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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The final two steps to Spell Manifestation

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Ah, now our discussion has reached the last two steps of Spell Manifestation. The last two areas that might trip you up if you're not careful. So let's dig right in!


Yes, we all have feared something at one time in our lives. Many times education about a topic, experience with that subject helps alleviate fear, or at least gives us reason to be cautious.  Yet some fears are given to us at an early age, beliefs instilled into us by the Gods and Goddesses who raise us. The adults. The parents.  If a belief is instilled early enough, it is what today we refer to as 'hard-wired' into us. Things learned in early life are insidiously difficult to change, many times we're not even conscious of the effect they have on us. 

When it comes to the magickal world many people are interested in it.  Yet some come from a place where they were taught to fear this world. If you have fears, (not of casting a spell incorrectly) but of doing or believing in magick and believing deep inside that you will go to hell, or be punished after death or some such nonsense, it will seriously affect  you spell manifestation. Most likely nothing will occur in your spell casting. Because your deepest belief surrounding this is fear based.  You are in reality stopping the spell from manifesting.  The best I can advise is to read about this world more. A lot more. There's something to be said about  the more one is educated in an area, the more 'expert' you become in that area, the more comfortable and less fearful you will be.  It is also the way to increase your psychic ability, to read as much as you can about the magickal world.  It's all within, we just need to unlock it!

So if you have a deep prevailing belief in this path may be wrong for you. It most likely is. There are so many variations of a spiritual pagan perspective that you should stick with what you feel is acceptable. Maybe its o.k. just to carry certain stones with you.  Burning candles as in candle magick has a long history in Catholicism, so that may be acceptable, or maybe you just need to be surrounded by beautiful surroundings and green growing things? Not everyone is meant to be a witch, and this path is not the right fit for everyone. But listen to your inner voice and follow it. Well .  .  .  as long as it doesn't tell you to harm yourself or others!

If anything,  this path helps more people to shed fears and embrace a beautiful, exciting, natural world. To notice it, to appreciate it and to take part in it, as it is all around you. If your spells are not manifesting in the right ways, look at your inner most feelings. Do you have a fear about what you're doing?

When anatomy of a spell is not followed properly

The final step, and initially this was a step not included in the first version of my Spell Manifestation I handed out to students when I first opened my school. At that time I had ten steps and started adding a few more as they developed.  It seems silly, but this step could be the very first one. If you don't follow anatomy of a spell properly, the spell won't manifest as you intended.

Anatomy of a Spell
1. Have a Magickal Goal
2. Choose the method of casting the spell
3. Charm or enchant ingredients of spell
4. Cast spell
5. Trust and believe in spell manifesting

I discuss my version of Anatomy of a Spell in greater detail in the discussion entitled "Do you want to cast a spell?  Here, let me show you .  .  .  " on November 3, 2010

Like any good cook knows, if you don't follow the recipe you may come up with something less than desired. So follow each step as directed, then refer to spell manifestation when the spell starts to take shape.  By being diligent and recording your progress you'll be an excellent spell caster before you know it.

Tomorrow's discussion is going to be a fun one I think.   I call it  "Collateral Happiness"


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