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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When You Can Do Magick For Others and When To Leave It Alone

Greetings My Magickal Reader,

I have often said in the past how we should do our spells for ourselves, but realistically there will be those loved ones close to you, family, best friends, that do not have the time or inclination to do spell work for their needs, and may ask you to help them in a situation every now and again.

Whereas I still hold true to my belief that a person should do the spell work for themselves, if it is to be as effective as it can possibly be, there are times when we can and will do magick for others. I thought that tonight I would go over some criteria when we encounter these situations:

First and foremost we never take money for doing the magickal workings for a person. This is not the same thing as reading their cards, or selling them an herbal preparation or magickal tools or supplies. Once we cross into the realm of taking money for casting spells and doing magick we have entered a dangerous realm where we might never return and our magick becomes dark and will soon leave us completely. Sell them the supplies if you need to, teach them to do the spell themselves, but never take money for doing the spell work.

Always be sure to have that person's permission, and it is best that the person be someone very close to you. If you do not know the person then the spell will simply not work. There needs to be a need for the spell to work. If the person is close to you, then your desire that they be healthy, safe and protected is much more real for you.

One version of a simple spell that I often do for loved ones is candle magick. I might burn a candle if a loved one is sick, or needs my help in some way. You may offer to burn the candle for them and respect their choice, if they say yes, that's great. If they do not answer your offer, or say no, do not take offense, simply set it aside and realize it may not be something they feel comfortable with.

Also, be careful that your loved one needs your help. You might get into a habit of burning candles for them over time, but the need may no longer be there, especially if they do not ask you, and then you are not doing it for them any longer, but for yourself and you might wish to re-evaluate and spend your energy and time more wisely.

Your magick is special, valuable, sacred and precious. It must be respected and never taken for granted. Not by you or anyone else. Take time to consider your magick carefully and seriously. If you find you are casting spells every day for trivial things, especially for things that you can easily go out and achieve for yourself, then you're not keeping your energy and power reserved for use when it is really needed.

I find burning a candle and asking the Goddess to give special notice for a loved one who may need guidance, protection, healing or special help from the Divine is a very useful method without casting a full ritual circle and is still quite effective.

Most important, be sure you are doing the candle magick for the loved ones in your life who actually want your help and you are not simply doing it for them because you think they need it. They may simply be being nice and not wish to hurt your feelings, but if they do not ask you for your help, or do not mention a need when they know you normally would do this for them, in a specific circumstance, then leave it alone.

This may apply to mothers who wish to do magick for their adult children, friends who wish to help out close friends, even spouses who want to help their partner but maybe over stepping. Evaluate the situation and wait and see. If your loved one knows that you do candle magick on a regular basis and that you often offer to do so for them, yet they refrain from asking or mentioning a situation whereas you would be asked to do so, then you have your answer.

We often mention how we need permission to do a spell for someone, and having their permission is fine, but without their desire it is just as if they never gave their permission in the first place.

When in doubt, simply wait for them to approach you and ask. A witch worth her magick never sells herself nor her magick, nor does she panhandle her abilities on the street as like a three card Monte street hustler.

In time, your abilities and your magick will  become known for it's own stellar reputation.

Live, Laugh, and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Boundaries To Remember When Working With A Magickal Teacher

Good Morning My Witchy Reader,

Allow me to start this discussion, with what I had always thought was an obvious concept. What I write about are, of course, my opinions, my experiences and my observations along the magickal path I have walked for decades.  I also, will title my blog posts with provocative titles that work to attract potential readers attention.

Like anything written in our society today, anything, if it speaks to you, resonates within you, then feel free to put it's teachings to use in your life. If it does not, if you disagree, or simply do not see it pertaining to you, then leave it alone. In regards to my blog, people who leave respectful comments, even those that disagree will be published. Those that are insulting, rude, disrespectful and try to put forth opinion that could be harmful for those new to our path, I will not publish them. If you want to put forth wrong, harmful, personal ego building information please do it on your blog, or website or wherever you wish but I will not publish it on my page, so do not expect me to.

Now that the rules are clear, one hopes, let us discuss today's topic. I have put forth some things to consider when you are looking to work with a magickal teacher. I speak of my own experience as a teacher for many years, As I have taught not simply in the magickal arts but in other areas also. Some concepts transcend specific topics.

Many people start learning about the magickal world by reading books. This is a great place to start. Reading published work by magickal masters is always a good basis for a foundation of learning. Eventually some people wish to learn more and seek out magickal teachers. Some of these teachers are Priestesses or Priests in Wicca and Witchcraft, some run covens, some run stores and like myself run stores and schools of the magickal arts. Some teachers offer their classes online, some in person.

Yet in my 13 years of running a school for the magickal arts I have dealt with hundreds of students who have come through the doors of Enchantments.  Unfortunately some have had less than the best magickal studies experience simply because they made assumptions or didn't understand what was expected of them or what to expect and not to expect of their teacher.

I now have a short talk with incoming students to explain to them some concepts I will list here, to help them avoid these pitfalls. I hope these help you should you seek out a magickal teacher.

1.) Your Magickal Teacher is Your Teacher NOT Your Friend:

After a student has taken classes for several months some students allow the boundary lines to blur and because we are friendly in class, share hugs after rituals and socialize during Sabbat celebrations they start to feel as if their magickal teacher is their very close friend. This is not true. Now, I am not saying that the teacher does not like you, not at all.  You may indeed be a favorite student, but not a friend.

Think about it, a friend does not charge you monthly tuition to spend time with them every week. Well, if your friend does do that, it is a strange friendship indeed! Haha  A magickal teacher, who knows her boundaries and conducts her/himself in a proper fashion keeps these boundaries clear. A magickal teacher who is 'your friend' would not be able to give a student a failing grade on a test, or be able to criticize a project or paper with the intention of correcting wrong material.

I personally have become friends with graduates who have left Enchantments and Priestesses who have moved on and are now doing the work of the Goddess in their own towns and who come back to visit. This is long after they have left my tutelage and this can be appropriate, but still proper respect is kept on both sides.

2.)  Seldom Will Two Magickal Teachers Teach the Exact Same Material:

Having said the above, most magickal teachers will teach the same information regarding things like the properties of the elements and casting a circle and the basics. Yet, do not hold them to too rigid a standard that you might have learned from another. For instance, when looking at the pentacle, where one teacher might say the upper left hand point is earth, another might say the bottom left hand point is earth. Is one right and one wrong? No, not at all. They just teach the same concept a little bit differently. Those who have a rigid black and white attitude and cannot handle differing options will indeed have a difficult time with the world of witchcraft, which is fluid and ever changing.

Some teachers start casting their circle from the east, and some start casting their circle from the north. Each are acceptable and traditionally correct, but different because they come from different traditions from different cultures. Yet neither are wrong. All that is wrong is if a student looks at one teachers way and another teachers way and decides one is right and the other wrong. It is the student who loses. When working with a teacher the student needs to know that teacher's specific ways, to be able to pass tests and exams properly. Afterwards a student should pick and choose what works for them, after they are done working with that teacher, and realize there are other ways to get to the same destination.

3.) Remember To Keep Adult Boundaries When Working in A Classroom or In A Coven:

The idea that everyone in a classroom must be best friends or the same in a coven is a misconception that ends up, often times,  causing the student/covener to find themselves with conflicts and issues with other students who are simply not meant to be friends. Not everyone is.

Ahh, this may be the most difficult of all the boundaries I have seen students struggle with. Again, like the first boundary listed regarding your teacher not being your friend, many students come into the classroom and or coven and want to believe they have entered a 'family' where unconditional love and acceptance reigns supreme. Sadly this is never the case. Yes, I did say .  .  .  never.  Many covens today still use the old axiom 'In Perfect Love, In Perfect trust", No, that is also never the case.  In 30 years I have yet to see it, except in the smallest, closed covens with a few close friends that never accept new comers in.

I personally have seen more backstabbing, bad mouthing, judgment and lack of acceptance of new comers in large covens and in classrooms, for nothing more than silly, trivial reasons and more bullying, "I came first, so I am a higher rank than you" power trips in the pagan community than I have seen anywhere in regular society. I do not say this is true for all Pagans, but it does proliferate in our magickal community and I have seen it many times.

The students in your classroom are there for their magickal education, the conveners in the coven you attend are there for their spiritual experience.  Guess what? You do not have to like them. But you do have to work with them. So if you are not close with someone, or just do not feel friendship, your responsibility is to keep your mouth shut when it comes to rude, snarky comments and be professional, adult and do the work required. Do not extend invitations outside of the class/coven experience, do not push to try to become friends as it will only end badly. Just do your work and be good with the fact that not everyone needs to be friends or loved ones. Not in the world we live in.

Most people cannot even be friends with their own blood family members so to expect that automatically when you step into a magickal group is simply unrealistic and will be a sharp disappointment in the end. If you are unable to keep yourself and behavior professional you will find yourself on the outskirts again and most likely blaming others except the one responsible, you. We are responsible for creating our reality.

4.) We Must Work On Our Inner Baggage To Move Forward On The Magickal Path:

Now, again, I am speaking of my personal observations and this may not be everyone's experience, but many will recognize what I am speaking of. The reason is, people come into the magickal world hauling all sorts of baggage, as many were not accepted in the outer world and expect to be accepted just like that, when they come into a magickal group. Yet, they expect this acceptance without releasing their baggage, without doing the inner workings needed to move into a world of light and love, without making the inner changes they need to make. Instead they point fingers and blame others for all of their problems and woes. This path is difficult. The magickal path demands inner change, for each and every person. The truth is, there is NEVER anyone to blame for our challenges on this path, only ourselves. That is one of the most important things to realize about walking a path of self discovery and personal enlightenment.

Just going to rituals, sitting in classes, casting spells and calling yourself a witch is not all that is required. There is inner work the Goddess requires, and those who ignore this work, will find they have difficulties. A magickal teacher will try to empower you, educate you, give you experience and challenge you. But what she can do for you is minuscule compared to the work you will need to do on your own.

5.)  When There Is An Issue With Another Student/Convener Speak First With Your The Teacher/Priestess:

When you are attending a class, or participating in a coven, you must remember you are not in charge. No matter how long you have been in attendance. If there is a teacher or a High Priestess/Priest, and it is not you, then they are the boss. It is inappropriate for you to start a fight, initiate a dispute or any sort of confrontation. The appropriate thing to do is to bring it privately to the teacher or High Priestess and allow them to decide what is the best thing to do. Their decision is final.  At times they might decide to tell the complaining student to leave it alone and focus on their work. At other times they might choose to speak to the other student and sometimes mediation is required, but that is their decision as it is their playing field.

The best way to get bounced from a school or coven is to take the issue on yourself and start a 'witch war', especially if you try to engage other students to side with you or you are found to have tried to eliminate other students.

6.)  Expect to Be Unhappy With Your Teacher At One Time or Another:

There will be times, when you find yourself angry or unhappy with your teacher. Perhaps you did not get a grade you wished to get on your test or exam. Perhaps your teacher requires more from you than a simple first semester answer when you are an advanced student and she knows you are capable of giving more.

To do the work required to make the inner changes necessary on the magickal path, it will cause emotional challenges. It is unrealistic to expect the path of change to be smooth, warm and fuzzy. Change can be painful, as we give up the behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve us, as we set aside the judgment and assumptions that held us back, Many times that energy and emotional turmoil is directed at the teacher, and as a teacher myself, I am good with it. I expect it and I will work with it without personalizing it or getting upset with the student. Now for the student that goes beyond polite etiquette and calls names, is rude and extremely disrespectful, blaming and refusing to take responsibility then the relationship ends.

But for those who are mature enough to handle the emotional challenges, I will work with them and together we get them over the hurdle or hurdles and they get to their desired destination.

7.) Never Assume You Know Everything About Your Teacher:

One of the biggest miss-assumptions a student can make is to think they know what their teacher or High Priestess is thinking or where their thought processes are coming from. We present one face to our students and do not divulge all to them about ourselves or about other students. We have in most cases, years or even decades, of experience that we fall back on, and for one student to think they know all about us with a mere few months or even a couple of years of working with us is a huge miss-assumption on their part which will never benefit them.

For those teachers and High Priestess' who run groups, it is not for the glory and the power as some mistakenly assume. For those who may start teaching others with that agenda they quickly wash out, simply because it is so difficult and there is no glory and no power in this work. It is difficult, frustrating, but it can be rewarding and it is most of all the work of the Goddess and we keep that as a primary focus.

Teachers and High Priestess' and Priests get more accusations, wrong assumptions, anger, blame, and other nonsense from those who are not willing to do the work yet want to be initiated as Priestess or Priest and when they encounter difficulties seek to cast blame.

From my standpoint as a magickal teacher I have worked with hundreds of students, some leave in a positive way, some not so much, but the ones I am working with and the ones yet to find me are the ones I give my energy and attention to. To those who have left, I wish them well on whatever path they eventually find themselves on.  Even those who have left in anger, I send no energy their way because their choice had nothing to do with me, even if they are not capable of seeing that, yet.

In conclusion, the very best advice I can give you, should you choose to work with a magickal teacher is to talk with them privately if you have questions and concerns. Trust that they are working for your best experience and that by approaching them personally and privately you will get your questions answered.

Above all, remember you are an adult, and that keeping emotions in balance, not giving into gossip about others, and refraining from engaging in childish, high school behavior will get you to your destination on the magickal path much faster and your work with your magickal teacher will be more rewarding for both of you.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Friday, March 17, 2017

As A Magickal Community, Who Are We . . . Really?

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

Tonight's discussion is more contemplative and reflective than anything, at least I hope it will be.  I do not intend to scold, to point a witchy finger, or to in anyway suggest a person change who they are in relation to their magickal community.  I just want to wander down this path for a while and take notice of many things that stretch out over the magickal path, as if to try and trip a witch up, to make us stumble.

I have been a practicing witch for over 30 years now, and I have taught others about the Craft, having owned my school and teaching in various venues for over 15 years, and where things can change somethings remain the same.  Every day, every year there are new faces, fresh interests in Wicca and witchcraft, those young and not so young all new to this path, filled with the early excitement of casting your first circle, burning your first spell candle, making your first connection to your Goddess. That excitement when you realize you are a witch, or magickal person and it is perfectly okay and there are others out there too, also interested in the same thing as you.

Many pagans can remember their first ritual with other like minded witches and  Wiccans, first smelling the smell of the burning charcoal briquettes, the first whiff of the ritual powdered incense, somehow earthy, but rich, an ancient smell that seems so familiar even the very first time you have ever smelled it. We remember the feeling of standing in the magick circle hardly believing we were there, with others, who didn't know us, yet accepted us, simply because we believed in similar magickal and nature ways, and we expressed an interest in belonging, or worshiping a Goddess or God or some power we knew was greater than us, and we stood in awe that this was made, somehow, possible.

We, each of us, found ourselves walking down the path of the witch, some worshiped in their hearts as they look at the moon as they drive home from a hard job, whereas some could worship with a full ritual with robes and a coven. Some branched off to teach others. Some helped counsel by doing readings or speaking with the loved ones spirit guides and angels, and some worked their magicks with making herbal preparations, working kitchen witchery or giving their magickal energies to animals and the natural world they surround themselves with. We each follow our magickal path in the direction it leads us, and for each that path can be slightly different from another. Some published books to reach a greater audience, some open stores so like minded folks could shop for their items and get advice, some make teas and salves and some do astrology charts.

The magickal person is unique and special, divine and full of light and love .  .  .  .  in the beginning. Yes, in the beginning we are full of all of the wonders, the excitement and the anticipation of what our magickal future will hold for us. Will we work solitary? Will we join a coven? Will we ever be invited to a Sabbat? Will we ever be able to come out of the 'broom closet' and live openly as a magickal person? Will we ever be fully accepted as a magickal person, by our families, our friends, our co-workers, others in our community?

Of course, in the beginning we have no idea where we will end up, or where our magickal path will take us. We, many of us are hopeful, but maybe a little fearful. We are excited, but a little anxious. Will we find acceptance, after having been denied acceptance in some areas of our lives? Will we find true friends we can trust and depend on, especially when old friends have left us when our true selves became known? What about that perfect love and  perfect trust we have read about in so many introductory books on Wicca? Is that really true? Can it be?

I would like to say, after 30 years of working with the magickal community in many versions, that all of the hopes and dreams of neophytes come true but sadly they do not. Many pagans end up choosing to work solitary, or in very small, isolated covens that allow no new comers to join, simply because of one thing .  .  .  many do not do the work required to live a magickal life.

One can leave the outer world and start walking a magickal path. You can take classes, read copious amounts of materials, watch movies, documentaries and fantasy series. Dress in cool, witchy clothes and go to Salem, like so many cool witches at least once a year and if you are really witchy even more times a year.  Mix herbs, make teas, cast spells and chant in a cloud of incense at every esbat under each moon phase. Be sure to remember the Sabbats and perform the Cakes and Ale ceremony. And not a one of these things makes you a truly magickal person if you fail to attend to the work inside that needs to be done.

The work of the spirit within you. The love and light you believe in, that you feel in the presence of the Goddess. Well, frankly, that is the easy part. Yet, we exist on this globe with others the Goddess also loves as much as she loves us. She created each and everyone of them, also.  Over 7 billion people. Now, it would be a great feat to send out and truly feel love and acceptance for all 7 billion people on the face of the earth. But let us be realistic and work closer to home.

And the Goddess knows we have issues feeling so with those in the outer world who judge us, have cast us aside, who have believed wrong things about us without any cause just because of who we are, or how we dress, or because we burn incense or wear a pentacle.

But I find that even those of us who have come from the same place of wonder, when we first stepped upon this magickal path, at some time come to a place of judging, assuming, casting aside and treating like minded people just as harshly, just as unfairly, just as .  .  .  as anyone in the outer world.

Let me say, at this point, I know, that of people reading this discussion, of at least 7-8 people who will read this and be absolutely convinced I am writing about them. They would be wrong. I am writing in general, because in my 30 years I have seen so many occasions, I have seen so many instances, I have myself been the target of so many people looking to place blame, when in truth we can each, only blame  ourselves, for forgetting what it was like when we didn't fit in .  .  .  when we were scared and anxious if we again found ourselves in a place where we would not be accepted, and have to continue forth to continue looking.

Then I have witnessed those who create a name for themselves, a reputation, a following (dare I say) and where some absolutely radiate love and light, others consistently feel the need to publicly try to slander in some way the reputation of others who have reached that level of reputation and following. When at that level, they have taught people will always say something nice about you and that will be balanced out with someone saying something not so nice about you. The principle of polarity.  Yet, by the time one reaches a certain celebrity what is to be gained by a public witch war?

Besides bolstering ones self esteem, perhaps? Garnering as many positive comments on social media? I feel once someone has been publicly slandered they absolutely have the right and almost the requirement to defend themselves, but was the initial slanderous public outcry even necessary in the first place?

After 15 years of teaching, I simply put no care into whether a student compliments me or criticizes me, as long as I can see them following their magickal path and they conduct themselves in ways that would make me proud as an instructor and High Priestess.

Many years ago, I removed from our ritual and Book of Shadows the old axiom "In Perfect Love, In Perfect trust" because it became very apparent that it was an impossible concept and wholly unattainable by so many who practice our ways.

Instead I wrote "We come together in love and friendship, loyalty and trust, Let us part the same way." I felt this was a more realistic goal that a group or a coven could strive for. That having come together with the same desire in our hearts with the same destination in our souls, we could find this common ground.

I have glimpsed it every now and again, and I hope to one day see it grow, when we start to grow as a magickal community and remember what brought us all together, WHO brought us all together in the first place.

So Mote it Be, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Signs of Spring and Some History of our Earth's Weather

Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

We find ourselves in the beginning of March and the temperatures are mild and there has been little snow for two years in a row. Of course there is the inevitable talk of global warming, and I do not disagree with that.  Or that humans have contributed to some of it. Yet, it is important to realize that over the earth's approximate 4.54 billion years of existence, we know of at least 5 separate ice ages, which when they receded, allowed for .  .  .  global warming.

Of course, I am not an environmental scientist, all I can speak on is what I have experienced myself and what I have researched of the earth's long, complex history in regards to it's weather. As a witch, we are somehow very attuned to the changes that take place in nature, or at least those of us who are nature based witches.

I can go out, in the seemingly middle of winter, say in February, and see signs of springtime, where others see cold and snow, ice and desolate winter, and I can see signs of Spring, everywhere. This year it is even easier. The Canada geese have flown back from points South, other birds are starting to appear. I am on the lookout for the mighty robin who is always a harbinger of spring, but I have yet to see him. He is more apparent come April or even May.

This year, the sap in the trees have started to flow earlier, and the maple sugar farmers are already harvesting and making maple syrup for the season. I saw my first bee today and I can already smell the earth thawing and starting to ripen, getting ready for the seeds and plants to start growing for the upcoming growing season.

We are coming up to the Spring Equinox, Ostara, one of our Spring celebrations, which is closely associated with the Christian celebration of Easter. But where the Christian Easter focuses on the death and Resurrection of their Christed one, in one celebration.  We focused on the death of our God, the God of the Harvest back in September, at Mabon, and now we are wholly focused on the resurrection, if you will, of the earth with Her green grass, the baby birds being born, the spring lambs and calves being birthed in the fields and the awakening of the new life in the natural world around us. Tree buds are beginning to fatten and getting ready to burst out into leaf, the rivers and streams are rid of their ice coverings and are rushing and over running their banks. In some places earthworms have come to the surface of the ground and have started to turn the soil, and the earliest spring flowers, such as Cyclamen and Primrose are blooming in the gardens.

As a witch, I do care about the Earth, and worry that mankind is over burdening Her with our waste and disregard for Her, as we live along with Her not in spite of Her. But as a student of the Earth's human species over the billions of years it has turned in the space of our galaxy, I also know we are not the first humanoid species to walk this Earth, and most likely we will not be the last. When we as humans say we have developed technology to the point of destroying the Earth, I clarify that. We have developed technology to the point of being able to wipe out the human race from the face of the Earth, but She will continue to orbit and continue to spin and eventually other humanoid races will come to populate the Earth as we once did. We can destroy ourselves, but we can not destroy our world, though we are arrogant enough to believe we can do so.

The Earth really is the greatest witch of us all. She is the Great Earth Mother, who was here at the beginning and will be here at the end of all existence, 'before time was.'

So, for the time being, go out of doors, or if you are not able, go to your window and look outside and simply observe, spring time, and try to see it starting to burgeon and 'spring' forth, bringing with it, a new season, a new day and for some a new phase of their lives. For each new season can indeed, be a new chapter for you to write, a new part of your story.

So, as you look out the window, and see the new growth all around you, do as we do. Use it as a metaphor for your life. How will it manifest in your life as a new beginning? A new start? A fresh, clean, empty page ready to be written upon, by you.

Look outside and see the new, tiny, beginnings of spring and then look inside and see the new ideas, concepts, plans and dreams within you, that you wish to bring to life. Start planning now, and get ready to plant those seeds.

Happy Spring! Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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