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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Full Moon & Pumpkin Pie

 Full Moon Greetings,

 Happy Thanksgiving week!  Did you know that pumpkin pie is the perfect love spell for a woman to offer a man? Pumpkin,along  the various spices used, sugar, even molasses all have the same magickal properties for affecting males with loving and lust energies.  Apple pie works equally as well with women.  So men could bring an apple pie to the dinner to impress the ladies while the ladies .  .  .  bring on the pumpkin pie!  Heating the pie a bit before serving brings more 'heat' and passion to a relationship. Food magick is a particularly favorite topic of mine.  But more of that later. For tonight, let's get a little crazy under the full moon. 

What a beautiful full moon it was last night! Remember we get to celebrate and do magick utilizing the full moon for three additional days after the 'official' day of the full moon.  Typically full moon energy lends itself to banishing or eliminating unwanted energies from our lives.  But, oh beware! beware! Of what you choose to let go of.

Some thought must be given to what you are really doing. First, can you imagine something you would like out of your life? Yes .  .  .   well that was easy.  Now, are you ready to take notice and take responsibility for that 'something' being in your life to begin with?   huh?

Just what I said. The things you want out of your life the most, are in your life because you allowed them in, in many cases brought them into your life, yourself.  No one else can be blamed, not for the banishment magick to work.  It's no one's fault but your own, but hey! don't be upset, these things served you when you first brought them into your life.   Now you just choose to set aside 'what no longer serves you.'

For example, you wish to get rid of a bad habit, or a tendency such as procrastination. You decide to do a spell that is going to help you eliminate your habit of procrastination. Take a moment to realize that you procrastinate because you get something from it, maybe its more time for other things, it has served you (or it wouldn't have become a habit to begin with)  Now you can change if you wish, but notice the worst of the 'bad habits' i.e. smoking, drinking, over eating, debauchery (I've heard things!) are more bad because they are fun, naughty or exciting, desirable.  They are also hard to quit, simply because people feel some kind of 'good' when doing the bad habit.

To do a spell to help you set aside this bad habit, you  really , really have to need it to be gone. Until then you may have some manifestation, but not as much as you'd wish.  No magick will stop you from doing what you really want to do, or cause you to do something you really don't want to do.

Lets discuss how to utilize the full moon for banishment or elimination magick?  Again you can use candle magick. Witches use black candles for these types of rituals.  Yes, black candles are a stereotype but its a stereotype based on truth this time.  We use the color black as protection, banishment or getting rid of.  Color is a magickal system in and of itself and we'll discuss color magick in greater detail at another time.

Take a black spell candle and a small bottle of a nice banishment oil.  Basil, peppermint or sandalwood are all good choices   Hold the candle by its base and wet the tip of your fingers with some of the oil. Drawing the oil across the candle from bottom to top, then again from bottom to top, continuing until the entire candle is dressed with the oil. Make sure the oil is well absorbed. Visualize yourself with the 'thing' you are banishing out of your life while preparing your candle.  If you did a new moon spell two weeks ago you can visualize the same end result if you are flipping the spell this time. 'Flipping the Spell'  is a concept we can look at in detail in another discussion.  Simply put its just looking at the other side of your spell. For the new moon you may have spelled to bring in efficiency and time management,  when now during the full moon you will banish procrastination.

Burn your candle on any day, although Saturdays lend themselves nicely to banishment and protection spells as this is in the realm of Saturn. 

To answer a few commonly asked questions regarding full moon magick, no you cannot banish a person, no matter how much they deserve it!  Now, now we've discussed this before. 

If you'd like to banish some stress from the upcoming  holidays, visualize yourself in the evening, perhaps Thanksgiving evening, after all the guests have left. Perhaps you'll be watching television and relaxing.  Visualize yourself extremely relaxed, stress free and happy. See yourself thinking back over the day and smiling at the memories.  Along with the candle burning, this visual can be very effective.  One note, do not change your visual each and every time. Keep it the same for the duration of the spell. Or every evening spend just a few moments visualizing this 'end result'.

Also, many people report having effective manifestation even without burning a candle. If you are good with visualization you can start with that. The candle spell just adds power and effectiveness to your magickal goal. Its up to you how much effort you put into it.  Happy Spell Casting! 

Peace and Happiness

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