The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Magickal Names

 Evening Greetings,

Did you enjoy your day yesterday? I hope that you did.  Thanksgiving Day is a big holiday in New England.  I learned recently, on a documentary on the History Channel regarding the origins of Thanksgiving, that for well over two hundred years after that 'first' Thanksgiving feast in 1621, Thanksgiving was only recognized locally as a holiday in New England.  I found that interesting as I would have thought the settlers that traveled westwards would have brought the concept of a day to give thanks with them.  Tradition. Another part of the modern magickal movement, ooh I like the way that sounds!, is choosing a magickal name.

Many in the magickal world choose to adopt a 'magickal' or nickname to use.  The origins of a magickal name goes back again to the burning times. The times in the past when just a belief in the magickal was dangerous and the practice of was a guarantee of torture and death if discovered.  Yet, for many, practicing alone was not desirable. Humans seek others of similar beliefs and we always have and always will.  So, by bringing others into the coven they would run the risk of someone being forced, under duress, or with other ambitions, into telling a coven members name to the witch hunters.  So the practice of adopting an alias to protect oneself and others  developed. 

You see, if you only knew everyone by their magickal name, no other, even under the worst degree of torture   could give out more than a false name.  This was designed to lead the witch hunters astray.

Today, modern witches do use magickal names and for varying reasons.  There are those, like myself, who choose a magickal name to be used in the ritual circle and while working magick with a few other like minded people.  No one else is privy to this name.  I will tell you, Faith, was the name I was given at birth and I choose to keep my magickal name to myself, and less than a handful of people know my magickal name today.  I use the name Ms. Faith as my professional name. 

Others like the anonymity a magickal name gives them.  They use it as a protection on internet sites like face book and the like.  With the computer technology we have today its far easier to find a specific Mary Smith by location or approximate age than it is to find a "Willow Moon-Beam Star Fire Diva" which even in the magickal world is a bit outlandish for a magickal name!!

But you get my point, I hope.  When asked about choosing magickal names and if someone should, I always bring the choice back to them.  I can't choose your magickal name anymore than I can choose whether you should have a magickal name.  Yet, for many the choice of a 'new' name is a stepping off point for their magickal journey, others choose a name after being on the path for several years. Some keep the name they were given at birth and finds it works out just fine with magickal workings and without.

Some of the magickal names I've encountered over the years, Morrigana, Moon-something (its really popular to put the word moon before other words like -glide, beam, ice, walk, etc. Many choose Deity names i.e.  Diana, Luna, Bridget, Cernunnus, Kether.  Some choose to use names derived from the animal kingdom, such as Wolf, Phoenix, Serpent, Jackal, Raven, Gazelle and such. Still others like titles such as Lady or Lord before their chosen name, for a medieval flavor.   It's really up to you.  Again, I would use caution as to where and when you choose to use a magickal name.

Many people won't understand, so using a magickal name will only confuse them and possibly shine derision your way. A witch stands apart by her very nature, its not necessary to blast the line in the sand with everything you do. It will just make it harder for people to understand and accept you.

So, will you choose a magickal name? You can if you'd like to.  Just choose a name that resonates with you. One that makes sense and pleases you.  A magickal name, the best magickal names fit the person like a glove. There are some people I know that their magickal name is so perfect for them, I couldn't imagine them going by any other name.

So, how to find your name? That's a bit tricky. They're many ways from meditating on it, looking through sites of magickal names on-line, (yes they have them!!) or perhaps you'll choose a name that means something to you for sentimental reasons.  Whatever name you choose, wear it (use it) for at least a year. If you don't like it, change it.  Be careful as some fall into the place of changing their magickal name as often as they change clothes. It then becomes somewhat of a joke. Your name is your identity, and as such it should  be very special.  You can change it once or twice but if you are changing more than that I would suggest you stay with your given name.  Perhaps a magickal name is not meant for you other than the one you have as your given name.

Whatever reason you choose, whatever name you go by, one thing should prevail.  It should make you feel special, make you feel 'your authentic self'.  Maybe the name you have already does that. If so, that's wonderful. If not, choose another.  Have fun! 

Peace and Happiness

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