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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The magick of the days of the week

 Good  Evening,

Tonight I will give you a brief overview of the energies of the days of the week and how those properties can be used to assist in your spell casting.  We'll get to that in a moment, but before that I want to address a question I received regarding my last post, "Do you want to cast a spell?". I think its a good question that many might find interesting.

The question was  "Ms. Faith,  you make no mention of actually casting a circle before the spell .  .  .  you imagine a circle of white light .  .  .  can you address that deeper for me please? Thanks!"

Yes, I can. Actually, you did cast a circle. The circle of white light energy is a circle.  If, what I think you mean, is I didn't describe how to conduct a full ritual casting of a magickal circle within which to do the spell, you're correct. I didn't. I call this white light circle of energy a self-cast circle, in contrast to a full ritual circle.

For simple magicks, such as a candle spell, I find it unnecessary to cast a full ritual circle. The magick is within us. I will also say you will receive a faster and stronger manifestation by doing the spell in the magickal circle, but not because it makes the candle stronger, or the spell more 'right', it just helps focus the mind of the practitioner clearly on the goal, and it adds to the energy and time you put into your spell. The more effort you put in any magickal endeavor relates directly to the strength of the manifestation.  So what to do? It's really up to you.

Manifestation is possible on all levels. There are books out there that just speak of visualization, which does have an effect. Choosing a green candle adds a layer to your spell, oil another layer, etching a symbol in the candle yet another, etc. Yes, by casting a ritual circle it can be extremely effective, but its not always necessary. A witch's day and night are filled with all sorts of opportunities to cast a spell, stir the energies, and create needed change in her life. To cast a circle before each opportunity is seldom practical or possible.

Every day I burn a small spell candle for one focus or another. To bring business to the store to help keep us open, to increase the loving energies around me, keep health energies strong and vibrant around me and in my home, to keep my pets strong and free from harm, etc.  These are simple candle spells to enhance the energies already around me.  Yes, if one has the time, a full circle casting is always lovely and special, but too many practitioners put off working magick because they don't have the time, don't feel comfortable casting a full circle, don't think they have all the necessary tools and supplies,  etc.

I'd like to teach you about spell casting as I understand it. I cast my first spell when I was 12 years old. I lived  in a small farming community in the country on a large dairy farm . I remember gathering up a few boxes of wooden matches and took them with a small knife, a mortar and pestle and a candle into the woods. I wanted to do a protection spell, I don't remember why specifically, but I found a small clearing and it had a large, flat topped rock.  I scrapped off the sulfur tips and ground them up. Then I started a small fire and here is where I tell you at the age of 12  I was well versed with starting and maintaining a safe fire, as we had a large fireplace in our home and a wood stove, and outdoor fire pits.  Lighting and keeping the fire's lit were everyone's responsibility, not just the parents.  Though I don't know that today I would be comfortable with children playing with matches, no matter how magickally inclined!!

I then cast the spell, though I really don't remember any other parts of it, nor if it manifested in the way I intended.  But, I remember casting my first spell, and it was special.  I've learned a lot since then, much learned from magickal authors and famous witches.  Yet over the years the magick that remains in me is what I've observed and discovered for myself.  I mix and blend what I've been taught with the knowledge of personal experience and this is what I will share with you.  In other words, everything I present in this witch's blog is my opinion and comes from my experience, unless I specify differently.  Thanks for walking with me down memory lane, but let's get back to spell casting and the question that started this discussion.

By holding your hands palms together, the traditional prayer pose, it is believed that you complete a circuit of energy allowing a circular flow of energy, that builds and gets stronger as it circulates through you. As you envision this energy in your mind's eye (this process is much more effective doing with your eyes closed) and then push the energy out to surround you and even the house you sit in. The energy within is so powerful and with focused visualization you can cast a circle as effective as a full regalia, ceremonial, ritual circle. 

Of course, the bottom line is, do what feels right for you. Many people reading this blog have indicated they are new and interested in learning about the magickal world. I hope to present the magickal world of the witch in a fashion that is enticing and not threatening for the novice to attempt.  As far as the days of the week are concerned, by adding a layer to your spell work. By doing a love spell on a Friday for instance, you add another layer of magickal energy to your spell.  Each day has many properties, I've but listed the predominant energies for each day to start with.

This is how you can bring the magick of the days of the week into play with your spell casting:

If you wish for a successful conclusion for an issue or project Sunday is an excellent day for success and positive manifestation of all types.

Monday is a good day for women's issues, divination, finding out the truth of a matter, and working internal change

Tuesday is a good day for winning at any sort of confrontation, 'battle, challenge or disagreement.

Wednesday is a day of communication and having others listen and heed your words

Thursday is a day of financial energies, business, money, wealth and success at work

Friday is an ancient day devoted to the energies of love, passion, desire and lust

Saturday is a general day of banishing, eliminating and getting rid of that which no longer serves you.  

There are of course many other properties attributed to each day of the week, and each day of the week can again be broken down to address each greater property. For instance you can work love magick on every day of the week, just with a change of focus. But this list is a general, easy to follow reference to assist you in your spell casting. 

Thanks everyone, for reading and all the great comments and thanks for the question cabynfevr.  I hope my answer serves.  Peace

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