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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Magick For The First New Moon of The New Year

New Year, New Moon Greetings My Witchy Readers,

Ah, can you feel that sense of relief, the sense of the weight being lifted? The burdens of the past year being removed from your shoulders? The astrological shift has occurred and the heavy, difficult hard changes that came crashing down during the last part of last year for so many has finally lifted and the changes have done their work and darkness has been moved out and now all that remains is space for light and love.

Let us look back for just a moment. For so many who has come to me, from students, to clients and customers, to people I know personally, the past several months from about the beginning of August, due to many factors, many of them astrological and the planetary shifts and changes do affect humans, whether we follow astrology or not. Just look at how the moon affects people when it is full.

 We've all heard the stories of the full moon making people more "crazy" in one way or another. Simply put the moon affects the water on the earth, it affects the oceans and causes the tides to ebb and flow, without the moon we would have no waves. Well, humans are over 70 percent water so why would it not affect us? Of course it would and it does. So .  .   . if the moon can affect us, other planets and astrological phenomenon can and does, I believe also has an affect on us. Knowing such only helps us understand it is not us losing our minds, but helps us get a grip and work with whatever may be going on.

Having said that a lot happened since August 1, 2017 astrologically, that affected people.  We had of course, new and full moons, but we also had eclipses, and Mercury retrograde combined with all of the above and then a Super Moon in December affecting that water I mentioned making us soooo emotional, and interestingly the planets Venus and Jupiter came closest in our night skies in November of 2017, which is astronomical but looking at it in a astrological way it could affect us, considering Venus is the Goddess of Love and passion and romance and joy, happiness, fun and all things sexy!! Oooh la la, and Jupiter the God of wealth, health, the physical but in the aspect of stability, work, work, work, and where these two aspects are so close in a relationship it could cause some issues where one wants to play and have romantic fun while the other is always saying "sorry love, have to work, I'm soooo busy, busy, busy!!" which could have caused all sorts of issues during that time.

I am just throwing out these scenarios, as other scenarios taking these concepts into consideration could have come up for you in your life. But issues did abound indeed. Then to finish off the year, as if it was not difficult enough, we ended the year with Mercury in retrograde yet again. The shadow phase of Mercury retrograde ended on December 31st, so even I took some time to shake off the shadow and rest, renew and get strength back and review and then look forward to the new year.

A short period of time to reflect is always healthy and helpful. Then set it all aside. Take from the past the lessons you needed to learn and then .  .  .  take the rest out to the trash, and get rid of it. Whether you lost opportunities, a job, friendships or acquaintances, whatever you feel you may have lost, look back and take from them the lessons learned, the experiences and the knowledge of what you went through, no matter how difficult or painful. Those are yours. That knowledge is priceless and can never be taken from you. You are now smarter, sharper, have a keener sense of (in my case Bull s#*t) perhaps your boundaries have been more clearly defined, your sense of integrity and truth more finely established, and remember the most important thing, YOU are stronger, you made it through and that which is left in the past? HA! It's gone and simply trash! Useless and not worth a moment of your precious time.

So, onward to the upcoming year and YES this year 2018 will be an amazing year, because you will make it so. YOU create your reality and you will create all the wonderful, exciting, amazing things you will soon experience.  For instance, I'll share about my life. I started singing lessons last year and after well over a year, I am starting to sound respectable in recordings where I don't cringe! haha I am proud of my performances in recitals, and I plan on doing some stand up comedy!! I have never ever thought of stand up comedy, but then again I never thought of jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet back when I was 38 years old either, until someone suggested we all go as a group, "It will be fun they said!" The only reason I did it, was I was so terrified of heights, I couldn't live with the thought that one day I would be 80 years old and look back and know I was too scared to have done it and to live with that regret. So I did it.

That is the attitude to have this year. Is there something you want to do? Do it. Is there something that scares the hell out of you? Then absolutely do it! At least just once. To say you conquered it, not the other way around. So looking at the new moon that is coming in two days, and right now we are in the 7 day phase with which we can successfully cast new moon magick, we can do a number of easy things to start our year off right to send the right energy to start off our year.

The new moon is on January 18, 2018. From three days before, the day of, to three days after you can do new moon magick. New moon magick in the tradition I work and teach is to bring in new, fresh, starting energies. Whereas in my tradition full moon magick is to eliminate and banish, to get rid of the old, unwanted energies we have become done with, that no longer serve us.

So to look at bringing in, anytime in the next 6 days, you can do any or all of the following. A full cast circle is not necessary to cast. Many of these fall under "folk magick" beliefs like a groom picking up and carrying his new bride over the threshold of their new home to make for a long, happy marriage. It is called sympathetic magick but it does have an energy that is sent out to return to the sender.

Cleaning out the house of any old, unwanted items, clothing, clutter, things that you don't use or need. Putting them in the trash, recycle or goodwill brings new fresh energy into the home,

Once the home has been cleaned and de-cluttered, smudging the home and any people living in the home is a wonderful way to cleanse any stagnant, old energy clinging to the home, especially a new home. You must use desert sage. Common garden sage grown in New England, that has a broad, fuzzy grey leaf will not work. That is used in Native American ceremonies and is sold in many stores but will not cleanse the area of the old stagnant energies. Desert sage is grown in the Southwest of the United States, and stores that are reputable like Enchantments carry it and will be honest about its use with you.

On the New Moon have a big feast. Eat whatever you would like to, the menu is up to you. But to have a big, fulfilling, satisfying meal, with delicious good food that makes you feel full and good. This is sympathetic magick also, which represents if you are full at the beginning of the year, you will stay full throughout the year and never go hungry.

Be sure at this meal you have a good drink, sparkling juice, cider, spring water, plenty of refreshing drink so you never thirst throughout the year.

Wear clothes that make you feel special on this day, this day you will set the tone for how you feel and look for the upcoming year.  No worries for some people I know who are going into the hospital on this day, because even though you will be wearing a hospital johnny the health care you are surrounding yourself with will spread through the year and good health will be yours!!

Do you know your car needs an oil change or a little bit of work? Take care of it, don't wait. Clean the litter and mess out of your car. I just did this and cleaned out the trash bin in the garage that has been getting full over the past several months. I just love seeing the full trash bags knowing all of that unwanted trash is going away.

Sweep the front of your home, or business. The sidewalk or the steps, or even the curb if the street is that close. BUT it is important NOT to sweep out into the street or towards the street, but sweep side to side, as you do not want to sweep good things away from your home or business.

Having a witch, a Priestess or a spiritual clergy person come in to bless your home is always a good thing to do in the beginning of the year. Many will do this for a donation to their church or temple. You can also do this yourself, but it depends on how you feel about it. Some people are comfortable doing this themselves and others prefer a professional to come in and do it. Go with what you feel best with.

Using a liquid called Florida water, a liquid we sell at Enchantments, and many witch shops carry it, is excellent to use to cleanse surfaces, desk tops and hard items at work where often people cannot smudge. It does the same thing. It is often added to floor wash water, to help eliminate negative energies that walk in on our shoes. Florida water is very complex and difficult to make, taking many ingredients and over a month to make properly, so purchasing a bottle is much more cost effective than trying to make your own. It can also be put in a spray bottle and used that way, and can be used as a body spray. But it does have an alcohol base like a cologne for those who are not sensitive to alcohol.

Placing  a green candle in the north quarter of your home, a yellow in the east, a red in the south and a blue in the west surrounding your home, will create a circle of the elements surrounding your home. These candles can be inside, or if it is not too windy or if you have a candle container that will protect the flame you can place them outside.

To complete the circle without all of the ceremony that a Wiccan would do,  you can connect the candles by pouring salt from each of the candles making a continuous circle of protection. Leave the salt where it is for 3 days. Then it can be vacuumed up and the protection circle will remain, as the energy of the salt will stay in essence.  The same can be done outside the home and if so, simply leave the salt. it will disappear back into the ground. It does not need to be put in a heavy circle. It does not need to be seen, you know it is there.

These are a few of the things you can do to start your new year off right and as you think about things, and start to practice some of these concepts I am sure other ideas will come to you. When they do, if they make sense to you, then do them. As long as they are eliminating the old, the "trash" whether actual or metaphorical and bringing in the new and the wonderful to fulfill your life. Now that is real magick!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love

Ms. Faith

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Ending 2017 With Love and Light - It Is The Only Way!

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

As so often happens, I plan to write about one thing and something so much more important pushes its way into my thoughts, and tonight I want to end this year, with the lessons I have learned and how they have impacted my magickal and spiritual life.

Yes, the lessons I have learned. I spend so much of my time teaching and guiding others on their magickal path, answering questions and helping students, customers and clients find their way with challenges and various problems as they deal with the magickal, the spiritual and life's day to day issues, while trying to keep a steady foothold. I find myself, especially as this year comes to a close, looking back and finding I have experienced so many lessons myself, and as a teacher, and a teacher who is truly worth their salt, never, ever stops learning and growing. A teacher never stops receiving lessons from others, and from the universe. Myself, this year, the lessons were many, hard and fast, fierce and cold, harsh and in some cases, life changing.

As I grow older, I can see and appreciate how older people can get bitter, and cold. How they can get sarcastic and seemingly unfeeling, uncaring and how some seem to cut themselves off from the world. I think they may have had enough pain, and heartache, enough disappointment and betrayal, definitely enough let downs and broken promises. All of these, after a long enough life, without contrary perspective to offset them can make a person harder and allow their own personal darkness to seep in and to set up residence and it then becomes a constant companion. By the time that happens they have forgotten that they once had a light shining bright within.

I can see and appreciate how this can happen to some people, but I can also see how some choose to fight against that from happening. Yes, we have our dark moments, and our regrets at how we act at times, the hurtful words we might say or the things we may or may not do, but we all make mistakes and those that truly love us will understand and give us a second chance. If they loved us from the start. If not, then they never did and that is a good thing to know also.

So, as I make plans to say farewell to this past year, the year of 2017, there are some thoughts I wish to send out to the universe. For those who are meant to read these words they will, somehow see them. If they do not, then they were not meant to. It is as simple as that.

I suppose the following is a sort of amends, in a way both for myself to others and for others to me:

" To those I have interacted with this year. If we have come together with love and have ended the year with love, I have been so happy and grateful, so blessed to have had you in my life this past year. You have made my life better in many ways, some I can never put into words, but the feelings are in my heart, and I will love you for that, for making my life happier and more fulfilled. I will feel blessed if you continue to grace my life with your presence for as long as you are able.

For those who have left my life this year. If on your part there was betrayal, lies, deception and cruelty, if you sought to hurt and cause pain, if you went out of your way to forget the friendship we once had, understand that I forgive you and have no animosity towards you.  I might not understand why you did what you did, and for some, I may indeed know, exactly why you did as you did, and that's okay. You had your reasons and I do not need to know or understand any further, I only send you love and light and I pray that the darkness you find yourself surrounded by, the pain you find yourself in, for I see that it simply mirrors what you tried to send out towards me and others. I hope that one day you find the light again, and are able to surround yourself with those who truly love you as you deserve.

For those I have interacted with this year, If there are any that I have said any harsh words to out of my own pain, or sadness, grief and anger for any reason, I do send my love and light and only ask that perhaps one day, you will choose to remember that I am also human, and should be allowed to make mistakes too. That when you say, or in some cases think, as some have kept so very silent, that I have changed or that you never really knew me, that you only knew parts of me, but never took the time to really know all of me, and simply assumed, that the face and persona you knew was all of me.

You see, there is a failing amongst humans. We simply desire to label and to box up people into neat, little packages. This way we think we know what we are dealing with. Yet, we inevitably find ourselves disappointed when we find the person we thought we knew, no longer fitting into the box we stuffed them into. The same goes for me and those I tried to put into boxes who in turn showed me, sometimes harshly and coldy who they really were and not who I thought they were.

 So for those who believe me to be 100% liberal, you'll be surprised to find I have some strong conservative ideals, and for those who think I am just a heathen pagan you may be surprised to know I study both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Tanakh as well as other religious texts, and for those who know me, and that I try as often as possible to be a polite respectful lady, well they may be a bit surprised to find I fight like a vicious, foul mouthed demon when someone I care about is threatened or their existence in my life is put to an unwarranted death. But then their life should have been fought for and their death should have been screamed for in grief as if from a Banshee, and in one instance, this past year, it was. I was and am proud of that. I would never allow a friendship to leave my life quietly as if it did not matter to me. It mattered.

But I do not apologize for who I am, what I am, or how I feel. Whether I stumble one day or walk tall the next, I will never apologize for trying my best on any given day, with what is presented to me.

I have no animosity towards any other human, I only wish for people to find the happiness they seek. I do not apologize to those who I no longer allow in my life, for I won't have those in my life who will not treat me with the respect, the honesty, the integrity or the decency I deserve. If you are not able to keep your promises, if you cannot untangled the web of lies because they have become too numerous, if all you have in your interpersonal bag of skills is smooth talking, empty, hollow, transparent shiny words that have no meaning?  Then I wish you well and good luck selling your goods elsewhere, as I only buy items of substance and integrity. I do not hold it against you, as I have learned, like in the ancient fable of the frog and the scorpion, I knew the scorpion was a scorpion all along. It was my fault if I allowed myself to be bit. I do not hold it against another, as it is only your nature. Nothing more.

I will not go into this next year with any hard feelings, nor with any grudges, nor with any dark energy or any sadness or grief. No animosity, or blame or finger pointing, or regrets. I am leaving it all behind, a bag of refuse to be taken out to the trash. Unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary. I only carry forth happiness, love and light, the good memories and a joyous heart. Forgiveness for what may have been done to me, and forgiveness for myself what I may have done in response. I do have a part in all that happens in my life, oh yes, I know that. I accept that, and I forgive myself more than anyone else, and you need to forgive yourself. That is the most important thing to move forward.

The lessons I have learned, are, I can look back on the happier times, the moments of learning, laughter, joy and fun, the times spent with people who may no longer be in my life, whether they were in my life for a mere year, or two, or four or nine and only remember the good times. The unhappy times? I have squeezed all of the life lessons from them and have discarded the rest. They no longer reside within me.

I do not have any misconceptions, or as one may say beliefs or ideas that any of those who have left my life will return one day. I do not believe this nor do I waste time or energy waiting for something that will not happen, nor should they. We are each moving on, and we should.

I truly believe and I have said this so many times. We each come into another's life for a time. Each relationship has a birth, life and a death, and whether that is the five minutes you spend talking to the clerk at a market while making your purchases or a life time with a family member, all relationships have a finite life span. When that life span comes to an end, it is over. So Mote it be. May the relationship that existed before the end be blessed.

Just as the life span of a year comes to an end. We, none of us can stop the year from ending, nor should we. Any more than we should try to stop a relationship from ending. So, even though you may think of that other person, remember the happy times. And if something like a weird computer glitch causes you to think that person has in some way tried to reach out to you, realize it most likely isn't true and let it go, let her go, or him go and above all else, allow the animosity and anger and sadness and grief to go. Simply delete and move on. Hopefully, for you, there is something better around the next corner. I know, there is something glorious around the corner for me!

 Live in Light and Love, it is the only way.

May you have a Safe and Happy, Healthy New Year  and remember to give thanks for the past year and all of it, the good, the bad and what you learned from it. Give gratitude and then leave it behind and move forward. In peace and in love.

Bright Blessings, Ms. Faith

Ms. Faith M. McCann  2017

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

An Original Poem by Ms. Faith

Greetings My Witchy Readers, 

Tonight, for a bit of a change of pace I have composed a poem, which compiles my feelings about this time of the year and that which I find the most important. I hope you like it. Warm Winter Blessings to you and yours, Ms. Faith 

Winter Shadows

Winter shadows stretch
Across the frosty expanse
An’ chill touches the skin
Ev’n seen from inside with a glance
Makes one happy to be within

This time o’ year
With every turn of the wheel
Comes ‘round yet again
As if caused to reveal  
As if it .  .  . suspends

To look around
We create our hive
An eternal summer
That surrounds our life
Our personal transformer

Crystalline silence, nary a noise
The warmth of family, people an’ friends
Much more than things, gold or toys
These are what we’ve come to depend
These that bring us heartfelt joys
Without our hive, our eternal summer
Our lives would be barren,
A lone, lonely mummer
A winter landscape
A life without summer
A life to forsake
A forsaken mourner

Winter shadows stretch
Their length shortens daily
The light starts to return
Our bargain with the earth grows faintly
The Wheel continues to turn
We live our eternal summer gently

F.M.McCann  12-28-2017

Live, Laugh and Always Love

© 2010-2017 Faith M. McCann. Portions of this blog posting may include materials from my book “Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts First Year Magickal Studies.” For more information, see or go to the title of tonight's discussion and click, it will link you to my school's website. Please note that the copying and/or further distribution of this work without express written permission is prohibited. 

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

More Ancient Yule Tide Magick!

English Christmas Plum Pudding  recipe c. 1600's

Yuletide Greetings My Witchy Readers,

A very traditional, ancient treat, at Christmas or Yuletide is the English Plum pudding.  There is a belief that plums have never been used in plum pudding, as many dried fruits, especially raisins were at one time called plums, or plumbs, yet I hold off making such an absolute statement simply as there are precious few surviving written recipes from the time the first plum puddings were reputed to have been made in the 16th century or there abouts, and also, plums are native to Great Britain and are easily dried as are many fruits, such as cherries or figs, and could have easily, at one time lost in the mists of unwritten history have been used. They would certainly have fit the dessert recipe, with no issue.  At a time when food was much more scarce than it is in modern times, every edible fruit, vegetable, herb, plant and root would have been consumed. If it was palatable, then even more readily.

In the very earliest days, the harbingers of the Christmas Plum pudding was a soupy gravy or thickened bread based soup/stew first known in the 14th century and called frumenty. It did have the same base ingredients of broth,liquid, beer with stale bread crumbs, dried fruits, at times, bits of meat which eventually found its way into the historically traditional mince meat, which at one time contained meat. well, this thick soup, eventually became the steamed cake, and it was first made, from folk lore, at a time when plums were one of the few plentiful fruits that were harvested in the late fall and would have been sweet and available for easy picking for the poor and wealthy.  I find it, even without historical empirical evidence, very likely that the origins of today's Classic Christmas Plum pudding did indeed contain plums. Why wouldn't it? It was far more likely a fruit, than dates, or apricots, or even raisins in the 16th century.

This column is dedicated to magick and one will find, magick peppered in all food activities in early days, especially in the medieval days when people were very superstitious and based both good and bad events on the magickal and miraculous. So the preparation of food, the cooking of food, the serving of food, at times even how it is eaten or stored afterwards contained magickal, mostly folk magick tradition and belief.

Over 400 years ago, in England, magic was very highly regarded. Everyone believed in it, everyone knew it existed and everyone used it in one way or another, regardless of whether they were good Christians or not. Yes, at this time innocents, accused of the blackest of crimes, the darkest of witchcrafts and convening with Satan were being put to death after much torture and interrogations, in  many areas of Europe. Yet at the same time, the belief in folk magic, of doing a little here and there to ensure a safe trip, a healthy winter, a prosperous year, were all understandably harmless and everyone could use a little bit of good magic.

We see that in the traditional Christmas pudding that became a staple at Christmas dinners all around England, from the lowest household to the King's banquet hall. Even today, one can find hundreds, really no two alike, recipes for this wonderful, steamed cake that is called a pudding. It seems, even today, any sort of dessert, served after dinner in England is called a pudding.  Why this is so?  I do not know the answer to that, but it does make any sort of dessert sound tasty!

Christmas plum pudding is a steamed cake, that is labor intensive and I just finished making one myself, for New Year's Day, and it is loaded with magickal bits and pieces, that are as traditional as the cake itself. Even the preparation has magick infused in it. I will tell you about the magick and give you my personal recipe I created, that you may wish to try, if not this year, then next.

First, you need to acquire small silver or gold trinkets. I like coins and silver bells, and this year I also added a small, delicate necklace with a miniature Faberge' egg. They all have a special meaning.

Then the ingredients for the cake, and brandy. The original recipe, made for the lower classes, originally the thick soup version, used stout, a stale, old, smelly beer of sorts. Very low class. Then wine was a next generation addition, then rum became popular for the higher classes, and when the recipe morphed into the steamed cake version which has now upgraded into using brandy, and today the very fancy (thank you very much!) may choose to use Cognac. The steamed cake version of course thickened the original frumenty into a cake by the additions of eggs, flour, spices, and beef suet, much more fancy dried and exotic fruits, from figs and apricots, to dates and added zests of lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits which were the luxury of the wealthy for centuries.

I chose brandy, and for my recipe you will need 3 cups, or just slightly less. No worries though, if you have non drinkers or children who wish to try some of this delicious ancient dessert, the recipe comes out alcohol free in the end. That's because you steam it until it is practically a ghost of Christmas past!!

These are the ingredients you can assemble once you have your silver and gold trinkets assembled and cleaned and sanitized. I put my trinkets in a mesh bag and put them through a cycle in the dishwasher where they are washed, sanitized and dried before wrapping in buttered parchment paper:

Christmas Plum Pudding: 

Brandy/ Rum or Cognac  (3 cups)

Part 1 :  1-1 1/2 lb  dried fruits e.g. prunes, dates, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, apricots, golden raisins and currants
a cup and a half of roughly chopped almonds, pecans mixed
1 medium fresh apple chopped in small pieces
1 T freshly zested orange peel
1 T freshly zested lemon peel

Mix together in a bowl and then mix well with 1 cup of the brandy or alcohol of choice. Allow to sit in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, overnight.

The next day mix the dry ingredients together in another bowl:

6 oz flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
6 oz dark brown sugar
3/4 c white sugar
6 oz fine fresh bread crumbs
6 oz vegetable shortening (instead of beef suet)

Chop this finely together until the shortening is well incorporated into the dry ingredients. Then add to the fruited mixture. Chop it all together until well mixed. Then add 1 additional cup of brandy, and 4 eggs. Mix well, until the entire mixture resembles a chunky batter.

 Then get a plum pudding pan, you can buy these on line and before putting batter into the pan, have everyone who is in the house at this exact time, stir, using a wooden spoon the batter in the bowl, going in a clockwise direction and make a wish at that time.

Then take the pudding pan, mine looks a lot like a bundt cake pan, and butter the inside very generously. Start to layer the batter into the pan. Take a moment and get another pot on the stove, with a few inches of water in it and start it on a simmer.  When the cake is layered in the pan you will be steaming the pudding.

After you have put a good two to three inches of batter in the pan, take the trinkets, which you have wrapped in buttered parchment, like little packages, and lay them in the batter, maybe half of them in the first layer. Then cover with more batter. Then more trinkets, then more batter. You should not be able to see the paper from the trinkets.

Pick up the pan and gently drop it on the counter a couple of times, gently. This will tap out the air bubbles. Then place in the simmering water and cover with its lid or cover with aluminum foil. Then you wait. This will steam for 7 hours. Yes, 7 hours. Keep topping off the water so it does not run dry, as it steams. After the 7 hours, remove from the heat and take carefully out of the water.

Allow it to rest on the counter for a bit, maybe 20-30 minutes. No longer. Then take a skewer and make holes, gently, remember the parchment wrapped trinkets throughout the batter. Carefully make holes throughout. Pour the last cup or so of brandy over the whole pudding and give it some time, move it back and forth and tap it a few times and the brandy will absorb into the pudding. It is now going to cure, for a month or more, until the day you serve it. It can be served on Christmas Day, or New Year's Day.

It is usually started the day after Thanksgiving, or 6 weeks before Christmas. Some recipes are known to actually be started an entire year ahead of time. BUT nowadays, please always store the curing pudding in the refrigerator. Traditionally the curing pudding/cake was stored in a 'cool dark' place and that was because they did not have refrigerators in the 17th century. But this also allows for mold, or other nasties to grow and no one wants to get sick after Christmas dinner. So keeping it in the refrigerator is just lovely and assures you of a safe and fresh pudding.

The trick now is to steam it for yes, another 2 hours before serving on the special day!!  So on the day you wish to serve it, take it out of the refrigerator, allow to sit on the counter for an hour or so, steam again for 2 hours and then serve it or bring it at this time to your party. It can be served warm or cold. At this point, it can be un-molded, and served with a hard sauce, which is not appropriate for children or those who do not consume alcohol as it is a thin sweet dessert sauce with more brandy in it, but it can also be served with whipped cream or even ice cream, which is not traditional but it is your dessert.

Hard Sauce:

Cream, (beat with a mixer) confectioner's sugar with butter and then add brandy until loose and runny. This is not a warm sauce but many times, traditionally it is poured over the plum pudding and then set on fire with a match and the flaming dessert is brought to the table in a flaming presentation.

Now the trinkets you ask? I have not forgotten.

The the "tokens or favors" all have a meaning and traditionally in ancient times the trinkets may have had a less than desirable fortune for the upcoming year!

Traditionally, as early as the 1300's a simple dried pea or bean would be cooked into the cake and whomever would get this dried legume in their serving would be King or Queen for the day and be deserving of the nicest treatment with others serving them, and treating them as royalty for an entire day and night.

Then silver rings, or silver tiny crowns were added. These also would give the lucky person who received it in their portion the same day of pampered treatment.

Then coins were added, and whomever got a coin was assured of a year of prosperity or general luck.

If a bachelor's button was found by a single man he would stay single for the coming year.

If a thimble was found by a single woman she would be unattached for the coming year.

A ring, if a single person found the ring it meant they would get married in the coming year, if a married person found it it meant they would receive riches!

Nowadays you can choose whatever token or favor you wish and attribute to it the special magickal attribute you wish it to have. It is that easy. For example, for my English Plum Pudding this year I have placed in it the following:

A tiny Faberee' egg necklace the lucky recipient becomes the King or Queen for the Day at the New Year's Dinner and then the King or Queen for the Year at their home!!

Gold Coins -  anyone who receives a gold coin will have prosperity for the coming year

A love token -  will have love for the coming year

A Happiness token - happiness for the coming year

Silver bells with hearts - love, and happiness in the home for the coming year

Silver bells with Fleur De Lis -  originally in France stood for purity and Christianity can now be used for tranquility, peace and serenity.

Silver bells with Celtic love knot work design -  unending, unbreakable love, enduring forever

Beware there are, I have found, recipes out there that are called English Plum pudding recipes that have you make the batter, steam it and serve it.  These are not real plum puddings, in my estimation. They must, must be cured or allowed to set for at least 3 to 4 weeks minimum, and some recipes up to a year. This rest period "marries" and mellows the flavors giving this complex, ancient recipe once served to the poorest classes to the richest of royals, it's distinctive, classic, special rich taste once synonymous with Christmas itself.

I hope you enjoy it, and may you have a Blessed Yuletide, a Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah, and a joyous winter Solstice Season however you may choose to celebrate!!

Magickally Yours,  Ms. Faith

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Yuletide Magick From Your Contemporary New England Witch

Yuletide Greetings My Witchy Readers!!

There are so many blogs out and about that will tell you about the Wheel of the Year, the history and the legend and lore of the Sabbats and all of that should you choose to search it out and read it, and good information it is. I have even spent time in the past covering this information myself.

But I want to keep my discussions with you fresh, unique and totally my own material, so I am going to trust if you want the history or the legend and lore you have ways and means available to you to look it up yourself.

Instead we are going to stick with what makes the Contemporary New England Witch unique and today's discussion will cover magickal concepts to put into play for the Yuletide season!

Yuletide is the ancient forerunner to what today is the Christmas season, and was originally celebrated to recognize the return of the Sun, as the Winter Solstice passes around December 20th-21st and the days start to be slightly longer, imperceptibly at first, heading into the next year of spring and then summer.

With this ancient Pagans would practice all sorts of sympathetic magick to bring the renewal of life into the homes, and thus ensure that life flourished throughout the long winters. Today, our lives are a bit more secure than ancient mankind was, so we practice sympathetic magicks more metaphorically as it pertains to our day to day and the upcoming year. Take for example the common practice of announcing a New Year's resolution. As the new Year turns, one would set down something they would put into play that would change for them their upcoming year, hopefully for the better.

Well, that is what we, as modern Pagans can do, if we choose to, at this time of darkness and cold, as we rest and contemplate the upcoming year. We plan and put into play the changes we wish to have happen in the upcoming year. Now the difference, as you know, between pagans and the rest of the world, is we do not just think about things and "pray" they will happen, we actively put ourselves into the work to make them manifest.

So, I have put together some lovely Yuletide spells for you to help bring the "Sun" back into your lives this winter and to start you on the path of positive change, at the same time setting aside the darkness, the sadness, or grief, or loss, or anger, or ___________ fill in the blank with any negative, unwanted feeling or energy you wish to put aside from the past few months or year. That which no longer serves you.

We will also utilize typical, time honored Yuletide representations which have served for, in some cases over a thousand years.  To start we will create a Yule log, and we will use a white birch log piece which represents the Goddess.

So the following is creating an indoor, table top Yule log, but as more than just a simple decoration.  Take a small piece of white birch log, saw the bottom off, so it lays flat. Then drill three holes in the top to put the candles, mini spell candles, also known as chime candles.

Silver and gold, and if you are ambitious you can drill 6 or 9 holes. If you did 6 or 9 red, silver and gold would be appropriate with an equal number of each color.

You can add evergreen pieces to the log as decoration, or simply lay it on a bed of evergreens, to bring in the new life, new growth of the new "thing" you are ushering into your life. Is it a new job, or perhaps a new home? Maybe you are in a phase of your life that the previous year cleaned out old, unhealthy people in your life, so this year you are bringing in new, happy, loving friendships and significant relationships? Maybe you shed an unhealthy lifestyle or illness, and this year you are focusing on health, happiness and strength?

All of these new, positive, life affirming areas, all that I mentioned above are supported and enhanced by the representation of the evergreen. So lay a thick bed, thick and plush, for your Yule Log, to lay upon. Has it occurred to you yet?  In this magickal scenario, you are the Yule Log! The same as when we construct a poppet or use a significator candle in candle magick, the Yule log is your representation.

You decorate it as you wish to. You may remain simple and uncomplicated, and some may wish to be fancy and all decked out!! But we all have candles to light for we are relighting our inner "Sun" as the Sun returns to the earth. Place the Yule log somewhere in your house that is central to your home. Many times this is the kitchen or it could be the living room, where everyone watches TV, if this is a gathering place. The heart of the home.

The laying the Yule Log East to West, because the Sun rises East to West and this is a solar spell we are doing, place an incense burner or cauldron on the eastern end of the log. Burn a mixture of Frankincense and Myrrh, ground fine, into a powder. Then add some finely chopped evergreen, fresh evergreen, very finely chopped, I like spruce, or hemlock, which is not as resiny as pine. After you have ground it together into a fine powder in a mortar and pestle, then it is ready to burn on a charcoal. Please use charcoal meant to be burned indoors.

The candles placed in the log, gold signify the blessings of the God, the touch of the Sun, new beginnings, prosperity (but not necessarily monetary) but success in all of your endeavors and physical actions. So when you start something, a project, a task, any goal you strive for the luck will be very fortuitous.  The Silver candles signify the blessings of the Goddess, the touch of the moon, also good fortune, but in areas of relationships, emotions, desires you have dreamed of and put your good intentions towards.

Should you choose to add red candles, this is a color that will bring life and vitality, energy and fire to your life, but in a positive way. It can spark the physical, bring strength and courage and fortitude to the spirit. It is a nice color to add to the gold and the silver because it ties the two higher, loftier aspects to the grounded physical nature.

You may also ring the Yule log around with candles making a lovely centerpiece, so you can use larger candles which complement the smaller candles in the Yule log itself.

Now take an essential oil such as Myrrh, which will banish that which is stuck on you from the last year, anoint yourself by smearing a small mark of oil on your forehead where your third eye is. Then anoint the candles with the Myrrh oil. Light the Frankincese Myrrh incense powder sitting in the east of the log and allow it to smoke. then dress each candle, by holding it in the incense smoke for a few moments, (the candles are unlit at this time) and then place them in their holes.

You may finish decorating the Yule log at this time. Then when you are ready to light it, when the time feels right to you, either on the night of Yule, which is the evening before Yule (the 21st) or anytime during the Yuletide season) light the candles and say a prayer or blessing. Allow the candles to burn out without snuffing them out.

The focus of this Yule log spell is not just to have a pretty table top decoration, but to spend time, reflecting on last year. Then think about this upcoming year. Where there things you wish you could undo from last year? Good news! This new year is truly a clean slate!! Ahh, you say .  .  .  but what about what I did? Or what I didn't do? Or what I said? or what I didn't say? etc. etc. You get my point.

Well. That remains to be seen. We do not live in this world isolated and alone, nor should we. We all make mistakes. We all deserve a second chance. Yes, even you! Sometimes, it is not even another, sometimes you simply need to give yourself another chance, to change and be the person who you want to be, or who you say you are. Then, do it.

If it involves making amends, then do those also. If a person is worthy of having in your life then you will choose that they should be.  You just may have to be braver than you ever have been before. This spell will also bring bravery and courage to your soul. It is there, this will help wake up those qualities.

Another Spell for the Yule tide season is a life enhancing spell for home and hearth.

What I mean by that is a candle spell, where you take a wreath, either in a round circle, and lay if flat, or even if you take a round platter or dish and lay evergreen pieces and tiny scraps on the plate and then set red candles on the plate.

Place pomegranates, small  bright orange small tangerines or baby oranges, and small bright red apples around the candles. These fruits are always popular and in season this holiday time. They have always been held as special, extravagant treats of abundance and luxury, thus bringing in sympathetic magick of the new years bringing the recipients all that they will need and then some. No pain of loss, or want for those who have plenty at the end of the year.

So set up this platter of fruits and red candles. Inscribe on the candles words such as "LOVE", "HAPPINESS", "JOY", "LAUGHTER", "BLESSINGS" whatever words mean something to you, stay away from words like want, or take away or any verbs, just specific words, primarily nouns.

Anoint these candles with different oils. Choose a light, happy oil such as an apple blossom, cherry, jasmine, or even a ylang, ylang if you have it. If not one of those then I would choose a citrus such as neroli, or a sweet orange and that will bring in a light, happy loving feeling which will affect your mood, your attitude and the energy around the candles and the house.

Placing bowls of lemons and citrus fruits around the house keeps the home cleansed of negative, low level energies and helps keep depression and sadness that seem to come hand in hand with holiday seasons at bay.

Do not discount holiday lighting as a magickal method all of it's own. Blue holiday lights have an incredible power in how they affect you, when you walk in the door, and you see a room or tree done up entirely in blue lights!! They will reduce your stress and help calm you down and suddenly you feel more relaxed and happy to be home from a long day at work!

For the Yule log, the Yule wreath even your Yule tree, a spell, is not a spell without an Incantation, and for this occasion I wrote a special one that you can use for this Yule tide:

Rub your hands together then with your palms facing the Yule item you have created, sending your energy out, say this incantation which will seal your magickal goal and start the manifestation:

Yuletide seasons

Bring to us/me

The Blessings of

the greenery

Life affirming

ever lasting

love and happiness

never fasting

Bring abundance

Bring us/me peace, bring us/me light,

protecting us/me

into this night.

allow the candles to burn, every now and then put a pinch more of the Yule incense on the charcoal and it will burn and scent the area with a vibrational energy raising smoke, making the entire household feel more sacred and light.

Also while reciting the incantation, visualize the end result, what you are bringing into your life for the upcoming year. The light, the love, the happiness, the joy, all that you are bringing in and desire to have in your life for the upcoming year.

Also you can walk through each room with the burning incense, and incense each room with the fragrant smoke, raising the vibrations in each room.

Keep checking, your Contemporary New England Witch will have more Yule Tide discussions coming up in the new few days and weeks leading up to Yule!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love!  Ms. Faith

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Current Uprising Of Females Holding Males Accountable, May Be Because Of The Stars!

Good Evening My Witchy Readers,

My, my, so much uprising in the world today, most especially in the past few months, with so many women standing up and calling out and holding accountable men who have hurt them, especially sexually harassed, assaulted or otherwise used their male dominance to oppress or demean them.

I am going to put my witchy opinion out there for what it is worth, and that may be as much or as little as the next witch! Also, let me point out that I am not an astronomer nor an astrologer, I do not read astrological charts, or natal charts or any sort of thing. My understanding of astrology is simply personal observation over a few decades, and I have been paying close attention.

I look at things from a witches perspective. How people interact, how the moon pulls on people and how the sun affects us also. How we are affected by shifts like Mercury Retrograde and how each Sun sign has some common factors but how each of us has a little bit of each element within us. None of us are all or nothing, black or white when it comes to our astrological being, and our magickal selves.

We are indeed an amalgamation of so many aspects and as such we are affected by so many aspects in the universe. Some of us are aware and open to these shifts and changes and some of us are not and find ourselves buffeted along, but we, all of us are along for the ride, whether we like it or not.

So, every year we have full moons and new moons, and some years we have lunar and or solar eclipses. Some years we have no eclipses, some years no more than four solar and three lunar eclipses.  Also, every year there are at least three or more cycles of Mercury retrograde, a period  of time when the planet Mercury appears to stop or looks to be moving backwards with the naked eye in the sky. An optical illusion, but one that has been given many attributes over the centuries and these have taken on their own nature and do seem to affect humans in various ways.

Well, each of these natural, let us call them "astral" phenomenon, may indeed be interesting and have various energetic affects on their own, such as the full moon affecting people in certain ways, and of course, Mercury Retrograde is well known for being known to cause communication issues amongst people, especially in business, but what we had this past year, most specifically in August, 2017 has set the stage for what is happening now.

Specifically, and at the time I felt and was affected personally myself, the phenomenon of the astronomical convergence of not only a full moon with a lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017 and then two weeks later a total solar eclipse during the new moon which happened on August 21, 2017, and of course this occurred during the day with the sun, but the new moon phase is significant from a witch's perspective, then right smack dab in the middle fell Mercury going Retrograde on  August 13, 2017 AND again, I am a witch and not an astrologer, so I am looking at things as a witch, as well as taking note that this was our first harvest.

The first harvest when all that has been planted, seeds that have been sown, that have sat and grown, perhaps people have grown stronger, more resilient, braver and more capable, and then during the harvest were able to come out and claim their right for justice. Or were you mown down in the field like sheaths of wheat under the scythe?

But I am jumping ahead. Let me back up. back to the Sun, which is our symbol for the God and the Moon our symbol for the Goddess. At the time I described the phenomenon to my students as I meditated on it and as it came to me as a future period of time when things would be revealed. When things on a "stage" whether personal in your private life or bigger in the public or even political or global stage would have the "light" the spotlight of the full moon shone on the truth, where the illusion would be stripped away, as a dark theater curtain is pulled back revealing to the audience what is about to take place on the stage.

I told my students back in August, look at your life and be aware that things that had been hidden from you may be revealed, may be brought to light no matter how disruptive and uncomfortable or unhappy the truth makes you, but we do need to know the truth.

That phenomenon, though I do not have specific statistics, I do not believe can possibly occur as it did very often at all, and the shift of energy it caused is still being felt four months later, and the results are still being seen. But what do I mean by results and how does this equate with the females coming forth to point out and name their accusers, how does this sync up?

The Moon is representative of the Goddess and female energy and power. The Sun is representative of the God and male energy and power. Well, when the Sun rises and then sets and then the moon rises and then sets it is as if there is a natural dance,  a cordial agreement between the God and the Goddess, the Sun and the Moon each taking their places politely in the sky, each taking their turn.

But if you look at the eclipses in a story form, first the earth moved between the Sun and the Moon separating them, causing darkness to fall upon the Goddess, darkness, illusion. The God, the male, or some aspect not honoring, not being honest, not being respectful, hiding the truth of some sort. Then with communication broken down with Mercury retrograde coming in between them, then the Moon, the Goddess retaliates by coming between the Sun and the earth and the battle commences and the truth is destined to be revealed.

Now, and this is so important!!! It is not just the men who will have truth, their illusions stripped away, although that seems to be the focus on the public stage. No, there will be women who also will fall under the spotlight, especially if they are such, that they are focused on the energy of the Sun and the Moon and the types of situations these forces govern. Such as:

Specifically hurtful relationship deceptions will come to light (I said specifically hurtful. If you have something happening and are careful not to let another person get hurt then this is not applicable. Say you go to the movies and do not invite a co-worker. As long as people are polite and discreet, there is no reason for anyone to be hurt.)

Lies and betrayal when it comes to friendships, social, romantic, even business (especially if money is involved) these will be highlighted and will come to light in some fantastic, unimaginable ways. You may indeed be shocked at how the truth comes barreling forth like a freight train, but it simply cannot be stopped on its inevitable course.

Because we are dealing with female/male energies, which are by their very base nature sexual, any unwanted sexual advances or activity, which is why all of this is being spotlighted and almost emphasized to an extreme. It is not that all of these women just woke up one day, no! Their harvest has come in, and NOW they are ready and the men responsible are going down under the scythe. That's just the way it works.

It is the harvest, August 1st was the first Harvest and even myself, I had to and found myself harvesting some pretty unwanted and unhappy crops at that time. But after the second harvest at Mabon, which was the Fall Equinox on September 21, 2017, and then our third and last harvest on Samhain (Halloween) on October 31st/Nov 1st, we continued to gather up the fruits of the metaphorical seeds we sowed over the past year or even before.

I have seen this past 4 months that many of the things people are harvesting seem to have been readying itself for many, many months if not years and in some cases decades. For some karma comes for them quickly and swiftly, and for some it takes time. True, karma can visit on it's own like a vengeful Goddess seeking to right the wrongs inflicted upon the innocent, but again there are times Karma opens the door and ushers in the victim herself and hands her the tools, or the voice or the opportunity or the pen and paper, or the podium or the audience to deliver justice to the perpetrator.

Yes, there will be those who stand against you, or call you names, or try to humiliate you, or degrade you especially if your attacker or the person who hurt you is popular or well liked. There will even be women who will shock you at their viciousness, their hatred, their cruelty and their unreasonableness in not giving your story any credence. They will try to make you feel petty, small and like a trouble maker. They will try to make you feel like a victim all over again.

Don't let them. Also do not be shocked or surprised at the vehemence that comes from your very soul when you open your mouth and all of the emotion at the betrayal and the wrongs done to you come out. You might appear fierce and a bit scary but that is your warrior queen, and she is pissed and has had enough!!! NO more!!

A strong, strange atmospheric, astrological, human and astral shift happened earlier this year and I feel it will continue. If it has been affecting you, and those around you, don't stress just look carefully at the situations and try to get to the truth before it blindsides you, if at all possible. Prepare for the possible worse and if it is not so bad, then great!

If it is bad, then get up, surround yourself with some friends and loved ones, light a candle and thank the Goddess for true friends and love to enter your life and dust yourself off and get back in the game. That's all we can do. When the shift has finished and all is done shaking, I assure you one thing. Those that are left with you, are true friends and those you can trust.

What has come up in the past will have been dealt with and put aside, and you will be healthier and happier.

That is all I know, at least for now!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

What Are You Grateful For This Thanksgiving? There is Magick in Counting Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving My Witchy Readers,

This year has been a challenging one for many people including this witch, but like any challenges they bring blessings if one knows what to look for.

This year I am again listing my blessings, but they may take some people by surprise.  This year I am grateful for the spotlight that shone on the illusion, the deception, the lies and the betrayal of some people closest to me. Even though the pain and heartache of losing a few close friends was so difficult it was a life lesson that taught me so many valuable lessons that I would never have learned any other way.

Not all life lessons are or should be easy or comfortable. I don't especially like the fact that some bring us to the point of breaking us, but again, the old adage what does not kill us makes us stronger in some ways holds true. It also makes us smarter and wiser and hopefully not bitter or more jaded. Yet that remains for all to be seen.  I continue to burn a candle every night to send out love to return to me, not to affect anyone else, but only to return to me. Never to send out any negative feelings only love, no matter how much hurt was sent to me.

There is a reason as we grow older we are not as soft and pliable, innocent and fresh as we were when younger. Some call it life, but it is the realities of life, the disappointments, the broken promises, the let downs, the truth of those we trusted, we relied on, we loved and we learned were not who we thought they were, or who we wanted them to be. Some we divorced, some we walked away from and some walked away from us. In the end though, they were all blessings, as we were left with the lessons, the experiences and the blessings of the absence of the hurtful ones and the opening for others who we can fill the void with.

The others we can be more selective with.  We can choose others who are loving, are truthful, are compassionate, are honest and reliable, are honorable and true. Those we choose who will be real friends, and real in your life, not just smoke and mirrors. Fancy, eloquent words which in the end hold no substance, no truth only lies.

The biggest blessing is coming to this realization and working hard, maybe the hardest you have ever done in your life to not wish them ill, but to only send out compassion and understanding. Know something very valuable if you have dealt with someone like this in your life.  Know that they are like the way they are not because of you, not because of anything you have done, or anything they have felt about you. Actually they most likely have never felt anything for you or anyone for that matter. The hurtful things they do to others is simply their nature. It is their base character. They can feel nothing for anyone but themselves, and only care about how they come through a difficult situation, no one else matters a wit.

In this day and age we, unfortunately, have seen more and more of these hurtful, unloving, narcissistic, users, liars, those who cast illusions, who couldn't tell the truth if their very life was at stake, all the while promising you the very world, we see it on the nightly news, we see it in politics, we see it in business, in our offices, even in our families and in our social circles. But the very best we can do is to recognize them and realize we can't save them, we can't help them, we can't do anything to make them want to be better people. We may care for these types of people, like them, call them friends, even think we love them, but that does not make them good people.

Many that read my blog will see themselves in my words simply because you are bright lights of positivity, of love and light. That is the whole reason such people of darkness seek us out. They are attracted to our light and our positivity, our outlook on life and they desperately want it, they want to surround themselves with people like us, but eventually their darkness comes out and they must convince us of their true nature and we are the ones who get hurt. Trust me, they continue on completely oblivious to any hurt they have caused you and completely and totally uncaring of having done so.

No, they will not come back one day, remorseful and asking forgiveness. Yes a healthy, mentally stable human would one day, but people like this simply barrel through life leaving pain and hurt and broken promises behind them, until one day far in the future they will find themselves working long into the night, behind their desk, the proverbial "Ebeneezer Scrooge" but without the three benevolent spiritual visitations coming at the last possible moment to save them from dying from an old age of loneliness and spiritual loss. For that is what we have at the end of our lives to look forward to.  What we have gathered up throughout our lifetime in friendships, loving relationships, close trusting shared moments and memories. These are what we will take with us to our death beds, should we be so lucky as to actually find ourselves on our death bed, and not having died suddenly in a tragic unexpected accident.

One would hope, that our death bed would be surrounded by loved ones who would mourn our imminent passing and would miss us after we are gone, but that only happens as a culmination of our life's work as we live it. And I mean our life's work, not 'work' as in business, or finance, but the business of living your life in respect to those you interact with and how you leave them afterwards.

The culmination of our life's work is not success in business, not tremendous wealth, substantial real estate or vast financial investments.  People gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner tables around the country today, I would wager, few are giving thanks for being able to work countless hours and for 401K's. We find ourselves giving thanks for the loved ones who surround us. The true friends who are there for us, even when times get tough.

We give thanks for those in our lives who stand beside us, stand behind us even when it may be unpopular to do so, who support and encourage us, even when they may be the only one to do so, those who go out of their way to help us, to listen to us when we have problems even when our problems seem unending, who pick up the phone even when busy, who answer the email, even when it takes an extra moment out of their day to do so, who remembers what it means to be a friend. Who realizes you will be there for them each and every time also. Without question, without complaint, without conditions of any kind.  For a true friendship takes two, it is never one sided.

Will you, should you find yourself on your death bed, be able to imagine yourself surrounded by many people who you have treated kindly, who will miss you. I do not mean in a business sense, but in a human sense? Are you proud of how you treat people? Of how you have left relationships? have you been caring, understanding, honest, compassionate, understanding, and forgiving? Can you think of people in your life you no longer are in relationship with, and look yourself in your eyes in the mirror and be proud of how your treated them?

Are you a being of light and of love? Or are you a being of darkness? If you are the latter, like Scrooge you can change, but you have to want to. No one can make you change, only you can do that. Also know, no one will come to you looking to forgive you, that is your work, should you be able to find the courage within to do so.

I give blessings today for the real people in my life, and for the Universe shining the spotlight on those who were false friends this past year and who, though painful it may have been, was instrumental in removing them from my life, so that I may live a life of authenticity and truth with those who respect and love me.

I do believe in many lifetimes, but this life is far too short to waste on those who do not deserve the light and love that is within me.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and light a candle for love and send out love to return to you!! Your light may it ever shine on!! Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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