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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Spell Manifestation' and a delicious dessert recipe over 200 years old

 Evening Greetings,

Today I had a lot of fun! At least fun for me. Working in my office all day, surrounded by my four magickal cats that live at Enchantments. While I read or do computer work they are right there with me, helping and making some pretty good suggestions!   I've been researching early American, Colonial cookbooks. Cooking itself is a area of magick and spell casting in and of itself.  We call it kitchen witchery. You've heard of or know of someone when they prepare a special dish from their kitchen,  its always delicious. Magickal in fact. I think there's much to be learned from the first printed American created works. 

I enjoyed the researching of this topic so much, I came home tonight, after a quick side trip to the store, and created a recipe that women were making in 1796.  The work I'm studying is "The First American Cookbook A facsimile of American Cookery 1796 by Amelia Simmons".  This was published in 1796 and sold in Hartford, CT. Its the first cookbook to have a recipe for Pompkin Pudding, what we know today as Pumpkin Pie.  It's also the first to introduce a new American crop, Corn or Maize, in the form of corn meal.  There are six recipes featuring 'Indian meal', and  I made  "A Nice Indian Pudding' No.1 for dessert tonight.  It's still cooling, but I'll let you know how it comes out. I have a picture of it to your right.

I like to imagine people in other cultures and other times and I  like to read about how they lived their day to day lives. I'm especially interested in women in Colonial Puritan controlled America.  While the Indian Pudding cools, let's discuss this evening a topic I call 'Spell Manifestation' .  The subtitle of this topic is "How and Why spells don't manifest as you expect. 

Over the years I have seen various versions of 'An Anatomy of a Spell', demonstrating how to cast a spell. But what about when the spell doesn't work out as planned? Or .  .  .  GASP .  .  .  it backfires! Oh, No! What then? Well I've only ever seen it said, 'If your spell does not manifest, its because its not supposed to ,  I seen it suggested the spell caster did something wrong or more silly still, that unknown, unseen forces were at work. Personally, and this is just my opinion, that's a load of poppycock!

I profess that the magickal world follows rules and laws like other sciences, just that the rules and laws are different from traditional sciences. I believe the world of spell casting, the creation of magickal manifestation in your life follows more closely the rules or the lack of rules found in Quantum physics. Terms such as para-physics and metaphysics have been applied to this world of magick. 

So following the thought that magick is a science,  when a spell, properly cast does not manifest as desired,  there must be a reason. One that can be addressed and corrected the next time. "Unknown and unseen forces' really? I'm sorry but that's just too vague to work with. It also does not put the responsibility where it belongs, on the practitioner.  I have observed for almost 30 years spells cast and manifest and have taken note on specific steps, like the steps of a recipe, that if not followed properly won't come out as desired.

This topic will cover the next week of discussions as it has 14 steps to consider. We'll touch on a couple of steps each night.  These are the areas that you need to pay attention to when looking for your spell to manifest. I do not believe spells just don't manifest.  I believe they manifest, very accurately in fact. If anything, its us, the magickal practitioner ( m.p.) that needs some work. Universal energy works in specific ways, we just need to understand how it works and therefore how to work with it.

 Let me take a moment to say that this area of 'Spell Manifestation' is my work as I have experienced it with my spell casting over the past 30 years.  I developed these steps with my own observations and experiments and by working with and observing my students at Enchantments. 

For the sake of the discussion we will be discussing the spell manifestation of a simple candle spell. We will touch on the 'First Five, ' the five spell goals we focus on in the first year of study at Enchantments.  The first five magickal spell goals we focus on are : money, love, health, protection and tranquility.  I will touch on all five as we work through the 14 steps. 

Consider the spell:  Firstly, the candle spell was cast. Everything was prepared properly and the five steps of anatomy of a spell were followed.  How and why your spells don't manifest as you expect, is when over the next 14 to 28 days you don't see any manifestation.  What's going on?

1. Awareness of Manifestation - many times a  m.p.will cast a spell, say a money spell and they set their sights in one direction.  Perhaps waiting for that raise. Hoping their boss notices their extra dedication and hard work. Not noticing in the meantime that they are finding unexpected currency in forgotten jacket pockets, cast aside purses, people have started paying them back long overdue debts etc.  Cast a spell and don't look in anyone direction as the spell can manifest from any direction.

Notating your spells as they are cast and then taking careful note over the next month will help you realize how your spell casting manifests. I can have 20 students all do exactly the same money spell and each would manifest their magick in a different way.  The science part is everyone will manifest magick, every time. The quantum part is each person will do it differently, every time.

I've seen some amazing things over the years and spell manifestation is my favorite.  I had a student cast a money spell and she received in less than a month her entire college education paid for by a special scholarship that is only open to students from a single town in California. This student met the founder for the scholarship foundation here in New England and the woman chose to offer her the scholarship.

Another student cast a money spell and found herself in the middle of a deserted intersection with no buildings or people around and swirls of paper money falling at her feet,  not a tremendous amount but enough to stop and pick it up. She tried to find someone, anyone who knew or saw anything. There was no one to ask. She kept the money. I didn't blame her!

Many of my students will find money in forgotten places. Or find  people paying them back, fees on bills being removed,recieving a surprise low or no interest rate.  Many accomplished witches don't even do money spells. They do a spell for what they want, that the money would buy.  I once had the need for a projector for Power Point presentations. They were and remain quite expensive, well out of my budget. I decided to put some money aside, tried to find multiple distributors to get the best rate and cast a spell just visualizing my using a projector that was owned by Enchantments.  I had a student come into the school later that month and donate a used projector that she had replaced with a new one.  This is how magick can and does manifests.  So be careful to look around you to see where your spell might be coming from. Having your sights trained too fixedly in one direction might cause you to miss it!

2. Too Critical - I like to use a love spell scenario for this one. A love spell is cast to bring loving energies into your life. A significant other for example. Once I observed a student who put into a spell the desire for loving energies. Nothing too specific, she wanted to be able to pick and choose from all the loving energies that would be directed at her.  Within a week she was in my office complaining about the 'kids' at the drive through flirting with her, little kids coming up and hugging her, dogs following her down the side walk. Picky, picky, picky!! 

Fine, a bit of fine tuning is in order. Don't visualize a specific someone (unless they are already a significant other and are good with your love spells cast on you both) just visualize perhaps tall, dark, handsome. Or short, cute and petite. Whatever qualities you desire, that's fine. Just NO specific person. We've discussed this before and its filed under creepy.  So, moving on.  See yourself coming home from a date, not visualizing anyone else except yourself. Walking into your living area, leaning back against the door and looking and being so very happy. Ecstatic! You've just come home from the best date with the best person!!!  See how you look. Feel how you will feel. Allow some of that feeling to seep in and it will put some pow into your spell.

Now look around you for the manifestation.  Be careful now! Perhaps someone from work asks you out. But frankly this person is not your type. No way you would ever consider a relationship with them. As long as they are not ax murderer creepy, or married or whatever your carved in stone boundaries are, go out for a cup of coffee.  Maybe you'll meet his brother, or best friend? Hmmmmm.  Of course, casting a love spell and then staying at home and never leaving your house, well .  .  .  your spell won't work.  O.K. computers can count as long as you eventually leave to meet people in person.

Be open, and don't be surprised at how your spell manifests.  It always does so in just the right way, once you train yourself to know what to look for.

Tomorrow we will discuss the next two steps
3. Goes against practitioner's true desires
4. Goes against the laws of nature

Oh, by the way, the 'Nice Indian Pudding' came out just delicious. Light, fluffy and not too sweet. It was made with corn meal, eggs, milk, raisins, spices and sugar.  More of a custard than the bread pudding I expected.  How very cool, tonight we enjoyed a dessert that people in New England, especially in Hartford County were enjoying in 1796.  It is very tasty.  With the amount of eggs and butter, that was used in recipes back then. I will be whipping up a 21st century, more artery friendly version.  If you'd like to try this recipe the exact version follows.

The recipe as printed in "The First American Cookbook A facsimile of American Cookery 1796 by Amelia Simmons" is exactly as follows:  Any notations I put in will be in parentheses.

'A Nice Indian Pudding'
No. 1  3 pints fcalded milk, 7 fpoons fine Indian meal, ftir well together while hot,
let ftand till cooled; add 7 eggs, half pound raifins, 4 ounces butter, fpice and fugar,
bake one and half hour. 

(I interpret this recipe to read:  3 pints scalded milk, heat milk on stove until it gets hot but not boiling.
Add 7 tablespoons of fine yellow corn meal. Whisk into the hot milk, a small amount at a time. Do not dump in, but dust over hot milk and whisk in slowly until all 7 Tablespoons are incorporated. Avoid lumps forming. If lumps form, press into the side of pot until they reincorporate.

Pour milk/cornmeal mix into a glass casserole dish and let sit for 10-20 minutes until it starts to cool slightly. While still hot, but off the burner,  put chunks of butter into the hot milk mixture and allow to melt and stir to incorporate. Add raisins into milk mixture and whisk eggs and sugar together in a separate bowl. Then pour into milk mixture. This recipe does not say the amount of sugar, I put about 1/3 cup, but it could have used between 1/2 and 3/4 of a cup. I also chose cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and mace as my spices of choice because they were used in this time period for this type of dish.  I stirred slowly and made sure everything was well  mixed.

Then I put the casserole into a 350 degree oven and baked until a knife stuck in the center came out clean. using a modern oven this took 60 minutes. To follow the recipe for 1 hour and 1/2 it might make it too dry, this was meant for the cooking  equipment for the late 18th century which was much different from today's modern ovens.)

This would be a great recipe to make for Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy it, I did!


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