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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mercury in Retrograde!! Oh No!!

 Good Evening,

What exactly does this mean?  'Mercury in Retrograde' and the subsequent 'freaking out' many people do around this astronomical phenomenon?  Is there anything to it?

Well, when a planet is described to be in retrograde,  it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This is really an illusion created by the orbital rotation of the earth in relation to other planets in the solar system, in regards to planetary motion.  Planets are never truly stationary or retrograde, they just appear that way due to this cosmic phenomenon.

Mercury is a planet that has been attributed to human rule thinking, perception, all types of communication  and when Mercury goes retrograde it causes all sorts of communication misunderstandings. These misunderstandings occur in every area of a person's life, personal, social and business. Why even a passing comment to a stranger you pass on the sidewalk could be misconstrued. 

Frankly people seem to freak out around this phenomenon.  Well, my witchy reader, we just went into this phenomenon and will stay in it until, Yikes! April 23rd!!   But no worries, seriously, it's a time when witches understand that other forces are influencing us and I for one, tend to take that into account. Especially when dealing with others.  It can be done, you need only to watch your words, and be aware that you also might misunderstand the words of others which gives you the opportunity to work on your patience and understanding.  So, I'm saying, yes, when this phenomenon occurs there really seems to be something to it. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to speak on a topic dear to my heart. The power of words.  Words have power. The witch knows that, or learns it soon enough.. Ancient witches did. Back then, primarily because a misplaced word or a careless comment could have the witch hunters at your door with noose in hand!  Today, our words have great power,  sometimes the only power we can have in the world we find ourselves in.

A witch in ancient times would be very careful as to what she said and who she said it to. So sad that today that is no longer the case.  I find a medium like Facebook, for instance, a fabulous social experiment.  People actually put all sorts of personal information on Facebook, (which by the way is on the Internet, the World Wide spider's Web .   .  .  so realistically everyone  and anyone from people in Cambodia to San Francisco could have access to your information) then they get mad because someone took their private information!!   Or comments on their stuff!  Not to be a pumpkin picker but .  .  .    private is the key word here, witchlings!  If it's private don't say it, at least not on a forum where just about anyone can access it.  

Yes, yes, I know all about the privacy settings and from my research there's one maybe two people who work for Facebook that knows all there is to know about your privacy settings and they're not telling!!  Most people including myself really have no idea exactly how the Facebook network operates and recent lawsuits against Facebook concerning privacy rights just emphasize that.

Mercury retrograde could absolutely cause a glitch, computer-wise and allow important information to leak out. Beware.   Protect your information as best you can but realize that ooopes happen.  As far as the words coming out of our mouths, well that's an area we have far more control over.  How many times have you heard  "That's not what I meant to say" or "you misunderstood me",  perhaps you've even said it?  Being aware of what you say, how it will come out (before you say it) requires a bit of thought before one speaks.  It can be done though.

Once, in a job environment, I was accused of saying something about someone else.  When my boss asked me about it, I confidently and assuredly said "I never said those words or any words to that effect."  The person accusing me and even my boss said "Are you sure it just didn't slip out?"  I said, absolutely not. I am always, especially in a job environment, aware of what I say and who it is said to. Period.  There wasn't and isn't the slightest question about this in my mind. The person had passed me in the hallway and overheard bits of a conversation I was having with someone and chose to fill in all sorts of blanks, when the 'victim' wasn't even being discussed. Perhaps Mercury was in retrograde that day?

The person accusing me was all bent out of shape, convinced she was correct, but the situation didn't upset me, or even cause me concern. Why? Because I knew what I had said and what I had not. That's something I hold very dear, the words I utter. They are mine and I own them, always.  Now, of course different environments pose different circumstances. Hanging out with your friends may allow for a more relaxed conversation and perhaps a bit less guarded.  With work and with business acquaintances another level is required.  I mentioned Facebook because its an excellent example of so many people saying whatever pops into their minds, (personally, not recommended), and don't even give thought to who might see it.  Worse, it never seems to occur to them that people, even those that know them, may very well not want to see every tiny crack and crevice inside their mind!!

I personally feel that if people actually put thought into what their words sounded like before they were uttered there would be way less power attributed to the Mercury retrograde phenomenon.  On the flip side, during this period, be aware that others simply may not understand you and may be confused or have a bit of attitude to your words. If so, have some compassion and understanding, because after all, now you know what's really up.

In addition to your words or the words of others, a mix up in communication has other ways of causing some distress in your life. Last night a brand new cable television box, just installed a few weeks ago went on the blink. The cable company says the signal from the company to our main cable box was not being received. Funny, thing, we have two other auxiliary boxes and they are picking up the signal just fine??  Emails can go astray or not be seen, appointments can get jumbled up and don't be surprised if you are stood up on a date or dinner engagement! Just don't be too hard on the other person, in this case, it most likely wasn't you!!

All in all, I sum up Mercury in retrograde as a simple, convenient excuse for people who choose to not watch their words, thereby having something to blame when they insert mouth in foot.  I normally don't pay much heed to the planets, where they are at any given time because at the end of the day, I am responsible for my actions, my words and the energy I sent out into the universe that day. 

A note before we leave tonight:   I personally use Facebook and have a personal page as well as one for my business, Enchantments .  I like the potential Facebook has and am excited to see where it takes us in the future.  I just caution people to use the same common sense that requires them to lock their doors at night and secure their valuables.  If you are also on Facebook, please feel free to friend me, Faith McCann in Manchester, CT and 'Like' my Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts and Witch Shoppe page.

Peace and Happiness

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will March leave us like a lion?

 Good Evening,

Tonight's discussion centers around an old wives tale, or as I like to say an ol' witches tale.  March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, is an old saying, with farmers being most likely responsible for it more so than any wives or witches, that refers to the month of March coming in harsh, cold and intense.  Going out like a lamb refers to the gentle breezes and milder weather usually found in April.   The funny thing is,  years ago, the saying was more specific.  "If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.  But if it comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion."  Inferring that just the opposite will happen at the end of the month from what occurred in the beginning of the month.  Well, will it this year? 

Exactly how did March enter this year? Well, I looked back and saw that March1st was a blustery day with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour!  No snow and although cold, the winds speeds and temperatures recorded do suggest March came in roaring like a lion.  Well, that should mean this month will go out gently like a lamb, but .   .   .    according to our forecast we will have rain, snow and winds tomorrow into tomorrow night!  So maybe these old wives tales are fairy tales?   Regardless, April is just around the corner, yeah!

Not to be outdone though, April has had it moments.  Why, I remember in the last decade or so having a 12" snowfall on the night before April 1st. That's right a foot of snow graced the greater Hartford area on April 1st a few years ago. Quite the April Fool's joke on everyone by Mother Nature.  The old girl has a keen sense of humor.  We should be just fine though, you know what they say about the weather in New England? If you don't like it, wait a minute.  That saying is attributed to the late Samuel Clemens, pen name Mark Twain.  Mr. Clemens was right, just wait a minute things will change.  That's one reason I think Yankees, those of us from New England, tend towards being steadfast and slow to freak out about things, we've learned if we don't like a situation, wait a minute. Things will change, and there's always a 50-50 chance the change will be for the better!

So, even with a bit more of 'poor man's fertilizer' being set down around this area in the next day or so, April does always promise a milder weather experience. Remember this saying "April showers bring May flowers?"  So true, even though we should have some pretty blooms to enjoy in April.  Already the crocus are up and many spring bulbs are ready to make a spectacular appearance.  Besides, even with the worst of rainfalls I always say, it's not so bad .  .  .  after all .  .  .  it could be snow! 

The witch is always very aware of nature and what is happening around her. Weather magick is an ancient and regular practice for many witches.  No we can't change the weather completely or wouldn't you know, in the dead of January I would make it 80 degrees for a few weeks! Oh, if I could.  But those that practice weather magick understand that though we can't change the weather completely, we can speed up or slow down weather patterns. The native Americans also have a long and respected history in working weather magick.  I myself have had the opportunity to make the weather clear for large outdoor Sabbats in the past, although I must admit, weather magick does take a bit of energy out of one.  I learned about weather magick from my dad, even though he wouldn't call it magick.  Being a life long farmer, he always brought rain with him wherever he went! A picnic, party,  any outdoor gathering he loved it when it rained!! He feels its the best of luck, but then again, a farmer would, as rain can mean the difference between a crop succeeding or failing. 

During my wedding, many moons ago, it was again  .  .  .  you guessed it,  raining!  As he walked me down the aisle, it was an outdoor event, I asked him if he could make the rain stop for a time, and right at the time the vows were being said,  the sun came out and shone down on everyone.  Shortly afterwards, when everyone was under the huge tents set up for the reception, the rain came down again!  Dad was thrilled!!  Guess the magick apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 


Peace and Happiness

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's cast some spells, shall we?

 Good Evening,

Ah, I feel like a good bout of spell casting. Do you cast spells? You should. The more you practice the better at manifesting you'll get.  Recently I created a few new spells for a presentation I was giving a new class of students and I thought I'd share them with you tonight.

Spells can come in all forms, shapes, flavors and sizes.  I'll give you some traditional methods and some not so traditional methods, as one way doesn't work for every witch. 

A fun traditional style candle spell for money, and in my experience I've found candle spells the best at manifesting money, is this one I call " Honey Money Spell".  Gather the following ingredients, just like a recipe, for in truth, that is all a spell is, a recipe for manifestation. 

A green spell candle, also known as a chime candle
money oil, or essential oil of either basil or patchouli 
a green plate
a silver, green, gold  or clear candle holder (chime candles require a special sized holder, inquire where you purchase your candles)
gold glitter
chamomile (as in the tea, an unused tea bag of chamomile will work well)
malachite stones 3, 7 or 9
coins from your wallet or change purse
your boline or herb knife. If you do not have one, you can use a toothpick.
a green or gold pouch

Gather all ingredients and settle at your altar or work table.  If you can cast a full circle, the better. Do that now.  If not, take your dominant hand, index finger and starting in the North  hold your hand out and point your finger imagining blue white flames shooting out from your finger to the perimeter of the room, slowly turn toward the East (you're moving in a clockwise or deosil direction) then to the South, the West and back to the North. Standing and turning in a circle is acceptable, now do this two more times.

After you've 'cast your circle' and using your finger is acceptable when first starting out, then you can assemble your spell.  Take the green candle and hold it in both hands. Close your eyes and see your visualization, how you will look when the money is in your life. Now keeping that visual in your mind's eye, take the boline or toothpick and carve a money sign into the candle.  You don't need to carve too deeply, but be sure you can see the design, and then take the money oil and rub a few drops into the candle. make sure it is absorbed into the candle well.  If the oil erases your carving, it wasn't quite deep enough, you can recarve it a bit now, if needed.

Now crush the chamomile between your fingers until it is finely ground.  Rub the candle with a fine layer of honey, to sweeten your spell and then roll the candle in the crushed chamomile. Now put candle in holder, place holder on plate and scatter the rest of the chamomile on the plate.  Sprinkle gold glitter on the chamomile, are you still visualizing your end result? and finally dress the plate with some coins, the larger the coin, the better.  I often save up half dollars just for money spells.  Quarters, dimes and nickles work well also. Lastly rub some money oil into the stones, the malachite stones, and then place them around the candle, touching the candle and each other if possible. 
Now you can leave your circle. Go around the circle with your finger, only one time this time but in the opposite direction. Starting in the North and moving counterclockwise or widdershins as we witches call it, and go to the West first, then the South, the East and finishing up again in the North.

Now take your candle spell and relax someplace and when you're ready you can burn it. A Thursday is an excellent day to do this spell and be sure to allow candle to burn all the way down. When finished carry the herbs, coins, malachite stones with you in a green or gold pouch.

This next spell is a water element spell designed to bring in love and happiness to your life.  I cal this my "Fresh Roses Love Water Spell".

Gather these ingredients:
Fresh rose petals, a handful or two. A dozen roses will suffice and what a nice reason to buy some for yourself!
Spring water

Yep, that's it.  Don't be skeptical, some of the simplest spells are the most effective!

Now, before you take a shower or bath prepare your ingredients. Wash your hands thoroughly first. If you have nails, be sure to use a nail brush to clean them completely. Again, cast circle traditionally or as described above.

Fill a crystal or clear glass bowl with fresh water. Spring water is acceptable. Grab the fresh rose petals, be sure to have taken them off of their stems and push them beneath the water in the bowl. While submersed, slowly and gently squeeze the petals while clearly visualizing the love in your life you desire. Opening and closing your fists, squeezing and releasing the petals, allowing the essentials of the rose petals to disperse into the water.  Depending on the color of the rose petals, the water may even take on a tinge of color. Incidentally, for love red or pink roses are preferred over other colors.  The color of the rose also adds to the spell,  so maybe leave those pretty yellow roses alone for this one. Unless you want a good platonic  friendship rather than romantic, passionate love.  After several minutes doing this and visualizing, now don't forget to visualize!! New witchlings always want to rush past that part!  Take the soggy mass of now spent rose petals out of the water and take your shower or bath.

Use the bowl of rose water to rinse over your body before you finish.  Do not rinse off the rose water, use that water as the final rinse.  Then, and this is most important, now you must actually leave your house and allow yourself to feel attractive and sexy.  Smile and go out and meet people.  This spell is effective on a Friday, a wonderful day for love. 

Need a tad more tranquility in your life?  Try my "Warm Up and Chill Out Tranquility Spell"

This is a spell utilizing the elements. Gather and prepare the following ingredients:

A soft, comfortable blanket that has been infused with lavender.  (Some ways to infuse the blanket with lavender are:  place blanket in wash and during the rinse cycle put in a few drops of lavender oil. For a small load, only the blanket appx 20 - 30 drops of lavender oil will do.   You could also put the blanket directly in the dryer along with a tightly tied pouch of lavender leaves and blossoms and run through a fluff cycle for 10 minutes or so.  You could also take a spray bottle with some lavender oil, and spring water, shake vigorously and spray on blanket lightly as one would with a fabric freshener spray) 

a blue spell candle anointed with  lavender oil
lavender oil
some tumbled stones for tranquility such as sodalite, rhodocrosite, amethyst, diamond, malachite or calcite are some good choices. A few of one stone or a combination it is up to you.
a lavender incense stick or cone

When you have the blanket ready, get a comfortable chair and move it into the sun or bring it outside if you have a warm, private location.  Use your finger to cast your circle, or cast a full circle as you choose. Then after the circle has been cast, light the candle and incense stick, wrap the blanket around you and be seated. Slowly and carefully rub lavender oil into the stones you've chosen, taking a few deep breaths of the oil as you do this. Then sit back, hold the stones, wrapped in your blanket and close your eyes and allow the sun to infuse your body and soul with peace and tranquility.  Mmmm, makes me all relaxed and sleepy just reciting the recipe to you! Time for a nap.

On that note, I'll leave you now to ponder your spells.  Be sure to record them down and feel free to comment on this discussion below if you have any questions that can be answered for all to benefit.

Peace and Happiness

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some early spring gardening tips from a New England Witch

Happy Sunday,

What a nice Sunday afternoon I've had.   Relaxing and taking time to enjoy the day, the sunshine and the birds singing outside my window.  Recently I've been asked many questions regarding our natural world and springtime in New England. A few questions specifically regarding the early spring plants starting to burst forth and how they will fare with a snowfall or two.

Right now, daffodils are about 3-4 inches high, and even with a good amount of snow on top of them, they will be fine.  They are actually cool weather crops, like peas and lettuce and unless they are in full bloom, they will be fine, and most will handsomely survive a snowfall or two.  These plants are planted in the fall and stay in the ground year round, so they know the weather better than we do, I am always reassured of this,  this time of year.

Over the years I have planted literaly thousands of flower bulbs in the ground in the fall.  One year I planted crocuses in a huge pentagram design in my front lawn!  Unfortunately I didn't plant them in large enough numbers, so even though they still bravely come up and are out there even as I write this, only I am able to see and appreciate the symbol in which they were planted. Trying to reinforce the design in the fall, when crocuses should be planted is difficult at best as there is no sign of the crocus after its done blooming, as the crocus's leaves brown and die away by the beginning of summer.  I could attempt to plant them now, but alas its difficult to impossible to purchase crocus bulbs now!  Toadstools and salamanders, the dilemmas a witch can find herself in!

Mother Nature is amazing in her wisdom and many times, humans tend to fight her, rather than coming at a situation with understanding and patience.

For instance did you know that if you plant a flower bulb, like tulips or daffodils upside down or at the wrong level that over time, it will right itself and readjust to the proper level? Brilliant! It's all about survival. The small flower bulb wants to survive as much as we do, or any animal like deer for instance.  Many people complain about wild life eating their flowers and crops.  They truly don't do this to tick you off, but as a matter of survival. Yes, well, this can be bothersome but there are ways to naturally and gently co-habitat with nature  and her wild life.

For deer, these beautiful, gentle majestic beasts that have only gentleness, fear and hunger within them, so they will and can jump as high as 10 feet to clear a fence, if food is on the other side.  So, if this applies to you, have your fence and place deer trough feeders on the deer side of the fence and keep them filled.  Yes, that will be a financial commitment, but at this point in our history on earth, I think we owe a debt to our fellow animals who try to reside with us, while we continue to crowd them out then cop an attitude because they're hungry and need food to survive, and dare to destroy our flower beds in an effort to do this.  Oh my, if I could be so fortunate as to be able to see deer every morning at a feeder, I would buy feed by the truck load and just consider them bigger pets.  Many people love horses and spend money to care for and house them, so I guess it just comes down to a sense of perspective.

I grew up in the country, on a diary farm surrounded by thousands of acres, which consisted of fields, ponds, streams, forests and orchards.  Many times we would see deer and other wild life on the lawns of the property.  Now, I live in a cute little suburban neighborhood, which I absolutely adore!! I am  fortunate to have a small strip of woods behind my witches cottage and though it boasts of rabbits, possum, woodchucks and the occasional sassy skunk,  it is not large enough to sustain deer, and it has never attracted deer to this area. 

I am all for pretty flower beds, I have many myself,  but not at the expense of an animal suffering hunger pains.  I know people who will spend literally thousands of dollars on the care and upkeep of a domesticated cat or dog, but then complain about the deer that grace their property.  Many want beautiful birds to enjoy at their feeders but resent the furry, inquisitive squirrel who co-resides in the same trees as the birds, and eats at the same feeders.  I was entertained and delighted this entire winter watching the big, black eyed squirrels become brave enough to come to the feeders which were just a few feet from my kitchen window and they watched me with as much curiosity as I watched them.  Just thinking of them, high in the treetops in their nests during the freezing cold, the bitter snows, ice and rain made me more generous with the bread and seed I put out. 

We don't and should not have the luxury of picking and choosing the nature we wish to surround ourselves with, not if we wish to live a green existence. Spraying chemicals, placing poisons, or traps or otherwise trying to control nature is an exercise in futility.  I will concede that at times its necessary for the security of a building or the safety of an animal around electrical wiring and other human created hazards for an animal to be safely trapped and relocated to a more urban environment. This is much better than trying to kill something that just wants to live, and didn't receive the eviction notice as us humans moved in and took over.

Its not always easy living with nature, but its far more important that we try than to control, dominate and destroy nature. 

 Did you know that poison ivy will only grow on land that has been at one time, manipulated by mankind. It won't grow in virgin, untouched places.  It is a warrior plant and grows in defense and  protecton of places already laid waste by human negligence and lack of care.  The more love and care we give to an area, the less likely poison ivy will even take root.  When touched with this wicked plant and suffering the pains of its sting, we are reminded that nature has tried to come up with ways to prevent us from doing even  more damage.  Makes me wonder if we are evolving, or is the earth evolving to survive with us inhabiting her?

      The woodlot behind my home.  Its small but sustains all sorts of wildlife.

If you live in such a place that you don't enjoy a yard, woodlot, or wild area you can start one by container gardening and flower boxes.  This time of year you can plat peas and lettuce.  Start these boxes indoors if you wish and move them outside for a few hours every day and back in again at night. By the beginning to middle of May they can then stay outside all the time.  You can sow the seeds directly in pots and containers outdoors and keep them out, just be aware of potential freezes where they will need to be covered up.  One needs to be aware of the weather on a daily and at times a few times a day basis when working closely with nature.

Now is a great time to walk outside to see what surprises nature has in store for you.  What's turning green, bursting through the earth and while you're noticing, notice that winter has almost slipped away and rejoice in the spring, that we can now feel and appreciate. 

Peace and Happiness 

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oooh! The Contemporary New England Witch's 100th post!!

 Good Evening,

Yes, this is the 100th post of The Life and Times of a Contemporary New England Witch and I have you to thank!  This has been so much fun and I've received so many really wonderful comments and feedback that I hope to continue this discussion as long as you want to read it.

Tonight' s discussion is brief but timely.  Notice, those in this New England area, the light snow fall we had last night?  This snowfall is special.   You see, after the spring equinox, which was last week, and some warming weather, which we've had the last couple of weeks, a light snow fall like the one last night is referred to by New England farmers and witches as 'poor man's fertilizer'.

This snow will contribute to the greening that will take place quite soon, now that's it's happened.  We're also scant days away from the first of April, so there should be little to no additional snow.  Having said that I remember back about maybe ten years ago or so, when we had a snow fall of 12 inches, a solid foot! on April 1st. Talk about April fool's day,   (Oh, and we will, have no fear!)  But even so, any snow that falls now will melt quickly as the ground is warming up and the warmer weather is near.  Yeah!  As much as I love my New England seasons, I have had enough of winter this year.  I want to clean off my gardens and start planting and watching the perennials burst through the ground.

Have you taken a walk outside yet?  Oh, so many things are happening.  The crocus are smiling their happy little faces skyward, the daffodils are bursting through and the forsythia is blushing yellow.  The birds are chipper with excitement and oh so very much to do!  You see, even though the birds had a nice, warm, properly constructed nest throughout the winter, many birds are intent on building entirely new nests or repairing the ones they already have now that spring is upon us.

                  Bird's Nest with dryer lint as lining

One thing I like to do this time of year is gather old ribbon (cloth, not plastic), satin cording, yarn and thread and cut it into small sections appx 4 - 6 inches long.  Then I go outside and lay the strands over evergreen bushes and on tree branches.  You'll see if you're observant, birds of every hue coming to gather the strands and fly away with them.  Many people will never see the final result, but I have over the years come across the occasional discarded old 'last year's' nest and upon close examination, have seen the yarn and ribbon I've put out, neatly woven into the design of the nest.

I also put out dryer lint, in small handfuls, also placed on bushes or shrubs, for the birds to line their nests softly to protect the eggs they will soon lay.  Place the materials outside for the birds to 'discover' and take away on their own. If you find a nest, especially with eggs or baby birds inside, please do not touch it.  Placing anything in the nest yourself, or handling the nest will cause some mother birds to abandon their nest and thus the eggs or baby birds will perish.  We can assist Mother Nature by putting out string and lint, but there's a limit to what we can do.  A proper Mother bird wants to build and decorate her nest herself, allow her to do so. 

This is also true if you have bird houses or boxes on your property.  You may clean them out, very soon (like right now) and then a bird may find the house and move in.   Worry not if this doesn't happen right away, it may take a season or two, but someone will move in.  I have a terracotta bird feeder that some house wrens moved into and build a nice home.  The feeder is now a bird house.  I do not clean out this house, as wrens will clean out and rebuild all on their own.  But I do enjoy watching these little engineers.

Continue to put out bird seed and suet cakes as this gives our feathered friends much needed energy for this busy time of year, and if you're very lucky and very aware you might find a discarded feather or two, a gift from the element of air, and your feathered friends to put on your altar. 

Peace and Happiness

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Santeria, Voudon & Hoodoo. Should you be scared?

 Evening greetings,

A few updates before we get into tonight's discussion.  Firstly, I want to thank a close friend for making it possible for me to acquire a new laptop computer, which will make it easier to continue my discussions with you and to finish up a couple of manuscripts that I hope to have in a publisher's hands by summer. 

Secondly, I say this with fingers crossed, but we are looking at possibly keeping Enchantments open!!  If everything works as I hope in the next couple of months I will be in a better position and will not be forced to close Enchantments doors forever.  Thanks to you, my witchy reader, for the positive thoughts and good energies you've been sending. They really do make a difference.

Now onto tonight's discussion.  You may have heard of Voodoo? It's properly pronounced Voudon.  Over the past century, primarily because of some movies made of the Zombie genre, Voudon and associated beliefs such as Santeria and hoodoo have gotten a pretty bad reputation. Before you assume they are evil incarnate, or not as 'white' as Wicca, let's discuss exactly what they are. Remember, witches and witchcraft have been painted with a pretty black brush over the centuries also.  And you know we're nice and not evil, so let's take a clear, unbiased look at these magickal belief systems.

When I started to research these belief systems several years ago, I started off motivated by a basic thought "Why would anyone believe in a religion that is evil, harmful and hurts others."  I simply didn't believe it. Keeping in mind that as humans we've created religion for us, ourselves, our family, our communities. These are familial, important and necessary aspects of our individual lives, so again "Why would anyone create or practice a religion that was so dark and full of danger?"  My research confirmed what I suspected, that these magickal belief systems have been maligned and the subject of rumors and lies, much as witchcraft and other beliefs have been, that don't fall neatly into a Judeo-Christian dogmatic system. 

Voudon - Vodun or Vudun ( — that is, with a nasal u on a high tone) (so spelled in the Fon language of Benin and the Ewe language of Togo and Ghana; also spelled Vodon, Vodoun, Voudou, Voodoo etc.) is a traditional Polytheistic organised religion of coastal West Africa, from Nigeria to Ghana. ...  

 This is a religion, that is pagan at its roots. It is a religion that recognizes many different gods and goddesses and comes from the West Coast of Africa. It was brought to this country, or vestiges thereof, by those people enslaved by Colonial human traffickers and forced to live here in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  This colorful tribal culture brought the songs, the sounds, the words and the beliefs with them. Similarly all immigrants to this country have brought the familiar with them from the 'old country'.  People, especially in a new land, want to surround themselves with the familiar. 

Voudon's (Voodoo is an inappropriate term for this, and is used by those who are not familiar with its workings)  basic principles originated in different parts of Africa long before the onset of the slave trade.  The religion of Voudon as it is practiced today was created in Haiti during the time of the French colonization of Hispaniola.
 The word "vodoun" derives from vodu, meaning "spirit" or "deity".  This religion has wedding ceremonies, blessings for infants, rites of passage for young people and services for the deceased.  The practitioners call upon various Gods and Goddesses or spirits to aid them in their work, to make the sick heal, the weak stronger, to eliminate the evil, dark energies found around large concentrations of people.  As much as I teach against there being a singular dark force called devil or by another name, I do not claim that there is no evil in the world. Yes, sadly, our nightly news showcases this fact every evening. I just place the cause or blame rightly where it belongs, on the shoulders of humans.  There are times, I truly believe,  if there was a devil, he'd take one look at what humans do to one another and run his tail away as fast as possible, scared out of his wits!

During the preceding years of the civil war in the United States of America with tensions building between the inhumanly enslaved African Americans and the slave owners, a fear based on cultural ignorance and superstition grew to a peak that culminated in slaves revolting,  massacres and ended with the Civil War. The fears and superstitions at this time in history grew and intensified into the cultural fear that still lingers today.  Of course this type of cultural superstition, that a belief such as Voudon, is evil or akin to devil worship does not last on its own without each successive generation adding a bit of fuel to the fire. 

In the 1930's early Hollywood movies struck upon a provocative premise that many people enjoyed, zombie movies. The first zombie movie was released in 1932.  White Zombie starring the incomparable Bela Lugosi of Dracula fame, came out and a new genre of films was born. With these films came a strong emphasis on what was termed Voodoo, and the connection between horrors such as stealing a person's soul, turning them into mindless zombies and paralyzing people with magickal powders and the religion of Voudon was cemented. 

In my research Voudon is a religion that embraces nature and the elements of the natural world. They tend toward work both offensive and defensive and may practitioners believe that it is o.k. to cast magick to harm those who would seek to harm them.   Well, even in the version of the Wiccan Rede we use in ritual at Enchantments states 'Lest in thy self defense it be, ever mind the rule of three.'  It really comes down to the practitioner and their magickal goals. 

Santeria is an African based religion similar to Voudon, originating in Cuba and Brazil, which incorporates  deities and spirits found in Voudon and mixes it with worship of Roman Catholic Saints, in a mixture of religions that serves many especially those who hail from Hispanic or Latin cultures.

Hoodoo is a word of American origin from the 19th century.  The etymology dictionary speaks of the origin of the word as being first recorded in '1875, as "one who practices voodoo," Amer.Eng., probably an alteration of voodoo. Meaning "something that causes or brings bad luck" is attested from 1882.'

 Needless to say there is strong cultural bias surrounding this word when it was first introduced into the vernacular.  Setting aside the assumptions and rumors, Hoodoo consists of African folkloric practices, with a considerable addition of American Indian botanical knowledge and European magickal folklore.  Though primarily the largest group of practitioners of  Hoodoo are black, it has always been practiced by whites and blacks since its inception in America.

Hoodoo is known by other regional names such as "tricking", "rootwork", and "conjuration".  The term rootwork comes from the herbal practice where they use roots of many herbs and plants as a base for many of their magickal workings, from spells to charms.

It really matters not what culture or ancestry you hail from, magick and spell work works for all.

Many years ago I would have turned my nose up to magick not of the 'Wiccan' variety, but thankfully the Goddess has allowed me to continue learning and eventually I got over myself!  The witch I am today will use brick dust to keep harm as well as those who mean me harm, away from my doorstep.  I take this from the practice of hoodoo, and from this practice I have also carried devils shoestring to bring in protection, luck and financial prosperity. 

I have done candle magick utilizing both the Arch Angel Michael and the Celtic Goddess Morrigan to bring protection and safety while traveling, especially flying. 

From the practice of Santeria I have learned of Botanicas that are found in many large cities, which are Latin based magickal supply stores.  These shoppes can be exciting, very educational and all I've seen are bi-lingual with Spanish being the primary language.  For someone like me, surrounded by the magickal daily, not to mention my own witch store, I find Botanicas exotic and lots of fun! 

                                    A Mexican Botanica

But even if you can't find a Botanica near you, and there aren't many around, at Enchantments we carry many of the ingredients and supplies normally found in a Botanica for that practice of magick. 

Of course the answer to the question we started with, 'Should you be scared?' Of course not.  No one practices a belief that they don't feel benefits them, their family and lives.  Why would they?   I strongly recommend that when faced with something that causes you fear, learn about it, understand it and then decide if it warrants such a response. 

Peace and Happiness

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Celts and their inventions we rely on today

 Good Evening,

If there ever was a month to celebrate the Celtic culture, it's March with St. Patrick's Day and all things Irish.  In my research I found it fascinating that the Celtic culture that spans back several thousands of years is responsible for many inventions and innovations that we rely on and many times take for granted today.

The Celts originated in the far Eastern portions of Europe and are believed to have emerged from the Alps and slowly migrated south and westwards over a thousand years until they were finally settled in Western Europe in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.  

They migrated across Europe, a pastoral, farming culture that worshiped a Mother Goddess and a Father God, a culture that revered women as well as men. As they migrated they developed many inventions.  Many of these inventions made additional, later innovations possible and are still in use today. 

Some of the inventions credited to the Celts are:

The invention of soap, which was also, in some fashion,  invented in Arabia and China around the same time. But the Celts are credited with cleaning up Europe during the thousand year span before the year 1. They are also credited with inventing Irish linen and Scottish plaids.  The Celts were known for their incredibly intricate patterns on cloth and jewelry. 

They also invented entertainment in the form of Irish jigs and Scottish reels and the musical accompaniment with the creation of the fiddle, the bagpipe and the Celtic harp.  Around the home and farm their innovations came in the forms of  glass bottles, the handsaw, the rotary reaper, the rotary mill, iron scissors and saws. They are credited with inventing the wooden milk churn which gives us yummy butter, the quill pen, the hour glass, the screw weight, and both the weight driven clock and spring driven clock. A tasty invention was the creation of peanut brittle. The Celtic farmer pioneered the usage of fertilizer, crop rotation and thatched roofing which goes back to the the Bronze Age in Great Britain.  
                                  Neck Torc of a Celtic Chieftain

The Celtic people were creative and artistic and responsible for developing the first recognized and genuine art style in central Europe. They are given invention credit for metal art work in the form of brooches, wrist cuffs, metal neck and upper arm torcs and cloak pins as well as advancing the potters trade by creating the potters wheel and kick wheel for making clay figures.  The invented what is today still referred to as Celtic knot-work, an intricate design style that seems to have no beginning nor end, and many times includes zoomorphic animal shapes within the design.


 The Celts developed the ability to use charcoal to heat metals at higher temperatures and thus innovated travel and warfare by improving upon the wheel shaft by adding iron and spokes.  They are considered the first people to domesticate and ride horses. They furthered their domestication of horses with the use of metal by creating the metal bit used on the horses bridle, giving the  rider greater control of the horse, as well as creating the harness used for draft horses.  The Celts were also the first to put shoes on their horses.

Additional innovations to warfare include the development of the longbow, the steel cross bow and chain mail armor.  The blast furnace was created originally in Catalonia in Spain and was re-invented in England in 1350 and most certainly was used by the Celts in their advancement in metallurgy. 

The Celts were master horsemen and they invented the trouser for the solders in their cavalry, which provided protection to the legs  from long hours of riding horses.

Other cultural developments attributed to the Celtic people  is the creation of a money system using gold coins, they developed trading centers and the Celtic Knight brought forth the Age of Chivalry and etiquette, and thus kept the woman in high esteem. Perhaps a way to keep the feminine divine alive in their culture. 


 A culture that without, we would indeed be living a much less comfortable and oh so dull existence. 

Peace and Happiness 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - The truth about St. Patrick

 Good Evening,

We are coming up to a fun feast holiday, St. Patrick's Day.  Although many pagans and Wiccans tend to either choose not to celebrate this day or , like me, celebrate the wonderful culture of the Irish, of which I am very fond.  I will keep the green in the border of this discussion for the next week or so just to bring in the luck of the Irish as color magick is a magickal system in and of itself. 

 The reason is because St. Patrick is credited with being responsible for the elimination of the Druid's and the ancient Goddess religion of the Celts, who still followed the old ways in ancient Ireland.  It's not terribly long or complex so let me tell you the story now.

St. Patrick as a youth of 16 was abducted by Irish Raiders from Britain where he was born and raised in the Roman fashion. Rome had left Britain by this time,after 400 years of occupation and introduction of the Roman Catholic beliefs and it seems probable that the Roman Christian ways were followed by Patrick's family as his parents were known by the Roman names of Calphurnius and Conchessa.

Patrick was enslaved and brought to Ireland where he worked as a Shepard for six years before leaving his master and traveling back to Britain.  He left Ireland but with a burning sense of revenge for the pagans that enslaved him and he came back years later with the power and authority of the church and systematically continued what the popes had put in motion. The unification of the Catholic church throughout Europe at the expense and elimination of the Goddess worshiping pagans and the Druid's who were their religious leaders.

 The mythos that St. Patrick drove the snakes or serpents from Ireland is false yet true. It is a false story because snakes or serpents are not native to Ireland.  According to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park Ireland has never had any snakes simply because they originated in warmer Southern climes and no snake has ever successfully migrated across open ocean to a new terrestrial home.  The same holds true for snake free New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica. So it was not a miracle of St. Patrick to have driven the snakes from Ireland.

But, metaphorically, the story is true.  In ancient times the serpent was a metaphor for ancient feminine knowledge and wisdom, or Goddess wisdom and worship. This is the basis for the Serpent in the Garden of Eden  found in the Book of Genesis parable. The Serpent represented the Goddess religion which later became demonized and vilified in the new Christian religion and thus became a symbol of the devil or Satan. The Garden of Eden parable was truly a story about Christianity overcoming the ancient beliefs of paganism. 

So it is true the snake is a representative image of the ancient Goddess worship of the Druid's and the Celtic people still practiced in the mid to late fifth century when Patrick was to have returned back to Ireland.  He was a missionary and he returned at a time when the people were in need of a religious system, after many brutal and bloody massacres of Celtic Druids.  Men, women and children were slaughtered by the Romans in the proceeding centuries.  After four hundred years of massacres and a systematic cleansing of the Pagan government, as the Romans considered the Druid's not as spiritual leaders but as terrorists, they had all but eliminated the Druid's as an organized force leaving the Celtic people with no religious leaders to rely on.
                                             Massacre of the Druids

People in these ancient days were religious and superstitious to a person. It was significant that the people have a religion to believe in and St. Patrick came at a time when there was a void to be filled.  Although a nature worshiping culture, the Celts nonetheless had an organized system of religion and without their Priests and Priestesses they were without religious instruction and direction.

Patrick did the work of a missionary and converted and taught the people of the new Christian religion, taught them the stories from the far east, regarding Jesus of Nazareth and the disciples and he introduced the bible to their culture.  With the wide spread conversion of the Celts Patrick was able to report back to the Catholic Church in Rome, for whom he was working for, that he was able to turn Ireland into a Christian Isle, thereby, ridding the entire country of the serpents, the teachers of wisdom that taught the old ways and worship of the feminine.  He was credited with eliminating the snakes from Ireland.  The few Druids that remained became wandering magicians and the image of Merlin from the Arthurian legends, mysterious, magickal and wandering alone throughout the countryside is what remained of a once noble and proud leadership of the Celtic people.

The reason I do not celebrate St. Patrick is simply because I am not Christian.  But having said that, I do celebrate the Irish. Even with a decidedly sounding Irish name, I am not Irish by heritage but my husband is and I have enjoyed the culture for many decades.  I cook a wicked Corned Beef with cabbage and this year I'm making gluten free Irish Soda bread for a family member and look forward to trying it myself!

I don't think one has to be Irish, a Christian or anything specific  to celebrate a feast day.  Actually the pagans may disagree about many things but across the board pagans love to feast and make merry.  We use all our opportunities to celebrate life and love, and the Goddess and God gave us food and drink to do just this, in my personal philosophy.  So use the opportunity of St. Patrick's Day, which  is still the official name of the holiday, to celebrate,  feast and make merry with the people closest to you.  Enjoy!

Peace and Happiness

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Goddess in Christianity - The Church

 Good Evening Dear Reader,

Along with spring comes so many new opportunities, adventures and excitements. I hope you've had a chance to walk around a bit outside and see a robin or maybe the first shoots coming out of the ground. My Iris have shot up and are about 3 inches.  People often worry that early growth will be ruined by a late snow, but worry not.  I have consummate faith in Mother Nature and more often than not things turn out just fine.

Tonight let's talk about some ancient concepts.  With Easter right around the corner we'll touch on some topics that abound this time of year.  The teaching I often do, in an introductory course on Pagans, Witches and Wicca  that I teach at our local community college and at Enchantments School, covers much of the history of paganism and inevitably the introduction of Christianity onto the scene and the changes that the clashing of the two concepts caused in our history  

My research has led me to the understanding that the church was first introduced into early Christianity because of the obvious lack of a sacred feminine to be found. The people demanded a Goddess figure in the new religion, especially as they found they had little choice and were required to convert, or else.  This is not just my interpretation, as 'the Bride of Christ or 'bride, the Lamb's wife' is a metaphor used in Ephesians 5:22-33 in the New Testament that directly compares the marriage of husband and wife to the union of Christ and the church

We can also read in Revelation 21:9-10
 "One of the seven angels...came and said to me, "Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb." And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God"  
 It is believed that the central theme of the  Ephesians letter is reunion of the alienated within the walls of the church. Coming together, a union, between the 'Christ' the male and "The Church' the female. Later writings indicate the 'church' is the congregation as it is generally accepted by Christians today.  

Studies of early church architecture shows a distinct characteristic that became dominant on all churches in the first and second centuries. The arch.  The doors, windows even roof lines all had a distinct arch, in many areas completely separate from the common architecture found in a region.  It is believed that the arch was reminiscent of the female genitalia or vulva, the opening of the womb and as such were incorporated into the original designs for church construction. The arch already existed and was adopted as a design that invoked the feminine, subtly yet nevertheless, it was there. 

  In the  year 431 A.D. the church fathers, responding to rioting in the streets by the common people demanding the goddess be put back in their religion, held a meeting in Ephesus, which is located in modern day Turkey.  The Ephesus meeting was very significant because they officially declared that Mary is "Theotokos", literally, in Greek, the one who gave birth to God.  She became the Mother of God which pacified the common people, but they refused to allow anyone to call Mary a Mother Goddess.

The early Christians had a religious fanaticism about them that demanded conversion from everyone, yet people then are as people today, stubborn to give up what they are familiar with and what they believe. Even though fear and eventually torture and death were the results of opposing the new religion, many times the mass refusal of so many did hold sway with the early church. This is apparent with the absorption of the pagan wheel of the year observations that the early Catholic church adopted and Christianized to basically appease the masses.

This topic reminds me of a story from my teenage years. I've seldom shared this story with anyone, but I will share it with you.  As a rebellious teen, and what witch wasn't .  .  .   I mean really?, I at times skipped school and went into the small country town of Colchester where I lived on a large farm which was situated a few miles away on the outskirts.  Sometimes I would go to the diner for a lunch, not of the school cafeteria type! Other times I would go and hang out in the local Catholic church. Um, yes, I did!

I wasn't Catholic mind you, at least I hadn't been since my parents took the entire family out of the church when I was very little. I was young, maybe five? And the services were still held in Latin, sooooooo I really didn't get the whole gist of the goings on.  So truthfully,  as we left the church before I had any,  even a rudimentary understanding, I've never considered myself Catholic.  So you may well ask, why hang out at the church?  Let me explain.

For starters this particular Roman Catholic church has amazing stained glass windows and a very keen architectural style.  I found when sitting in the pews during the day with the sun shining in through those amazing windows a deep sense of peace and happiness.  There was a picture of the Virgin Mary and a statue of her in a small niche.  Now of course there was also a huge crucifix with a larger than life-sized dying Jesus in graphic detail hanging above the altar, which oddly always upset me? I felt it was a torturous image so I tended to look away and rarely looked directly at it. I preferred the female energy.  I remember that at one time they started to lock the front doors during the day, to protect against disreputable people coming in and vandalizing the place.  The nuns, who I was friendly with, showed me a secret entrance so that I could come in when I wanted to. The feminine energy that surrounded me in that place I can still feel.  The Goddess was there with me. 

It makes perfect sense to me that the church is feminine,  for there is the feminine and male in every aspect, species and spark of life.  Anything, in my opinion, that is all one and exclusive of the other, is unbalanced and lacking. 

Whether you call her the Mother Mary, Mother Goddess, Inanna, Diana, Circe, Hecate, Isis, Aphrodite or by any other name, the energy is of the sacred feminine and has always and always will exist.  I find it a beautiful thing to be aware of this and to absorb and embrace her. 

You might be familiar with the this version of Doreen Valiente's 'Charge of the Goddess' adapted by Starhawk  which begins like this:

" Listen to the words of the Great Mother,  who of old was called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arionrhod, Brigid, and by many other names:

Whenever you have need of anything, once a month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me Who is Queen of all the Wise" 

I personally feel that all Goddesses are of the same sacred feminine source as I also believe all women have the spark of the Goddess within.  May you feel your spark within, and rejoice in the sacred feminine that is is within you.  I believe even men have this spark. Although some men have a harder time feeling and identifying with this energy, but no worries. If that's the case just find a woman and worship her, adore her and give her all of your love.  That will help balance your energies and make the world a happier place!!! 

Peace and Happiness!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The element within - Water

 Good Evening,

Tonight we discuss the fourth element that we have within and how we can make it work for us and not against us.  This element is water.  The water element is the emotional element. Even though we have discussed lots of emotions like love, passion and desire and associated those with the element of fire, water is where all the deep emotions lie.  Many times emotional stresses are pushed down and become hidden as if sinking under the water in a pond.

We recently had a discussion regarding the water element and the moon and its affects on us. See my witches blog dated January 24, 2011 entitled 'Moon Madness-water molecules & PMS! Oh no she didn't go there! but tonight we'll work more with the element within, which we can change and emphasize if we wish.

People with lots of water energy within, and you don't have to be a water sign astrologically to have a lot of water within, may tend towards emotionally sensitive or maybe very quiet and seemingly introverted. Remember we have all the elements within, just at times some are more or less balanced than at other times.

If you have been emotionally sensitive lately when you typically don't act that way, it maybe because of a change in your life that has brought your water element up to the surface and you've become more aware of it.
As a biological being we are made up of lots of things and water is a large part of the mix. So it's expected that at times we need to give into the water element within.

But, unlike physical or emotional stress and fatigue which can feel like a fight to get to a balanced, healthy place, working with your water element does not feel as much like you're fighting it rather that you're giving into it.  And this is good and important. If feeling emotional, give into it. Be emotional. For goodness sake who was the bone-head that first said we should 'suck it up' 'tough it out', big girls or boys don't cry,  blah, blah, blah!!?? Anyways?  Someone destined for high blood pressure and a potential for snapping in the future and taking out an entire neighborhood or small village, would be my guess! 

 An emotional 'release', typically what we call a meltdown, yet why do we put such a negative spin on the word.  What melts? Something that is frozen. Or perhaps someone who has been frozen, and then .  .  .  suddenly they are in touch with their feelings and it all comes out.  This shouldn't be a bad thing, it should be something that happens more often so that its not such a huge deal. 

Now, of course, it's important to appropriate the time and place for such a release, and in the middle of a big, important meeting is probably not the best place.  All over a social media like facebook also, in my opinion, not appropriate either. Personally, I feel, an emotional letting go should be done in private with one or two close friends and loved ones to support and help you up again, not for the entire world to witness and salivate over. But that's just this witches opinion.

My point being, don't run from it, don't keep pushing it aside. We're good at pushing stuff aside all day  long, but make the time to sit and feel your feelings, whether they're sadness, anger, or whatever other emotion you're working with, and give them a moment in time. For I have found with all the magicks in the world, sometimes the only way through something is right smack through the middle of it. No going around the edges, skirting the matter, especially with emotional things we push aside. They will only creep up again at a later time, and trust me, it could be while waiting in line at the cashier or even driving down the road and bam! You're all weepy and now a danger to yourself and others!!

I've often advised, when asked what to do when one is bummed out and feeling down, or a person is 'having a bad day', to really go for it!  Everyone wants to find the cure or fix the problem. I advise if you're going to have a bad or 'dark' day, have a grand one!!  Seriously if you're just in a funk and honestly no good to anyone, not even yourself, call out of work sick or just stay home that day instead of running all the errands you normally do and have a dark day. I mean a really good one! 

Maybe stay in your pajamas all day, watch movies only you like, maybe horror movies or scary movies to match your mood! Burn a blue candle and a black one, both at the same time, to give into your emotional self and to banish the negative, yucky stuff that's built up inside. Talk to your best friend, because your best friend will listen no matter how maudlin you sound.  Eat the things you never allow yourself, act like a child and color in a coloring book, or whatever you want to do. Not what you have to.  Just for a day. Have you ever tried to hiss like a cat? Sometimes I find it speaks volumes where our language is just lacking.  Besides, hiss and growl just a little at the people closest and most accepting of you and they'll leave you alone and wish you well. It's better than saying something you don't mean and will regret later. They may even throw you some canned tuna rather than the same ol' dry or canned stuff.  Ha! 

The point being, have a really great dark day, and then get back to life.  More than one day can be trouble, slipping into this funk for days on end leads to serious issues but I feel that ignoring, pushing it away and otherwise not giving it its due can also lead into a long term serious case of the blahs. 

Don't fight it, give into it, because it's you. Then you can get on with life and be a little more balanced in your water element.  

Peace and Happiness!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Elements Within - Fire- using color magick

 Good Evening,

Tonight we discuss the element within of Fire. Fire is the energy of the body. The love, the lust, the passion the strength and courage of a person.  It's pretty intense stuff, but luckily we all have it. Even the meekest amongst us.

To honor and work with the fire element within, first be aware of your personal energy. Do you have enough of it? Is it balanced?  Are you always tired, stressed and on edge? Do you snap at people or cry at the drop of a hat? Are you typically angry or easily aggravated? Perhaps your fire element is askew? 

Burning a red candle can bring your energy up, as well as using a red light bulb in a darkened room. This is helpful for one who is tired, fatigued, and/ or depressed or emotionally drained.  Being aware of overindulgence of foods or drinks that offer artificial stimulation because after a period of time, your body's energy will no longer respond properly to these stimulants.  Being over-stressed is indicative,  in the magickal realms, of an over stimulated fire element and if this is the case, you may find it comforting and restful to surround yourself with cooling blues and greens.  Cooling fruit drinks and milk based drinks bring comfort and soothing to the fire element.

If over stressed, be aware of over indulging in alcohol, definitely a fire drink, actually nicknamed 'firewater' by early Americans c.1826 and considered to be Native American slang for an alcoholic drink. Consuming too many drinks in the attempt to relive stress may actually ratchet up the fire element within and cause a more stressful environment for your body, mind and spirit. That pounding in your brain the morning after a long night of drinking is your fire element a bit ticked off.

If you feel that your fire element is over or under active, yet aren't really sure, as many times it can be difficult to finely separate our emotions, especially when we're in the midst of a stressful situation, try this simple test.

Get two colored light bulbs. One red and one blue. These are commonly sold as 'party' bulbs and are found in most local supermarkets in New England right next to the other light bulbs.  Then, in the evening after dark, go to a room where you can switch a light bulb with a colored one, and turn only that light on. The room should be dark from any other light source.  Turn on first the red bulb.  Sit in the room for a few minutes and try to sense how it makes you feel.  Then switch out the bulbs and now place the blue bulb in the room. Again sit in the room for a few minutes.Which one makes you feel better?

No matter what color you decide on, use for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Over use or exposure can have a null effect after a while. Use for 10 minutes every now and again can help put your fire element where it belongs, aiding and helping you have the best day possible.

Whereas using a blue light can relax you, using the red light bulb typically energizes a person and can bring a sense of love, lust, passion and desire to an encounter. History refers to the 'red light districts' in reference to areas with a high sex trade for a reason.  Red is the color of love, lust and sex.  Adding red candles, and red energies such as dragons blood resin, or incense,  red roses, and red decor or attire can add an intense boost to a sexy date.  Yet  I caution you!! If you add all of this to a romantic encounter don't complain to me that the next day your dragging your broom! I personally think the phrase 'burning the candle at both ends' must have referred to a witch that had just discovered sex and lust spells!!

You can use the fire element within to help you get through difficult daily situations. Perhaps you need to speak in front of a crowd, present your boss with a new idea or ask for a raise, have a confrontation with a co-worker or employee or spend the day with an in-law or other family member.  Any number of circumstances could cause us to want a healthy dose of courage at a given moment.  Burn a red candle the night before and envision the circumstance you will face and while watching the candle, see the entire situation with you in a comfortable, strong and effective position. Visualize the outcome as one where you presented yourself in the way you wish, confident, strong, well spoken and assured. See yourself confidently approaching your boss, presenting your case for a raise and leaving in a friendly, professional manner. Whether he gives you the raise or not, is not the outcome for this. Why? You're asking for courage, strength in this visual.  Also, even when we ask for money in a money spell, we don't envision manipulating our boss into giving us a raise, that's not part of the visual.  

Wearing a red outfit, suit or dress can also bring up your fire element.  Carrying red stones such as garnet, rough rubies or red coral can also aid you in this manner.  Witches use color in very specific ways and I have personally used color magick for decades with great success.  I always have a pouch of stones on me and have carried stones for a great many years. 

These are just some ways to work with the fire element within.  With practice and by listening to your inner self you will find how to make your inner fire happy!

Peace and Happiness

A note to my witchy readers: I am not a doctor of any sort and I do not offer the above as medical advice. The opinions I offer are meant to introduce alternative concepts to those exploring the magickal world.  I recommend one never rely solely on magickal means to the exclusion of modern medical care.  For, in truth, modern medicine is one the our greatest magicks we have today.

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