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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

You Want To Be A Witch? You'd Better Toughen Up!!

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Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

I am stepping away from spell casting and such discussions for a moment to address a concept that has been brought to my attention a few times over the last few months or so.  I often espouse on how we must have the knowledge and experience to do what we do effectively, to create needed magickal manifestation.

Yet, there is another side of the witches coin, if you will. That is the inner strength, confidence and self assurance of the magickal practitioner. You need to have strength, self assurance and confidence to practice this path and to be open about your beliefs. If you do not have these things then stay deep inside of the broom close and practice as a solitary and keep it a private, secretive thing to yourself.

Because, my witchy darlings, it is a cruel, cold, heartless and relentless world out there and I do not refer to Christians in regards to your magickal path, but other magickal people. So many people come to this path seeking a more accepting, loving, understanding group of like minded people. Sometimes they are lucky and will find a few like them, but many times they run into those who have come to this path bringing with them all of the  baggage they brought with them when they left behind their old path, you know, the path that wasn't working for them. When in reality it was them and not the path.

No matter the path you choose, you are the one who has to make the changes to make it work for you. That does not mean others are expected to change to fit your idea of what should work, nor will the path change to accommodate you.  My goodness, if you are a super sensitive person? Then please think long and hard about following this path because you will come up against a wall, and that wall is you. I will give you an example.

I had an older woman who had taken classes for a couple of years and she ended up having an issue with another younger student. It was personal so I let them handle it on their own. One day after class was over, a verbal fight broke out in the classroom! and the younger student left and the older woman broke down in tears and had a breakdown over what was a very trivial matter.  I needed to leave for another class.

No, I did not stay and hold her hand, comfort her and :Oh poor baby". She was in her 60's and quite frankly needed to grow up by this time. Seriously, if you can't even sit in a classroom and take class with other students without having personality issues which end up in a fight, then this is probably not the right path for you, I assure you things will only get more challenging.

The two students spoke afterwards and decided they would not be friends and I thought fine, not everyone on this path has to be friends, but we're adults so lets work together and continue classes. Well the older student, took a few days and then sent me a letter. Yes, I was expecting it. I became the focus and blame for all of her issues and problems. I had changed from the sweet, understanding teacher she first knew into someone else. Hmmmm, did I? Really?  No, I didn't. She only knew the Ms. Faith I presented to the class. And when she started to try to manipulate me with her drama she crossed a line and met another side of me. The, no nonsense, suck it  up and fly straight on your broom witch, teacher's attitude.

The point of this story is she put in her exit letter to me, that "You took my power away, and I will never let anyone ever do that to me again.": Which fits perfectly into what I am writing about today. No, my dear witchy reader. No one can ever take your power away from you, not if you actually have any in the first place. And once you have it, you know it. I can't take it away from you, no one can.

I do not normally teach children for a reason. Yet I often run into some undeveloped attitudes that need to be reminded you left your childhood behind a while ago. This is an adult world and things can get tough. Be prepared and brace yourself. I will be gentle and light for the first few weeks or month until a student gets used to classes then you need to toughen up. I am not mean or cruel but I don't sugar coat or molly coddle students and for students who persist in telling me, they are super sensitive, or too shy, or can't handle confrontation, this article is for you.

Ahhh, but blame is a calming balm that many find solace in. When we blame others we no longer have to take responsibility for our actions, our mistakes, our insecurities and our foibles. No, because when we take responsibility for those aspects of our character, well then,  we are driven to make corrections and improvements and that takes work, effort and introspection which can be painful and difficult.

I have had, recently, some customers come into Enchantments and ask questions about some basic, first year concepts, and when they were given the answers, instructions on how to work with various techniques they then went on line and gave us a couple of bad reviews saying we acted as if we knew more than they did. That we undermined them, made them feel inferior. We are very careful to never patronize or condescend to anyone who comes into Enchantments, but yes we often do know more than many who come in and ask questions. I have been practicing for well over 30 years, I'd like to think I've picked up a few things.

I teach a college level program of magickal studies and I also teach at a local college and am a guest lecturer at Universities and museums, civic organizations, libraries and historical societies. I do have the credentials and I know my material so yes many times I do have the answers to their questions, but that is why they come to me in the first place. It is curious that they, in turn, feel less than or inferior afterwards. That is not on us. That is within the person.

During our Sabbats we have a saying. It is read during the "Charge of the Goddess": "If what you seek , you must knowest the mystery. If you cannot find it within you, you will never find it without".

And so not blame those outside of you for knowing what you do not, they just might be a bit farther along on the path. Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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Spell Casting - Getting More Bang For Your Spell Casting Buck

Good Evening My Witchy Reader,

Tonight's discussion is the second in this month's series of spell casting, and continues to fine tuning your spells to make them more effective and to have them manifest as specifically as you desire.

Our last discussion, "Spell Casting - Understanding It's Principles"  discussed step one of anatomy of a spell, knowing and being able to visualize your magickal goal.  This discussion, now goes into the next couple of steps.

There are 5 basic steps to Anatomy of a spell as I teach the concept.  The first, as I mentioned is knowing your magickal goal. The second is choosing your magickal method of spell casting. Now here is where spell casting gets interesting, it can get complicated and all sorts of witchy!! Simply burning a green candle for money, abundance magick will have some effect. It may cause you to start finding loose change, forgotten crumpled dollar bills in old coat pockets or billfolds, or purses. Small amounts of money, but it will manifest somewhat.

But let us say you need some serious abundance, financial, success energies to come your way. Maybe in your corporation or career or in some significant manner. Then a simple green candle burned will have little affect. This is where an experienced witch considers her magickal 'tool box' so to speak. The knowledge she has, the experience she has, the supplies, the ingredients, the need for the desired outcome and using what she has and what she knows, manifestation can be quick and effective.

Step Two of An Anatomy of a Spell is Method of the Spell:  There can be dozens of methods one can use to cast a spell.  A very effective method is to combine various methods, simple methods creating what I call a 'layered spell' which could conceivably take up to 10 or 20 different layers or methods and when all are put together can create a very powerful spell that will manifest quickly and powerfully.

For an example, let us stay with the financial, money abundance spell we are discussing. We can indeed start with a green candle, which has two layers to start with, a candle and the color green. Then you can carve an abundance Sigil into the candle. A simple Sigil (symbol) is the dollar sign. Then rubbing an abundance attracting oil into the candle, such as patchouli, or olive oil, or corn oil all would be excellent choices. Rub into the candle until the oil is absorbed into the candle.

The candle can then be rolled in a mixture of powdered and dried cinnamon, basil and cinquefoil. Triple the spell by preparing three green candles the same way, and get them ready to  burn. Surround them with coins, cleaned and shiny, gold, silver and green glitter and most importantly when preparing to burn and while burning visualize bags of gold coins falling into your lap. You may visualize yourself sitting in the center of your business, perhaps your office, a conference room or some other significant room of your business that you feel is financially centered in your business.

You may add other layers if you choose, a tarot card. A strong pentacle card, perhaps the Ace of pentacles might be a good choice, surrounding the candles with strong money drawing stones such as pyrite, malachite and jade as well as quartz crystal points would help intensify the spell.

Placing the entire spell on top of a crystal grid would be another stronger level also. The levels you choose to layer is only limited by your experience and your knowledge. Of course, the specifics of your situation dictates what you should or should not use in your spell. If you are focused on money and wish to use a crystal grid, using stones that draw in love would be counter productive, even if they might be more pretty and attractive to the eye.

Crystal Grid

You may also choose to write an incantation to recite while you cast the spell, make a potion or an oil to use on the candle or to wear while you cast the spell. Never, never, NEVER consume, drink, eat or otherwise ingest any magickal mixture unless it is a commercially prepared tea you purchase at the food market or a health food store.

The Harry Potter movies were a lot of fun but consuming magickal potions are not necessary, will not do anything more than using them outside of the body and can very well make you very sick or worse. Again, unless they are a simple tea, do not drink them.

You can use a petition, which is a piece of paper with words written upon it. These pieces of paper are then burned or destroyed in some way releasing the energies of the words so that they may return back to the magickal practitioner.

You may also use the energies of the various watchtowers, in this case the watchtower of the North which is abundance, growth, fertility and all the energies one needs to bring financial success.

The more you know the more effective your spell casting will be. Never limit yourself to just a few concepts or ideas, but expand and try more and the layering as many as you can will make your efforts far more rewarding.

Understand that spell casting is a science and as such does take time, patience, effort and practice to become effective and to have quicker than not manifestation. Simply waiting for an emergency to try to fumble through a spell is not the best path to take. Many time people will come into my store, many Wiccan or magickally minded and wish to do a first spell or one of their first when they are under the gun, needing to go to court because of a serious situation, or facing a serious financial situation or some such life crisis. This is not the time to try to learn spell casting.

And we do not do spells for people, no one who is ethical will do so unless, you are part of their immediate family or a very, very close friend. The closer the better, best friends or significant others. Then it is only an experienced with who will be able to effect necessary change for another. It really is important to be able to do your magickal work yourself. So start practicing now.

You do not need a serious life crisis to start spell casting. Start simple, easy. We work with five magickal goals that everyone can use more of in their lives so they can be worked at anytime. Protection, tranquility, money/abundance, love, and health.  Who would say no, no I have enough love in my life, or enough money or my health is strong enough and I don't need anymore tranquility!! No we can always use a bit more of these magickal elements in our lives, so they can easily be worked and developed in your life.

So .  .  .  .  what are you waiting for? Go on .  .  .  and happy Spell Casting!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love!! Ms. Faith

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Spell Casting - Understanding it's Principles

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

Today we are talking about spell casting. I'm going to come out and say spell casting is one of my most well developed skills.  I teach, study and am constantly researching our history, as it is of great personal interest of mine, but when it comes to the practical aspects, spell casting and divination are my specialties.

We each of us have our strengths and specialties. I teach and touch on many, many different topics found within the witch world, but what I will say, if I may be so bold, is my spell casting is one of my strongest talents. That is not because I am a better witch than any other, no, not at all. It is because of a couple of things. One, I have been practicing for over 30 years, and secondly, I have a keen eye for detail.

Perhaps it is the Virgo in me, maybe it is the latent scientist in me, but for whatever reason, I look at my spells as scientific experiments, which in truth they are. Witchcraft is a science.

Whoa .  .  .  wait .  .  .  what?!  I can hear some of you, quite loudly! Haha Yes, Wicca is the "Religion of the Witches" as it was declared by Gerald Gardner when he developed it in the early 1950's in Great Britain. Yet, witchcraft and Wicca are not necessarily one and the same. Witchcraft is by it's very nature a science.

Now, I have myself, run into Academics who have poo pooed that statement. Huff Puff, getting all scholarly and hiding behind very esteemed, gold edged, fancy framed diplomas from very important scholarly places "Well, you do know .  .  .  witchcraft is not reeeeeallllly a science. Not a reeeeal science."

I simply smile when I encounter this type of person because it does nothing for me to pop the bubble of their understanding of the world as they know it. Now, if they took my course, well then .  .  .  they would be introduced to a horse of a different color. Because witchcraft in the area of spell casting absolutely falls into the very essence of what we know as a science. Except in it's infancy it was at times disguised as a practice called "Alchemy". Ah, now that sounds familiar doesn't it? Or, does it?

Ask someone "what is alchemy?" Most likely you will be answered with the concept of someone trying to turn lead or other metals or rocks into gold. That would be wrong. But it was a clever ruse that worked as it was intended for centuries. The early Alchemists, were magickal practitioners, they might have called themselves at the time wizards, or magicians, or even sorcerers but they were the true scientists. An alchemists true focus is to try to understand and get back to the beginning of all time, the big bang if you will. The spark of creation. One of the premiere goals of the Alchemist was to try to create immortality. During their experiments, and each person who was involved in this endeavor had their own theories and concepts and followed their own path, created experiments and tried many different ways to do all sorts of 'magickal' things. Like to create the Philosopher's stone.

To create the Philosopher's stone, one could theoretically achieve immortality, heavenly bliss and total enlightenment.
This Alchemical symbol represents the Philosopher's stone and is a representations of all four elements of matter. A 16th century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus believed in alkahest which he felt was an undiscovered element of which the other four known elements of earth, air, fire and water all derived from and he felt this 'mother' element was in fact the philosopher's stone.

But the reason I bring all of this up, is in reality, while women were being burned, hung, tortured and being put to death for being witches, in reality midwives and herbalists, these men, the alchemists were being left alone. Yes, their work was as magickal, if not more so than the witches of the day, but their clever story of how they were working on turning base metals into gold, well that would have any king or nobleman leaving them alone to do their work in relative peace, as long as any gold or discovery of this sort would benefit the kingdom.

Yes, clever indeed. So much so, that the myth of the alchemist exists to this day. The science of magick, witchcraft, alchemy whatever you wish to call it also exists. Yet what we do is not wiggling of fingers and noses and expecting things to materialize out of the clear blue sky. No, our work now falls in the newer more modern arena of the sciences known as physics. You may call them metaphysics, though the area of quantum mechanics/physics is also a part of what we do.

The witch knows that what she is going to manifest already exists in this world. We are not creating something that doesn't already exist. We are simply bringing it to ourselves, in one fashion or another.

We work with all of nature's gifts. The elements, the stones and crystals, herbs, essential oils, even colors as in the candles we use, and by combining them along with using words, as words contain power, using our inner energy, mixing it with universal and divine energy, we come up with a magickal mixture called a spell. Then we cast it forth, in any number of ways and then we wait for it to return back to us.

I initially started this discussion by saying I am good at spell casting because I have an eye for fine detail and this is very important for effective, accurate, repeatable spell casting. It's all fine and good to cast a spell, but for it to manifest, as the 'witch' wants it to, as close or  exactly as desired, and then to be able to repeat this feat again and again, is the trait of an expert spell caster.

There is a few 'tips' or techniques which need to be followed and an eye for fine, tiny detail is necessary. To cast a spell first one must follow a basic anatomy of a spell. There are a number of variations but they all break down into a five step recipe. The first step is knowing what your magickal goal is. What is it you want to have happen.

We will talk about the other steps in the next few discussions, but to conclude this discussion I will discuss the first step. Step 1 of Anatomy of a Spell:  Magickal Goal.  Please lose the mamby pamby intentions everyone is always throwing around. One of the reasons your spells are vague and watered down is you have an intention. Think about it, one does not study their butt off throughout  high school, striving to get the best grades, working hard to get scholarships and accepted at the best colleges because you have an intention of going to college, maybe. No, one has a solid, clear cut goal to go to college. And then one strives towards it. One keeps working towards this goal until they achieve this goal. It is worked for and shot at again and again until it is achieved.

This is how effective spell casting is achieved. A solid, clear cut magickal goal. Let's say your business is your magickal goal, the financial success of your business. Some might say, well just burn a green candle on a Thursday, but is that correct? Let's look carefully, at the tiny details. Is it actual money your business needs as in a retail establishment, then a green candle would work on a Thursday. But say your business is more geared towards communication with people as in V bloggers who put out videos on social media and want lots of followers and in turn advertisers, then a blue candle on a Wednesday would be more effective, as blue is the color for communication and Wednesday is a strong day for Mercury the messenger who will deliver your verbal words to lots of ears and eyes.

Well, say instead you wish to 'communicate' with a lot of people but your words are written, because you are an author. You may still do your magick on a Wednesday but change up the candle color to yellow as that is the color for the intellect and the higher level of understanding and reasoning in the mind, hence the color yellow which is also good for studying for tests and researching and learning, so reading falls under this area. Even though you are 'communicating' your thoughts to the people who read your book they are receiving your information differently than you speaking it to them.

Sounds a bit particular, well, yes it does. And that is why some witches are better at spell casting than others. Some know enough to go through the motions but have not been taught to focus and visualize specifically and to be specific in their visualization and choice of magickal supplies.

So look at your business, sticking with our example, and decide exactly what you really need to have the end result, which would be financial success. Do you need more employees, skilled employees, perhaps a larger fleet of delivery trucks. Maybe your business deals with animals such as a groomers or you maybe an animal sitter or a dog walker, then burning brown candles for animal magick is appropriate and it should be burned on Monday.

It takes the most time to sit down and write out the end results and then the path which to get there. What your magickal goal is, and then how you think you may get there. Yes, in beginning stages, to do a money spell we simply do simple spells and we do not tie down the avenue which the money may come to you, but that is for finding lose change and dollar bills in your old coat pockets. But sustainable regular increased income you must look at possible avenues and how to direct the money to increase along those avenues.

You have to look at the entire situation carefully and then make the decision on what area you want to work on. Spell casting can be mad effective, very precise and can indeed manifest your true desire, you simply need to put in the effort, and use the magickal world to aid you in manifesting your desires.

If unsure, seek out competent magickal advice and follow it carefully, and the more effort you can out into your spell yourself the more effective it will be.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Going On A Magickal/Spiritual Journey or Quest

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

I never know where I am going to get my inspiration for my next discussion I wish to have with you, but I wait, patiently and it always comes. This time it was from a person who, within the space of a mere year and a day has become a dear friend and mentor in a special way and now he is leaving on a journey, a quest if you will, an adventure much like Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings.

I started thinking about his journey and then expanded my thoughts to encompass how so many people go on quests or journeys, magickal or spiritual in nature in their lives, sometimes once, sometimes more than once, and some people even make their entire lives a journey of discovery.

I put above the tarot card "The Fool" as an example for this discussion, but not that one taking a journey of discovery is foolish in any way, not at all, the opposite it true. It often is the wisest amongst us that seeks to find themselves by taking a journey whether it be physical and covering geographical distance, or internal and on a spiritual path only. But this tarot card, "the fool", shows a person, the subject of the tarot reading going on a journey, a quest and I see stages in the person's life depicted. First when they are young and capable of getting into grave danger and needing a mother or another's care to keep them safe, but then the time comes when they are able to pack up and travel away and explore and seek new adventures all on their own.

This card shows the subject "the fool" not as a stupid or foolish person, but in the mid 1800's the fool was considered one who passed time idly, such as going on a journey without being in a rush, taking time as it came, learning lessons as they were given. Not trying to control the world around you, or commanding the energies to obey your will, but simply traveling and learning and experiencing what the world has to teach you and being content in that. There is a lesson to be learned in allowing the journey to be your teacher.

Whether your journey is an actual one and you find yourself moving from one place to another, or more metaphoric as you move within and explore the experiences and changes that come your way, it is the path you travel that is the teacher, never the destination. For remember Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and then a supporting character in the Lord of the Rings story his final destination brought him back to the Shire.  It was never his destination that was the goal, but the adventures and the quest of experience he reluctantly endured for those in his rag tag troupe, all for a greater good.

Eventually his adventures were recorded for his future generations in a book that could be read and passed down to his descendants, so like a Book of Shadows, which is the magickal practitioners record of her/his magickal practice/experience as well as spiritual path working. This record can be written, recorded, many today videotape their experiences, but there should be some order and chronology to this path of experience. Whether a diary, a book of poetry, a collection of lyrics and sheet music, perhaps a collection of paintings reminiscent of the great masters such as Monet and the impressionists who lived the south of France, or any medium you choose to record your path that you take and where the path leads you.

This also holds true for those who never leave home but choose to go on a spiritual quest by using other means of traveling a path. Some may choose short meditations everyday, but if you do this, be sure to have a specific goal a purpose for your meditation. Too many people try to meditate just to relax, but realize you do this every night when you sleep. Meditation should have a purpose, it should enhance your life in some way and make your life more beneficial for you. Or perhaps you will choose a course of study, or meeting new people, exploring places around where you live and seeing what they have to offer you. Perhaps your quest is to watch documentaries on a certain interest of yours and allow your mind to expand to allow additional ideas and concepts to be considered.

One of the most interesting, even fascinating things about going on a spiritual quest or journey is, remember when I said initially that the destination is not the goal, but traveling the path is? The start of the journey. Yes, it is an even more significant part of your journey to decide how, what, where, when, that journey will take shape. You already know the who, you, and the why, why not? Or because you feel compelled to do this, is what most people will say if asked.

It is the same with everyone who has ever attempted to climb Mt. Everest. When asked why? You never hear, "well, I promised my girlfriend I would do it for her.", or "I did it on a dare." it is always, how they felt compelled, how there was an almost inexorably pull for them to do this thing that kept calling to them, until they felt they had finished their quest. Most, when they have completed their quest, whether a physical one or only spiritual, which by no means implies it is less than significant,  find themselves changed in some significant ways.

For each person the change is personal, some can talk about it,, some choose not to. Some make life altering changes that forever change and adjust their lives and some merely enhance the lives they were already living. Some leave all and everyone they knew behind to start afresh somewhere else, and some choose to embrace the old life and families and friends along with the new people and loved ones and meld them into a diverse melting pot of loved ones they always want to have around.

One of the most important things I can tell you about this topic, should starting a new path, exploring an interest or going on an actual quest be crossing your mind, is this. Do it. So many, too many people tell me, almost weekly at my shop, that they have always been interested in the magickal world, for instance, and they just didn't start, didn't know where to start, wasn't sure how to, or what to do, so they did nothing. For weeks or months and sadly for many years. No, no, no!! Doing nothing, is just that! Nothing!! Do something for goodness sake! Start, pick up a book, speak to someone, take a trip, take a class, just do something. The great thing is, if it is not exactly right, well then you can cross that off of your list and go to the next thing!

But to sit there and wish and wonder, wanting and desiring and never reaching out and trying to grab at what you really want and desire, leaves you with nothing. Well, that is where you are right now, so it hurts nothing to try, and you have nothing to lose. And everything to gain! Never have the regret of wondering, .  .  .  "what if I had only  .  .  .  ?" Start, by getting up and doing something and then the rest will come easier than you will realize.  Just start.

Ah, if you thought I would give you the tips and tricks, and check list of your spiritual/magickal journey here, you are mistaken, as you are the one to write it, what it will be and it will record upon your soul who you will become.

All I can tell you with great certainty, if you decide to embark on a spiritual/magickal journey is two things. One .  .  .  You will start.  And Two .  .  .  one day you will finish.  The rest you will need to fill in.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

This discussion is dedicated to my friend Jack Riley - "May The Winds Be With You"  Gaelic Blessing To The Traveler 

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