "How to heal a broken heart". It has some visualization and imagery that is very helpful. The work she needed to do was to focus on herself and start seeking her happiness within herself.  Magick will not cause someone else to become, change, do something, stop doing anything. No matter how you spell.  It doesn't work like that.  Magick affects change within and around the practitioner, that's you. That should be the only thing in your life you wish to change and control. You. No one else. Magick won't work for you that way.

I want to thank you for the comments being sent. I've been publishing every one, so keep them coming. It's very rewarding to know my work is being enjoyed, and I truly enjoy writing for you. If there are any questions either on topic or off, please send them. I have plenty to discuss with you,  but I'd also like to address any areas of study you are particularly interested in.


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  1. I tried to sleep today but my mind was racing. I came downstairs to read my e-mails. As I opened yours, I immediately became interested when I read the "lying in the sun" sentence. I am trying to set my mind, thoughts and interests in a positive direction and it has helped a great deal. Doing good for others has always been my way of helping myself get through hard times in my business life and personal life and with that I guess that is why I am in better place today. I guess I have casted my own spell in a way. Peace Janet