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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Witch Crafted Witch Approved . . . Protective Amulets for the House

 Good Evening,

Tonight's discussion touches again on some fun, hand made or Witch Crafted items you can make for yourself or a loved one for the upcoming holidays.  Protective household amulets. If you've ever been a bit confused between the difference between an amulet and a talisman, its pretty simple.  Amulets are items crafted to bring protection to a person or place.  Simply that, its a protective object.  Talismans on the other hand are crafted to bring in or send out whatever the crafts-person desires. Such as love, abundance, healing, tranquility etc. Talismans are much more versatile. 

Tonight we're making amulets that will bring protection to a household and these are made of air dry clay and are simple to make and use.  You make them yourself so the energy is yours and the visualization is also yours.  I am witch crafting mine so that my house stays safe this winter. Mind you, it won't keep a major power outage, like we've suffered recently here in the Northeast from occurring!!!! But the idea behind a protective household amulet is that it will keep your house safe from trees that wish to fall through your roof or fire or other destroying disaster. At least it will with the correct visualization and preparedness. And if something does happen to your house, the occupants within should remain safe in the case of a disaster.

The ingredients you'll need are simple:

air dry clay found at craft supply stores
a paper or Styrofoam plate
a wooden toothpick
colored acrylic paints

Take a small appx 1/4 cup of the clay and make a square flat 'pancake' out of it with your fingers. Make sure it is the same thickness throughout to ensure even drying. Then with a toothpick pierce a hole, not too big mind you in the middle along one edge. Make sure its big enough of a a hole to put a piece of ribbon through. Throughout the crafting process be sure to have a clear, strong visualization in mind of your home being protected and safe. I imagine my home floating gently within a large blue, white, silver tinged soap bubble. Think of the bubble that Glinda, the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz first made her appearance in.  Now replace Glinda and put your home or apartment building inside the bubble. If you live in a building with other people, apartment or condominium for instance, imagine the entire building, not just your space.

Then using a pattern to go by, see below, trace gently on the surface of the clay your design. If it doesn't work as you'd wish you can smooth out the clay and try again. A word of caution, try crafting this on a paper or Styrofoam plate as making it on a table will require tricky spatula work to get your amulet back off of the table!!

The symbol I'm using for this amulet involves a pattern of six stars, surrounded by six stars surrounded by a circle and another circle within.  Here is the amulet as it dries before paint is applied.

The entire amulet measures appx 4 inches by 4 inches give or take a bit. No need to get picky about it, just make it as it suits you.  The square shape also adds to the protective nature of this amulet so don't make the shape of the amulet circular, not for this one. The design which is sometimes called the Great and Lesser Hex Seals is a symbol that has many variations to it. But it starts with an outer circle, six diamond shapes within with a smaller circle with a six pointed star within that.  My symbol is simple compared to some.  This first picture below is the symbol I worked my amulet from. Those that follow are variations on the same theme.  Some even have more than six points, but I'm sticking with the original six. You can use them as you choose to. Keep in mind the six points within the six points are the protective part of the symbol. The outer circle (Sun) with a smaller circle (Sun) within add good fortune which enhances the protective abilities of this particular amulet.

 My amulet as pictured above is not painted yet. That will be done this Saturday as part of class. The colors are usually reds, blues and blacks for protection. Greens, yellows or golds for good fortune and luck. You may choose to paint it as it suits you, and if you use the protective colors you are adding yet another layer of spell work to your protective amulet.  Paint it the colors you wish to and  then seal it with a clear lacquer or acrylic spray paint to seal and protect it. After it has hardened, has been painted and dried,  you may put a piece of gold or black ribbon through the hole you made at one end to hang it from.

Then cast a circle, ideally, or if not able to, simply light some incense, light a candle and have a small bowl of spring water in which you added three pinches of salt to the water, thereby making blessed or holy water.

Hold the amulet in your hands, between your two palms in prayer pose. Close your eyes and see your visualization yet again. Your home being protected, floating free and safe above the ground, away from any harm or danger. Then imagine bright white energy flowing from the heaven plane, into the top of your head (the crown chakra) and into your body, through your arms and into your palms, and then into your amulet. Imagine this white light energy flowing in a continuous circle through your arms through your hands again and again. After a few moments you may open your eyes and you have 'charged' your amulet with your personal power along with Divine energy.

Then take the amulet and gently swing it through incense smoke, then touch it briefly to the candle flame and lastly sprinkle with a tiny bit of the water. 

Then you only need the perfect place in your home to hang this Witch Crafted Witch Approved protective household amulet to send protective energies through and around your household.

 All Witch Crafted Witch Approved craft projects are created and designed by me for my students at Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts and for you, my witchy reader! I hope you try them and that you enjoy the witch crafting process!!

Peace and Happiness

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