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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spell Manifestation - Steps 5 & 6

 Saturday Greetings,

What a beautiful New England day. There are still enough leaves on some trees to enjoy the commute to work this morning.  The yellows are so bright and the trees that are still red are startling in their color, against the brilliant blue of the sky.  I feel as if this year we've been able to enjoy the New England autumnal leaf color change longer than most years. For the middle of November to still have so much color on the trees,  I think its unusual, but that might just be me!

So tell me, have you been casting spells? If so, great!   If not,   .  .  .  is everything o.k.? Maybe you're just reading this 'witches blog' for curiosity or academic reasons. Fair enough. But for those of you who would like to cast a spell yet haven't as of yet. I ask you why?   I had a student this morning tell Magickal Studies class about the spell she had cast this past week, it was required homework, and she started by saying she had done some things wrong.  Highly unlikely, tsk, tsk young witchlings.  You might forget something, or do something backwards but the whole idea is to get in there and start working your magick.  Fear not that you will affect the earth and all its people by doing something wrong in your spell casting, or worse invoke the wrath of the Gods!  Seriously, beginners just learning these ways don't know enough to cause any harm or backlash, truly.  It really makes little difference in the beginning.  No one starts by being a master spell caster the first day of witch school, I mean really! Give yourself a break.

But one can't hope to reach the level of mastery of anything without considerable study and training or practice. That's just the nature of our world. So, start by having a magickal goal and get going!!

Tonight we'll discuss the next two steps of Spell Manifestation.  For those of you following along with the companion publication to this blog, my book Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts First Year Magickal Studies, you'll find Spell Manifestation starts on page 134, in the third section entitled 'Fire'.

These next two steps won't get very detailed as we've touched on both in the last week or so of discussions, and I'll direct you to those as we go along.

5. Evoking Harm

Just yesterday's discussion (Spell Manifestation Steps 3 & 4 November 12 ) touched on the consequences of casting magick to bring harm to others.  I discussed how initially the magickal practitioner's (m.p.) ability to make magickal change will seem to be taken from them.  Followed by the magickal harm coming back to the m.p. and only to them. Finally for the m.p. to slide into mental illness and complete discord in their lives. I wish I could say I have seen this rarely, a scant few times in my life, but I've seen it more frequently over the past 3 decades to be absolutely positive that these are some of the ways the energy returns to the m.p.  Having said that, I wish to state I do not surround myself with any people who are bent on using magick in a harmful way. But there is always some one,  nice individuals, pleasant and sincere in their studies, that feel they can get away with manipulating magick for all intents and purposes to get or have something they have no right to. This becomes apparent to a magickal studies instructor over time, and even with my students I cannot restrict them. Only try to offer a sound education and the knowledge,  to help my students to make the decisions which are best for them.

Some people, no matter how you try to teach them otherwise,  still feel they can rationalize their reasons and therefore cast a binding spell over another. Or a love spell, or spells seeking to control or manipulate another in ways not intended for magick to be used. Let me spell it out clearly, it does not matter how 'righteous' and entitled you believe yourself to be, you CANNOT do a spell or cast magick to do the following:

1. Keep another person with you, if they wish to leave
2. Get someone that has broken up with you to come back to you, if they have left you willingly
3. Get someone to pay child support if they don't wish to (as much as they should be responsible, use the courts for this purpose. Magick will only backfire on you, even though its for your children, and they deserve it. Asking a mother Goddess directly is much more effective in this regards. No backlash to you.)
4. Get revenge, no matter how deserving in your eyes. Magickal vigilantism is as dangerous to the m.p. as real vigilantism can be.
5. To banish someone from your life. Can't be done with magick.  Do it instead with your words and actions. Don't hide behind magick to do what you need to have the courage to do. You can do a spell to grant you the courage, the strength to stand up to a confrontation, take control of your life or whatever needs to be done. But   the actual work, the doing of, you'll need to do yourself.

Honestly, rationalize all you wish. It's akin to rationalizing with fire.You might think "I'm perfectly entitled, completely right in my opinion" but I assure you, fire doesn't care. It will still burn you should you place your hand in the flames. This is how magick works.  It will warm and enhance your life or burn you, it's completely up to you. 

This is listed in Spell Manifestation because with this energy driving your magickal workings you will quickly see no manifestation. The above list are just some of the things you cannot use magick for. Yet, as often as I say this, and I do repeat myself often,  someone always feels that their way of looking at things allows them  rights that others do not enjoy. It never works out this way. 

6. An' it harm none

This is an old phrase, or shall I say the wording is from O.E.(Old English) with Doreen Valiente being given credit for penning the phrase in 1964,  'Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an' it harm none, do what you will.'  We interpret this phrasing as 'If it harm none, then do what you will'.  If. 

We use this at times as part of an incantation such as 'As I will it, one times three, an' it harm none, So mote it be',  for a quick example. We'll use it in spell casting and it's here in Spell Manifestation because at times your spell may cause harm to another without your intention*, and by adding this wording and energy you will avert the spell from manifesting yourself. Sort of an insurance policy, just in case. I recommend new practitioners add this phrase to your incantations and spells just to be on the safe side, and not have to worry. A witch would rather her spell not manifest and re-do it, than to cause harm to another. 

So to protect against that possibility,  a well trained witch will do all she can to ensure that no one is harmed with the working of her spell. Therefore when a spell is cast, and no manifestation appears, this is one possibility to consider. Perhaps if that money spell had manifested (someone) would have lost their job and the ability to feed their family. When a spell does not manifest or seems to have 'backfired' refer to this list and try to pin point  what's going on in your spell formulary. Of course, continued to do money spells, just be sure to visualize how you will spend the money, not how you will make it.  With the visualization of spending the money, by all means, have people you will celebrate with in your visual. Just make sure you invite them to the celebration!

For more insight into An' it harm none, please refer to the discussion re: my blog dated 11/02/10. "The Wiccan Rede .  .  . An' it harm none, do what you will"

*Remember what I said about intention? Please refer to the discussion re: my blog "So you want to cast a spell? .  .  .  Here let me show you how" November 2, 2010

I hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend, I know I will


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