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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Color Magick

 Evening Greetings,

I sit here in my office and watch as the sun glances through the window striking my crystal ball on a table set before the window.  The prism of colors that fractures from the union of sunlight and crystal has me thinking of the magick inherent in colors.  Color is a magickal system all by itself and can be combined with other systems to add extra energy and power to your life as well as your spells.

Some simple color magick can be utilized with candle spells.   By burning a candle of a certain color the vibrations of that color resonate to attract certain magickal properties to surround you.  As I said earlier color is a magickal system in and of itself, and it can be a pretty big topic as color is everywhere and always around us. For tonight's discussion though, we'll stick with the magickal properties of the colors for now.

Initially work with one color at a time.  In the case of candle spell work, one candle of a single color.  The magickal properties associated with each color are:

Black - banishing harmful energies, surrounding  yourself with strong protection.  The protective qualities of the color black is also a reason so many magickal people wear black.  It helps us from absorbing all the energies around us, especially when we develop our psychic sense to a heightened level by the work we do.  It can be uncomfortable to be in crowds and around certain people if you're sensitive to picking up others energies, so black helps in this regard. Be careful against wearing black too regularly though, as it is thought to have a downside of making the physical body less strong, and possibly more open to illness and disease, if over-worn.  In the cycle of life, black denotes the aspect of procreation. The time before birth, the darkness of what comes before.

White -  An all purpose color with candles. White is also the combination of all colors in light energy. White is also used to represent the Goddess and the Maiden aspect of the Goddess.  The best substitute color to use when the color you need is not available. In the cycle of life, white denotes death. The color of the bones of the skeleton, which is all that remains after death and decay. 

Red- Love, lust, passion, change, strength, courage, stamina and endurance.  The color of life's blood and in the cycle of life, red denotes life. Red can be used for the well known aspect of drawing loving and passionate energies to someone. It is also very effective in bringing stamina, energy and strength to the physical body.

Pink - A loving color and it speaks to the love found in relationships not of a carnal nature. The romance of young love, friendships and familial relationships.  A color often seen in the auras of expectant mothers and in the auras of new born babies.

Blue - A color of effective communication, it also works on emotional healing. It is a color that helps rid the emotional body of stress and anxiety it is holding onto, allows one to put emotional hurts in the past. Also bring peace, serenity and calming to the physical body.

Green - Abundance, fertility, money and prosperity, fortune.  Physical healing, magickal gardening and new growth.  We use the color green for money spells as in our culture green along with silver and gold represent the colors of our money.

Brown - This is the best color for animal magick.  It is necessary to be cautious when casting magick for animals. This should only be done to help comfort a sick or injured animal.  If an animal is very ill or injured, animal magick may make it easier for them to move onto the other side, leaving this life behind. Be aware that this is a possibility and even a responsibility as an owner of animals.  But you must know that if its time for them to move on, this will make it easier, yet not everyone is good with this understanding.  Of course, first and foremost an ill or injured animal needs to be brought to a veterinarian.  Any magick to help the animal convalesce should be done after wards.

Yellow - The color for students of any subject. It taps into the intellect and helps with studying, retaining knowledge, and recalling information under pressure.  This is also a color to bring truth about a situation into your life. A word of caution, be sure you really want the truth, because you will get what you ask for.

Orange - a great color for change for the better. Especially if you are unsure of another color or if it doesn't fit in any of the given categories, then orange is the color for you.  Orange is good for general change, and also good for business change and making things work better and more efficiently in business.

Purple - a color for divination, meditation, communing with deity, when striving for peace, tranquility and serenity on a soul level.  Whether light or dark purple depends on you and which shade brings you the inner feelings you're looking for. You'll know when you see the right shade.

Silver - The color of the moon and of lunar Goddesses.  Also a color for money and success.  Silver is a color that is general to the female and the feminine in modern Wicca.

Gold - The color of the Sun and of the sun Gods. Also a color of success and money. Gold is general to the male or the masculine in modern Wicca.

When using color magick in candle spells and color is a very important part of candle magick, have a color that is suited to the work to be done. It will add extra energy to your spell, an extra layer if you will. A timely holiday hint, this is a great time of the year to buy candles!!  The time after Thanksgiving to New Year's is a big season for all sorts of candles to appear. You can get silver and gold candles just about anywhere this time of year, also tons of red and green candles. Because of the holidays season,  green and red very common, and are probably the most commonly burned colors for spell casting.  I know, I sell more red and green candles year round than any other color.

So, keep your eyes open as you holiday gift shop and you'll be able to pick up many items for use in your year round spell casting.  You can find fun plates to set up candle spells in great colors. Greens swirled with silvers and golds for money magick. Reds with silvers and golds for love, and reds and greens mixed or swirled together for physical health and healing spells.

I hope this sends you out into the holiday retail world this month  and allows you to step back from the craziness of the stores and see things from a witch's perspective. 

Peace and Happiness

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