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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Love Ritual

 Good Evening,

Tonight we will conduct a ritual for love.  Last night's post contained the list of tools and supplies needed to cast a magickal circle for a ritual.  To refresh your memory and to also eliminate the necessity of switching between discussions, you need the following to cast a circle:

a small bell
an altar pentacle or a piece of paper and a pen to draw a pentacle
seven small votive candles, one each of the colors white,black, blue, green and yellow and 2 red votives. (Have an extra red votive if you are not making an oil.)
a small bowl to hold spring water in
spring water
a small bowl to hold salt in. Regular household salt is fine.
powdered incense
a censer or fire proof container to burn a charcoal briquette in
small amount of sand, 1 cup is fine, to burn charcoal on
charcoal briquettes, in a foil roll, sold at all fine witch supply stores
a lighter
an athame, wand or your finger will work to cast the circle
optional, gentle background music if desired 

Now have your space chosen for the ritual and as we are here in New England, encased in over 6 feet of snow!!!,  We will be conducting this ritual indoors.  You can thank me later!  Set a table or flat surface in the center of the space you've chosen as your ritual area. This is your altar. An important note** Altar is spelled with 2 a's. No e's. An altar is a surface upon which to conduct a religious ceremony or for Wiccans a work surface to place our tools and ingredients to conduct a ritual or to craft our spells.  The word alter is to change or adjust something an is a verb, whereas altar is a noun.  I'm a bit of a stickler for proper spelling as the witch is defined as 'the wise one' by ancient arcane understanding.  And frankly with spell check on your computer it amazes me that we've become even more sloppy with our spelling nowadays! Shameful! Well, that's another discussion!! So, onto our ritual. 

You may choose to cover your altar with a red cloth, or pink. Right now, in preparation for Valentine's day you can find all sorts of perfect material covered with hearts, in all the right colors in your local fabric store. After you've covered your altar with the cloth of choice, you then set up your tools and supplies. I have an example of how to set up your altar below.

The maiden, mother and crone candles are a white, red and black votive in that order.  I apologize for the graphics being covered a bit by the boxes on the right, but the only thing covered is the incense which should be placed on the right of the altar.  In this depiction you will be standing in the South, facing North as a ritual for just one person is conducted.  You may use the athame instead of the wand and the cauldron with the burning charcoal or ember can be placed to one side or the other to prevent having to work directly over the hot surface. If you don't have an altar pentacle you may draw one on a piece of paper and place it in the center of the altar. Your altar pentacle looks like the star in the center of the altar depicted above, but with a circle around it.

After you've set up your altar, then place the remaining four votive candles, the colors of green, yellow, red and blue in the proper directions along the perimeter of the room.  To refresh, green goes in the North, yellow in the East, red in the South and blue for the West.  Please make sure they are on fireproof surfaces and protected from household pets, small children or your robes touching the flames.

Need I say, burning witches . . . bad!!!

I then light all the candles. Yes, before I do anything else. I find that the flow and energy of the circle you are casting can be disrupted by struggling to light a candle that doesn't wish to be lit, or digging a wick that has hardened into the melted wax from the last ritual etc. So, prepare your candles, make them ready to burn by trimming the wick and making sure they are placed properly and then lighting them. All before the first step of casting the circle.

Now, is your altar set? All candles lit? Good. Now light the charcoal, to get it started. Oh, do you have the ingredients for your potion? If you wish to make a love potion that is.  Ideally I put together my potion or oil before I cast a circle, but it can be put together while in the circle.  If you have all of your 'stuff' let's get started. Start the soft music if desired and make sure you won't be disturbed while in the circle. This means either locking the door or telling your family to stay out! Small children should not be present if you are just starting out as they will prove to be a distraction that will hurt your ability to totally focus on the work at hand.

Stand in front of the altar, in the South facing North. Ring the bell three times. Place the bell down after the last tones fade from the air. Pick up your athame or wand, or use your finger and draw a pentacle in the air over the altar.  This is how we do that. Starting at the top of the star (in the air) move tool to the lower right 'leg' of the star, up and over to the upper 'arm' on the left of the star, straight across to the upper 'arm' on the right of the star, then down to the left again, this time the lower 'leg' of the star and back to the top apex of the star. Then finish the pentacle shape by moving your finger or tool in a clockwise circle from the top of the star all the way around to the top again. This is how we draw a pentacle shape of protection and blessing in the circle..  Practice makes perfect.

You may say if you wish: "Goddess bless this altar."

Hold your hands out, palms facing the three burning candles in the center of the altar and say: "Lovely lady, we thank you for your flames which  enlighten, protect an dilluminate us within your magick circle."

Now, place the burning censer with the charcoal already lit in the center of the altar, on top of the altar pentacle. Hold your tool, athame, wand or finger over burning charcoal and say "Goddess bless this creature of fire" and make a pentacle shape as we just did. Then hold your tool over the powdered incense and do the same, but this time say "Goddess bless this creature of air".  Then place three pinches of incense on the burning charcoal and walk the censer with clouds of fragrant smoke wafting up around the circle, starting in the North and walking deosil, or clockwise around the circle. You may recite at this time "As this incense burns and drifts our powers become more sure and swift".  You will start in the North, move to the East, then South and then West, finishing up again in the North.  Only one time around the circle is necessary with the incense.

Place the censer on the altar and remember to continue to feed it pinches of powdered incense to keep the atmosphere balanced. Not too much, we don't need to fumigate your home, or do we?  Well, that's for another time!! Now place the bowl of spring water on the altar pentacle and bring the salt near. Again with your tool of choice inscribe a pentacle in the water and say "Goddess bless this creature of water", and then the salt "Goddess bless this creature of Earth. Then place three pinches of salt into the water. Mix them together with a pentacle motion and say "Blessed be this most sacred of unions"

Follow the path you took with the incense, just once around, and nothing is said during this trip around the circle, but an intense visualization is conducted where you imagine a bright blue white circle of flames surrounding you. The flames of blue rising up and around the circle protecting you from any harmful outside influences. Then when back in the North, place the bowl of holy or scared water back on the altar.

Take your tool or finger and face the North. Raise high your hand holding your wand or athame, or if using your fingers point your index finger, allow your middle finger to point up also and your thumb to jut out, the other fingers should be closed against your palm. This is an ancient witches symbol or sign  which signifies the holy trinity, yet again.  Mr. Raven Grimassi and his lovely wife Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi during a lecture at Enchantments explained how this symbol is reminiscent of the ancient witches meeting place which would often be near a three branched tree that stood at the crossroads outside of town where the paganus or rural pagans would meet to worship the old ways. Mr Grimassi is another of the great masters I refer to in my lectures who has so much to offer. You can't help but benefit by reading any of his many, excellent publications, all of which we are proud to sell at Enchantments.

Hold your fingers up to the watchtowers of the North and say : Watchtowers of the North powers of Earth, I invite you to attend this ritual, welcome and be aware." Make the pentacle sign in the air with your tool or finger.  Turn and face the East. Repeat as for North, but insert " East, powers of Air", make symbol then turn towards the South insert "South powers of Fire", make symbol and turn to the West, insert "West powers of Water" and make the symbol.

Then walk to the North and with your tool or finger, just the index finger this time, point to the floor towards the perimeter of the room and walk around the circle deosil around circle while reciting "Here is the boundary of the magick circle, naught but love shall enter in not but love shall emerge from within"

When in the North again, raise your hand and still pointing with finger or tool straight out from body at a middle height, walk around again and recite the same, and when again in the North rise hand up and outwards walk a third time around and say the incantation yet again. When you are finished you will end in the North, lower your arm and move back to the South where your work station is.

When in the South, raise both hands in Goddess pose (see figure below) and say: "Dark thoughts, ill will, negative emotions you cannot withstand in this sacred place, I command you to be gone, so mote it be!"  You are doing a banishing spell, so say it with conviction.  As you say "So Mote it be" take your dominant hand and sharply indicate towards the West, the gates of death and banishment. This is where the unwanted energies will go.

Keeping your hands in Goddess pose now recite this ancient incantation. ( I did not write this part, it comes from a wonderful book "Spiral Dance" written by Starhawk published first in 1979, this book is still an amazing read today and I highly recommend you read it.)

"Here we stand, between worlds,
beyond the bounds of time,
where night and day,
birth and death,
joy and sorrow meet as one."
(written by Starhawk - The Spiral Dance" 1979 HarperCollins Publishers New York, NY)

Then say "by the Goddess and God, the circle has been cast, let the ritual begin."

Well, you've cast a circle!  Take a moment, do a little dance!!  Now to the work at hand. If you have a potion or oil already formulated you may hold it now and close your eyes and imagine white light energy flowing from your body into the vial of oil. In your mind's eye see the vial start to glow and pulsate, you may even feel this phenomenon.  If not charging an oil or potion or even if you are, you may choose to light the extra red candle you have and visualize for a moment love entering your life. How will it feel? How will you look and respond? Hold that visual for a moment.

After a few moments, take the oil, if you have one, and wave it through the incense smoke, touch it to the red candle flame, the mother candle in this case, then dip it gently in the sacred water.  It is now charged and ready to work for you.

If you have just the red candle, hold the candle as it burns, close your eyes and see it glowing with a bright white energy and after a few moments put it back on the altar.  Keep this candle burning for a while, if possible,  even after the ritual has been concluded.

You may say anything you wish to the Goddess or God as they are there with you, before you close the ritual.  You may meditate or just hang out for a while enjoying the peace and tranquility.

Now is time to open the circle and conclude the ritual.

Standing in the South facing the altar again, hold your hands out to the altar and say "Lovely Lady, with your gentle Lord, I thank you for your presence here within my magickal circle. Until we meet again, go in peace softly." Then make the sign of the pentacle again over the altar.

Then walk to the North and with your finger or tool, at the mid point level, starting in the North and moving widdershins, counterclockwise, move from the North, to the West, to the South and then the East to finish up again in the North, all the while holding your tool out and imagining the blue white flames of protection drawing back into the tool or your finger. Do not stop at each watchtower but continue in a flowing motion around the circle. You are absorbing the circle.

Then go to the North candle, hold your tool or finger(s) up as in the casting of the circle, and say "Watchtowers of the North, powers of Earth, I thank you for attending this sacred rite, until we meet again go in peace softly." Make the pentacle sign in farewell.  Using the candle snuffer, gently out out the North candle. Do this again in the West, then in the South then in the East and return to your place. Then put out the altar candles, leaving the red one for love burning. Even if you make an oil you can still utilize the extra red candle. You may even choose at this time to anoint the candle with some of the oil you have crafted.

To finish up the ritual we say the following which I wrote almost twenty years ago

" The circle is open yet unbroken, around and through us flows its magickal powers. We came together in love and friendship, loyalty and trust, let us part the same way. May we each take a part of the circle's protection with us as we depart into the night. So Mote it be"  You may now exit the ritual area.

It is important to ground after doing a ritual like this. Hold your hands out and place on the altar, or bend down to the ground and place palms flat on floor and breath in and out imagining the power flowing from your hands into the earth below. Also eating carbohydrates such as pastas, breads and other heavy foods help ground you.Just be wise about eating heavy foods late at night, no need to be an unhealthy witch!

If you leave the ritual room, bring the red candle, still burning with you and watch it burn throughout the evening. When you wish to put it out, make sure to snuff it out, never blow it out.

Keep the visual of you with your new love in your life, and by all means you must get out of the house. Maybe you need to take a chance, but know the energies are out there working for you and its up to you to do the final part.  If someone asks you out, but you don't think they are the right person for you, go anyway (unless they are seriously creepy, might very well be stalker, serial killer material) go out and who knows. Maybe they aren't the right person for you, but you may run into his brother or best friend. Hmmmm. This is how magick works!  Have fun.

Peace and Happiness

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using essential oils in your magickal work

 Good Evening,

Tonight I wanted to discuss using  essential oil blends in your magickal workings.  Magickally charged oils truly are the magickal potions of legend and lore.  By properly blending essential oils with a base oil, then charging the oil in a magickal circle,  you can 'program' an oil to work for you.

Let's start at the beginning. Essential oils are distilled from plant material and for example one would need 2 hundred, yes hundred pounds of rose petals to equal 4 teaspoons of essential rose oil.  All essential oils are either distilled or pressed from the plant material.  The magickal properties of essential oils are attributed to the natural properties found in all natural materials, which are felt to attract or repel certain energies that surround us.  For instance most people when asked to think of a flower that signifies love, would think of roses.  One of the strongest magickal properties for roses is love, another being protection. That is the energy of thorns and many times in history  roses were grown in hedgerows to create a boundary or barrier that even the toughest grazing animal would not cross. 

We think of a word like balm as calming and soothing, and that is exactly the energies attributed to lemon balms, and bee balms and plants with folk names that have words like bane in them are thought to repel harmful energies, such as lion's bane and wolf's bane.

So with the understanding that  natural plant materials contain energies we wish to utilize in our lives, a simple, neat and long lasting way to use these energies is in oil form.  Using an oil by itself is effective, but blending oils to intensify your end result helps you design an oil blend exclusive to you and your desires.

Since Valentines day is right around the corner, I will focus on love energies and recipes for this discussion.  If you wish to make your own special blend you first need to distinguish the loving energies you wish to attract.  Are you looking for romantic love? Attempting to attract a new best friend? Looking for a hot, sexy, passionate affair? The oils you choose can help you specialize your love desires.

First let's discuss base oils.  I tend toward the non typical, in most of my witchy ways and base oils are no exception. Yes, yes, so many people tout the qualities of vegetable or fruit oils such as apricot or olive as a base for your magickal oil blends. Not I. I prefer mineral oil. I know!!! Mineral oil!?? Well, isn't that a petroleum based oil?? How could I?

Now let me explain.  Mineral oil beats other base oils hands down. First let me address the petroleum issue.  Mineral oil and petroleum jellies are refined to a point where they are food grade safe. Mineral oil for instance is sold as a laxative.  Now, I would be more considerate of this point if we didn't, everyday, in most industrialized countries breath more petroleum based fumes just due to the road traffic we surround ourselves with, than we could ever ingest from refined mineral oil. Seriously, if you can look out of your home or office and see cars driving by you're inhaling more petroleum than using mineral oil in the tiny amounts we use for a base oil, as to not be concerned.

  Secondly and even more importantly, mineral oil is inert. this means it has no specific energy. It's a clean slate to add to. Oils like apricot, olive oil and others used as a base must be considered for the magickal properties they will add to the mix. Also, these base oils are not inert nor essential and this means they will spoil. Just as a forgotten bottle of cooking oil will go rancid, so will your magickal oils and potions, in as short a time as a month depending on conditions, definitely 2ithin a year.  In contrast I have some wonderful oils made for me almost twenty years ago from a magickal friend, who not only made the oils but sold them, and he was the first high priest I worked with, and  I learned that everything has value. Mineral oil comes from the earth and some people will use it and call it what it truly is, dinosaur fat, and benefit from those ancient qualities.

Now that we have that settled, and please feel free to use what you wish in regards to a base oil, but whatever you do, if you are using a base that will turn rancid, never, EVER, put magickal oils or potions in your refrigerator in the attempt to extend its shelf life.  The risk, no matter how slim,  of someone taking it out and drinking it, because of its being stored along with food, is too great to risk. Don't do it!!

Using a small vial, 1 or 2 drams works well, place a small amount of base oil in vial.

I fill mine up just about half way. Then I add drops of essential oils, and at times I put in dry ingredients to enhance my potion.  When adding the different oils and dry ingredients after each new ingredient, be sure to succuss the oils gently. One definition of succuss is  'a thorough 'mixing'  applied to the oil blend at each dilution stage.   I ask you to succuss your oils gently, as opposed to vigorously.  Oils do not need violent shaking to mix them and this energy may not be the energy you are looking for, especially if making an oil for tranquility and calming.

The following are some recipes I've come up with that  I wish to share with you.  Because of the Valentine's Day, love theme, we'll stick with the energies of love:  Each recipe contains numbers that refer to the drops of each essential oil to put in the base oil.

Romantic love Oil  

  9 drops rose oil
  3 peppermint oil
  3 lavender oil
  3 neroli or sweet orange oil

Add for enhancement, a pinch of pink fairy dust, which is a super fine glitter and a small piece or chip of rose quartz. Mix well, succussing gently and cast a simple circle to charge your oil.  Not sure how to cast a simple circle? We'll discuss that in our next talk. In the meantime, gather or purchase your supplies and you'll be ready to cast your circle and charge your oils.

To cast a simple magick circle gather these supplies and tools:

a small bell
an altar pentacle or a piece of paper and a pen to draw a pentacle
seven small votive candles, one each of the colors white,black, blue, green and yellow and 2 red votives. (Have an extra red votive if you are not making an oil.)
a small bowl to hold spring water in
spring water
a small bowl to hold salt in. Regular household salt is fine.
powdered incense
a censer or fire proof container to burn a charcoal briquette in
small amount of sand, 1 cup is fine, to burn charcoal on
charcoal briquettes, in a foil roll, sold at all fine witch supply stores
a lighter
an athame, wand or your finger will work to cast the circle
optional, gentle background music if desired 

 Some additional formulas for love potions or oils that might interest you:

Wild, Crazy Monkey Sex & Lust Oil - (this one is sure to have you swinging from the chandeliers! Use at your own risk!!)

9 drops dragon's blood oil (this oil is distilled from the dragon's blood palm tree) Oh! Did you think it was from real dragons? Hmmmm, it's a popular misconception. 
7 vanilla oil
3 rosemary oil
1 patchouly oil

1 clove oil
1 lemon grass oil
Now this oil is a special recipe of mine. I choose to utilize an ancient witches technique to personalize this oil and program it to you specifically. Then when you wear it, you will draw those who truly desire you. Trim a small amount of your hair. Just a tiny bit. With scissors trim the ends into as small bits as possible and allow to fall in the oil blend. Only use this oil on yourself as a perfume or anoint red candles and burn before going out or just wear during your day if you feel you might be around others who wish to date.

Perhaps you're good with lust and passionate love, and good for you!  Maybe you just need a new friend, someone to share with and spend time with. The platonic love relationships in our lives are just as important as the passionate loves. 

This recipe is for finding a new friend or enhancing an existing friendship.

Friendship Oil 

9 drops lavender
3 rose oil
1 orange
1 lemon balm
1 violet

Wear as a body perfume or anoint pink and light blue candles. Light blue is a good color for communication, and good friendships are cemented by strong, personal communication.  A dry ingredient you can add too enhance this potion can be a thin strip of orange peel, only the color not the white pith. Just a thin strip as long as you can make it, maybe a few inches. Allow it to curl up into the vial.  This can also be made and shared with a friend or given to a friend with full disclosure of what it is, and how it works.

I frown on giving unsuspecting people magickal spell work without them knowing about it.  As much as someone needs your magick!! and I'm sure they do, you can't give it to them without their knowing all aspects of the potion. In the magickal realm you must play fairly, or the penalty will be called on you!

Now, you have a few formulas and a short list of ritual tools and supplies needed to cast a circle.  Tomorrow is Friday, so I'll be back soon to detail the casting of a simple circle, and the love magick we will do inside it. Gather together what you need and meet me back here tomorrow night!  Friday is the best time to do love magick.  I will cast a circle and discuss it with you as I'm doing it.

Together we'll bring the loving energies into your life, if you want them and this ritual will be able to be done even if you don't wish to make any love oil.  We can just focus on a visual.  So between tonight and tomorrow night, come up with a visual of what you will look like with the loving energies you desire in your life.  How will you look? Feel? Be? See yourself, perhaps after coming home from a wonderful date! See yourself walking into your home, shutting the door and looking as you would after the best date ever! Get your visual, collect your tools and meet me here tomorrow night.

It's a date!

Peace and Happiness


© 2010 Enchantments, LLC Portions of this blog posting may include materials from my book “Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts First Year Magickal Studies.” For more information, see or go to the title of tonight's discussion and click, it will link you to my school's website. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Moon Madness - water molecules & PMS!! Oh no She didn't go there!!

 Good Evening,

A delightful full moon we had this week. Did you see it? I love the moon, its in the top three things I love the most, another being music.  The moon affects people, or most people believe this. I will discuss tonight the moon, women and PMS, and an interesting study done by a Japanese scientist on how our very thoughts affect water crystals.  The world around us affects us and we in turn affect the world around us. We can't separate from this so how do we make it work for us and not against us? Let's discuss these concepts tonight.

Have you heard or ever experienced the madness that surrounds the moon?  Oh, to be sure there are those experts and scientists that poo poo moon madness and the research I've seen looks something like this.  The following activities or circumstances seem to be affected by the moon, and studies have been done on each and every one of the following areas:

-the homicide rate, assaults, domestic violence, stabbings, shootings, robberies, suicide attempts, assassinations, kidnappings, traffic accidents, crisis calls to police or fire stations, violence in prisons,  psychiatric admissions (one study found admissions were lowest during a full moon), births of babies, major disasters,  casino payout rates, emergency room admissions, sleep walking, dog bite incidents (one study found they were greater during a full moon while another said they were lesser), aggression by professional sports players (one study was specific to hockey players), alcoholism, and agitated behavior by nursing home residents.
  Interestingly, many of these studies which were limited in scope and specific to one of the above areas of suspect behavior come to the conclusion that the moon when full has little effect on the behavior of a person. you see in many of these studies they would look at the statistics on every day of the month and compare those statistics to the numbers on a full moon. Most of these studies were focused on one day, the day of the full moon when the effects of the moon are cumulative starting a few days before and increasing to a peak shortly after the official full moon.  by only focusing on one day and not the seven that the moon actually affects certainly skewed the results. 
  I believe in science, I do.  Yet I am partial to the world's oldest science, the world of magick and magickal phenomenon.  You see, traditional science tests a concept or subject in such a way that for it to be a proven theory the scientist should be able to replicate the same result by using the same formula again and again. Well, who said magick fell within such mundane and typical scientific standards?  

In truth our world is more familiar in the world of quantum physics.  The world by where a scientific experiments end result can be affected and altered just by the passive observation of someone.  I lecture in my classes on the work of Japanese author and scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto.  His website really states it best when it says: 

"..... Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven over and over again, through photographing water crystals, that there is a geometrical correspondence between human thoughts and emotions and the very shape of the matter that surrounds us. Water, Emoto has shown, "treated" with love or beautiful music, undergoes molecular change into beautiful, harmonious geometrical forms. And the same happens in reverse: chaotic or "negative" thought and emotion cause the crystals of water to become unformed and unlovely."

Dr. Emoto has proven that water molecules, of which the human body is mostly made up of, is directly affected and irreversibly changed by the energy that surrounds us. Words said to the water molecules change the structure of the molecules, showing that loving words and thoughts making beautiful designs and geometric shapes, whereas harsh, mean and threatening words make the molecules ugly, dark and misshapen.  Yet the molecules will look differently depending on each instance. Not every 'ugly' water molecule looks like another, nor every lovely molecule.  Each instance and the unique energies of that moment in time make each circumstance unique. Just as no two people are alike in every  single aspect, not even identical twins, so each water molecule is different and so is the reactions of people during a full moon.  

 Does the moon affect people?  You, your family , the people at work? You tell me. Some people aren't even aware of when the moon is full unless they look up and visually see it. Some people don't even look up!  Yet those of you who are a bit more aware and are sensitive to the energies around you, you may very well feel that the moon can affect others and even yourself.  

The moon has a strong affect on the earth's oceans and tides, for without our moon the oceans would be stagnant and still. We know this, so why is it so hard to believe the moon can also affect us, as we are primarily water? The skepticism comes from a science that wants to be able to put everything into neat little boxes, yet working with humans that's an impossibility.  

It's the same concept that not every medicine or treatment will work on everyone with the same illness or disease.  It would be nice to say that radiation or chemotherapy works on every cancer patient but we know that is not the case. 

So, the moon and its madness.  Well if you feel that the moon does affect people and in turn affects you,  what can we do about it? First knowing about the issue is key. The accepting that maybe the moon when full affects you in some way. Is it a good way? Or not?  Does the full moon sync with your monthly cycle, for the women readers? Check that out.  This comes close to a new modern day taboo,  women and PMS. Women have PMS. Yes, I said it.  And yes, it does affect many women. Some not so much, some in a clinical serious medical way.  

Men already know what I'm going to say, that women are affected by their monthly cycle and not always in a fun, happy way. Why? Kind of like the moon. Our cycle or 'tides' if you will, ebb and flow and the increase in hormones can make for a cranky witch.  Ask a man about this PMS 'phenomenon' and if there are no women around,  they will all agree that it exists.  Women, on the other hand, tend towards being insulted, I think, simply because what's at the time very important to us, is not so important to a guy whose looking at the big picture.  They are thinking 1.) Is this life altering? 2.) Will this affect my living status, work status or ability to make money? They tend to think about major challenges and if it doesn't qualify, it's just not that 'stop the world right now and stress out with me important'   Then let them suggest that we are a bit 'touchy' because of our cycle and many men have learned to rightly fear for their very lives. That's because to women, taking our current crisis, whatever it is and blaming it on a biological occurrence makes us feel that men trivialize it.

Yes,  the monthly changes are often seen and known about by the men in our lives while women generally, in my experience, feel they are just having a bad day, or week for various other reasons.  Besides as a woman, accepting that a monthly biological physical occurrence can affect our emotions, our mental clarity and our physical comfort in not positive ways, can be very dis-empowering. That is if you feel you have no control over it. 

So, if you feel the moon or your monthly cycle can affect you and therefore those around you, be aware and take precautions. Apply the concepts I present in the areas that work best for you.  First you need to be aware of how the moon affects you. If it's a case that it doesn't except perhaps others that you work with, or in a business that gets extra busy like an emergency room or bar be prepared. Know that its likely because of past history to get busier and expect it. Maybe set up a treat like a visit with a friend or going out to dinner to celebrate after the event has passed.  Many times the witch doesn't try to change the chaos or calamity, as it may well be that someone else needs the experience, but she will do what she needs to to get through and celebrate at the other end. 
  Be careful about trying to use magick to affect work environments. Just because it affects you, it may be necessary for the place you work. Imagine a bar, peaceful, serene and tranquil on a regular basis because you can't deal with the typical stress and you cast a spell for it to be tranquil. Well soon you'd be out of a job and then the stress will really build!! 

Do you get sensitive? Cranky? Mean? Nasty? Well, I personally do not believe that we should emote our baser feelings onto everyone else just because we can. We do have a responsibility to those around us and the way we comport ourselves. If you are having that bad a day, perhaps take a day off.  I recommend for those who have the occasional 'dark' day, to make it a great one!!  Really .  .  .  call in sick, stay home, watch depressing movies,  eat ice cream, have a friend over, bitch and complain ( in private with said friend) and get over it!!  It's funny how people will call out sick to go to the beach yet when they are in a horrible, should not be allowed out in society mood, they go to work. Yes, that's what your co-workers and customers really want. A surly, disgruntled, nasty person who can scare small children and dogs,  to serve them their triple espresso, no fat foam latte!!  Stay home!! Get through it, and then the next day go out into the world and adjust your attitude.  

The same can be said for your monthly cycle.  Pamper yourself, especially if you've no one in your life to pamper you, do it yourself. Sit in your office chair with a heating pad on. Not that you might need it for pain or cramps, but because its comforting and can help calm and soothe the savage beast. Yes dear, I'm talking about you! Have a hot cocoa instead of your usual coffee, treat yourself to Thai for lunch rather than the typical. Draw yourself a hot bath, or watch T.V. lying in bed with candles burning and a nice gentle incense stick burning. Especially when at odds internally, adjusting your environment to soothe and comfort, relax and calm can make a huge difference.

Face it, we have madness surrounding us always and sometimes we more easily absorb it and take it on ourselves. Be aware of it, accept it, then be responsible and do something about it. Talk with a friend, or if its really bad, talk with your doctor.  Apologize when necessary and try to find the magick in everyday. It's not always easy, but who said being a witch or being magickal was easy? 

Peace and Happiness

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is knowledge dangerous?

 Good Evening,

Well, well isn't this a provocative topic.  People have commented that they are surprised I have so many topics to discuss with you. Most of my best topics come from my readers, customers and students.  This one came to me this week when a young couple stopped by the shoppe and had some questions for me.

Some of the discussion centered around their experience of meeting individuals in the magickal community, some who actually teach our ways and it came up that they had been told by at least one person, not to read any books or research anything while this person taught them.  When they asked why, it was explained to them that the information may contradict this teachers teachings, confuse them or otherwise make their training more challenging.  I make it a rule not to teach people under the age of 18, simply because they have other, far more important knowledge waiting for them to absorb, and young people can get a bit fixated on only one exciting concept, which makes it easier for them to neglect their necessary studies.  Yet those over the age of 18, who are reasonably intelligent and have no serious psychiatric issues (as previously discussed in my discussion on Jan 7, 2011 )  should be absolutely encouraged to learn as much as possible about all areas of the magickal world.

Honestly, if a person will read and without thought or question, take the information in any one book as absolute truth, well there's more work for them to do than what I can teach them. This is the basic challenge with the Bible. Not everything inside is meant for everyone.  Not in the Bible, not in any book, and not everything I teach is meant for everyone.

Now, I don't mean to bash anyone or anyone's teaching style but I will explain from my perspective a few concepts that this brings up.  I encourage my students to read, everything!! Not just the magickal masters such as Raven Grimassi, Laurie Cabot, Janet Farrar and Raymond Buckland to name but a few, but also the questionably dark authors like Allister Crowley and Anton LaVey.  I recommend my students read many books even the Bible.  I personally have used the Bible as a teaching aid in my classes, as it gives a serious insight into ancient peoples in an ancient time.

Does that surprise you? Why? Should the Bible be read only by believers? It contains knowledge. Even if its what you don't agree with and don't wish to use in your life.  Let me give you another example, I am not a Satanist nor do I follow their beliefs or practices. Yet I have read about their religion (and Yes, its a religion as defined by our Constitution) for how can I possibly answer students questions without having at least a basic understanding of the topic.

Our world is harmed by ignorance and history attests to this fact time and time again.  Ignorance of any kind is not helpful. Yes, knowledge can be scary and having knowledge of a situation or a concept absolutely makes one more aware and in many cases causes people to take action, and this can be a challenge. But to encourage a student to not read certain books or information because it may disagree with my concepts, or contradict what I teach is ridiculous.  An instructor of any topic or subject, especially in the magickal world had better be able to debate and handle disagreements because they will find you whether you like it or not.  The concept of encouraging students to not read certain information also speaks to the instructor being inexperienced or even not fully trained in their subject matter as to be unable to easily handle any discussion concerning their subject.

I myself have heard others warn new students away from some material because of the 'powerful' nature of the material. I've heard "Don't touch that book, it's very powerful and in the wrong hands . . . blah, blah, blah!" Really? Plleeeease! Stop it!! A book, any book, is just a collection of ink markings on paper. The power does not come from the book, the power comes from within you. And to be frank about it, if the student is not ready to assimilate and use the knowledge within it won't stick. An example I give my students is the difference of knowing as opposed to knowledge. 

Let's say for 'toadstools and cauldrons sake' that I give you a book on brain surgery. You read this book cover to cover, and actually memorize everything in this book. You have all the knowledge to do a brain operation. Do you think anyone will let you operate on their brain? Of course not!! And nor should they!!  This is where the knowing comes in.  The practice and experience of this world gives you a 'knowing." Knowing is what you absolutely know inside and no one can  take that from you, no matter how they try and debate. For me, I'm a witch and always will be. No one, regardless of who they are and how they argue can ever change that for me. I welcome disagreement, debate, and opposing opinions. Why? Because what works for me doesn't and shouldn't work for everyone. That's why I teach others to discover the world of magick and to learn how that world works for them. 

There are many people in our magickal world and many amazing, experienced teachers who have a lot to offer. Just be aware of those who use control inappropriately, warn you against gaining knowledge or try to convince you that there are some things you are not ready for, can't handle or are too powerful for you. Nonsense.  The ancient adage "When the student asks the question, the student is ready for the answer" is apt.

I have found that the student may not always be ready to use the information they receive from asking the question and many times they need to ask the question again and again, but to control or restrict that student from asking the question or from giving the answer again speaks to the instructor and the place the instructor is coming from.  I've learned one very important thing on my path as an instructor of the magickal arts, it's not about me. It's about the student. 

To answer the question that started this discussion, is knowledge dangerous? No. Ignorance is  and always  will be.

Peace and Happiness

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now we tackle 2012! Also answers to some recent comments.

 Good Evening,

While warmly enclosed within my witches cottage, a fire crackling on the hearth and a snow, ice, sleet and rain storm hammering down outside, I thought I'd have a lively discussion with you. Grab a cup of tea, or maybe mug of hot cocoa and let's discuss some of the comment's I've received since we last talked.  Then we'll dig our teeth into a meaty subject, the 2012 controversy. 

First, we last visited while discussing the 13th astrological sign and all of the consternation it was causing.

Autumn wrote:  "I have always been a cancer. What I am finding very perplexing at the moment is that up until about halfway through this past summer I was everything my sign claimed me to be, and I loved the water. However,since about August, I have been very different. I read through Gemini, which the new zodiac says that I am, and it is actually far more accurate than Cancer was. What's the deal with that?"

A very good question Autumn.  You also seem to have a good sense of self awareness and that's important. Well, I mentioned briefly in my last discussion that we are not all fully developed as whatever sign we are born under. We tend to have aspects of every astrological sign within us, even in small amounts. If you were to read through all of the signs, I bet you could relate to at least one characteristic for each one.  That doesn't make you not an authentic Cancer, it just speaks to the characteristics in twelve signs attempting to generalize millions of individuals. 

Of course to really get the specifics for you, you would need an astrological chart done, in which you use the exact minute of your birth, day and date.  A trained astrologist can read your chart and tell you some very personal, individual aspects of you that aren't the same for everyone. 

Then again, I did say if you wanted to follow the Sidereal Zodiac and consider yourself, in this case a Gemini, by all means, do so.  Just be sure that you don't read the Gemini horoscope as your personal horoscope in your local paper, as that is synced up with the Tropical zodiac as discussed.  In the magickal world it is important that we consider many areas of our development for insight into our lives.  I find insight by reading my horoscope, by reading my animal medicine cards, throwing the witches runes, doing path working and meditation. I use the Ogham, the tarot, and crystal ball all to give me brief glimpses of my life and the world around me.  Does it give me all the answers? No. It just gives me a better insight and hopefully an edge I wouldn't have otherwise. 

Another reader CabynFevr  says:  "I would LOVE to hear your opinion on 2012! I think they simply got bored...or maybe ran out of tablets or ink or whatever the heck they wrote with! Maybe they just forgot to buy a new calendar? I don't mean to poke fun at the believers, I'm just not one (at least I don't think I am! What about the birds? The fish? The Pats losing to the Jets?)
Thank you for clearing up the confusion about the Zodiac"

Ha!! Thanks for the giggles!  Let me start at the end of your note, I don't bet or make predictions on sports, as I don't really follow any. But like any game played, someone must win and someone must lose. Its the nature of the games. I do enjoy how it bonds people in friendly competition.

The birds and fish. I could add to the list the bees, bats and rain forests which are disappearing. Unfortunately it has little to do with magick or nature, what is happening in our environment. Scientists are still trying to decide what is going on, but I feel it is simple mathematics. Add the over abundance of the human population with a disregard for the environment, and we succeed in destroying another bit of nature or coming up with a minus figure.  Over the centuries we have done this many times. What is different this time around,  is we are  technologically advanced and evolved enough to know we are doing this as we are doing it. I wonder if we'll be able to make the leap needed, to stop our damage before its too late. Hmmmm, we'll have to see.

'Enter'  2012 

Imagine scary, threatening music inserted right here. 'Da, da, da, dum.'  Lightening crashes and thunder booms!  Oh my! Let me say there is so many rumors, beliefs and superstitions concerning this mythology, its hard to know where to start. I'll keep it simple. The basis of the plot is it is believed that in 2012 the earth will come to an end. No really.   The story goes something like this:  The Mayan Civilization's calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21st, 2012.

Yes, I believe that the human race has evolved enough to destroy our race and most living animals on the planet.  But .  .  .  we do not have the technology, yet,  to totally destroy the planet. In fact some experts believe that should the human race cease to exist tomorrow, that in a mere five years the earth would reclaim itself and little of human creation would exist.  I don't know if I believe that as some of our man made structures are pretty amazing, but the point being a valid one, that the earth would shake off the damage we have done and before long would be as good as new.

This 'doomsday' or end of the world scenario was supposed to have been recorded by the ancient Mayans who were a great civilization located across Central America, that lived a thousand years ago and died off in the 1300's. 

The ancient Mayan calendar marks the 2012 date as an end of a 'long count'.  A long count is a time span of 5,126 years. Mayans measured time in segments called ba'k'tuns.  A total of 144,000 days or segments would add up to approximately 394 years. Thirteen ba'k'tuns would equal one Long Count, and the current Long Count, which began in 3114 BCE,   is now scheduled to end  in 2012 CE.  The Mayans were known for their astronomy and I believe it likely that this measure of time corresponded with an astronomical calendar they followed. 

Interestingly the urban legend that has sprung up around the 2012 date which again is most commonly stated as:  The Mayan Civilization's calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012'.  A seemingly obvious point becomes glaring when this statement is considered. 

If the Mayans had made such a prediction, they were simply wrong.  By about 700 years give or take. The Mayan civilization experienced a major and total collapse around the year 1300.

Trying to understanding the world at this time in history, it  is important to see how very small the world was for the tribes that inhabited the earth. With travel restrictive and difficult, the world consisted of the civilization or community one lived in.  Even for the Celts, a wandering nation,  the world consisted for them, of them.  Yes, there were other civilizations and tribes one encountered, but predictions concerning ones world would be specific to their world. If the Mayans had predicted an end of the world, it makes sense they would be referring to the end of the Mayan civilization. If they had predicted this they were simply wrong.

I said if, because the really interesting thing about this entire story.  .  .  is they never did. Predict the end of the world, that is.  Or doomsday. Or anything of the sort. The Mayan civilization left behind written accounts and records so we have much information about their culture and how this civilization lived, and researchers  and scientists have never found any written record of ancient Mayans predicting the end of the world.

They also never mention doomsday or an equivalent of any sort.  They never mention the 'Long Count' and mention of the year 2012 is not found. Not even once. The winter solstice of 2012 was never even mentioned.   The Mayans wrote and recorded their experiences by using a complex system of hieroglyphics, so we do have historical records. None of these records mentions 2012 or the end of the world.

How it got from a notation regarding an end of an era, like the ending of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius to the 'end of the world' da, da, da, dum!!  I don't know if anyone knows who got this ball rolling, but it will roll until it stops at the end of next year. 

Until then the story will persist. And its a good one, I don't deny it.   Oooh, I can feel the goosebumps. It's not a matter of making fun of  'believers',  because I have a really hard time believing anyone gives this nonsense any credence. Truly you can and we have,  wrapped it up in a Hollywood movie, written all sorts of books about this topic and the authors are oh, so very credible.  I've myself have watched a number of very well done documentaries that give some very convincing arguments.  Yet it doesn't change the fact that its all a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors with no historical evidence to back it up.  Can I be more clear? It's a fake, a hoax and I personally feel that those who spout this type of nonsense do so to either make money and or to build themselves up while frightening others. Shame on them! tsk, tsk.

It also hadn't escaped my witches notice that the supposed end of the world was conveniently placed on an ancient pagan holiday, our winter equinox and Yule Sabbat.  Why not a Tuesday in June? Shouldn't the end of the world rate it's very own day!! I mean really. 

Now perhaps if the money that has been spent on this silly 'prediction' that was never predicted by anyone,  could be directed towards the scientists trying to determine the loss of our bats and bees, we might be able to do some real good for the earth.  We will talk more about our vanishing roommates on earth at another time.

So, whose having a party to celebrate the world not ending?  I'll bring the sparkling juice!!

Peace and Happiness

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A 13th astrological sign! - Should you be concerned you're no longer the sign you thought you were?

 Good Evening,

Oh my!! Was I surprised when I emerged from my potions room, well its really more of a tower actually, at what has been going on in the world this past week.  Can you imagine??!!  News reports claiming they've added a 13th astrological sign into the zodiac?  Well, when this news first hit,  I was skeptical, as I always am at something so supposedly earth shattering!  I mean really,  just for instance,  think of all the people who have tattoos! A permanent symbol of your astrological sign is a popular choice, and so many people get tattoos today. To find out your Aries tattoo should now be a Pisces, well that's going to be hard to disguise.  Maybe two tattoos, one pre 2011 and one post?  This could get out of control,  when will this end? 

One's astrological symbol, for some people,  is part of their identity. As is true for some people as to their cultural heritage  Imagine waking up tomorrow and finding out you're not really Irish or the culture you thought you were, for many that would be stressful if not traumatic. This is true for those who have always known themselves to be an Aries, or a Virgo, an Aquarius or Cancer or whatever sign you are. If you've ever looked at the personal characteristics that describe your particular astrological or sun sign and have noted the similarities, now to be told you are really another sign, well needless to say,  its causing consternation everywhere!

 First let's take a brief glance at the basic Tropical zodiac that most of us follow in the Western world. Your horoscope in the local paper or on the internet follows the Tropical zodiac. The Tropical zodiac has 12 signs and those signs with their respective dates are as follows:

Aries  -  The symbol of the Ram - is anyone born from March 21 to April 19th and this is a Fire sign
Taurus - The Bull - April 20 - May 20    Earth
Gemini -  the Twins - May 21 - June 20  Air
Cancer - The Crab - June 21 - July 22  Water
Leo - the Lion - July 23 - August 22   Fire
Virgo - the Maiden - August 23 - September 22  Earth
Libra - the Scales - Sept 23 - October 22   Air
Scorpio - The Scorpion - Oct 23 - Nov 21  Water
Sagittarius - the Centaur the Archer - Nov 21 - Dec 21  Fire
Capricorn - the Goat - Dec 22 - January 19  Earth
Aquarius - the Water Bearer -  Jan 20th - February 18   Air
Pisces - the Fish  - Feb 19th - March 20   Water 

This is the astrological calendar we've been raised on and that we know in relation to those of us who live in the West and most parts of the world. Let me tell you, you should not stress because this entire bag of drunk monkeys let loose on the astrological world and causing such worry and stress, has nothing to do at all with our Tropical zodiac. So, now take a deep breath, hold for a second and release it. Feel better? That's right.  If you were an Aquarius last week, you're still one today!  Here, let me explain.

Much of the world follows an astrological calendar set down by Ptolemy. Ptolemy was a Roman citizen from Egypt who recorded his musings in Greek, the language of academics of the time.  He set down the dates and our understanding of the zodiac and he associated the zodiac with the Equinoxes and Solstices.  Although the different houses of our Tropical zodiac have the same names as the constellations of stars in the heavens, it is not based on the constellations. I know, a bit of a surprise this was, but its true.

The excitement of a 13th zodiacal sign really takes place in another zodiac that has been followed in some areas of the eastern world. Now, this isn't the Chinese zodiac, yet again another zodiacal belief system.  The eastern zodiac I speak of is called the Sidereal zodiac. This is a zodiac which is based upon the constellations and was developed by the Babylonians thousands of years ago. They had, at the origins of their Sidereal Zodiac, 13 signs and a few thousand years ago dropped one of the signs, the Ophiuchus, the snake bearer or serpent holder.  Those who have followed the Sidereal zodiac have now re-introduced this 13th sign into their calendar  because of shifts in the earth's positioning as it relates to the constellations.

Much of this recent hype is credited to an astronomy professor who claims the earth's wobble has shifted zodiac signs. Huh? First this has been discussed in astronomical circles for over a hundred years now so he's not the first one to notice this, just the latest to start a scare.  Secondly it's near impossible to get a person of astronomy  to even recognize the field of astrology which many astronomers feel is not a 'real' science as astronomy is, and is therefore less credible.  Thirdly this astronomy instructor Parke Kunkle, is basing his information on the constellations which when the earth's wobble has shifted would affect the Sidereal  zodiac bringing back into play their long set aside 13th symbol, which is cool in its own right.  And if an astronomer was going to follow a horoscope it makes sense that they would logically follow one that was based on constellations.

I have many friends of Asian descent that swear by the Chinese horoscope and I know I am the sign of the rabbit, which in ancient times on the Chinese zodiac was the sign of the cat. Oh yeah!  In other words we will follow that which resonates with us.  That which we can relate to and we feel comfortable with.  So, if you've followed the horoscope we follow in the United States and most of the world then you are just fine. Your sign has not changed.  For fun though, those that want to get a new sign may want to adopt the Sidereal zodiac, and hey why not? If it works for you, go for it.

Maybe you wish to look at the sign the Sidereal zodiac says you are and look up the characteristics of that sign and see how many of them fit you personally in addition to the sign you are in the tropical zodiac. Any insight into ourselves can be beneficial. This is what I can tell you about the Sidereal Zodiac with the major changes that have taken place.  Note some signs like Scorpio for instance have only 9 days.

The Sidereal Zodiac :

Aries  -  The Ram - April 19th - May 14
Taurus - The Bull -  May 14th - June 21
Gemini -  the Twins -  June 21st - July 21
Cancer - The Crab -  July 21 - August 11
Leo - the Lion -  August 11 - Sept 17
Virgo - the Maiden -  Sept 17 - October 31
Libra - the Scales -  Oct 31 - Nov 21
Scorpio - The Scorpion -  Nov 21 - Nov 30
Ophiuchus - the Snake bearer - Nov 30 - Dec 18
Sagittarius - the Centaur the Archer -  Dec 18 - Jan 21
Capricorn - the Goat -  Jan 21 - Feb 17
Aquarius - the Water Bearer -Feb 17 - March 12
Pisces - the Fish  -  March 12 - April 19

The symbols for the Ophiuchus that have been suggested for use:

Don't even ask me what they do with someone who is born on the cusp of a sign. The Tropical zodiac we follow has distinct separations of days and no overlaps, whereas the Sidereal zodiac has overlaps for every month making a potential of 13 days a year where there will be confusion or perhaps someone gets two signs? I don't know and I'll leave it for those who know more about that zodiac. I, as a witch am more comfortable following a system that follows my equinoxes and solstices as the rest of my magickal calendars world do  so I'm staying with my Tropical zodiac.

Know one thing about your sun sign. Whatever sign you were born under, you were not born fully developed in that sign. I was born under the sign of Virgo, but I will spend my entire life developing into a fully developed Virgo, at least that's the idea.  Learning to understand ourselves and to work on the shadow parts while using the brighter parts to their best advantage is really the basis of the work to be done.

 I hope I have answered some of the questions you may have had in relation to this media hyped rumor.  The silly thing is any reporter who did a tiny bit of research on the Internet would have seen that this was more of a sensationalistic story with little credibility in most of the world.  Yet it certainly did get everyone talking and not about snow! For instance this week it was reported on the national news, that every state in the United States with the exception of Florida had snow!! So maybe this silly astrological new 'urban legend' was a good thing, or  .  .  .  the very at least an interesting diversion.

If you have any questions or wonder about other things in our magickal world which seem to bring about fear or uncertainty, or make you nervous, please make a comment and I'll do my best to explain the real story to you.  Maybe next time we can discuss 2012?  Let me know! Thanks and have a great evening! 

Peace and Happiness

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Oooh! technical difficulties!!

 Good Evening,

I've been experiencing some technical difficulties with this modern computer magick, so please excuse me as I retreat into my potions room and mix up a spell to fix this in my cauldron.  I hope to have a suitable solution in just a day or so.  Thanks for your understanding! 

© 2010 Enchantments, LLC Portions of this blog posting may include materials from my book “Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts First Year Magickal Studies.” For more information, see or go to the title of tonight's discussion and click, it will link you to my school's website. 

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a frosty wintry day!!

 Evening Greetings,

Oh my! Apparently here in New England we've broken the record for snowfall in a 24 hour period of time. We've had appx 27 inches in Manchester and surrounding areas.  An enforced snow day from Mother Nature and at times I'm convinced we need it. In a bit I'll tell you how you can magickally use some of this snow in your rituals.

Something about the storm today made me become philosophical.  Perhaps its the isolation a storm creates, and a witch should be good with being alone as witchcraft is primarily a solitary practice. I spend much of my time alone, with my cats as company at work. Its a way of life and a state of being. So days like today make me introspective and I started to think of how the storm was affecting me.  I'd like to share my thoughts with you.

We are known for the stress we have in our lives today, but a lot of our stress in self created.  We are still very similar to our ancient ancestors in many biological ways. Although our ancestors worked very hard physically  and had a much more challenging existence by many measures,  we have more stress today because of how we live, work and play.

Even when we go on vacation we are often heard saying "we need a vacation from our vacation" and we as a culture often cram as many exciting, fun and energy packed things into our time off. If we have kids, well then, just multiply that stress by an unknown number!!

So, what do we do when Mother Nature says, "um you're staying home today".  Some will immediately stress about it!! It's a change after all.  Some will work from home, no doubt with less stress just because staying home can be easier than getting up and out of the house, traveling and being in an environment that is not your home, and even with a nice work environment it is just more stressful because you're out.  

 What did I do today? Well, I took a moment to open the door and step out for just a bit. I like to hear the 'silence' of a winter snowfall.  It somehow muffles the typical daytime sounds and it can be very isolating and that can be comforting or not, depending on you.  I like it. The idea of being shut off from the world for a day.  I accomplished more today than I might have otherwise, but it was on my terms and that made for less stress the entire day.

One thing I try to do after a snowfall like this one, is to take a clean plastic container and fill it with fresh, clean snow.  This will melt of course when brought indoors, unless you store it in the freezer, but it can be used as the water for the blessed water during the ritual.  It can  be used as a base for potions and brews you might wish to stir up.  The energy of freshly fallen snow has a strong vibration I find cleansing, purifying and healing.

Store some of the snow in the freezer, just in case for the Imbolc ritual we find ourselves with no snow on the ground. At least not clean snow, and I use it to place little cups of fresh milk in for the cakes n ale ceremony of our Sabbat ritual. It can also be used to keep the cheese cold on the altar that I use for the cakes part of the ceremony.  Because the first milk of spring is such a big part of the Imbolc Sabbat I like the idea of milk and cheese rather than the typical cakes, cookies, crackers and juice or water. 

Because I'm not crazy about drinking plain milk, I make mine chocolate milk, oh yes I do!  The Goddess  loves chocolate, so do I. You can make your milk strawberry if you'd prefer.  The spring Sabbat rituals can be, I feel,  a happy and joyous occasion.

After a strong heavy snowfall like this one today may make for some potential harvesting in your yard. Notice if any evergreen bushes have snapped or broken branches. These can add a nice element to any altar you have set up.  Fresh evergreen in the house doesn't just have to be for Christmas. It brings the energies of life, longevity, abundance and renewal to your home. You can also fashion a wand or walking staff from broken branches. 

You may also wish to venture out in your yard in the next day or so, just to push some of the heavy snow off of your plants, as the weight over time will break even old, strong plantings.  We need to pay attention to our plantings year round. We can't always save them all from natural events like this storm, but we can utilize the gifts they leave for us.

Just the other day a great customer of Enchantments stopped by and gifted me with a cut slab from a Rowan tree that had to be taken down. It was a slice of the trunk about 1/2 inch thick and 4 - 5 inches in diameter. It was a lovely gift and in this way they were honoring the spirit of the tree. It was a very thoughtful, completely witchy thing to do. 

This is a time of year our ancestors stayed indoors for practical as well as environmental reasons and even though work was seldom finished, the chores adjusted.  The witch in me today tries to adjust  to the world around me, at the same time I try to keep around me that which makes me happy and comfortable. I like love hearth cooking but I don't cook in my fireplace. No I use my stove.  I love my candles, but I'm the first person to switch on the lights as I walk into a dark room.  I've studied the lives and culture of people in Medieval times for many years and I appreciate personally indoor plumbing, modern lighting and modern heating methods.

We really live in the most amazing time as far as I'm concerned. We can have it all. The security of modern technology, medicine and knowledge and the freedom to wear cloaks, worship in the woods or in our homes with no societal or governmental repercussions.  We have the best of every world available today.  I must admit after my moment of silence in the midst of the storm, I then spent a few hours just researching on the Internet today and looking up things not because of a writing project or teaching assignment, but just because.  The world, at our fingertips.  Amazing.

Peace and Happiness

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning the energy in your house or office space!

 Evening greetings,

I know its not 'springtime' quite yet, even following a pagan calendar.  Yet this is a perfect time to 'clean' the energy in your home or office.  You see,  just like our physical space can get a bit stagnant and 'old' when items or things we no longer need start to pile up and become clutter, so does the energy in our living and working spaces.

Just as opening the windows on a warm day in early April, sweeping away the sand and dirt that has accumulated during the winter and cleaning, tidying and organizing can bring a sense of peace, balance and accomplishment to our critical mind, so it also does to our soul energy.

This is the perfect time to cleanse the energy of your space especially after the energies of the holidays, when often some strong emotions or feelings are lingering.  Of course we will assume that the space is physically clean. Now don't confuse clutter with unclean.  You may have many objects around your personal space that make you happy, or have stacks of books you are currently using for research and this does not make for an unclean space but it may help capture and hold onto the energies that have come around.   Of course in the case of an unclean environment, that situation will just add to the discord and discomfort in an area, so if this is the case,  a throughout cleaning is required before we start. 

What's so important about this type of energy cleaning? Stuck energies can  make communication difficult, attitudes may become more sensitive or illogical and people can tend toward unhappiness and irritability. There is a belief amongst those who believe in energy fields and the energy that affects us,  that an area with stuck, stagnant energy can turn harmful and eventually with enough exposure,  can cause emotional, mental and perhaps even physical maladies.  I am not making any such claims as I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on T.V.! Yet I believe in the energy field which surrounds us all and I personally feel better when the energy around me is balanced and clean and fresh.

Let me show you how I do it!  First a short shopping list, and you may already have these items around. If not, its worth going out and picking up the following:

a bag of fresh lemons, or hand pick approximately 6 - 12, enough to fill up a pretty bowl, or a practical bowl if that's more your style.

a bottle of apple cider vinegar and a small glass or ceramic bowl that will hold 3-4 cups of liquid.

a smudge stick made from desert sage

a wind chime or a chain of tiny chimes or bells often called prayer bells,or a small bell will work

First take the lemons, rinse them under cool water and dry,  then arrange in a pretty bowl and place in any room or on the kitchen table.  Lemons naturally banish stuck and stagnant energies and allow fresh, positive, sun infused energy into an area.  This is also a nice alternative for an office situation.  A bowl of lemons in a communal lunch or lounge area will work well in keeping all the different energies in a work environment flowing peacefully around. They can remain in one location and do not have to be moved from room to room as some of our other cleansing techniques.

After you've placed the lemons. Sit in each room of your area for at least five minutes without doing anything except look around the space. Look around and see where energy may become stuck.  Large areas of clutter should be put away if possible.  Collections of objet d' art should be dusted or cleaned and replaced on cleaned surfaces. If using a wet solution to clean the objects use a solution with a splash of lemon juice in the water.

Neaten up, organize and make presentable the room you are in. Then place a cup or two of apple cider vinegar into a small ceramic or glass bowl.  You need a bowl big enough that the vinegar sits on the bottom and can't slosh out. Place this in the center of a room and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes, then remove it and place it in another room.  All rooms in a space whether a home or work environment will benefit from the powerful absorption qualities of vinegar. It absorbs and holds stagnant energy as well as any stronger energies that may have been released into the area such as anger, rage, grief and intense sadness or depression.

Vinegar is also excellent for absorbing the energies found in a sick room or area where someone has been ill for a prolonged period of time, two weeks or more.

Another excellent treatment for cleansing and lightening up an area is by using a smudge stick. But please!! Use the correct sage, and NO,  not all sage is created equal!  Let me explain. This next photo is a bundle of desert sage or sagebrush and this is the legendary sage used to cleanse the energy in an area.

This magickal concept comes from the Native American culture when for hundreds or thousands of years   the prairie would be set on fire by originally,  natural occurrences such as lightening, and the indigenous peoples, we can assume, noticed the resulting clearing of the dead and stagnant plants of the prairie and deserts.  They would have noticed the resulting re-blooming and 'coming back to life' the prairie experienced.  Over time the process of smudging came to symbolize this clearing which brought renewal, regeneration and rebirth.
Although Sagebrush also known as desert sage was the sage credited with this cleansing ability, somewhere over the last fifty years or so it has been confused with typical garden sage that when dried appears very white.  Here this is a photo of garden sage dried. Can you see the difference?   

 It is at first hard to tell the difference if you're not familiar with the two varieties.  Yet there is far more difference in magickal usage. For desert sage, of the gentle cleansing abilities, has a sweet smoky smell that   so many people have proclaimed "Smells like marijuana".   To me it smells like burning fresh, dried green hay. But that's the farm girl in me. You'll need to decide on the smell for yourself.  I can only assure you it is legal and has very powerful abilities.

Garden sage on the other hand, frankly smells funky and a bit nauseating to me. No offense true garden sage lovers!! I love it also, in many applications,  but I don't burn it. Magickally it has the properties of Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection and Wishes.  According to Mr. Scott Cunningham, in his book "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs"  it  is Sagebrush that has the properties of purification and exorcism, the elimination and cleansing properties we've come to expect from burning sage. I believe Mr. Cunningham to have been truly one of the great magickal masters,  especially when it comes to understanding the magickal properties of natural things. 

So when buying sage to burn for cleansing beware to purchase the correct material.  You will find garden sage more easily available in the magickal markets as its cheaper to purchase and sell.  Plus the misconception over the years has seen a proliferation of the mistaken belief to such an extend that even at Enchantments we carry small bags of garden sage to meet the demand. We label it with its correct magickal properties and will explain to those who care to listen the difference so they are aware of what they are purchasing. 

 When you do have your smudge stick in hand, I recommend taking a pair of snips and cutting the yarn or thread wrapped around the bundle, but only at the end. Use your fingers to gently separate the ends of the smudge stick so a bit of air can get to the inside. Then wrap a cone of aluminum foil around the base of the herb bundle. Cup the foil outward and upward to create a 'moat' around the smudge stick, to catch any stray embers that might float off the stick.

Then using a lighter, hold the flame to the ends of the bundle holding the foil wrapped base securely.  Once the dried herb bundle catches on fire, allow it to burn for maybe 10 seconds no more than 15 seconds at most. It will often go out by itself, or you can gently blow the flames out allowing a stream of fragrant smoke to release from the stick. Walk through your house or area and wave the smoking herb stick around the doorways and windows. You can wave it around a room for just a minute or two, no longer as its is not the case of "the more the better".

Now, now my witchlings, no reason to fumigate the place!!  Once you've smudged all rooms, and the openings and entrances, wrap the cone of foil around the stick wrapping it tightly.  Place the foil wrapped stick in a dry sink or on a fire proof surface, maybe the cold burner of a stove until cool to the touch.  Then you can store it where you wish until you want to do this again.  Once a month is usually enough for a residence, though in our shop we do it every week as we are a retail business catering to the public. 

You will definitely feel a difference once you smudge an area. Speaking of smudging an area,  I would hesitate from using this in a business.  I have been employed to smudge many businesses over the past 20 plus years, but its usually by very innovative and cool business owners who recognize the benefits of magickal smudging, especially as it aides financial draw and gain very strongly.  Yet, that's a decision for the individual boss to decide, asj perhaps not all clientele will be good with the concept, and oh yes, I wouldn't recommend smudging your office or business work area without permission, if you're not the boss! Try explaining that one!!

Another concept you might like to try is a strand of tiny bells. Sometimes called prayer bells, celestial bells, and other names they are small bells strung on a strand or string of either chain, yarn or brightly colored thread.  I hang these across doorways and stairways and I make a habit of touching them, just once lightly as I go down the stairs or when I pass by them. They 'clean' the air. Bells have magickally affected the air by their sound for thousands of years.

Some cultures felt our prayers were delivered to heaven on the vibrations of their sound, others felt that the ringing of the bells could bless an area, cleanse or promote a specific feeling by their very sound.  An example are bells rung for a funeral, which are much more somber and almost tear inducing by their mournful tone as opposed to the gay ringing of marriage bells.  As we are also affected strongly by sound and vibrations it causes, make sure the sound of the bells are pleasing to you and if you like the sound of wind chimes these can also be used. By hanging them inside you control when they ring, a nice alternative for those who like wind chimes yet don't or can't have them outside.

These are just a few of the tried and true cleansing methods I've used for years and I can recommend them to you.  Try one or all if you wish to affect the energy you surround yourself with.

Peace and Happiness

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Some of the freakier experiences that happen in my life!

 Good Evening,

We'll take a bit of a break from the history of our friends the Celts tonight and focus on some hopefully entertaining stories I have to impart.

As you know, I am a witch. Truthfully a mild mannered, Goddess loving, curious and always seeking witch.  At times I wear renaissance garb, cloaks and long dresses, well simply because I think I look good in that style of clothing.  Primarily I wear this style of clothing in my shoppe because it does sort of stand out at the A&P! Yet like today, with a potential storm on our horizon I am looking at stopping at the store after work to get milk and bread, dressed in a medieval purple velvet, floor length dress with black frogging on sleeves and bodice.  I wonder if I'll get any looks?? Ha!

Honestly that's about as freaky as I get.  But, when I'm missing the unusual, strange and OMG weird!!!, I just have to wait a minute.  They will usually find me in my store. Really,  like the New England weather, if you haven't had freaky in a while, wait a minute!  For instance recently I had Jesus Christ's brother stop by. I kid you not!!  He was selling his services, not cheaply he informed me, of his miracles and deeds.  He informed me he had visited hell and vanquished the devil, not once but three times!! Well then.

That same day I was contacted by a woman, on the phone, who wanted to know if we were capable of creating illusions that would cause people to see what we wanted them to see. She thought she saw tarantulas scurrying around her bathroom and thought we may have had something to do with that!! Oh, the power people seem to think we have!!  Then you have those who are not fond of their friendly neighborhood witch.

Once a couple of years ago I had a gentleman come into the store and he waited patiently until the customers who were purchasing items left,  then he came to the counter and asked  "So, what do you think about them witch burnings?"  Well, I had conducted, just the week before our annual bus trip to Salem, MA and the instructor in me was at the forefront and I started to gently correct him that we didn't have any witch burnings on this continent, only hangings and that the burnings were primarily in Europe, when I was interrupted.

He flourished a small book that I assume was a copy of the Christian bible and waved it in my face and started to scream about the evil that we do and the terrible punishments we would suffer in hell, etc. etc.

I was able to come out from behind the counter and opened the door for him and asked him to leave. After a few more threats he did so.  My friend Laurel, who is a Wiccan Priestess and works with me, and I have often joked how we seem to get a lot of 'extreme' people around Halloween and that they tend to go away around Christmas.  We joke they must be at the mall harassing Santa!!  So the other day left me a bit baffled. I looked at my calendar and nope, not our time of the year yet!!

I have approximately 15 or so individuals on a list that we keep that have been reported to our local police department. I find it interesting that the psychosis that we deal with most often seems to have many things in common. I  mean 'psychosis'  as these individuals are mentally ill and need our sympathy, not a rude attitude because they misinterpret our ways. Some of the common beliefs from this type of individual are:
  • an extreme religious fanaticism, not exclusive to the Christian belief, as many are vehemently non Christian but just as religiously fanatical concerning their belief in the magickal world. Also let me say I do not label religious fanatics Christian or otherwise. They are mentally ill people who have lost serious touch with most of reality and need professional help. 

  • These individuals,  I have met or had any contact with, primarily written correspondence as well as some phone conversations, almost exclusively believe in a greater than human power that they want, think I have and can give them, or that they have and will bestow on others. 

  • Many of these disturbed people  that are attracted to our ways also have a strong unshakable belief in curses, evil spells being cast upon them, and others doing them wrong with the help of magick.  When we try to explain to them that magick doesn't, or can't work that way, they are disbelieving or disappointed.  Unfortunately there are many cons on the internet and in local communities that prey upon these people and make tremendous money off of them. 
It is apparent to us how easy victimizing these people can be, and we have a strict policy to not encourage them in their mistaken assumptions.  We may sell them small stones, or a smudge stick that may bring them a sense of personal peace and self protection, especially where they are doing something positive to make change in their life.  But we do not feed into their mistaken assumptions to make money.  Actually, often when we deal with these people, depending on the severity of their psychosis,  we won't sell anything to them, especially if we feel it will further encourage them in a harmful way.

I have had a few people contact me over the years from psychiatric hospitals, requesting magickal supplies be sent to them.  We won't do this. Magick should not be practiced by those who are not in strong control of their mental faculties as I believe it can cause them harm.  Allowing them to believe with magick all of their issues will magickally vanish., when many times therapy and or medication is the real 'magick' needed.   It does not work this way, as you know by now.  I spoke with a woman's doctor once, a psychiatrist and told him I felt it could be potentially harmful for her to practice unless she was mentally stable. He said he was surprised I wasn't in this just for the money and that he had a new respect for who we are because I wouldn't sell her anything. 

I  had a young woman once,  a few years ago, in her early twenties, who came into the store and inquired about classes.  I explained the course and requirements and she asked a bunch of questions and she seemed perfectly normal and rational. I still believe she was although perhaps a bit naive, for after she thought for several moments about the information I gave her she said to me "well, I'm interested in classes but I don't know if Satan will accept me." huh?

I personally, would have loved to have a photograph of my face after that statement was uttered.  I think I said "pardon, I don't think I heard you correctly, would you repeat that?" and she did.  I hadn't misheard her. 

I ask you, how would you have handled these situations?   Well to the young woman, who thought she was not up to Satan's standards, I gently explained that to us Satan doesn't exist. We don't work with him and that was an important concept she needed to understand to be accepted for classes at Enchantments.  I actually felt bad, after explaining that to her, as her face showed how crestfallen she was. Seriously, she was so disappointed.  She left and has not returned.

As far as the other individuals, I deal with them on a one on one basis.  Always with respect and a pleasant demeanor. When its apparent that the person is not in full control of his/her rational faculties, I try to get them to leave the store without anyone getting hurt, because we can't help them. I don't attempt to psychoanalyze as I'm not a trained therapist and I have issues with people who 'pretend' they are!  I also don't underestimate that a person,  perhaps in the grip of a psychotic episode,  can be potentially dangerous.

I also don't try to debate them and discuss with them history or concepts to 'prove' to them that they are mistaken about our world and what we do in it.  These people are vested in their understanding of the world and how they see it.  Its not a battle I wish to engage in, because for them, at that moment in time, they are right as it relates to them.  They are incorrect in their assumptions of us, but in their mind they are correct and to try to argue them to another position is the mistake of the young and inexperienced on this path.

I have had correspondence from State prisons, males who would send me letters wanting to learn from me. I know that there are those who go into prisons to help those inside but that is not something we do at Enchantments. A fun letter received from an inmate wanted to know what a Priestess wore under her robes and if a Priestess was a dominant.  What?! 

O.K. this was several years ago when I first opened the shoppe, and would advertise using a very nice photograph the local paper took showing me in my tarot parlor.  Needless to say I no longer use my photograph in any advertisements that may find their way into a prison system!!  I also had to look up the term 'dominant' and no I don't believe our world syncs up with the worlds of S and M or bondage and discipline, though I have worked with some past coven members I would have dearly liked to tie up and flog!! (Ha!)

I have had at least one individual receive a written warning from the local police and he is never allowed to enter our shoppe again. He was convinced he was some sort of soul mate of mine and we needed to be together!! The really crazy part is I had never met him and he had never set eyes on me, ever, well as far as I know! My staff dealt with him, then the police. Yes, the scary does at times visit Enchantments.

Then the really bizarre! Once and thankfully only once,  a gentleman who drove a small car affixed with placards all over it, proclaiming him the son of light, stopped by to shop!  Not the brother of Jesus, at least he didn't introduce himself as such. Well, he certainly caught our attention as he walked into the shoppe wearing a large cloak and, o.k. I'm not kidding, an orange traffic cone on his head.  Not the small ones used for kids games, but an honest to goodness full sized traffic cone!! Bright Orange.  Yep.  Try ringing up that man's purchase with a straight face I dare you!! We are expected at Enchantments to be pleasant and polite to all regardless of dress, religious affiliation or oddities. Sometimes I'll admit to going home with a sore inner lip from my teeth biting down so hard to keep a polite face and respectful demeanor.

These are just some of the fun, freaky stuff I encounter in my shoppe. Some of the less fun stuff has happened from those who I did work with and who knew me as their instructor at my school.  These are the most disturbing.  I'm considered a strict teacher in the respect that I require my students to be responsible for their attendance, tuition payments and to do homework and studying as required.  They are required to get very high grades to pass from one section of study to the next and they need a 90% to graduate.  This is not kindergarten!  I'm proud to say that the students who do graduate achieve these requirements and all of my graduates I am so proud of.  There have been those who are a bit, shall we say lazy.  When things don't go as smoothly as they expect some have left with disgruntled attitudes and complaining "Ms Faith is sooooo .  .  .  " I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Some of these past students have accused me of the most ridiculous things.  Let's see,  I've been accused of  attacking someone in their sleep and it was said this person  awoke up in the morning with hand prints on their body, and the hand prints were obviously mine!!  Really?

I've been accused of controlling their minds and being able to see and hear their thoughts! As if I don't have enough trouble dealing with my own overcrowded thoughts!!

Then the topper was when I was accused of burning someone's house down with my spells!! I brought this one to the police's attention because to be accused of arson or any other crime frankly just ticks me off!  That situation involved a person stealing candles from my store and they were caught on video tape. The person was asked to leave and never return and I refused their offer to pay for them, after they had been caught and fired.  Simply because I believe in Karma and I wasn't inclined to soothe the karmic flashback.  When I heard that the thief's house burned down a couple of months later, I knew karma had taken care of the situation. Karma was kind, as no one was injured that I know of. And I fervently hope that to be true. But karma can be a bitch.  It's funny, sometimes I think people think I make this stuff up! 

Well,  to be accused of such an act, was very concerning and I brought the story to the police department. The police then handled the issue and the irony of the situation did not escape me.  For a mere couple hundred or so years ago would have seen me hung on the State House lawn in Hartford for that accusation.  It made me glad that the government no longer feels this way about what we do, and in my town the police have been very respectful and helpful whenever a situation requires their assistance. 

Well, these are just some of the fun highlights of my day to day life. Some are concerning, some downright scary and some ridiculous in the extreme.  Trying to educate people as to who we are and what we do, and what we don't do is my focus and the reason Enchantments exists. The people I discussed tonight are just one reason I continue to try to teach others. Because many times its these people who are the most outspoken and who are mistakenly thought to represent the average Wiccan or witch. I assure you they do not!!!

The primary reason I teach and have Enchantments is the normal, magickal, rational and interested folks who really make my day.  I have so many great customers that come in to say hi, support us and to get information. They may ask how to cast a specific spell, are trying to find the right herbs or stones, maybe need their cards read or just want to visit. To the magickal people who make up our clientele and make each day a happy experience,  I personally thank you!!  

This is a bit of a a different topic than what we normally discuss, but I did promise you by the very title of this witches blog, that I will share with you the experiences that visit my witches life.  I hope the stories made you laugh and I look forward to our next discussion. 

Peace and Happiness

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