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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Witch Crafted Witch Approved . . .

 Good Evening,

Tonight we're going to talk about the first in a series of witch crafted items that you can make for gifts this holiday season.  A gift made by hand (or by witch!) is indeed a special gift and is sure to make the recipient happy.  Witch crafted gifts are also more reasonably priced and can make a big difference in your pocket book considering the nature of today's economy. 

Magickal Soaps

1 block cream soap base (found at craft stores)
soap color, pink or red
a soap kettle or double boiler
essential oils for the magickal goal of your choice for tonight's discussion we're making love soap. The essential oils we're using are:
rose oil appx 30 drops
basil oil appx 30 drops
dragon's blood oil also 30 drops
lavender oil appx 30 drops
dried rose petals crumbled into small pieces
lavender buds
soap molds that are pretty (also available at local craft stores)

Melt the soap base according to package directions. I use a soap kettle that is designed to melt soap to a safe temperature. Melt the base completely, add the colorant and then remove from the heat. Stirring always deosil (clockwise) to bring in auspicious energies, add the drops of essential oils. If the soap base had become so hot during melting as to have come to a boil, allow to cool for several minutes so the essential oils don't evaporate upon contact with the hot soap. 

Before adding to soap mixture, take the herbs and place in a mortar and with a pestle gently grind for a few minutes to allow the natural aroma to be released.  Then with your fingers, slowly play with the herbs. Pick them up and gently release, mixing them together again and again. While doing this visualize the energies of love flowing into the herbs as if pink, silver and red glitter is falling from your fingers into the herbs. The herbs may feel tingly or grow warmer or cooler to your touch. You are awakening the natural magickal properties found within the herbs and bringing them to life.

Add the empowered, charged herbs to your soap base and stir again staying with a clockwise direction. You may wish to recite the following incantation or say words that you come up with, as you stir:

"loving energies I call you near
enchant this soap for those I hold dear
an' it harm none, one times three
this soap will bring love, so Mote it be"

After color, oils and herbs are incorporated into the soap mixture and your visualization and incantations have taken place then pour soap mixture into pretty molds and let sit until cool and hardened at least 12 to 24 hours. You may place in refrigerator to set quicker, if you wish.  Wrap in pretty colored cellophane and place a bow on bar of soap and placed with other soaps you've made a pretty, magickal gift anyone would love to receive.  Be sure to let your friend know that each soap has magickal properties, so that they can use visualization when using the soap.  To make it easier to explain, you may copy the following down and attach with each bar or basket of soaps so your friend can use the soaps properly on their own.

'Use this love soap to bring loving energies into your life, and enhance the ones already in your life.  While using soap, lather and visualize yourself with all the love you could have in your life. See yourself happy, excited, content or pleased however you would appear with the love you desire in your life. Only visualize another person when and if that person knows of your visualization and gives permission to be used in this way. Lovers and those in a committed relationship can use the soap together to enhance the energies already in the relationship.' 

Other magickal goals you might wish to make are included in the following recipes: 

Money Soap  (This soap is excellent for soothing skin and exfoliating skin)

essential oils;  basil oil, patchouli oil, almond, orange bergamot, ginger (appx 30 drops each except for patchouli only 10 drops)
green soap color
dried ingredients: rolled oats (1 cup) 1 tablespoon poppy seeds

Substitute the word money for 'love' and 'loving' in the above incantation. 

Protection Soap  

Essential oils;  Dragon's Blood oil, lime oil, eucalyptus oil, frankincense, myrrh oils, (appx 30 drops each except for eucalyptus oil only 10 drops)
white soap color, no color needed

Dried ingredients:  lavender, mint and mugwort

Substitute the word protective for 'loving' and protection for 'love' in the above incantation. 

Peace and Happiness

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