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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hi I'm back!!!


With the crazy late October snowstorm that has devastated CT I have been scarce as I just got Internet back at the store. Still no Internet at home, but during the past cold, dark week I have written some discussions that I want to share with you.  The first is the events of the night of the storm.  I hope you are safe, warm and have electricity or that you get it back soon!!!  I am sending blessings and positive spell magick your way!

You Can’t Argue With A Tree

November 1st, 2011

Good Evening,

The other night, I found myself going to a tarot card reading party I had booked, with myself reading the cards, during the freaky late October snow storm that devastated most of CT.  It was snowing pretty hard and I made an early evening of it as I wanted to get home before too long.

Well, the ride home took on surreal and then metaphoric elements as I traveled back to Manchester from outlaying Coventry.  The snow was coming down very hard and travel was slow going and hazard filled as I was soon to realize.  As I traveled back, the same route I took less than two hours earlier looked different. Trees had come down and were blocking my side of the road causing me to drive around and into the other lane, never a safe thing to do!, to get around.  Then I continued until I saw up ahead and enormous fir tree, laying completely across the road, with no way to get around. The branches shot into the air at least twenty feet and no one could have made their way through. 

I paused for just a moment and then proceeded to find a spot where I could turn around and continue on home by way of a different route.  I proceeded on my way, and as I drove I took stock of my emotions and realized I was calm and focused.  It occurred to me, I was doing the only thing to be done, which was to find another way around the problem.  I saw the metaphoric lesson for life. If one has a problem, find a way to solve it. But what some people normally do is try to argue their way through. Some even raise their voices because being louder or saying stronger things somehow lends support to their argument.  I have never been one to fight, and I dislike arguments and have come to a place in my life where I would just rather look for another solution to the problem, rather than to try to argue with a tree!

You ever notice how some people are like trees? The fallen across your roadway kind of trees. Not the young, supple, gently flowing and bending trees that will consider all options and allows for all beliefs.  No, rather the hard, opinionated, if I yell louder than you then I win, kind of trees. These I have learned I cannot argue with, nor do I want to.

I continued on my way only to encounter yet another tree across the road, and the road simply disappeared and all was snow and fir branches.  So again, I opted not to fight and turned around, this time to also avoid the oncoming fire engines and town trucks that raced to clear this major roadway of such an obstacle. Being in the way of rescue and emergency vehicles is dangerous and of no help to anyone. So I turned around again and tried a third time to get back to my house. 

This third path I chose was also dangerous as I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly going under downed electrical wires that were sparking and flashing in the oncoming darkness.  I safely proceeded away from the wires and found no further obstacles to my house.  I took much longer to get there, it was slow going and dangerous to say the least,  but I kept my cool and calm and made it home in one piece, which is really the goal at the end of the day. Make it home safely and in one piece. I said a prayer of thanks to the Goddess, whom I had been communicating with all through the storm and drove my truck into the garage and closed it in for the rest of the storm. 

It was a simple road trip that took on all sorts of forms, if one wishes to look deeply enough. For me, as everyday, at the end of the day I am grateful for the Goddess, for life, for love and for happiness.

Peace and Happiness

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