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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Harvest Is Upon Us . . . A Time Of Endings As The Wheel Turns

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

So many people enjoy this time of year, the coming fall season with the leaves starting to turn, the nights getting cooler and the air getting a bit crisper. Yet along with the harvest of abundance, from foods from the orchards, gardens and fields, as well as the harvest metaphorically of our lives from the seeds we  planted earlier this year around Imbolc, and all of the changes we have brought into our lives. There is the inevitable sense of sadness for some of the dying year, the things passing that must be set aside, the endings of things once so wonderful in our lives that are no longer.

The Wheel of The Year inexorably turns, we cannot stop it's relentless although slow movement. Along with it's turning comes change. How we humans detest change. From creeping age, to changes from our favorite season to the next not so favorite season, to changes in relationships, to changes we must accept within ourselves, for we all must change. No matter how much we wish to ignore or avoid accepting or acknowledging this fact.

Sometimes we notice and accept the changes on our own, but most times others point out these changes much to our dismay! Yet, remember the Wheel of the Year, where it is now at the end and things are ending, closing, being put aside and the dead are being buried. Yet as we know, as we Pagans believe,  as the Wheel turns, all things dead , will be reborn in the springtime. New green shoots burst through the frozen ground and all things past return in a new form, all things sent out return to us, in one form or another.

In these modern days, when I teach students and when I conduct Sabbats, I focus attention on the Wheel of the Year as a metaphoric agricultural season for us humans. A time of planting seeds in our lives of things we wish to bring into our lives at a later time, a time of nurturing and tending, the all important weeding out of things we do not need in our lives, and then the inevitable harvest. Some years we plant, tend, and harvest things that bring us pleasure and joy and then there are years when we, for reasons that perhaps only our souls know why, that we plant, tend and harvest difficult times, sadness, pain, even grief and intense loss.

Our lives need to experience all things.. Not just the happy and the exciting and wonderful. We also need the sadness, the loss and the pain of living life. This concept follows the Hermetic principle of polarity. We cannot 'know' light without darkness, hot without cold, up without down.  This is why sometimes 'bad' things happen to good people, because their soul decided they needed to experience that. No other reason. Not that they are a bad person, although we do have to respect Karma. But the energies that surround and weave a tapestry around our lives are seldom simple and easily understandable.

There are actually four harvests on the Pagan Wheel of the Year, from Litha where we can start harvesting medicinal and magickal herbs, to Lughnasadh, to Mabon and culminating with Samhain. Okay, say you have 'planted' the seeds in your life, back during the springtime. Then you tended and weeded and nurtured during the summer season. Just how does one 'harvest' their metaphoric crops during the harvest season?

Excellent question!! Many people ask for new people, friendships, relationships, perhaps fellowship with like minded people to come into their lives and if this is what you planted in your life, then during this harvest, be sure to go out and spend time with these new people, even if you would rather stay huddle at home! Be part of the group you so much wanted to be a part of your life, remembering to allow for acceptance, understanding and compassion as new people will bring new experiences and personalities that may not sync up perfectly well with you right off. Perhaps that is exactly why you planted seeds for new people in your life to begin with and why you felt a need for new friends. Be open and allow for differences. We, as we grow older, learn to be more open and flexible because to be a rigid as we were when we were younger could cause us to break!

A really good example of this, is a person who wishes to be famous. Whether they have a talent, such as singing, or acting or even nowadays that non talent phenomenon, where some people become mega famous simply by being on curious reality TV shows for no other reason than for being themselves. They focus, work at becoming famous, wanting the adoration, the fans (because frankly, without fans you cannot become famous!!) and when all of their efforts, their hard work hits big and the amazing, the impossible happens and they do become mega famous, their harvest becomes shunning their fans, deciding to retire at the age of 25, no longer going on tour, or giving up the life of acting or singing or whatever brought them fame to begin with.

Now, I am not speaking to the paparazzi which hounds famous people mercilessly, but when some famous people actually leave the life that brought them fame and fortune, brought them exactly what they want. Hmmmm, then they find themselves so unhappy they want the very opposite of what they desired for so long.

I think this is why some actors, who become so famous in Hollywood and on the big screen, find at a time in their lives, they go to Broadway, to the smaller theaters and experience a period of harvest where they can truly delve into their craft and feel the audience and the emotions of the theater in real life. Where a famous singer or musician, rather than constantly perform at huge sold out concerts will surprise unexpected patrons and show up at a coffee shop to perform for the simple joy of performing.

You can harvest in your life, this time of your life, that which you have planted. If you are raising children, regardless of their age, stop for some time and just appreciate, watch and enjoy where they are and how far they have come. I started a year ago, singing classes, just for me. Not to perform on stage or to become famous or even locally notorious! I just wanted to learn the intricacies and ins and outs of music as it has always been such a love in my life. So I started classes. After a year I can now look forward to performing at small open mic nights, small recitals and for family and friends and be proud of how far I have come.

Author with singing coach the amazing Jack Riley

There is a concept in the Pagan world, for some of us. The concept of a Year and a Day. We apply it to many things. Many still follow the modern ways of marriage till death do you part, or beginning something for it to end years and years later. Yet some of us, will renew our commitments yearly, or look to change and move to the next level after a year and a day. It is common for me to ask during the birthday candle spell, that something special that is in my life will stay for the next year and a day. Some of us will only dedicate themselves for a Year and a Day and then reevaluate after that time and see where they are, if they are still satisfied with the course of events and if they wish to continue or happily move on in a different direction. I have myself, seen the example, of many times when after a year and a day it is time for students to graduate Enchantments and move on. The program is designed to be a year and a day and sometimes I allow students to stay longer, but for some the year and a day is the best choice.

In the practice of Law we see the year and a day concept from several centuries ago and even in modern times. During English Common law, if a crime against a person was committed which resulted in death of the person, but the death occurred more than a year and a day after the crime or assault, then the perpetrator was not held responsible. This was an upheld belief in the practice of law right up until 1996 when the argument of doctors and modern medicine being able to keep a patient alive for months or years after a crime was committed before a death happens was taken into consideration.

There is also the old and modern legal precedent that a misdemeanor is sentenced to less than a year and a day, specifically eleven months and 29 days or less, and felonies are a year and a day or greater. Also, in these modern times, the concept of allowing prisoners to be eligible for early release is only applicable for felonies, and that must be a sentence over a year and a day. Early release is not applicable for misdemeanors, so it is conceivable that someone who is convicted of a felony eligible for early release may indeed get out of prison before someone sentences on a misdemeanor if both start their sentences on the same day!

 So, even though you may be harvesting crops from your garden, the deeper harvest of your life is upon you, it does not have to wait until your Golden years, it can happen each and every year of your life.

If you have nothing to harvest or are not pleased with your harvest at this time of the year, have no worries. Simply use this quarter of the year to start planning, looking forward and desiring what you wish to plant in your life come springtime and then you will be ready to plant the seeds that you can in turn harvest next year at this time.

To live a Pagan life, in this fashion, takes care, planning and future visions and then work to make your world manifest as you desire it to. What will you plant, and then harvest next year at this time? Realize you are the only one who is responsible for your life as it is right now.

Are you happy with this year's harvest? Are you happy with your life? Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Moons, Eclipses & Mercury Retrograde, What to Expect, What to Know

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

Well this month has been quite an energized month indeed! We have had to pile on our magickal plate, a full moon with a lunar eclipse, coming up a new moon along with a solar eclipse and on top of it all, Mercury went Retrograde and this witch is finding herself dealing with all sorts of attitudes from the overwrought to the childish and even slightly off balanced, indeed! Oh my bats and broomsticks!!

Seriously many can muddle through a simple Mercury Retrograde, but pile everything else on top, all within less than a single month and you find even reasonable people losing it and acting in some shocking ways. I have seen the most extreme example of even a simple sentence in an email to be so misunderstood as to set a person off imagining all sorts of nefarious and completely wrong scenarios.  This 2 week period for the next week or so is hot with all sorts of astrological energies and the best thing to do when someone lashes out at you is to simply allow them to act the fool and step aside and refuse to play.

No matter how they misunderstand, make wrong assumptions, and misread all sorts of innuendos in any correspondence sent, this is the worst part of Mercury Retrograde, understand that these misunderstandings are highlighted by their own inner demons.  A person with inner self esteem issues, suspicions, perhaps a nasty mind suspecting untoward activities, a person exclaiming loudly that others are lying, cheating, betraying, stealing, gossiping whatever their issue is, or issues are, they speak loudly of their own tendencies much more so than anything about you. Most especially when there is no basis for any of their accusations. Realize it is all about them, and nothing about you, so step aside and let them have at it.

Mercury Retrograde also affects areas of travel, law, relationships and the speed of messages being received and replied to. During this period of time, it is a poor time to sign any contracts or enter into any legal agreements, to start a new relationship, but beware that any rocky relationships may come to their natural end, and any travel plans can run afoul of delays, breakdowns and other mechanical issues.  Mercury goes direct by September 9th, but we still have to deal with the post shadow phase until September 19th during which time it will still be spewing some of it's trouble.

I have had a number of students and customers/clients ask about the energies of the moons and the eclipses, and what to expect. Now, mind you, take special note of what I am about to say.

My perspective on this topic comes from a witches perspective which is not necessarily an astrological perspective.  Also for those who choose to use the Internet to 'look up' information, you will most likely not find my material found on other websites as it is from my observations and experiences and training of over 30 years of being a witch. I do not tend to look up my information as many tend to do. There is simply so much nonsense on the Internet. Those who get their knowledge thusly tend to be poorly trained. Experience and years of training and practice is really the best method of learning.

As far as the full moon two weeks ago with the lunar eclipse and the new moon with the solar eclipse tomorrow the energies are riding high and this is the witches high time of casting spells and making magick manifest! Our powers are at their height.

Two weeks ago the full moon highlighted the hidden things in our lives, those things which were being kept from us. The true 'face' of people or things or circumstances, situations or activities that we had only been shown one side of. The full moon highlighted the true face of what was really there while the lunar eclipse pinpointed to each person the one aspect, the one thing they needed to see, to be made aware of the most in their lives, be it in their relationships, social, family or work environments. The one aspect in their life that would affect their upcoming lives the most significantly in the best or worst ways over the next few weeks. This is what has been highlighted and revealed. All one needs to do is pay attention and see what is brought before them.

Oooh, beware to those who have hidden agendas and who are trying to show one face while keeping their true face hidden because your true self has been revealed to those who needed to see it. It has now been seen. It is now being considered, weighed and measured. For those who have goodness, truth, love and compassion in their souls this too will be revealed. The good and the bad are now highlighted and from the highest levels of governments to the very foundations of immediate families and also the workplace, the hidden is now out where it can be seen.

Now we will deal with the new moon and the solar eclipse, tomorrow and the effects of both over the next week or so. Now that the true 'face' of what has been hidden in your life has been revealed, now the positive, desired aspects of what you wish for in your life will be able to easily brought in. That which you have been longing for, hoping for will be brought to you. The words will come easier, the strength needed for the decisions, the desired outcome will be at your fingertips. And while the new is being brought in, the solar eclipse will be burning away the harmful, the angry, the hate, the jealousy, the unwanted, the deceptive, the lower human emotions that maybe in your life, either in you or in others that you surround yourself with.

For the witches and pagans, during this time, most especially during the day of the new moon and solar eclipse, charging of your magickal tools, jewelry, supplies, candles, potions, herbs any of your magickal materials will be given an intense power boost for your magickal workings.

Yes, in a short 14 days, there are a lot of energy to deal with, and witches and pagans are better at handling it than mere mortals, .  .  .  giggle,.  .  .   but at the very least, have compassion and perhaps a bit of pity for those non magickal people who are overwrought with the energies they simply can't understand and who they feel they must blame on others. They simply do not understand the magickal world, and some never will. This world is not meant for everyone, as not everyone is capable of handling what we do. Some actually feel anyone can do what we do, be who we are. Those who walk this path, know the truth of that. If that were true, well then wouldn't everyone? Hmmmmm?

This period of time for the next couple of days is excellent for protection magick, invoking magick, banishment of harmful energies, and increasing positive and beneficial energies, be they love, health, abundance or success.

Yes, the magick we cast at this time,  is very much as if we were spell casting during a full and new moon simultaneously, and these energies controlled best within a magick circle can and will be most effective to manifest what you desire in the next two to three weeks.

Celtic God of the Sun: Belenos
Roman God of the Sun: Apollo
Egyptian Cat Goddess of the Sun: Bast
Egyptian Goddess of the Sun: Sekhmet

These are some Gods and Goddesses to aid you in your spell casting or ritual work. Candles to use for ritual work can be any specific to your specific spell, or simply orange, yellow, white and red for the ritual work to honor the eclipse and black for the new moon.

No matter how intense this cycle of moon's, eclipses and Mercury Retrograde may be for you, remember there is the other side waiting for you to get there, where all will be made sense of and things will become calm and sensible once again. Be patient, and wait  .  .  .  all will come to pass .  .  .   Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Yes, It Is True . . . Karma Is A Bitch!

Good Evening My Witchy Readers,

Tonight's discussion is a very serious one and most people tend to disregard karma as something that happens to the other guy. The one who has 'done them wrong', the bad guy, the thief, the abuser, the murderer, the adulterer, the person who embezzles from your business or tries to steal your clients or business prospects.  People feel anyone who says or does anything to them that they do not like will somehow cause karma to boomerang back on the person who hurt them.

But will it? Let's look at this carefully, breaking it down.  One definition of karma is simply "effect from cause".  Well that doesn't seem to have good or bad associated with it, does it? It really doesn't. When you look at karma, there needs to be a specific intent or energy associated with the action for there to be karmic feedback.

Karma works both ways. Both positive and negative. if you go out of your way to bring happiness to  the elderly at a convalescent home or to sick children at a hospital, to read to children at a local library or to volunteer at a pet adoption event because you wish to give of the love in your heart, that energy will return to you in a form of karmic feedback.

The same is true if you 'deliberately' go out with intent to hurt or harm another. You put effort into stealing your boss' funds, or you steal his computerized list of company clients, with the intention of taking business away from his company.  Or, this is an obvious one, you go out with the intent to take the life of a person, or you deliberately harm a person, child or animal. These actions will most certainly cause severe karmic feedback to visit you.

Yet, there are subtle areas that people often mistake as 'karmic' actions when in truth they really are not.  Say you are driving down the road, and suddenly a strong rainstorm starts and you are not able to pull over and before you can do anything you are involved in a car accident, where in the aftermath a person in the other car dies as a result. You were completely sober, driving properly and doing all of the correct things, but the accident could not be avoided, and the other person was not at fault either. You survived, they passed away due to their injuries. Now we are not discussing what would be determined in a court of law, but karmic law. Would karmic feedback come back on you? No. You did not do anything with deliberate intent to hurt the other person, and accidents can be just that, accidents.

Perhaps you did something, you fill in the blank, that was never meant to hurt another. You did what you chose to do for yourself, to fulfill your desires or needs or expectations. Perhaps you went out with some friends for drinks and didn't ask another friend to go, and this was found out and hurt feelings ensued. Or you went out for lunch or dinner with a friend and a new girlfriend or boyfriend came in the restaurant and saw you and misinterpreted what they were seeing and got all upset and angry.  Now, with misunderstandings, overly sensitive feelings,  maybe you forgot a friends birthday or plans you had made with them, will any of these things cause karmic feedback? No, or very little.

But, here is where it gets tricky.  The 'wronged' person may decide to take it upon themselves to act as the Goddess of Karma and this is a huge mistake.

Once that wronged person starts on a path of retribution it is too late to pull it back, and what happens is karma turns on them, because the other person did not do anything directed at them intending to hurt them or harm them or wrong them in anyway. Now the wronged person may have all sorts of ways of rationalizing and twisting and confounding the situation and feeling that "if you loved me" then you would have, or wouldn't have or .  .  .   as humans we can try to rationalize anything.

Except karma is not human. Karma is an energy that is like a stretched rubber band. Once that deliberate action fueled by an energy to hurt or to help, to harm or to heal, to send out punishment or to send out love, is drawn back and then released at its intended target then karma will be directed at the person who released the 'rubber band' of action.

Many people who are hurt or feel wrong set upon a path of punishment or retribution in a vain attempt to try to gain a sense of solace for their pain and hurt, but as we know from gospel right up to new age gurus and inspirational speakers those actions never give the desired results. What I do know from understanding the science and energy of karmic action and feedback is that it will return back to the person who sent it out pretty much exactly to them what they had hoped would be delivered to the one who hurt them.  The other person may feel bad to have unintentionally hurt the other person but karma will not be delivered to them. In this case the other person often tried to be the bearer of that karma by in someway punishing them. Not speaking to them, being 'mad' at them, distancing themselves from the friendship or even worse, as in the case of divorce or break ups, speaking poorly about them to offspring or family members and former friends to ensure that hard feelings are directed towards the wrong doer.

If this makes sense to you up to this point, then you have a deeper understanding of the metaphysical world than many, and your understanding of working in the world is often fulfilling and profound. It does not mean we do not have bad days or weeks and we are not affected by the actions or lack of actions by others, but we do not seek vengeance or payback, because the Pagan/witch knows it will only come back upon them the same as would a curse.

Unfortunately if you recognize yourself in the one who has sent out vengeance and punishment for being 'wronged' there is nothing to do to change it. Karma cannot be negotiated with, reasoned with or paid off to change it's course. One must take what one has wrought and then deal with the results no matter how painful, unfortunate and final.

I know, there are many reading this that are scoffing because they do recognize themselves but are filled with righteous indignation and refuse to believe anything I have written and I respect that. I only speak from over 40 years of close observation and experience and learning and training. I like to learn my lessons quickly and without having to re-live them again and again, but others choose to relive that cyclical loop. To each their own life experience.

There are those who look at others and say, "Hey! How come they do this and that and all of these 'bad' things and nothing ever bad happens to them? They never have to pay? Karma never visits them!" Well, truthfully you really do not know this. One never knows the pain, and suffering within a person's soul. But perhaps you are seeing the 'wrongful' situation in one light and in actuality it came from another place without any deliberate harmful intent.

There is also another level I will touch on briefly because this level can get very deep and be discussed in great detail.  For everything that happens to us, for every action, word, behavior we encounter in our day to day we have a choice. A choice on how we will react to that action. For instance someone could cut us off in traffic and yell obscenities at us and we could get all upset and yell back and exchange finger gestures or we could smile and send out blessings to them, knowing that it is quite possible that they may be going through some things much more painful in that moment than you.  That you could easily brush off the experience as a non issue and go on your way to have an amazing day and keep your karma clean.  Read the top poster again. It really is true.

How people treat you is their karma, remember how they deliberately treat you, is their karma. How you react is your karma. I choose as often as I can, to love that person, to try to understand where they are coming from, to walk away when things get tense and if I get upset I go out of my way to speak with them and let them know how I care and that I understand they are going through some things and that I am there for them. Always. If it is someone I do not know or am not close to, I walk away and wish them well, as their karma is not my concern and I really am not invested in their spiritual growth but my own.

What I do not do, is try to change another person. That is not my job in this lifetime. I will advise, and discuss and give my opinion if asked or if it comes up in a conversation, but after that I respect that the person I was discussing with will do what works best for them and the most important thing? I respect their choice! Even if I would make a different choice.

That can be hard for some people, to allow someone to have their own choice, their own decision, their own path, even if the other would choose differently. I find it is easier for people to feel this way for those distant from them. Acquaintances for instance. Yet it is surprising to me that the closer one is to a person, the more 'loved' as it is, the more some people feel compelled to change, control and even demand that a person act and behave a certain way. Parents of course get into this rut when children are little, they have to, but it will last at time long into a child's adulthood, when their choices must be their own.

Spouses and significant others are also in the group of people who often cross the line and feel they have a right to demand how the other must act, behave and live their lives when in truth we are each walking our spiritual path alone. At times we walk along with another by our side, but that is just as companionship, a friendly traveler traveling alongside for just a moment in time, and never does it confer ownership, an entitlement to control or to demand a person act or respond in anyway you desire. In this area is where most people have issues, because it is their expectations, desires and wants that they put upon the other when it should be given as a gift.

As far as karma is concerned, when a gift is given, it is accepted or refused, and no karma is attached.  When a gift is demanded, well it is not really a gift is it? And so the Karmic cycle starts and the wheel turns until the karmic feedback has been delivered.

As all of my discussions are understood to be, if this makes sense and resonates within you, then it is meant for you, if it does not, then leave it aside, as it is not meant for you at this time.

I do have to say at this time, hahahha  as with some of my blog discussions, I can think of a dozen or more people who may read this discussion and be absolutely sure I am writing about them. I believe Carly Simon sang it best "If you think this song is about you, you're so vain"  ♫ ♪ ♫  Please let me assure you, it is not, but isn't it interesting that you went there, Hmmmm? Giggle

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms.Faith

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Friday, August 4, 2017

So You Want to Cast A Spell to Regain A Past Love huh?

Good Afternoon My Witchy Reader,

I am always happy to write for my long time readers, but this discussion is also for newer readers and I hope many read this and share with others.  My goodness, what is in the air lately? It almost feels like the week after Valentine's day! Haha You know. Everyone stays with their lover for Valentine's Day, then after the holiday, they break up! Then I usually get a deluge of people wanting to use magick spells to get their former lovers back.

In the past month or so, a similar rush has occurred, where I have received emails, phone calls and customers coming into the store all looking to rekindle the flames of an old love relationship. Both men and women looking to have this happen. This sort of thing does not fall on just one gender. Broken hearts affect men and women alike.

Sadly though, it is with a heavy heart that I need to inform them that magick does not work this way. I have written of this before, but I will be gentle and try to help those who are suffering from heartache and grief, because that is what you go through when you lose the one you love.

Funny thing, in an ironic way, when searching for photos of 'couples breaking up' on Google images, I came across a few poems, posters and memes all expressing thoughts on the topic and a common one nowadays, has me a bit perplexed. Now keep in mind, anyone can make these little sayings and 'computer screen bumper stickers' for lack of a better term. But there are many with the same theme, "that if the couple fights often, breaks up, splits up, goes back together again, and keeps repeating this cycle, then it's true love."

Um .  .   . What!? .  .  . wait? .  .  .  what!? NO!! It is not!! Listen I have been a 'spiritual counselor' because that is what tarot card readers and witches are, for over 20 years, and I have had done well over two thousand tarot readings in that time, and you get to hear and learn and know people, pretty darn well. NO!, NO!, NO!, young, foolish child or whomever put that nonsense on a meme and put it on google images, you are so wrong and naive. A couple who fights all of the time, who breaks up all of the time and keeps coming back together again and again, are in a unhealthy psychological place and could benefit from either serious therapy and or breaking up completely and for good, calling it a day and moving on.

A healthy, happy relationship is not one of anger, and constant break ups. That is just crazy. And for those who have broken up, please before you go looking to cast a spell to bring that person back to you, sit down and ask your self a few very serious questions. Was that person a good (we'll use the word partner in this discussion to cover all of the possibilities e.g. husband,wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) Was that person a good partner? Were they always there for you?

Did they do the small things for you that are important for you? Whatever they may be? Did they make you first in their lives, or were you always way down on the priority list? Were you the one they anxiously looked forward to being with or were you always the one waiting for them? Did their friends come first? Their family? Their dog?

Were there always arguments, fights, disagreements, sarcasm, veiled insults, or simply a lack of compliments or nice things said? Yes, you might very much still love them, but maybe, just maybe the memories of when things were good would be better to reminisce over than to re-kindle the relationship that will fall back into the unhappy, unsatisfying, unfulfilling place you were before you broke up?

Or are you looking to get back together because it is hard to find someone new? Well, that takes effort and time and all sorts of new things that need to be addressed, but nothing worth having is every really all that easy. Also, if you did get back with that other person, have either of you really changed? If neither of you have changed, then why would the relationship be any different this time around?

Then there is the very tricky point that just because you might wish to get back together, what is to say your ex wants to get back together with you? Yeah, I went there!! Oh, because you broke up with her? Uh huh? You sure she's still on that shelf waiting for you? No, you're not, or you wouldn't be knocking on my witch shop door looking for a love spell!

No, my friend, she has moved on and is happy with her new love and you need to put your efforts into making your life happy again for you. Because casting a love spell, as I have said before, like any spell we cast, we cast on ourselves. What we send out comes back to us. I am often recommending, gently, that people put the past behind them, and look forward to new beginnings, new people, new loves and new adventures.

This concept is simple. If we cast a money spell, we send out the energies and it comes back to us in money and abundance, right? Okay. If we cast a protection spell, we send out the energies and it comes back to us in protective energies surrounding us, got it? Good. So why would a love spell, when we send out those energies go to someone else, and NOT come right back to us?  It wouldn't. It will only bring loving energies to surround you and then others will be attracted to you and then you get to pick and choose those you wish to have in your world. But only of those who come around, no stalker like behavior allowed! Tsk, tsk, wagging finger in your face, no, no!!

The same concept works with curses, if we were foolish enough to try to send one out it would only come back to us, so we never do that, because a smart witch knows better. We may do protective spells but we never send out a harmful curse to someone else, simply because it is the same as shooting ourselves in the foot. It would be a stupid and a naive, inexperienced thing to do.

So yes, back to love spells, you may indeed cast a love spell, but understand you are casting one on yourself and on no one else. And then sit back and see who comes into your sphere and decide if it is someone whom you wish to get to know better.

A universal mystery I will share with you:  Each person we come into contact with, in our lives, no matter how briefly or how long we know them, we are meant to have them in our lives for that period of time. It may be for a few months of working with a co-worker on a temporary project at work and then each of you might be reassigned and never see each other again, or it may be a love interest you have for a year or even 6 months, or a marriage for 20 years, but when the time is ready for those people to move on, should it not be through the natural process of death, then the soul's decide.

When the souls decide, and if the people do not heed the natural 'push' the universe gives you to move on, the gentle push at first, then discord starts. The vibrational energy starts to become more distant and feels less in sync, or it may even settle on a different plane if the relationship will take on a new role and find a new level. Trying to conform with 'societies' understanding of normal roles can make it difficult for people to walk away when necessary and so there are long periods of unhappiness, stress and tension.

Yet, when the people start to pay attention to what the souls are saying, then it makes it easier to make other decisions that can make the relationship better, or perhaps make the ending of said relationship less painful. We see this often with parents who divorce but remain friends for the children. Less animosity and a new relationship and life goes on.

Many times, when a love relationship ends, the natural flow is to become friends but people feel that if they are no longer lovers then they must become enemies and that is sad and unnecessary as so much experience and living and loving is lost this way. So, they break up, fight and hate each other and have nothing to do with one another, but this will only bring them back to each other in another lifetime to finish what they have not finished.

Life, like relationships are like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. But throw the largest, straightest, hardest tree trunk into the water and the waves will decide where it goes and will lift it aloft and carry it forth, the tree trunk having no decision on where it is to go. Life and relationships on the grand cosmic soul scheme are like this. If we simply stopped fighting the ocean waves and just went where they took us, we would be happier in the long run. But to do so, we have to give up some control, and be willing to see that what sometimes we do not wish to acknowledge.

There is a lot of love out there, just waiting.  What are you waiting for?

Live, laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith


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