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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11 Use this phenomenon in a witchy way

Good Evening,

Tomorrow is November 11, 2011.   There is a lot of 'energy' out there surrounding the concept of 11:11 or various combinations of the numeral one.  Many 'experts' who boast knowledge of this 'phenomenon', as it's been called, claim various and diverse explanations to this occurrence. The occurrence being specifically that people are noticing the numeral combination 11:11 with a colon separating the numbers. Many feel they notice a combination of ones more so than coincidentally.  1111, 11:11, 1:11 are the most common combinations discussed in most reports. 

Numerologists claim the (one) sightings are associated with being in sync, or synchronicity.  Some 'experts' on this subject suggest that it somehow signifies a spiritual presence, ghosts or even the Divine being present.  Still others claim it is a sign of positive and beneficial energies surrounding the person seeing the phenomenon.  Many feel that seeing ones also somehow imparts occult powers to the viewer.

From my research I find it to be a modern phenomenon which coincidentally (and I don't believe in coincidences) seems to have started around the time digital clocks and watches became popular.  People claim that everyday or often they will look at a clock and it says 1:11 or 11:11 and feel its too often to be coincidental.  I believe that our brain looks for patterns in our day to day lives, as patterns help aid in memory and recall.  We tend to remember the easy sequences or clever ones such as a vanity license plate which is easier to recall than one with six random letters and numbers.

A simple pattern like 1111 stands out in its simplicity and boldness.  I have taken close note of my clock watching since hearing about this phenomenon of seeing ones, and you know we look at the clock often throughout the day, but we don't tend to remember 2:46 or 5:17 or 1:34.  There is no distinct pattern. Whether the seeing of ones makes a difference in your life is frankly up to you. As is everything that makes a difference in your life.

Though the phenomenon of ones seems to have started in the digital age we have had a similar number phenomenon for centuries. This time is midnight. 12:00.  I can't tell you how many times over the decades I've seen the time 12:00 or looked at a clock with both hands facing up and stopped and took note of the 'witching hour'.  Midnight, a time not of this day or quite the next, has always held magickal, mystical mysteries for those who wish to contemplate these things.

But whether you fall in with the phenomenon following or simply find it curious you can use the energy of it on the morrow.  You see, any phenomenon or occurrence that has millions of people putting energy behind it, can be utilized for the power it holds. The energy and magick that exists as a type of thought form. One which is created from a large mass of human consciousness all directed at the same thing.

So what to do to utilize this auspicious occasion?   Tomorrow is the full moon and 11-11-11 a wonderful time to create needed change in your life. So . .  .  take time to be aware of your life and you. Write down on a piece of paper or on your laptop for cyber witches, a list of the things you are grateful for in your life. Ring a bell three times, or clap your hands three times, light a white candle and make the time to think about and write them down, and by doing so creating these things again on paper, or in print, giving them yet another dimension.  Then send your gratitude into the universe and thank your God/dess for the manifestation of these wonderful things in your life.

Now, on the same piece of paper carefully write a list of things you will manifest in your life this year or in the near future.  Now look into the candle flame and visualize these things in your life, already there.  An important note* if you cannot burn candles (perhaps you wish to do this at work) you need just write down your two lists, hold the paper tightly in your hands or place your hand on the monitor and visualize the things you are grateful for already being in your life and then visualize the list of things you will manifest in your life. Picture them in your life as clearly as the first list.  Thank again your Deity or higher power for the magick and manifestation in your life. Save this piece of paper and look at it every now and then.

You create your reality, you manifest your life. Every day. Like magick. To me, it is. Everyday is magick.

I would like to send my thanks and gratitude to all veterans and armed services members for their sacrifice and their service. Our freedom would not exist except for them. 

Peace and Happiness

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