The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's being witch-crafted at Enchantments? Let me tell you!

 Good Evening,

So much had been happening, all good things, with the onset of summer and the growth and abundance of the earth right outside our windows. I've been in a crafty mood of late and have been working on my newest project, Goddess candle kits.

What these are exactly,  are pillar candles that I have closely worked with, charging with magickal energy, and have associated with a specific Goddess from historical culture.  I take each candle and with the specific Goddess in mind, I meditate for a few moments, visualize certain symbols that seem appropriate for the Goddess I'm working with and carve these symbols on the top, bottom and along the sides of the candles.  I then take a mini vial filled with a magickal blended oil, made only with essential oils, that I have formulated to include the magickal qualities, each specific Goddess is known for, to be used to anoint candle before burning.

Each Goddess Candle kit is wrapped with a label that unfolds to show you an artistic impression of each Goddess that you can focus on while anointing and then burning the candle, the magickal qualities of the Goddess that will come into your life when you prepare and burn this candle, an incantation written by me, and instructions on preparing and burning the candle.

I created these candles because so many people have said to me that they want to work with a specific goddesses, but don't know which one to pick!  Relax, dearie, no worries!  You can work with different Goddesses and have their magickal qualities enter your life for different situations.  No reason to stress about dedicating to one Goddess, (and which Goddess?? There's so many good ones!) nowadays you can benefit by utilizing the knowledge available to us from different cultures and thus bring in the energies you desire.

I have developed a Goddess candle kit for ten goddesses as of this point and I have more I plan on making.

The Goddesses available at Enchantments right now are:

  • Hecate - Greek - Goddess of Witches - brings in strong, powerful magick 
  • Aphrodite - Greek -  Goddess of Love - love, passion, lust
  • Diana-Artemis - Greco-Roman - Goddess of the Hunt - protector of animals, animal magick and healing
  • Bast - Egyptian - Goddess of Protection and sensual pleasures - protection especially of women, and lust & sex.  I love this kit as I use black cat shaped candles.
  • Freya - Norse - Goddess of Love -  Love, beauty, destiny 
  • Gaia - Earth Mother Goddess - abundance, energy of creation
  • Cerredwen - Celtic Welsh Goddess - inspiration, wisdom
  • Danu - Celtic Irish Goddess -  Mother Goddess wisdom, protection
  • Morrigan - Celtic Irish War Goddess and Warrior Queen- protection, passion, courage, strength, intense love 
  • Ultimate Goddess - General divine energy for any and all requests petitioned directly to Her. 
Goddess Candle Kit Bast where I use a black cat shaped candle for this kit.
 Goddess Candle kit for Norse Goddess Freya - Thanks for the suggestion for this sexy Goddess Gary!!

Each candle kit sells for $13.00 and you will get appx 30 hours of burn time from the candle. Large oversize candle kits are priced separately and will give many more hours of burn time.

 This is an Ultimate Goddess candle carved, prepared and burning.

I am enjoying working with the energy of each Goddess while creating these candles for you. If you have a specific Goddess I would be willing to consider making a kit to represent her. Just let me know!  I am in the process of creating a kit for:
A harvest Goddess of Grain and Corn
Rhiannon// Epona
and I'm excited about making a candle kit to honor and work with the energy of both the Goddess and God simultaneously.  I'm hoping this kit will be perfect for altar use in any type of ritual. I'm working with a master candle maker or chandler and we're looking a creating a dual candle set with wicks entwined.  I hope you stop by Enchantments to try my new Goddess candle kits and that you like them.  Each has been personally crafted by me so you can feel good knowing they weren't made by machine and mass produced. We will be soon placing this item on our website for internet orders.

A new exciting order of witch-crafted magickal wands have arrived at Enchantments!!

Let me tell you about a friend of mine, Roger. I met Roger a few years ago when he stopped into Enchantments and introduced himself to me. A pleasant, handsome young man, he had interest in all things magickal and was in the area from far off Ohio (I believe) for the Renn Faire being held right down the road in the next town.

He took a few classes while he was in town and generally endeared himself to others, as he was and remains a very nice man.  He was selling leather goods at the Renn Faire and in the next couple of years he had branched out into his own company, WitchWorks and started to make wands.  He had asked my opinion on gathering the wood for an effective magickal wand and we discussed the concepts of harvesting the wood from living trees as opossed to gathering dead fallen wood.  I have worked with natural energy my entire magickal life and death in the magickal world is the same as in our physical reality. Dead wood is just that, no life, no energy.  Instead I teach students how to properly harvest wood from a living tree without harming or causing stress to the tree, and sealing the energy into the branch to be crafted into a wand.  He did his research and asked a lot of very knowledgeable people in the world of magick and he was soon crafting his wands.  I am so proud to offer Roger's WitchWorks  magickally witch-crafted wands at Enchantments.

Each wand is accompanied with a tag that describes the type of wood, the magickal properties of the wood, the type of moon, (new, full, blue) that it was harvested under, and the date of harvest. He then treats them to a hot soak in water in an iron cauldron, over an open flame and then allows them to cure in the open air for a lunar month before shipping them to stores. So each wand is exposed to the natural elements we work with often, earth in the iron cauldron, air, fire and water.  Each wand is unique and quite special.  We have many varieties to choose from and many of the woods we have only one of, so if you see one you might like, stop by! These wands sell very enthusiastically and we were down to just one wand when this new order came in today!

We have, off the top of my head the following woods: Peach, apple, pecan, walnut, elm, birch, maple, pomegranate, willow, corkscrew willow, alder, aspen, cherry, hawthorne, mulberry, oak, horse chestnut, sycamore and that's just the ones I can remember! 

 Oak wand

 We have expanded our days at Enchantments and our current summer hours are: Tuesdays 10 am until 4 pm and Wednesdays through Saturdays 10 am until 5 pm. Things are getting better, economy wise at Enchantments and I have you to thank. Please keep telling your friends about us and we will do everything we can to stay in business. Thank You!!

Peace and Happiness

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