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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let's Go Deeper Into Why Cursing Simply Does Not Work

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

My last discussion was all about why witches do not cast curses, and the karmic feedback to be expected if we were to do so. But it goes deeper than just not doing something because it is not appropriate or the right thing to do. Goodness knows, if I just told you not to do something because it was a no no, many would flock to do so, just because.  We are human, and as when we were children, just being told not to do something was almost a banner of "I dare you to".

Witchcraft is a science. Though a scientist today, in his or her white coat and laboratory might pooh pooh that concept, it truly is.  A scientist that works with physics especially the areas of quantum physics will tell you that what we do and what they do are very similar. We both work with creating needed change, or desired change just by using our will, along with other natural elements along with some 'magick' or ritual element. Mix it all together and voila', in a specific period of time, change will manifest.

Well, back to why we do not curse.  We do not curse, because if you understand the base element of casting a spell, we send out from ourselves what we wish to return to us. Think about that. It is like a boomerang.  The same is very true for curses, when we attempt to send them out and away from us, directed at another, they do return to us. So, I guess you could say they do manifest, but they come back to us. That is like setting a fire and putting our hand into the flames. Why would we do that? We wouldn't unless we were too ignorant to understand what would happen.

Even when we send healing energies and spells out to others, the energy does return back to us. The healing energies are around the person should they wish to absorb some of the healing, yet one They have to be aware of this, and two: they have to be willing and accepting to take this healing in. If not, to any of the above, it will not work.

Curses have a long history and those who are familiar with psychology also know that there is one very necessary component for a so called curse to be effective on it's intended target. The target needs to know the curse was cast on them. When this is the case, a psychological phenomenon happens when the person believes they are cursed so they 'see' the curse in every unfortunate thing that happens to them, every unlucky thing they encounter, even spilling a cup of coffee can take on monumental proportions as the believe the curse is developing and getting stronger in their lives. The truth is, these things would have happened anyways, but without the 'curse' component, they would simply been trivial, unimportant things with no significance.

History has also given us legend and lore of curses and all sorts of terrible things witches can do to control and wreak havoc in people's lives, yet with the millions who lost their lives over many centuries, accused of witchcraft,   there is a strong suspicion that the simple herb woman or the beggar woman may have fabricated these tall tales in an attempt to keep people coming to them for charms and magickal cures as well as keeping them from trying to harm them for fear some sort of curse would befall them or their family.

For whatever reason the legends and lore of curses and evil spells may have proliferated throughout the centuries one thing is certain today. If curses and harmful spells really worked, truly worked as some would have you believe? Then I assure you, given the condition of human nature, and considering how many adults are prone to childish, vengeful, retaliation, payback and pettiness, if those types of spells did work, then we would have them as part of our day to day life, as common as taking daily vitamins.  Goodness knows every politician who didn't get his way would be curse casting before every election! Sounds ridiculous? Because it is.

We send out positive, loving, compassionate, caring, helpful energy because that is what our world grows upon. That is what we as humans grow upon.  Energies of anger, hatred, bitterness, violence, are all low vibrational energies and will eventually consume themselves and the host within which they reside.

So, it is a fine thing to speak out against hatred and intolerance, as I myself do often. Yet, I would never bring myself to curse someone or to be drawn into a mass cursing or hexing, as to do so demonstrates an inability to think for myself, to make my own decisions and to stand up to others when I know what they are doing is wrong.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said " Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth"

This path, Witchcraft, has been known for many years as "The Craft of the Wise" and that means one is responsible for studying, learning and growing in understanding. It has little to do with dressing up in black or witchy clothing, wearing pentacles around your neck and speaking in vague, arcane languages designed to confuse others. That, my friend is simply a power trip you are on, should you fall into this category, and do not find yourself with your witchy nose in a book or a reputable website learning from magickal masters who truly know the craft.

And, I will say it, and say it loud, right now. ANY ONE who advocates a mass hex, or teaching students how to curse another is not a magickal master in fact they are not even a teacher of the craft and should simply hang up their broom, or wand or pentacle and enter a religion where hating and harming others is more acceptable, because they are not doing the Goddess' work. They are not wanted in the Craft of the Wise and are not a witch. They are all we have worked against for decades, those who have given us a bad reputation.

 It does not matter if your intended target is a crazed, misogynistic, demagogue bent on destroying our country. Hating him is the exact same as hating anyone and hate simply begets hate and it does not bring about anything good. There are other ways to make change, even magickal change, but manipulative magick and cursing is never acceptable. It is not acceptable should others wish to do it to us, so why is it acceptable for us to do it to another?  A true magickal master, worthy of teaching others does not teach anything grey except for self defense and protection.  No matter how they try to spin their intentions.

If you are reading this and call yourself a witch and yet are even considering cursing another, please take some time alone to serious reconsider your actions and the path you walk. This is not what we are about and we never have been.

I again, hope to see you on the other side.  We all make mistakes and we can all get wrapped up in the hysteria, remember Salem Village 1692, but we do not have to take part in the hangings. We can step aside and make another choice. I hope you do so.

May the light within shine forth, Bright Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Greetings My Witchy Reader,

Well a time comes in every author's day as well as every witch teacher, or High Priestess as my official title is called, where we must face difficult topics and at times, stand in the face of controversy even against those who claim to walk the same path as ours.

With the current political energy in our country, and the newest Presidential Administration, there are many people who are magickal, environmentalists, lovers of humanity, lovers of animal kind, lovers of diversity, those of us who abhor hate, prejudice, misogyny, ignorance who have very real concerns with what is happening in Washington D.C. today.

My title of this blog post is very deliberate and very specific. REAL witches do not curse, as we do not need to. We know better. We also know magick that can benefit us, and the world around us without reverting to childish, crap fiction curses and harming rituals that give the curse caster for a moment a feeling of power but like a drug or a bottle of alcohol which only works for the user for a short period of time without affecting any change against anyone else.

Yes, I am Wiccan. But I am not speaking of Wicca, but of the science of witchcraft. The karmic feedback, that what you send out comes back to you.  That law of return is not Wiccan or religious or spiritual at all. It is basic physics. It works like gravity. Pick up a rock. Hold it at waist level. Open your hand. The rock will drop. Every. Single. Time.  Is this religion? No. Is this spiritual? Of course not. It is a law of the universe. Just like karma.

I, personally, do not like what the current President is doing, feeling like many others do. But, it is a sign of helplessness, of powerlessness, of inexperience with understanding of the workings of the metaphysical world when one decides to do such a thing, such as cast a curse at another. Lately, I have seen many people, some older, seemingly experienced, who are so upset with the nature our current affairs that they are reverting to calling for mass curses, even binding spells, some even citing the witches of Great Britain who cast spells along the coast line to prevent Hitler's troops from landing ashore. What these potential curse casters today are attempting to do is nothing like what the witches of Great Britain did during WWII. Those witches were protecting their country from the impending invasion of a murderous enemy whose prior actions were well understood would cause death and destruction to millions. THAT is not what is happening in the United States today, as much as some dislike this current President.

He is not invading a foreign country, us, he was elected by our accepted process, whether we like it or not.  If we do not like it, there are avenues we can follow to cause change. I would like to ask each and every, so called magickal person who is in agreement with casting a curse thinking it will do some good, if they have ever picked up the phone and called their Senator or Representative, or have they written a letter to their Congressmen? Have they joined their political party's local committee and worked during an election? Have they read up and really learned what the issues are, how our government really works, what our laws are, what our Constitution says, what our constitutional rights are and have they run for elected office?

All of these things are far more effective than burning a candle and ripping up a picture of the "enemy" and sending curses and hatred and negative energies that will only return back to you, and most quickly too.  There is a little known magickal understanding, that if you send our harmful magick, deliberately orchestrated ritualistic, magickal energy designed to harm another, or to manipulate another's behavior, as we do not get to decide what another gets to do, any more than they get to decide what we get to do, your magickal ability will be taken from you, never to return,

You will meet those who used to work magick, but have left that path. Usually saying, it doesn't work, it's all made up, a hoax, a fantasy and more tall tales than not. Or, you will hear stories how they had done a spell and all sorts of horrible things started to happen to them and they ran as fast as they could never to touch magick again. Yes, that's how it works, many times.

We are able to use magick to protect ourselves from direct physical harm, our home and our immediate family that lives with us, and is in need of our help i.e. unable to help themselves, such as a child or an elderly relative.

We cannot use magick for revenge, for pay back, for pique (which is what much of the current desire to cast curses at the President and his cabinet is what it really comes down to) because if we were really honest and we step back from all the heightened emotion and look at things with a realistic eye, if magick worked like that then could we not cast curses to stop every murderer, stop every child molester, every animal abuser? On the other side of the coin, could we not cast beneficial spells to feed every starving child on the earth, heal every sick person, house every homeless soul?

If you are paying attention, it will start to make sense, magick works, but not like that. Simply because magick works for us personally, for our own needs. To bring us protection on a personal level, to bring us loving energies, to help us heal, to give us abundance. Magick does not work, primarily for large groups of people as not everyone in a large group feels the same way. The same reason applies why most witches do not cast money spells to win the lottery, as every person who plays has just as much need and right and desire to win, as everyone else.

We do not get to cast spells to change what the American people have wrought, even though some of us have seen the future writing on the wall and have a very good idea of the potential damage that can and may be done. We do not get to cast spells because we do not like our bosses decision not to give us bonuses at the end of the year, or to cast a curse because a husband has cheated on us or lover has left us for another.  We do not get to play with magick like that, ever, at all. To do so, shows a lack of maturity, a lack of knowledge of the science of witchcraft and a lack of impulse control akin to being like a child.

Yet, cast a spell if you need to.  And, like all spells, cast it on yourself. Cast a spell of love, understanding, acceptance, understanding, peace, beauty, compassion, beauty and most of all patience, as this too shall pass and when it does, should you refrain from giving into your darkest side with it will come a deeper wisdom and a greater understanding.

I hope, when this is over, I find you still on the magickal path.

Love, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

What We Do With Magick Has Been Proven Scientifically in the Labratory

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

My, what a provocative title! But I do believe it is true. What we do, or attempt to do with magick is to use natural items, such as stones, crystals, herbs, essential oils, candles, and ritual and energy mixed with our direct focused thoughts, what some like to call 'intentions' to create needed change through manifestation.  We use magick to change our lives for the better. Another way of putting it, is we use magick to make changes that we couldn't have done just on our own.

Well, a Japanese scientist a Doctor by the name of Masaru Emoto has conducted experiments with water, music and various other materials over the past 20 years that has shown that our thoughts, our energy directed at something, as in the case I will discuss tonight, water molecules, can make change. Drastic, remarkable change.

What Dr. Emoto did with his water experiments, I will describe briefly. He took water that was double distilled, so it was considered as pure as possible. He would observe the water molecules under the microscope and they appeared normal. He then froze them to see what form they would take. They would take on a crystalline shape, as was expected.  Through his experiments he decided to start 'thinking' about the water droplets in various ways. he started labeling the samples of water with different phrases such as one was labelled "I love you", one was labelled "You are beautiful", one "You are ugly, I hate you", one "I will kill you" and so on.

He would take each sample and spend time with each thinking of the phrase and saying it out loud and thinking of the phrase. Then he would attempt to freeze the water to be able to see the molecule more clearly under the microscope. What he saw astonished him. The samples that had positive, beautiful words and thoughts directed at them were beautiful snowflake like designs, whereas the samples that had mean, dark energies and thoughts directed at them were misshapen, discolored, ugly and some even looked like sludge.

He did not manipulate the water samples with any additives, or even touching the water.  The samples were only spoken to and thoughts directed at them. Now, my research into this finds that there are those who dismiss Dr. Emoto's claims, which while seemingly irrefutable, we know these days that there are those who will dispute the color of the sky if it further's their own agenda.

I believe Dr. Emoto's research, which has evolved to include the effect of music on water molecules, among other experiments involving emotions and thoughts, words and energies directed at humans by other humans. If you consider the human body, doctors tell us we are physically made up of more than 70%  water. So, taking into account Dr. Emoto's research, we can follow it further and see that words directed at us, by others or even negative self speak by yourselves can in turn poisonous in our bodies. The opposite is also true with beautiful thoughts and words.

Now there is yet to be direct correlation made proving that negative emotions cause physical ailments, but today leading cancer specialists are using alternative methods such as  motivational and inspirational therapy, massage therapy, feel good activities to help accelerate their patients healing process. Though while not clinically proven as of yet, doctors are seeing positive results when the patient is happier, feeling loved, wanted, appreciated, needed than those overcome with stress, depression and anxiety. Historically we have metaphors such as "He died of a broken heart", "I feel empty inside", "I am  full of love", that speak of how we take our emotions and absorb them physically so much that they affect us on that level.

We already know the devastating effects of severe depression, grief, anxiety and how we know those intense emotions affect blood pressure, heart conditions and some other physical issues, so why not our entire being. Dr. Emoto's experiments went on to show how positive thoughts, including prayers, blessings or connecting with Divine energy, whatever you may call it, can actually reverse polluted water and make it pure and clean. Then what could changing our thoughts about us and that around us, do to make our bodies healthier and us happier?

For those of us in the magickal world, we read this and it makes perfect sense, but so many in the world of the relative are still skeptics and refuse to believe simple thoughts can make such a difference. I see that our thoughts are the true tool that causes our magick to manifest, and I personally feel that Dr. Emoto's experiments with simple water crystals have proven the effects of the magickal world, that the witch has known and worked with for centuries. We see the results of our magick every day, we do not need to be convinced.

For the students of history, they will remember a time in history when the greatest of kings had witch advisers or sorceresses in their castle keep to advise and help the king see into the future with their divination. At one time in the foggy mists of ancient history, though often kept quiet and hidden in the shadows, the witch was often the second most significant person in the castle aside from the king.  That is because she could see what the king could not and she was able to give the knowledge necessary for the king to make important decisions. Entire historical great wars and battles were fought, and battle tactics implemented from hundreds of miles away simply from what the witch could see in her pool of water or in her crystal.

In these ancient times, it was apparent that magick was highly respected, and was for centuries. Because it worked. If it didn't, the witch's position would have been short lived, indeed. It is only because of specific political church directives to eliminate the worship of the Goddess and to eliminate the witch and by doing so the power of the knowledgeable woman. For over 1,500 years that we find ourselves in a time when the concept of the witch is comical and a figure expected to be seen around Halloween, and which many seldom take seriously.

The witch today, when she is magickally educated, knowledgeable and trained, has much to give to those she wishes to help with her magick.

I will tell you something many people that work with magick are not aware of. Magick works on the basis of love, and loving energies. Even if I am doing a money spell, or a healing spell, or a tranquility spell I always am burning a love candle.  Energies sent out return to you. This is the karmic energy of what we do. It has nothing to do with being Wiccan, and the "Rule of Three" , as some feel if they say they are not Wiccan then they will avoid that pesky three fold rule of what they send out coming back to them.

So sorry, it is not Wiccan, it is karma. What you send out does indeed come back to you. If you send out negative energy to harm another, even though you feel you have been wronged and have every right to get revenge "damn it!" or "they have it coming to them and I'm going to deliver it to them!" well, you will only hurt yourself.

I have read of very experienced, seemingly educated witches who feel they have the right to curse and send negative energy out to others. I have seen some even try to do a mass curse because they did not like a presidential candidate. Really wrong!! Especially when a witches emotions get the better of them, they forget the basics of magickal scientific principles.

Now, "Lest in thy self defense it be, ever mind the rule of three", I also believe this. I have done protective, defensive magick when it was in the act of self defense. When you are personally threatened or I have helped those with their own spells when they have felt the need to physically protect themselves and their homes from harm. But revenge? No. Don't like a political candidates viewpoints, no matter how outrageous? No.

But I watch carefully when I see these witches attempt these actions. Never do they ever accomplish any harm against their target, and interestingly enough, they are often lamenting on social media how they can't pay their rent, how they can't make ends meet, how they are so unhappy and how the magickal community has let them down, and where are their supporters? Now fortunately these individuals are far and few between and seldom have any sort of following as I believe people see through their nonsense fairly quickly.

I like to believe in the water molecule research as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto. To demonstrate this to my students I had them write 20 sentences about themselves. Each sentence was to be a positive sentence describing them in the nicest terms. Such as I am wonderful because I _____________" I am special because I am good at _________________" and so forth.

Try it, it is much harder than it seems. We are very good at, actually programmed, at telling ourselves what we are lacking in, not good enough at, and what we need to work on. Yet the opposite, we have incredible difficulties. It is as if we are not supposed to say nice things about ourselves. But if we remember we are mostly water and just by saying these nice things our molecules can change and become like beautiful snowflakes, then we can start to change for the good.

It sounds simple, but you will find it very challenging, and that is the nature of effective magick. yet the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

In conclusion, Dr. Emoto also found various music can also change and make beautiful the water molecules. Now Dr. Emoto found that classical music caused beautiful designs to be created in the water molecules, but he found rock music did not have the same results. But that different musical frequencies have various healing properties on the body.  I know enough about quantum physics (which is what we are discussing here) that not only will the thoughts and emotions being directed at the water molecules make a difference but also the feelings of the researcher regarding, in this instance, what they feel about the musical score they were listening to, will in turn affect the experiment. I know some music makes me very happy, some does not. Some is irritating and some makes me sad. But what I like may indeed, be very different from what you like.

So, take the concept of Dr. Emoto's experiment and apply it to your life. But if you like rock music and it 'feeds your soul' as I like to say, then it will be beneficial to you, just as if you feel classical music makes you sad or bored, it will not have the same beneficial effect. You are part of the experiment, and you must be considered in the equation.

These same principles can and should be used with your casting of spells and creating magickal     manifestation. As you create needed magickal change you will also be affecting your water molecules and continue to become more beautiful every day.

So, I hope you choose to be a beautiful water molecule today!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Witches Have Always Been The Nasty Women and Men

Good Evening,

I did take a part of tonight's discussion's title from the latest political debacle that has ravaged this country. Especially when one candidate referred to another, a woman, as a 'nasty woman'. She is not a witch or as far as I know a magickal person, but I am using the intended insult as a banner, because it was directed specifically to demean a strong, educated, eloquent woman who was well capable of standing up for herself, has made a name for herself and went as far as a run for President of the United States. It doesn't matter if you were for or against her, that is not the point of my discussion.

My point is, women, especially the strong, opinionated, educated, independent and self sufficient women long through history have time after time been persecuted, arrested, tried and put to death for the crime of heresy or witchcraft.  In many if not most cases the only evidence against them is their strength of speaking out against whatever wrongs were happening at their time. Throughout time immortal men have spoken out, caused wars, ended wars, raised civilizations, felled civilizations but none have brought the terror to the masses as the strong woman. We have the 'woman's holocaust' the 'Burning Times' to attest to it, where from 700,000 to 7 million people throughout 10 centuries were put to death for standing against the authority of the day, especially the religious authority. (The numbers vary depending on the historical scholars and time frames referred to)

Yet, it continues to this day. I have even seen people stating that women don't deserve the same pay as a man because men are stronger and do harder work. WHAT!!??  There is still the medieval mentality that women are less than, and that men who support women's rights are somehow less than manly themselves. Such nonsense. No wonder witches and pagans have kept quiet and under the radar for so many years, especially as speaking out could get you and your family murdered.

Today, in this country, at least for the moment, we do have the right to speak out. And we will. Maybe not all of us speak out politically, and we don't need to. Some are animal activists, some environmental activists, some work for children's rights, and care, some are concerned with the humans they encounter who live without housing or enough food or need help in some ways. So many of us do the things that benefit others in our community and that is a silent way of speaking out, by doing the work needed. By listening to those who are hurting, by holding the hands of those who are lonely, by giving a hug to those who are in need of a hug.

Yet, a fair warning.  Recently when someone who did not know me, took it upon themselves to insult me and a cause I support, remembering those who had been murdered during the Holocaust during World War II, and said that for some reason she didn't feel I had the right to mourn and honor those lives lost, because I am not Jewish, I stood up for my choice to honor the causes I feel are important to me. I told her she was wrong and that she didn't know me and I personally did not care for her opinion one way or an other.  She came back with a common retort, "You are not a witch, you are a bitch!". Hmmmmm, since when are the two mutually exclusive?

To misunderstand and assume witches both female and male are fuzzy pussy cats, Good Witch Glinda's floating in bubbles from the realms of the North, sprinkling glitter and soap bubbles, well you get the imagery I'm creating here. How completely wrong is such an assumption! As well as assuming witches are hippies forgotten from the 60's, or crazy cat ladies living in the woods. Witches today as in days past are educated. They hold jobs such as physicians, attorneys, police officers, elected officials, teachers, college professors, ordained ministers, martial arts instructors, pretty much any job you can think of.  Witches in the past were primarily herbalists, midwives, village doctors, and simply the village witch who could aid the locals in most problems they might encounter in their lives, whether it be physically, emotionally, socially. or mentally.

Today the witches are everywhere, many are published authors, give lectures, workshops and some even go into correctional facilities to bring fellowship to inmates. We are in every walk of life and are responsible, credible, smart and most of all we do not lay down and let others walk over us. We will stand up for what we know is right for us, we will stand up for others that are being oppressed or abused, we will speak for those who cannot and we will fight those who seek to harm us. Many of us are around you and you simply do not know.

To even think that witches are spineless fluffy kittens, is to not understand or even to have met a witch before. Yes witches can be bitchy when poked, and we will hiss and bite and scratch, because we have the cat inside. What many groups do not remember is the witch is one of the oldest oppressed groups still in existence, after the Jews. We know what it is to be hated, hunted, all sorts of lies and rumors assumed about us, to be feared and to be falsely blamed for all sorts of evils.

If you are not a witch or pagan yourself, the one thing you can be sure of is .  .  .  you can never know us totally as not one of us is alike, and when you think you know us completely, perfectly well, you will be wrong, each and every time.

We are as magick, fluid and ever changing.

Never underestimate us, and if you are lucky enough to be befriended by a witch, you are very lucky indeed.  For your friendship will always have a special kind of magick.

Live, laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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