The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tomorrow is small business Saturday!! Help us help you!!

 Good Evening,

I hope you had a pleasant and fulfilling Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. That is if you celebrate, if not, I still hope you had a great Thursday!!

Tonight's discussion is short but I think important.  Tomorrow is Saturday, November 26th, 2011 and it's "Small Business Saturday" here in the States.  Tomorrow is a day, if you don't already do it, to support your local, family owned, small businesses like Enchantments. 

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Yes, you can buy items cheaper at discount, large chain outlets like some Christmas Shoppes and of course its more convenient to sit in your jammies and order off of the Internet.  But .  .  .  every time you do, shops like Enchantments get one day closer to closing their doors forever. 

We sell items at a reasonable mark up to pay our bills and feed our families. We are not able to give you a 90% discount on Black Friday, because we don't mark up our items that high to begin with.  At Enchantments, like at other family owned businesses, we are experts in the products we sell.  I've mentioned just recently to a customer, that yes the big book stores can afford to stock every book on a topic such as Wicca or witchcraft, but try to find someone truly knowledgeable and honest to discuss which books will benefit you and which will not. Will someone there take a book from your hands and say "this is too expensive and really doesn't have what you say you're looking for" and then show you a book at a fraction of the cost that will?

After the sale, will the seller (at either a large chain or Internet site) be available to discuss the subsequent information of what you just purchased? Will someone at an Internet witchcraft site discuss with you how and why your spell did not work the way you wanted it to?

There are lots of 1-900 Psychic phone lines where you can get an easy and cheap tarot card reading. I, quite frankly, want to see the eyes of the person reading for me and know that they are really using cards for their information and not sitting on their couch waiting for the time to run down on the reading so they can charge more on your credit card.  Then, afterwards can you call them just to get a little extra insight on what the reading said, without additional charge?

Many of the items for sale at Enchantments are made by me, or one of my staff, all witches with considerable training and expertise in the field of magickal practice, spell casting and divination. We sell many items that aren't normally available elsewhere, such as Witch bottles designed to place in your home to keep harm and evil away. We make our own love and money soaps, potions, spell kits and my exclusive to Enchantments Spell Sprays. A spell spray is a spell in a bottle you spray on like a body spray and take its energies with you all day! No need to cast a circle!! 

We can explain to you exactly how to cast an effective spell that manifests for you because you are the one doing it. We never cast spells for other people, as many Internet sites will do, because we know that to do so, the spell won't work for the person intended and we refuse to charge money for charlatan practices.

Please keep us in mind for your holiday shopping this season and may your holiday season bring you  .  .  . 

Peace and Happiness! 

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