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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Raven & Stephanie Grimassi Communing with the Ancestors 9-23-17

(Paradise Photography)

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

I have been crowing about this upcoming event but I know so many of us are so busy about so many things I did not want you to miss this exciting three-fold event! This coming Saturday, Enchantments, located at 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT and Ms. Faith and the Witches of Enchantments has the honor and privilege of hosting Raven & Stephanie Grimassi who will conduct a workshop called "Communing with the Ancestors" and the details are as follows:

There is power passed through the Generations from those who came before us.  Join authors Raven & Stephanie Grimassi for a workshop exploring the nature of the ancestors and the realm in which they dwell.  The workshop focuses on our relationship with them and why the soul reincarnates in specific bloodlines.  Also explored is our threefold being in the Material World: elemental body, human mind, and soul being.  Attendees will be work with a special tool and concept known as the Spirit-Rider.

This event takes place at Enchantments, upstairs in the classroom of Enchantments, please get there before 3 pm, when the workshop starts  as the store downstairs will be closed and there will be no one to escort you upstairs after we start the workshop. It is easy to GPS our address, please do so. The Grimassi's book "Communing with the Ancestors" will also be available for sale before the workshop.  This workshop is being held from 3-5 p.m. and tickets must be purchased before the event at $35.00 ea. You may call Enchantments and purchase your ticket over the phone with a credit card.  Our number is 860-791-6033  Quick, quick like a bunny! Only a few tickets are left!! 

Right after the workshop, 

Mabon, Autumnal Equinox Sabbat Ritual Celebration. We will hold a small, short 30 minute ritual in the front gardens of Enchantments and cast a magick circle, and conduct a short Fall Equinox Sabbat Ritual to recognize this Holy-day (Holiday) on our Wheel of the Year, and anyone may participate. Everyone simply stands in the circle. Those who wish to raise the cone of power may dance around the circle, and those who do not may stand back. The entire ritual takes no more than 25-30 minutes.  We follow this with a pot luck feast, if you wish to attend, please bring a dish to share with others. Any food item is acceptable, it does not have to be vegan, or vegetarian, or gluten free but if you have any dietary requirements we ask you bring what you can consume. 

The only rule at enchantments is there is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the grounds of Enchantments in any capacity.  For this celebration as we are constructing a labyrinth in the back parking lot, please park in any of the adjacent parking lots around Enchantments. 

Lit Labyrinth Walk: 

Right after the ritual, some people choose to forgo the pot luck and start lighting the labyrinth bags that have been placed earlier in the day. Then as soon as people choose they may start to walk through the labyrinth, quietly and contemplatively, as by doing so the ancient design allows the mind to deconstruct issues, problems, puzzles one may be struggling with in ones own life and then later, hours, days even weeks later the answers and solutions come flooding in as the power of the labyrinth does it's job. 

The only cost for all of these events is the $35 ticket for the Grimassi's workshop and Enchantments is not charging anything for the Sabbat, potluck or labyrinth walk. 

We hope you will come, explore the Ancestors, celebrate the Sabbat, Feast, walk the Labyrinth and enjoy one of the last Sabbats we will be able to enjoy out of doors this year in Southern New England, with the Witches of Enchantments. 

Bright Blessings, Ms. Faith 

 I have included a biography for Raven & Stephanie with their kind permission: 

Biography for Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi


Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi are a well-established and popular teaching team in the ways of Old World Witchcraft and spiritual development.  

Raven is an award winning author of over twenty books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and Inner Mystery Traditions.  He is a practitioner and teacher with over 45 years of experience.  Raven has dedicated his life to the research, writing and preservation of the ancient Pre-Christian European ways of our ancestral roots.  He is the current co-directing elder of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition of witchery.

Stephanie is a practitioner of Witchcraft with over 25 years experience, and is a third degree Priestess of Irish Celtic Wicca, and Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft).   She is currently the co-directing Elder of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition along with Raven.   In addition, Stephanie is a long-experienced Astrologer, Tarot reader. She is also co-creator & co-author of two Oracles decks:  The Well Worn Path, and The Hidden Path.

In 2006, Raven and Stephanie formed the Ash, Birch and Willow system of Witchcraft, and together they co-direct and co-teach this Tradition through the House of Grimassi. In addition, Raven and Stephanie offer home study courses on older forms of Witchcraft (with students around the globe) through the House of Grimassi  website and also  have an internet store, RavensLoft, which has been dedicated to providing items for spiritual and magical practice for over 17 years.  They have also relaunched their radio show Seasons of the Witch on BlogTalkRadio.

They are frequent return guest speakers and workshop presenters at conventions and festivals all across the United States. Raven is also a columnist for Witches and Pagan Magazine and has an archive of radio interviews across a wide spectrum of shows on House of Grimassi.

To find out more information please visit their websites https:// and and Facebook : House of Grimassi, Seasons of the Witch, Raven’s Loft Store for updates on appearances and relevant information on upcoming shows and sales.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Personal Pagan Perspective On Natural World Events

Photos of Hurricane Harvey from Nasa's Space Station September 2017

I am taking a bit of a step aside from discussing magickal spells and potions and tarot card readings to go all Pagan and Earth spirit in this discussion. The reason is we are deep into hurricane season and we have just dealt with a number of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean which have hit hard the Caribbean and the United States, and they are still coming.

We have seen and heard over the past decade or so, with severe storms like Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans as well as other storms, fundamentalist Christian ministers come out with outlandish statements that make ridiculous claims that these natural disasters are somehow God's punishment for man's wicked lifestyles. Lifestyles that particular minister happened to disagree with, we see these statements for what they are. Foolish nonsense that do not deserve any attention or credibility. We know these statements are ridiculous and foolish rantings. Of course God is not punishing anyone. It's called Nature. Mother Nature if you want to be polite!

I have read these statements in the past and have disregarded them as have others, not giving them much, if any attention. But, in this new day and age, of political unrest in our country, with the upsurge of fear and bigotry, intolerance and prideful hatred. With the wars in the Middle East and the rising potential of a world war becoming greater daily, with the suffering of humans, the starving, the dying, the homeless refugees wandering without a place to call home being broadcast into our living rooms nightly and people everywhere with the aid of social media finding themselves in a smaller world than ever before, I have seen something happen in relation to the natural disasters that are occurring this year.

I have been reading the words of Pagans, new age gurus, life coaches, inspirational speakers, motivational speakers and people without any true religious bent, some who may identify simply as spiritual, who are now speaking out and having long and involved discussions on how if only we loved each other more that these hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, the forest fires, mudslides, and other natural disasters would not happen!  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  (a moment of shocked silence while I let that sink in and allow you to really process what I just wrote)

Seriously?  Now, I am not at all speaking of the magickal masters that have been writing and being published and researching and practicing and living this lifestyle for decades. No, because as Pagans they get it. It seems to be newer Pagans that have adopted this lifestyle but have failed to truly understand what being Pagan is. A part of and being one with nature. There is no gentle way of putting it. Or maybe, there is no gentle way for me to put it, and those who know me, know that warm and fuzzy is not my usual forte. Get over yourselves!!! DO YOU REALLY think that by loving each other more, or that by being nicer to puppies or hugging more trees or picking up more trash (and I am all for all of these things, I really am) that any of these things will stop the forces of nature that are called Hurricanes, tornadoes, Tsunamis, earthquakes!!?? Yes, I even heard someone theorize that there would be less earthquakes if people only sent out more love and joy and happiness into the world!!

Understand that if you really think this, then you are so far removed from being Pagan that you do not even know what the word means!! I do not wish to be mean, no, that is not what I intend. But understand what the meaning of the term you use to identify yourself with. A Pagan is one who is a part of nature. As a creature of the natural world, a daughter of the Goddess, a Pagan daughter, I stand in awe of nature and I respect, fear and know exactly how powerless and helpless I am in the face of a natural disaster. How I can't do a damn thing to stop the plates of the earth's crust from shifting when it chooses to. How when the forces of a hurricane when it develops in the ocean and heads towards land, how love and joy and caring energies towards others will do nothing to stop it from it's ultimate path.

Yes, there might be magickal things I can do to keep me safer, and there are times I need to pack up and go, if told it is best to do so. But to blame the forces of nature on the political climate or the lack of love for one another or the increase of hatred and prejudice simply makes you look foolish and on the same page as the fundamentalists we all thought were so crazy just a few years ago. How is this thinking any different? It is not. It is just as crazy, outlandish and fantastical.

It also to put it bluntly, is a power trip for the person speaking about this, for them to tell others "just send out more love, do this, do that, and you will change the course of natural events. Really? The fact that people believe this nonsense, one, builds up the person and gives them a sense of superiority and two, makes one feel as if we really are the greatest force in the universe. Sadly, we are not. We aren't even second, or third, or even tenth!

There is nothing wrong with being a part of the matrix, the cosmos, the whole of nature. It is a childish perspective to think we can affect natural events by our very thoughts, it is also arrogant. If everyone who spouted this nonsense was really serious then they would never be caught riding in any form of petroleum fueled transportation, ever. Or would ever eat anything packaged and purchased from a market, ever. Or ever wear any clothing they didn't make themselves. But we do. On one hand these people want to talk as if they have the secrets to changing the course of natural disasters, now wouldn't that make them all sorts of special and important? But they are as helpless as the rest of us, and at the end of the day they as all of us are at the mercy of the universe and Mother Nature and we can be smart about it, we can honor Her, worship Her, respect and try to care for Her as best we can but to think we are greater than Her or stronger or bigger or more dominant is foolish.

If there is anything these natural disasters should teach us is we do have a place in the natural scheme of things, an important place, but we are not superior nor are we the lowest, but we are a part of and we should work with and respect our environment as I do believe we do and have affected the environment when it comes to climate change, and yes I do believe we have enough knowledge and nuclear weapons to destroy life as we know it on the planet. But can we destroy the Earth? No, after we have destroyed ourselves, a period of time will pass when the Earth will rest and then start to regenerate and new life will grow and develop.

You see there was life before humans, actually there was humanoid life before our species of humans. Intelligent hominid life before us, approximately 20 plus species of hominid species. These are human type species and they have just found another human species never before found just last year in the Russian Siberian area. These species were created by some force of nature, lived, existed, became extinct some for a million years of so before we came along, so to think we are all that and a bag of chips, well it just isn't necessarily so.  Like anything else in life, nothing is promised. Tomorrow what we have today may be gone.

I do believe the Earth will go on, but that is my belief. You may indeed believe differently and that is okay. But we have no guarantee.  I guess my point is, as a Pagan, I try to live in harmony with nature, not in spite of. To say, I can affect natural events by sending out human emotions is disregarding and completely missing the point. By comparing a hurricane with what is happening politically in our world is such a stretch as to be science fiction and causes one to lose all credibility.

There is so much in the Pagan world, both natural and political, to discuss, to rally behind to support. From clean drinking water, to cleaning our oceans of pollution, to climate change, to saving our rain forests and the eco-systems within them and around the world. To fighting for religious freedom for all religions, not just ours, for if one is threatened all are threatened, and nowadays to try and stop the backwards slide back into an era of intolerance, fear, hatred and bigotry. Oh yes, there is plenty for a feisty Pagan to fight for and get all riled up about, but take care to speak with authority, be careful of your words, keep your thoughts clear and orderly, and make sure your ideas are not such that they come across as fanatical and outlandish.

Yes, the fundamentalist preacher truly believes that his God is punishing sinners by sending super storms and wiping out entire communities, but rational, sane minds prevail and we can step  back and understand that the stories in the Bible were written as a parable, a moral, an allegory and are not literal and were not written thousands of years ago to be considered literal. Scholars know this to be true. They are stories to teach lessons.  So yes, even back then huge storms happened and entire communities were wiped out but NO God did not do it!!! Nature did it!

And the dinosaurs did not go extinct because they did not love each other enough either! Wow, see how ridiculous that sounds? Yeah .  .  .  .  right?!

Yes, we can affect the environment, with our carbon footprint, our emissions, our pollution, our waste, our mountains of garbage which get higher and higher every year, our toxic waste and crude oil we 'accidentally' spill into the oceans every time we turn around!!! The fact that we actually have special soap and a call to action to help marine life in place for oil spills as if it is an everyday occurrence, which is almost is, is ridiculous!  But not one word on social media about this! But we spend our time filling up miles of discussion threads talking about nonsense, when we know better.

If you want to help the world, the environment, the planet. Send out all the love you would like, but at the same time bend over and pick up some trash the next time you walk through a parking lot! EVEN though you didn't put it there!! That will actually make a difference.

Okay, allow me to jump down off of this huge soap box and go stir my cauldron, I think it is bubbling over .  .  .

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Some Of My Psychic Experiences I Will Share With You

Good Evening My Witchy Readers,

Well, I suppose we are getting into that Witchy season, the crisp touch of fall is in the air, the evening air is brisk and cooling, dew is heavy in the mornings and leaves are already starting to turn here and there.  It's curious, but I find when at least three people present a concept to me, or ask a question of me or ask me to speak on a specific topic, then I give it serious consideration for a blog discussion. That has happened more and more lately, and this week has been no exception.

I have had a few people ask me about some of my psychic experiences, and having been a practicing witch as long as I have, well over 30 years, it is fairly easy to put my thoughts towards something I need to know and the image or answer flashes into my mind. Trust me, there are times this is not something you wish to play with unless you sincerely want the answer. Yet many times it is a harmless reinforcing feedback which helps quiet your critical mind and strengthens your psychic ability.

Just today for instance, I was working with a young witchling student of mine who is all the way across the country on the west coast and while we were texting and direct messaging, I mentioned I could use my crystal ball to see her if I wanted to. So I did. I saw intense pink and I said she was wearing pink today. She sent me a picture of the bright pink hair bow she was wearing. Once you develop your psychic ability and you become good with knowing your ability and not doubting it, it becomes more comfortable and you can know you can depend upon it, without a doubt.

My psychic ability started like many people's do, when I started going through puberty around the age of 12 or 13 and I would see things in my minds eye happen, maybe 20 or 30 minutes before they actually happened. Sometimes it would flow through my mind randomly, but more likely things would flash into my mind and they would come completely from left field with no rhyme or reason and until they actually happened I had no idea why I had thought of these things. Once I was outside reading a book, a typical pastime when I was a teenager, and my reading was interrupted by the image of a friend walking down my driveway. I looked up and there was no one coming down my driveway and this friend was not expected. About a half an hour later I looked up and there she came, dressed exactly as I had seen her.

Many times psychic flashes and insight are simple mundane events, not at all as exciting as seen on television or in movies, and I know most people would be disappointed to find this to be true. For instance just recently I received a call from a friend on his office phone and was curious as he normally calls me on his cell phone. When I asked, he said he had lost his cell phone. I was going to visit him a little later that day and he told me when I got to his office to call him on his office phone when I got there, so he could come out and meet me.

Well, I got to his place of business and called and he came out to see me. When he did I asked him, "Where is your car? He pointed across the lot. I told him, "Your phone is in your car's driver's seat." It wasn't a question, or a suspicion, I simply knew, his phone was in his drivers car seat. He said, "No, I really think I left it at the restaurant where I had lunch yesterday."  I told him to go check, just go look in your car, just to see. I waited in my car while he went over to his car. I saw him looking, and it looked like he reached his arm down in the car seat almost as far as it could go! After several moments, he straightened up and held his arm up and lo and behold he had his phone in his hand!

Like I said, mundane and nothing too exciting, but when you have a psychic flash like this, you have to believe it. You must go with it. Yes, at times you can be wrong, but the longer I have been a witch, the more I believe in what I do, the less doubt and skepticism I allow in, the more accurate I am, and actually the more psychic flashes I receive.  Yet, having said that, there have been times when I have received very intense, serious flashes that are much more life changing and less mundane.

 Back in 1992, I was in my kitchen, I seem to remember preparing some food, or dinner for later that day and I had a small kitchen television on. A weather forecast came on, and a short little news story about a small storm off the coast of Africa which meteorologists were watching as it had the chance of turning into a hurricane was reported. It really was more of a filler news story and nothing serious but even though I was not paying much attention to the television as I was involved in making the food, suddenly I was no longer in my kitchen!

I saw, and felt and smelled and heard the destruction of a major hurricane, a force like I had never seen or ever experienced overtook me. What I saw was total destruction, houses ripped apart like they were made of balsa wood, entire neighborhoods leveled as if a tornado had plowed through and I felt the fear and grief of the loss and the helplessness of knowing I could not do anything to stop this from happening. When I realized where I was, in my kitchen, I was on my knees and breathing heavy and trying to clear my mind and get my balance back. Then I stood up in a panic and picked up the phone only to freeze. Who would I call? What would I say? What would I report? I slowly put the phone back in it's cradle and sat down and realized there was simply nothing I could do. What I did not realize at that time, was the destruction of the hurricane, would not hit Southern New England as I believed, because that is where I am, and my psychic flash was so strong, it had to be here,  right?

No, it was Hurricane Andrew, and about 10 days later it hit Florida and wiped out Homestead, Florida and 44 people lost their lives and billions of dollars in damages was incurred. It was the worse Hurricane to ever hit Florida up to that point in recorded history.

This last story probably demonstrates the worse thing about having psychic ability. When as a psychic you "see" things you know will happen, or you know have happened, perhaps to someone or people close to you, and there is nothing you can do about them. Yes, at times if someone is close enough you can give them a head's up, but then again somethings are destined for a person to experience even if it is not comfortable or a nice experience and as much as you wish you could protect those you care about the most from the 'evils' of the world and the harmful energies that may surround them, at times you must simply stand back and allow them to experience what their souls need to experience. To allow them that growth experience, so that they may remember who they really are and they may in turn grow, become stronger and wiser from their experience. As a psychic that is the most difficult.

When we can see what harm surrounds a person, when we can see the dangers, pitfalls but for whatever reason we are not in a position to help them. It is important as a psychic you do not take responsibility for this, though. It is not your responsibility to save them. You may have given some a mild warning, or perhaps a tarot card reading which brought to light some information, but the rest is up to them. Whether they listen or not, is not on you, at all. Leave it aside. All you can do, if you care about them, if they are a close friend or family member, is send them blessings and hope that one day they "wake up and remember who they are in relation to what is going on in their life".

We cannot save everyone, nor are we supposed to. We cannot warn everyone of what may befall them, nor are we supposed to. I advise students to never, ever approach someone, a stranger, that they may pass in a store or on the street that they get a strong psychic impression about, even if they know they are right about what they are "seeing" or sensing, as that will just freak out the other person and we, the psychic do not have the right or permission to do that. You may only do this with those closest to you, if the person is close to you and trusts you to be their psychic or witch advisor. Or if someone comes to you professionally and pays for your services.

For instance, I recently met a very close friend's new 'acquaintance' let's say, to keep some anonymity. I was introduced, and she shook my hand, then I sat across a table from her and we conversed for a short amount of time, maybe 10-15 minutes. Well, many psychics use tarot cards to 'read' people, but honestly, they are simply tools to allow us to 'turn on' and then 'turn off' when we need to. But we have the ability to do so without the tools. I wanted to know more about her as my friend is very important to me and I had sensed 'issues' so I psychically 'peeked' to see if she was sincere and cared about my friend and wanted the best and would not hurt this person who I had been so close to for a decade. Truly all I needed was to touch her, which she did by offering her hand to shake and then I picked up her 'energies' while chatting.

 It was unfortunate that I saw her true intentions, and she was only interested in the financial gain she could get from the relationship and cared nothing for this person's feelings or inner soul. Interestingly she picked up that I could sense her true intentions because although nice and pleasant at our initial meeting she quickly turned bitter, sour and hateful, within three days which is significant, and then her true face was revealed and her hateful self was displayed. She quickly tried to turn the tables and created all sorts of drama and anger trying to make me the antagonist, not realizing that in the decade my friend and I have known each other that we had never had a cross word, an argument, or even a disagreement, ever.

So it would be pretty obvious to anyone, with our type of friendship, who was really stirring the cauldron. Yet I was not able to tell my friend as this person needs to determine for themselves and to see what is before them. I had previously given them a warning to be careful, but that is all. I am not even worried about this blog discussion as I know my friend seldom, if ever, reads my blog.

So again, even when it involves a close friend and you see the potential disaster, you may give them a fair warning, which I had in this case. Then step away and allow them to make the decision which best serves them. As a soul walks their path, there are times they need to experience hardship, grief, disappointment, betrayal, anger, jealousy and all sorts of hateful energies directed at them, should that be their soul's choice. We may not understand their choice, but that is not up to us to decide. We must allow them to do what they choose. We can make a different choice for ourselves.

So, my best advise is when a simple, mundane psychic flash comes to you, go with it. Maybe you're wrong, but maybe you're not! If you are reading and following my blogs and working on your witchcraft. Then you should have a Book of Shadows by now. A Book of Shadows is simply a notebook of your work, your experiences, dreams, psychic flashes, recipes, rituals any and all magickal workings. It can be kept in your computer or in may be in an actual notebook you can take with you. Keeping track of all of your magickal experiences and workings is the most important thing you can do.

My second bit of advise is to be patient.  The effective and most powerful witch, is the witch who is patient. She does not rush her magick, but allows it to unravel and to work in it's time as dictated by The Goddess, time, the Moon, and all of the elements. Like a fine wine or perfectly crafted Christmas pudding it may take weeks or months but your magickal ability will develop and your magick will manifest as it is meant to. Do not rush it.

In conclusion, if you wish to develop your psychic ability, the best way to do so is to read about the magickal world, open your mind to it's awesome limitless possibilities and work with the tarot, pendulums, runes, crystal balls, scrying, any methods of divination will help open that doorway in your mind. The more you work with the psychic world the more open your psychic mind will become. Blessings, Ms. Faith

The following photograph is the group, those who wished to be photographed, at the lecture at the Victim's Memorial in Salem Mass, that I conducted this past Sunday September 10, 2017.

Ms. Faith and the Witches of Enchantments at the 1692 Victim's Memorial in Salem Village, Mass

This is the newly discovered site of Gallow's Hill, the place of the  hanging executions as a result of the 1692 witch trials in Salem Village, Mass. Just discovered last year (2016) by historians and archaeologists, this newly created memorial,  memorializes the 19 people hung on Gallow's Hill. Located at 7 Proctor St. Salem, Mass, people may park on  the street to visit this memorial.  Myself and another High Priestess went with me to visit this site and to lay flowers down in memoriam, but it was a disappointment when I contacted the Salem visitor's center the day prior to find the location. Having gone to great lengths to create this memorial, we were told they would not give us the location, they do not want people going to this place. ???

Then why have a memorial? Isn't that the entire reason to have a memorial, to remember those who it memorializes? Well, no matter. It is easily Googled in this day of modern technology. We spent a total of 10 minutes here, we laid a bouquet of flowers, said a prayer and we departed. It just feels that after over 300 years those who were persecuted, accused, executed and then left un-buried (because they were not allowed a Christian burial and that was the only type of burial available back then) the un-buried bodies left to rot and be devoured by wild animals, finally to have their bones scattered and forgotten, even with a beautiful memorial there are still those who simply do not want others to give them the respect they deserve. It is a sad statement that still the witches are not being given the respect they so very much deserve after hundreds of years of being misunderstood, feared and persecuted.

But we are not going away .  .  .  for those of you who think we have, oh no .  .  .  we are never going away!  We have been here long before you came along and will be here long after you have gone!

The Witch is here to stay!!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Salem, Mass 1692 and How We Are Affected By That Summer To This Day

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

Sadly the above imagine is as morbid and tragic as the Summer of 1692, and the horrors that permeated the entire New England region from Maine to New York that fateful summer. Many have heard of the people put to death in Salem Village in Massachusetts, but few know the first person put to death in New England, on Colonial soil, was a woman named Alyce Young in Hartford, CT, or that 35 people were put to death for the crimes of witchcraft all through New England in the 17th   century before this horrid practice was finally put to rest.  Hundreds had been arrested and at least 5 are recorded to have died in jail, but some towns and communities had meticulous records which have survived the ravages of time, while others had town records that have disappeared, so numbers of those arrested and those who may have died in jail can be debated.

And of course these numbers are, of course, those who had been persecuted, under color of authority, which means by legal authority, and do not consider the vigilante groups that may have taken it upon themselves to rid their villages and hamlets of the old village witch when the crops failed, or the young vixen witch when the local husbands wandered away from their homes late at night. Sadly, the woman who was accused of witchcraft was often the woman in the community who stood out. She was often the one who was independent, many times outspoken, single or self sufficient, perhaps extremely pretty, smarter than most, many were those who owned land or property or had ability that was able to inspire envy and others to covet, and very often caused others to feel less than, many times other women!, in the same community, to turn their spite and jealousy upon the other women and with their wicked tongues and lies, would go to the Sheriff and soon the accused was arrested, tried and within a matter of days brought to Gallow's Hill and hung for crimes none of them were truly guilty of.

You see, at this time in history, 1692, the community of Salem Village was strongly Puritan, and except for the slaves who were brought from Caribbean islands, no one had any idea of magick, witchery or any such thing. Everyone, every huswife, (housewife), every servant girl, every lady of the community knew of herbal remedies, including the local physician, as they did not have modern medicine to rely on. They used old fashioned folk magicks brought from the old country, had superstitions, beliefs, and home remedies to aid their families through sickness, nightmares, and things which would bring about fear.

The people accused in 1692, women, men, children, even a former minister of the village who had retired to Maine to fish and live in quiet obscurity, was accused and brought back in shackles, which showed no one was exempt from rumors, lies and a type of insanity that today we would call hysteria, delusion, paranoia, and even sociopathy.  Yes, all of these things are still running rampant today, as strong as they ever were and still accusations are being cast at people, but as our practice of witchcraft is more understood and accepted today, the accusers today are seen much more clearly as the delusional lunatics that they are, when they do start their insane rantings and luckily seldom does anyone really take them seriously. At least not in this country. They are either thought to be religious fanatics or simply crazy.

People are still beheaded or stoned to death in the Middle East, in African countries and in South American and central American countries to this day with these accusations, so the 'burning times' still exist, but luckily in America, at least for the time being we have the protection of our Constitution and our religious freedom laws to protect us.

This Sunday, September 10th, at noon, I will meet anyone who wishes to meet us, the Witches of Enchantments,  at the 1692 Victim's Memorial in Salem, Mass for a lecture and ritual to remember those whose lives were taken from them that awful Summer, over 300 years ago. We will also go to the newly discovered Gallow's Hill memorial, that was recently discovered just last Summer, 2016, by archaeologists and historians.  Then we explore the real witches Salem.

I have studied the 1692 Salem Witch Trails for over 30 years and some of the things I go over in my lecture are the 'bones' of our Constitution and Bill of Rights which we rely on as citizens of the United States, but which may read very differently today, if not for that Summer in Salem Village.

I discuss the practice of law and what the accused could expect in the manner of legal defense and what was not allowed at that time in history. I go over what the accused experienced when being brought into a court of law, and what the trail was like and the internment in the dungeons and the conditions, and then the executions of the convicted.

We conduct a ritual after the lecture, where we not only remember those innocents who were sacrificed at a time before we had laws to grant us human rights, civil rights and legal rights. We remember them, not only so we today can practice as witches in a country where we have the freedom to do so, but to remember them, because they died innocent of the crime, we today would be guilty of, and proudly so.

We ring the bells 20 times in honor and memory of the 20 souls who we will never allow to be forgotten and will always remember the words "Oh God Help Me   I Am Wholly Innocent Of Such Wickedness".

It would be an honor if you came along on this lecture and tour. There is no charge. People who wish to attend need to set their GPS to 2 New Liberty Street, Salem, Mass. This is the Visitor's Center and you can park in the adjacent parking garage and then go into the visitor's center to get a walking map of the village. The Victim's Memorial is located 2 blocks South, and we will meet you there at noon.

Those that wish to may come along with us after the lecture and ritual to attend lunch and then explore Salem for the rest of the afternoon. This event will be rain or shine. Sssshhhhh, don't tell but witches don't melt when they get wet! Hahaha  No, indeed, we do not!!

I will keep the rest of the interesting and exciting information for you to discover during my lecture, should you be able to make it.

One additional note:  We make this annual pilgrimage to Salem in September, because in 1692 the last of the executions happened in September of that year. We go this month in honor of all those who died that year.

Live, Love and Always Remember,  those who have gone before. Blessings, Ms. Faith

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Do You Know A Witch Who Grants You Her Favors? Be Careful Not To Lose Such A Gift!

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

I also thought of titling this discussion, "Proper Etiquette when dealing with Witches - How Not to Get Turned into a Newt!" Giggle, Well as you know, we, as witches, do not really turn people into newts .  .  .  or do we? Hmmmm? Giggle.  Yet, there are proper ways of dealing with witches and things that are acceptable and things that most definitely are not. I thought to go over a few of the basics for you here today.

Some of these may seem to be common sense, some not as obvious, but I assure you, each and everyone has been one I have personally experienced in my over 30  years of being a practicing witch.  Keep in mind, a witch that is able to help you, give you her magickal advice, tell you a bit about your future or aid you in some magickal way, be it with a charm, a spell, or a potion or other magickal recipe, it is a gift of herself (or himself, but for this discussion I will use the female gender), and as such should never be taken for granted or trivialized.

Should that happen, should you disrespect, take for granted or trivialize her favors and gifts offered to you, you will find that the witch that used to be there for you is no longer to be found, as she has no need for your attention, gratitude or favors. She is an entity of herself and of the Divine, of Nature and of the Universe. She will simply move onto other's more deserving and put you aside. A true witch has no need or desire for revenge, or payback or even the attempt to show you up as she is above such childish nonsense that mere mortals play with. She will simply be gone, or if a friend or family member will no longer talk about what she does and her services will be shut off.

So, to be sure you stay on the right side of your witch, be it the witch at your local witch shop, or a friend who may be a witch or even the witch in your family, the following are some guidelines by which to follow to keep things pleasant and to keep her smiling her favors upon you, should you wish for her to do so:

  • Should you have a relationship/friendship with a witch where she chooses to share her gifts with you, such as dreams she may have about you, visions she sees about your future, tarot readings she does for you without charge, or any other service, these need to be respected and never taken for granted. 
  • A witch also needs to be compensated for her services, and not necessarily with money. Even if she offers you her services for free, a gift, or a small token of your appreciation is always appreciated. Taking her to lunch, flowers, a pretty bauble are all acceptable tokens of your appreciation. A witch enjoys a bunch of wild picked St. John's Wort herb, or an unusually bent tree branch that could be made into a wand as much, actually more so than money or diamonds. 
  • You can also, with her permission, tell others about her services so that they may come and she can charge them for a tarot reading or make a potion for them for charge, as even a witch needs to pay her bills. Sending her clients is always a good way to say thank you. 
  • Also, it is never acceptable to ever trivialize, denigrate (make fun of, sully, or tarnish the reputation of) to her face or especially behind her back, as a witch will always find out. Always. And the favors you may have enjoyed will be taken away from you, never to be granted again, or if they are to be, they will be so only with much apology and work to regain her trust. But most times that simply will not be possible. 
  • A witch has no need for anyone or anything, as she is capable of creating that which she needs in this incarnation. She loves completely and unconditionally those closest to her, she is fiercely loyal, she will defend those she cares about to the bitter end and she expects like treatment. Especially as the shadow of the burning times still remains in our ancestral memory, never to be forgotten. So many were betrayed during those black days, so many murdered. To be trusted by a witch today, to have one willing to work with you, is a gift. Should you be so foolish as to lose it, to betray that trust, then it may well be lost forever. 
  • Never touch a witches items, magickal tools, books, crystals, stones, jewelry, altar or any special magickal items without her permission. That can bring a wrath down upon your head that you have never experienced before! They may seem insignificant, tiny, glass bottles, filled with unknown items, oils, unrecognizable herbs or ingredients, seemingly of no consequence, but a witch knows what she has, and where she has put things and what they are to be used for, and each has a significance, even if you do not understand it.  Never touch, without asking permission and do not be surprised or hurt if permission is not granted. 
  • One of the most rude, yet sadly most common things some people do when working with a witch, is when asking a question, or getting advice or an answer is to come back with "Really?" Not even realizing,by asking this one word they are expressing doubt as to what the witch just told them. If you are not willing to listen and believe then do not come around and ask in the first place. I have had a few clients who had an annoying habit of always asking "really?" when I would work with them, and that just puts me in the position of trying to convince them, which I will not do. I simply stop seeing them. I have no need nor desire to try to convince anyone of anything. Period. 
  • This next one follows right on the heels of the last rule when working with a witch. And again, it sadly happens far too often for my liking. This is typical of people who are not familiar with the witch and they come to her for a tarot reading or some other magickal purpose and after a bit of discussion, they will come out with something along the lines of "Well, how accurate are you?" or even as insulting as "Are you any good?" or "Does any of this stuff really work?"  Most of us who charge for our services have been doing this for many years, or should have been doing so. It is perfectly acceptable to ask how long someone has been practicing by the way. If someone says a year and you do not feel comfortable paying them, then that is your right. But to ask someone if they are any good, it is an insult of the highest caliber and if you do so, do not be surprised if the witch not only refuses to take your money and give you service but if she shows you to the door. 
  • This next one is a very important one to be aware of. If you know a witch, whether personally or by reputation, and you see her at a gathering, party or some event, it is absolutely not appropriate to ask her to do something 'magickal' for you, in the attempt to entertain you. She is not there for your amusement, nor are her talents meant to amuse or entertain you or your friends. 
  • One additional thing I will add to this list and it is a personal pet peeve of mine, so it may be different for others. I find it very difficult when others who I have just met a moment ago, who might have just walked into my store, and they ask me "So how did you get started in all of this?" or "How did you realize you wanted to be a witch, or how did you start on the witch path?" or something similar. Well, to them it may seem like a simple question, but it is far from that. In truth, this person who I just met and do not know at all, has just asked me one of the hardest and most intimate questions anyone could ask me. There is never an easy, pat answer.  How I discovered this path, How I started being interested, how I got to where I am today would fill a book if not more than one, so it is simply not something I am able to or comfortable explaining to a complete stranger in a matter of a few minutes. 
  • In conclusion, we are witches year round. Yet, there are those who like to seek us out around Halloween time, for that small time of the year we are reluctant celebrities, at least I am. I simply do not get it, but every year, we have people come to the store who claim to be my closest friend, one year a woman came in claiming to be my sister's closest friend, and I know my sister's closest friend and I had never seen this woman before! For some reason there seems to be a need to have an association with a witch this time of year, so we smile, we understand and we go along.  But then Halloween passes and we are still witches doing our thing come Christmas, or to us Yuletide, and during the dark of winter, and during the blossoming of the springtime, all around the Wheel of the Year. We work our magick quietly and without fanfare, gently creating needed change for the better. Many are not even aware we are here and doing what we are doing, but that's okay. We have been here before time was recorded and will be here after all is done. 
If you are lucky enough to have a witch for a friend hold her in good stead for she will be your loyal and steadfast friend for life, unless you choose to disregard that friendship and then you have lost a grand treasure indeed.  It is the Wise that keep the Wise Ones close. Blessings, Ms. Faith 

Live, Laugh and Always Love  

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