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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What can I do, can't I do in the world of magick? and what I am thankful for . . . this holday season

 Good Evening,

It's that time of year again. A time of holiday celebrations, feasts, family and friends. People have asked me if I celebrate Christmas and I know many Wiccans who have stopped celebrating because its not their holiday.  I respect that everyone has the right to celebrate or not, as they choose. For me? I celebrate Yule.  Sometimes I can pull it off on December 21st and other times I celebrate on the 25th because that's when the world pretty much takes a bit of a break. 

Besides, the 21st this year falls on a Wednesday, so as I'm open at Enchantments and working, Yule celebrations must be tabled for the 25th. And guess what? That's perfectly fine.  Lately I have been asked lots of questions by new students concerning the magickal world and information they have been told by others.  Many of these questions have to do with what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in this world of magickal practice and living.  I am frankly appalled by the rigid and restrictive concepts that are being taught and told to new witchlings stepping onto the path.

Foolish things. Like just the other day a student told me that she was told by a teacher of Wicca and witchcraft that a cloak must be handmade by the student and could only be made out of wool! Because its natural. In my opinion, this is foolish, silly and not right!! You can purchase a cloak already made, for if everyone made their own what would the talented artisans who make lovely cloaks do? If its made only of wool, well that's a sweaty challenge if you wish to wear your cloak to a summer Pagan gathering.  And isn't silk natural? What of cotton, hemp, or burlap?  Haha!! I'm just kidding about burlap, can you imagine a more scratchy, itchy cloak?

Any material from natural materials to satin, lace and other inexpensive, pretty fabrics are acceptable. because wearing clothing that feel good to the skin, look pleasing to the eye and make the wearer feel good is the only reason to wear a cloak or any garment. A garment does not impart magickal ability or power to the wearer, its simply clothing and designed to cover you up and keep you warm or cool as the case may be.

I find these restrictive concepts more and more prevalent amongst the magickal community. Where does it come from? Frankly it comes from teachers who have been taught restriction and seek to perpetrate that concept amongst their students.  Hmmmmm. Wonder were we've learned this concept from. That there is one way that is considered the right way, and other ways are wrong?  You can guess I'm sure.  Well .  .  .  if one leaves a religion, a belief system or way of life because its too restrictive for one, why is it that so many adopt another practice only to impose different but similar restrictions onto those in the new group? Simply because they have walked away from one way of being, only to continue living its principles and policies, only changing the names and titles of such practice and thereby believing they are practicing something quite different.

I am a witch. I practice witchcraft. I don't follow an organized religion. My Wiccan practice is mine. I do what pleases me and not necessarily what others have dictated. Am I Wiccan? Of course! Gerald Gardner, was the one who named Wicca and dictated what Wicca is, the religion of the witches, and as I said earlier, I am a witch!  You can do this also. Of course it helps to learn some basic structure, but living and practicing as a witch has always been and I believe always should be up to that particular witch.

There are some Universal laws that we need to live by. Everyone needs to live by. Like gravity. Not changing that!! Karma has a way of doing her own thing also. I have observed through practice and experimentation some principles of spell casting that seem to work the same way for everyone, no matter who we are. These are described in more detail in my "Spell Manifestation .  .  . why and when spells don't seem to manifest as we wish them to"  ©2010.  To read more about this, this series started on November 11, 2010 in this blog and continues for a few discussions.  But as far as magickal practice, especially in the religion of Wicca, YOU,as long as ye harm none, can do what ye will.  Actually even if you choose to foolishly attempt to harm someone, Karma (remember her?) will balance the scales quite nicely.  This is a practice of doing what feels right to you. And using the natural world to enhance your life and magickal practice.

That's right I said it.  YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WISH. And still be considered a witch, a magickal practitioner whatever you call yourself.  Never let anyone tell you you can or can't do something in this world, especially if its simply a matter of taste, fashion, likes/dislikes, for instance:

You Can if you wish to:

  • wear any type of clothing you wish to. Or no clothing if you wish,  of course we must abide by laws of public decency or risk arrest or ticketing. 
  • eat any food you wish to. Some magickal people are vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters (but primarily all Pagans I've encountered love food and the feasts that often accompany our celebrations) 
  •   practice, observe and celebrate  ANYTIME you wish to.  On full moons, new moons, not even taking the moon into account. On any day of the week, any day of the year. 
  •   work with any God or Goddess, more than one or none if you choose. Yes, I said that also, you don't have to invoke God/dess during ritual or practice. perhaps to you, your higher power is the Sun or the Moon and you wish to focus simply on these astronomical symbols. Its perfectly alright. (I personally  feel you can choose to work with them or not, they will always work with us. So if you've been hit over the head with the GOD stuff so much over the years you choose to leave that aside, it's perfectly o.k. The Gods don't take silly human like offense to our desires. That's just our thing!)
There is so much more I could cover on this topic but I'll leave it at that. Just remember, if it feels good it probably is right for you. If it doesn't,  leave it aside no matter who tells you so, even ME! I know what works for me and I can suggest similar concepts you might like to try, but who am I to know what will work for you?

 What I am Thankful for this Holiday Season .  .  . 

I am thankful for Life, Love and Happiness.

I am thankful for my truest friends who love me no matter what. I am thankful for those wonderful people in my life that accept who I am and celebrate because of it, not deal with me in spite of it. (The latter I have conveniently moved to the outskirts of my life, where they fare well and away from affecting my energy, and I am  thankful that I have the strength and personal boundaries to decide who I will allow to be in my life)

I am thankful that we have small, fuzzy, furry creatures in this world who look up to us and love us regardless of what is happening in our world. They care not a whit about petty, human issues and just want to be loved and cuddled in return. I'm thankful for the lessons they teach me everyday.

I'm thankful for the wonderful people I meet everyday in my life who want to discuss concepts of magick, that have questions and seriously seek to learn how to make the magickal world work for them. The magick in my life is a gift I will always cherish and it is yet another gift that I am in a position to teach others from my experiences.

For all of these things I am grateful for and I thank the Goddess daily .  .  .  for Life, Love and Happiness!

I hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day! Be Safe, Be Happy and Stay Healthy, this is my wish for you!!

Peace and Happiness

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