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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Spell Manifestation Steps 7 & 8

 Greetings! and Bonjour ou Bonsoir to my readers in France,

Its exciting to see the places in the world my blog is being read. I have an awesome group of people in France that are looking at my blog everyday and I want to say to them and everyone, all awesome,  who reads my blog, a big thank you!!  We have lots of readers in the United States, and some of the other countries that are reading my work are Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and South Africa!  It's really an amazing thing how the Internet has made the world a true global community. It's also a bit surprising to me, that there is so much interest in the way of life of a simple New England witch.  I deeply appreciate the interest and readership.

I also welcome comments and questions.  So, if you have any, please send them along and I'll answer at the end of the discussion any questions that don't have to do with that days topic.   For all of my readers, let me assure you, as I often assure new students and customers in the store "There are no bad, silly, crazy or 'stupid' questions." Not in my eyes. Any question you do not know the answer to is a question worth asking.

Now, onto our topic of the day or night as it were.  The next two steps to Spell Manifestation:

Too many magickal goals:

It is a common occurrence working with magickal study students, that I am asked about casting a spell that touches on more than one magickal goal. This is not recommended for ideal spell manifestation.  This is an excellent example of what I term "Thinking like a witch", whereas in our modern culture, multi-tasking is a trait that is desirable and even rewarded.   Whereas from a witches point of view, at least from this witch's point of view, multi-tasking is a way to do many things, barely well enough to get by.  An expert, master or highly talented person in any field will tell you they became so proficient by focusing completely on the skill at hand, to learn it as well as possible, to become a master at what they do.

Multi-tasking does not lend itself to effective spell casting. period. So no,  my little witchlings, to become a master spell caster or sorcerer/sorceress you cannot cast a spell that brings a lover to you, while paying your bills, and taking care of the malaise you are feeling from doing so many things all at once!

Only one focus per spell. With any spell, make sure your visual is solid and clear. Have a visual of yourself when your spell manifests as clear and sharp as if you took a picture of yourself in the future after your spell manifests. How will you look? Happy, relieved, at peace, excited? See this 'picture' in your minds eye all through the casting of the spell.

It is possible to cast a spell for one magickal goal one day and a spell for something else the next, but be careful about this, because the visual for the first spell needs to be very fixed and focused and so does it for the second spell.  You will most likely have better results by sticking with two spells per month. One to bring in and one to banish.  Please read my discussion "Moon Magick" on November 6, 2010 for more details regarding bringing in and banishing spells utilizing the moon.

Worry, Self doubt, Skepticism and Bragging

This step is actually two sides of the same coin.  One one side we have worry, self-doubt and skepticism and on the other bragging and threatening.  The former speaks to the normal feelings of doubt that anyone new to a skill or path might initially feel.  If you've ever tried anything new, be it martial arts, pottery, tennis or even flute playing, you would probably be less than thrilled with your first few attempts. We can be very critical as a culture of ourselves and our attempts at first trying something new.  I've taught in other fields over the years and adults across the board are harder on themselves when first learning a new skill than any instructor would ever be on them.

We start learning this as children. Most children when young enough have no issue with trying to walk, stumbling and plopping down on their behinds again and again until they get it, past failed attempts not even registering.  Then somewhere along the line, they start to get down on themselves "I'm no good at this, I can't do this."  I would see this often in the decade or so I taught young children in the martial arts. When a 6 year old would come into my class and without even trying, plop down and arms crossed in defiance, sulky expression, would inform me they aren't any good at this and just can't do it, I would look at the parents and ask them why, how was it that someone so young could feel that way? Who's been role-modeling this to the child?Inevitably one or both parents would look sheepish and admit it was them. Usually saying "well, I'm hard on myself, so that's probably where they get it." Yes, it is.

 A child with no negative role modeling has the opposite trouble. They think they can fly, or do anything!! Keeping them safely in check is the issue then, but that's o.k. It's easier to keep a child in check that thinks he can fly than to convince a child that has been told and absolutely believes they aren't capable and not worthy, the opposite.  Guess what? Most of us fall on one side of this issue or the other,  at least when it comes to learning something new.
So, if you're brave enough to try a spell, realize that by squashing it by doubting your ability, worrying that it won't manifest or that you've done something incorrectly will only hold up the physical manifestation.  Yes, its hard not to be skeptical, and trust me, I'm more skeptical than most about many things I encounter, but have faith in yourself and your ability to make magick happen.  It will.  I mean,  would you be even interested in this world, if you didn't believe in magick?  Even the academics that read my work, I'll wager, somewhere deep down inside, maybe deeper than some, there still lingers the belief, the hope that magick happens.

I'd like to assure you all. It does.  It becomes easier when you start to 'think like a witch', for me that means, to believe in the magickal, to live for the magickal, to love because of the magickal.

This is also one reason we work with simple concepts such as the First Five magickal goals: money, love, health, protection and tranquility. Each are easy enough for anyone to imagine having a bit more of in their lives. 

Now, the other side of the coin.  Bragging and threatening. Both have low level energies.  Now please take note, there's a difference between bragging and talking about a spell you cast. And, by the way, you can discuss a spell you cast, in defiance with an old magickal concept of never discussing a spell cast with anyone, ever. This hearkens back to a time when, as we've already discussed, talking about any magickal workings could cost you your very life. Please refer to my discussions "Witches! What .  .  .  Who are we really? Our history from Goddess to Sorceress" October 15. 2010 and "To keep Silent .  .  .  Is this still relevant today?" November10, 2010.

I feel that its not practical to not discuss your spell casting. We do it all the time in magickal studies classes. Witchcraft, although a solitary practice for many, still requires one to be taught. Learning with others helps a student tremendously to be able to discuss what they did, what went right, what went wrong. We learn from one another and in turn share our knowledge. Even if we do the work solitary, much of the learning process is enhanced by working with others. So the discussion of magickal workings is fine and I believe necessary for a well rounded magickal education.  Just be sure the ones you discuss it with are of a like mind. And, that your choice to discuss it with them stems from an academic place and not a place of bragging or power-tripping.

Bragging about what you did, can harm your manifestation and make it fizzle flat. Bragging is equal to trying to 'show off'  in front of another and the energy that is attracted is not beneficial to your spell casting.  Neither is threatening.  For example,  "You'd better watch it, I cast a spell."  Or even without an actual spell being cast, warning others of how powerful you are, how gifted,  "you'd better watch it, I am a powerful witch" all is designed to put another in a place that is subservient to you and perhaps to illicit a bit of fear, awe or admiration.   This is not beneficial to your work. With these energies in your magickal world you will find your magickal  ability waning.

For those of you who have been following this witches blog, are you seeing why its so improbable for someone who is bent on harming others with their spell casting to actually cause an effect? The negative is directed inward where it is harmful to the practitioner, while the positive is directed outwards where it then returns back to you magnified. 

I wish you well with your spell casting and tomorrow's discussion will touch on steps 9 & 10: 

Need & When its not supposed to

Until we discuss again, peace

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