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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moon Magick

 Happy new moon everyone!

Moon magick is one of my favorites.Tonight is the new moon, even though it's hard for people to tell its a new moon, without a calendar, so  because the moon is dark in the night sky it appears absent. But it's there.   I've always loved the moon and so many people are affected by the sight of a beautiful full moon.  Actually I've never seen a full moon I didn't think was beautiful, but that's me!

Full moon spells are common and most have heard of a spell cast under a full moon. The full moon is wrapped in legend, lore and a romantic, mysterious and magickal reputation. Notable modern Wiccan prose such as The Charge of the Goddess's "Whenever ye have need of any thing, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full,"  penned by Doreen Valiente, also gives the full moon its reputation in witchcraft.

But what of the new moon?  Many people tend to meet once a month during the full moon, in covens or magickal groups but there is much magick to be done during the new moon.  The full moon, from my training and understanding, is the time for banishment and elimination.  The new moon, is just as important, in this witch's opinion, because its energy  is for invoking, bringing in.  It's important to eliminate that which no longer serves you in your life, that which is restricting, hindering and unhealthy for you and the full moon does that with proper focus and correct spell casting.  Then the new moon brings in the experiences and desires you wish for to fill the space made during the full moon. 

 During a new moon, and you have three days prior to, the day of, and three days after the moon to conduct a spell for that moon.  A total of seven days to take advantage of the extra pull the moon's energy adds to your spell. That's exactly what the moon does in spell casting. Just as the moon affects the tides, the ebb and flow, the in and out, the banishing and invoking, so it affects our magick. By using the energy, the natural ebb and flow of the moon you are using what I call moon magick.

For this new moon, and the next three days until Tuesday night you can do a new moon spell.  First have a magickal goal. What do you wish to bring in? Come up with a strong visual of you with your magickal goal manifest in your life.  See yourself as you would be with what you desire in your life. See yourself happy, excited, relieved, proud, whatever countenance is appropriate for your magickal goal.

Take a small piece of parchment and write the word that describes your magickal goal. Keep it simple, money, health, love etc. Seat yourself comfortably before a window, look out into the dark night sky. Unless your visualization is exceptional, you might wish to try this spell at night.  Turn off the lights in the room, or diffuse the lighting so you can look out the window into the dark, without reflection and glare on the window.

Have before you a small bowl of water, cool bottled water is ideal. Also a white votive or spell candle in a fire safe holder and a small bell. Have your parchment with the word also nearby.

Be seated comfortably. Ring bell three times, then rub hands together or sharply clap them a few times. Feel the energy tingling in your fingers and palms. Light the candle. Visualize your end result, remember how you looked? See that visual. Move candle close to you and the bowl of water. With your hands ,face your palms towards the candle flame and look into the flame and see the picture of you when your spell returns to you.

After a few moments repeat this incantation " I pray by the moon, to bring in to me,  that which I desire, to meet my need. An' it harm none, So mote it be"  Repeat a few times, using a steady rhythm or cadence.

Take the piece of parchment and hold edge to the candle flame. Have bowl of water in front of you. Make sure this is a small piece of parchment, just an inch or two in size. Allow the paper to catch fire and let it burn until it is almost consumed and then drop into the bowl of water.  Do not burn yourself! I prefer a flash burning paper I have available at Enchantments that burns so quickly and completely, it can't burn the skin. Its called flash paper and its ideal for new moon rituals. Ring the bell three times again to mark the end of the spell.

Allow the candle to burn, and if the flame can be reflected in the water in the bowl, that's perfect.  When the candle has burned out, leave the bowl of water on a window sill until the next day. The water can be poured outdoors on a garden or growing place. The piece of parchment that may be left, can be left in the garden to break down and become earth again.  New moon spells are thought to manifest within 14 days, so keep your eyes open for your spell returning to you.

This is a simple new moon spell, and I hope you try it.  Remember to start a notebook to write your spells down, when you cast them and how they stat to manifest.  Happy Spell casting!

Benny asked in a recent comment

"Ms. Faith - I noticed that the zebra grass (in the parking lot) has indeed been harvested. Does it have a magickal purpose? or does it just need to be cut down to come back stronger next year?"

Zebra grass doesn't have a magickal property attributed to it, as far as I know, but as grass it is an element of air and the qualities of the east.  The grass does need to be cut down for proper growth next year, but it's up to you when to cut. I chose to cut them down in the fall this year, but in the past I've tied them up, with twine and left them standing for winter drama, cutting them first thing in the spring.   I cut them down this year to use in my Halloween front porch decorations as they look somewhat like corn stalks, just neater and I think more interesting.  Great question Benny, thanks!

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