The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, November 8, 2010

To will . . . .

 Frosty Greetings everyone,

Today was a bit of a surprise, waking up to a blanket covering of white, fluffy, cold snow.  Even though I knew it was going to snow, the sight kind of jars me at first. I sigh and say a silent farewell to summer, as I make the morning coffee.  It didn't remain long, as the ground isn't frozen yet, but it made me think of the saying my father always said around the first snow "The first snow you can track a cat in, whatever day that falls on the calendar, today's snow is on the 8th, then that's how many storms you'll have the next summer, with lightening and thunder."  Is this true? I don't know that I ever followed through to remember the next summer, so I don't know. Maybe someone will make a note and let us know at the end of summer next year.

Last night we discussed the first level of the Witches Pyramid, To Know.  Tonight let's discuss the next step or level, To Will.  This speaks to our ambition, our drive, determination and ability to make our reality.  Having the will power to embrace the path of the witch can be difficult for some.

Many people, share with me, that they have a difficult time being open about their beliefs with family and friends. I can only say, they have good reason. There are people who come from a fear based reality that makes it impossible for them to be open minded about our ways. There is discrimination, bias, and intolerance that one will encounter, but these people can be easily avoided. If they are not, then avoid even mentioning your ways. If they ask, looking for an opening, don't give it to them. Just smile and say your not comfortable discussing something so personal.

I do not advocate explaining to them the error of their ways, the history they are ignorant of, or how fabulous this path is for you. It won't do any good. Instead, find like minded individuals, and worry not, you will. There are more of us around you than you know. Oooh, I don't mean to creep you out! It's just this path is becoming more popular daily.  Also, I am happy to say, over the years I have seen more loved ones embrace their family members choice when the truth was told. Much more often than not. 

I respect everyone's right to knowledge, or ignorance, open or closed-mindedness.  Yet, having the will power to go on your own, doing what you feel is right for you, even in the face of opposition is hard. Having the will power to continue studying on your own, learning, experimenting with spells that work, some that don't and to keep practicing and studying.  Most practitioners of Wicca and witchcraft in this country, it is reported, are solitary practitioners.  Doing anything on your own just simply takes more will power to keep your motivation up, you dedication focused and your commitment strong.

 To Will.  To practice the craft of the witch, to be responsible for your training, your study, your progress along the path. Is all up to you. No matter who teaches you, who you study with, authors you read, classes you attend, the true teacher of the path you walk,  is you.

Homework? Only if you want extra credit!  Tomorrow, or today if its morning as you read this, plan on willing your day into existence. Pick one project, one part of your day that exists because you willed it to be. Take notice, then take the credit!  Life doesn't happen to you, you create your life daily. 

 To Will .  .  .  what will you will into existence today? 

Tomorrow we'll discuss the third level  .  .  .  To Dare

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1 comment:

  1. I find the older I get the easier it is for people to accept my beliefs...or maybe it's because I don't care what people think about me and my ways? That seems to come with age as well! I will talk to people who truly seem interested but to others that appear to want to mock, I simply smile and ask "why do you want to know?"
    BTW, my Mom always said about the first measurable snow fall that the date it fell on was how many snowstorms we'd have that winter! Eight storms...hmm, yes, I can handle that!