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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Thanksgiving Eve Greetings,

Oh my! There's so much going on! Pies baking, turkeys being prepared, houses being cleaned and so much activity.  Mmm, everything smells soooo good, doesn't it? Tomorrow many will gather around a communal dining table with family and friends. There will be talk of what we are grateful for.  A very nice tradition really.

As a witch I've been asked many questions and this holiday reminds me of one of the more unique questions I had been asked "What do witches eat?".  Fair enough, and I assume the person was going towards vegetarian or meat eating, at least that's what I tell myself!  Also, how a modern day witch would observe a day like Thanksgiving. This is one of the holidays celebrated in this country today that did not directly come from a single early pre-Christian holiday.  All of the harvest festivals are Thanksgiving for us,  in a sense.

Firstly, we eat whatever anyone eats. Some witches/pagans are vegans, vegetarians and the like.  Many of us also consume meat. Each person needs to take responsibility for what they consume and to make peace with it. Not all of us are vegetarians for instance. A food consuming style is not specific to witches or pagans. Well .  .  .  except we love to eat. The celebratory aspect of the feast, with friends, making merry and enjoying the bounty of the earth. I've never met a pagan or witch who didn't love food. 

Some of us consume alcohol and some do not, again a personal choice that should never be dictated by anyone save yourself.  My family will be enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the pre-requisite turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

How witches today observe this holiday is to again think of the abundance in our lives.  Today many are stressed with the economy and the prospect of not having enough. If you are able to read this discussion, you're very lucky.  There are those who do not have a place to sleep inside, in the warmth, let alone a computer. Even an old crappy one with dial up!  Yes, we have abundance in our lives. Maybe not a lot of dollars in our wallets, but health, family, friends, a purpose for living, a love of life, maybe we just have love. That's special in so many ways. We use this time to think back on the past year and reflect. The winter months are time for reflection for us. Deep reflection.  Where have we been? What have we sowed that now we are harvesting? Metaphorically, in our lives. For another planting season is just around the corner.

  Einstein quipped,  "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". If you're not pleased with what you've harvested this holiday season.  If you're reflecting on your past year and giving thanks for what you have and you find you want something else, or more or less of something in your life, then now is the time to plan. What seeds will you plant in the spring, so that next year at this time you are pleased and satisfied with your harvest?

As a  witch I am always learning, always delving deeper into myself to know the ultimate alchemy. Think about this, this holiday season. About knowing who you are and what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled.  Be thankful for what you've done up to this point and strive to change that which no longer serves.

My wish for you is to have a wonderful holiday, in exactly the way you want it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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