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Monday, May 2, 2011

Magickal Stones - How to charge, cleanse and recharge stones for your magickal use

Good Evening,

Tonight we'll continue our discussion concerning magickal stones and their use.  We've talked about their magickal properties and some ways to use them in your day to day life.  Whereas all natural things are 'created' with a natural ability to attract or repel certain energies, after they have been used for a bit, they may need to be cleansed or re-charged. 

This is the realm of the witch.  Anyone can find a pretty stone and carry it around with them, or have a piece of jewelry with stones that they wear,  but for it to 'work' for you, magickally, some basic understanding is necessary. 

Knowing the magickal properties of the specific stones you are using is key. Understand what energies you first wish to attract or repel if banishment is desired, and have a visual image of yourself with those magickal properties manifesting in your life.   For instance if you are using stones to attract love to your life, see yourself with that love in your life, how will you feel? How will you look? How will your life be different?

Charge your stones: 

To charge or empower  your stones with the 'job' you give them to do: 

We'll stick with the love scenario, although these steps can be adjusted for the specific magickal property you choose. Just change your visual for the magickal property you desire and choose stones that sync up with that property.

  • Have stones you've chosen gathered together. 
  • Be seated comfortably and make sure you will not be distracted for a few moments.
  • Hold stones in your palms, and close your hands over them.  You may wish to lay one palm over the other. 
  • Close your eyes and see a pink mist covering your hands ad the stones inside. Just imagine the mist, in your mind's eye.

  • Now see a bright white light, again in your mind's eye, covering the stones and being absorbed into the stones.
  • With your eyes closed, see yourself with the love you desire in your life. (Note- don't worry about visualizing how you'll meet, when or any specifics,just that a special love is in your life and how you'll look and feel when that happens) 
After a few moments, you're done. The stones are 'charged' or energized with a specific job utilizing their specific properties.

Cleansing your stones:

After the stones have worked for you and the love, in this case, has manifested you may re-use the stones for another magickal goal, or desire. But to do so, you will need to 'cleanse' the stones first. Not actually cleaning them, if course, unless they're dirty for some reason. But to psychically cleanse them and re-charge them to be used for your next job for them.

The easiest way to recharge stones is to put them either in the sun or moon shine, depending on if they are a receptive or projective type of stone.  If they are a projective type of stone, a stone that sends out energies and is usually found in the colors of red, oranges, yellows, clear, and golds the sunshine is the best energy to cleanse and  recharge their energy reserves. 

If they are of the receptive variety, which attracts energies to you, and are found int the colors of blacks, blues, greens, browns and silvers, the moon is the best energy to cleanse and recharge their energies.

After you have determined which stone is which and have chosen your energy source, place out in sun or under the full moon for at least an hour.  Important, take stones in before the next change of day/night. 

Some magickal stones to have on hand for all sorts of occasions:   Where there are books on the market that get into this more deeply, I will speak on those I know myself and have used for many years.

Projective stones and minerals:

Quartz crystal - to intensify and enhance magickal energies
Gold Pyrite - financial abundance, wealth, strength and protection
Carnelian - energy, courage, strength
Citrine - clarity of thought, intellect, anti-nightmare
Amber - wealth, health, intellect, God energy
Yellow/ orange Calcite-
Ruby -  love, wealth, power, joy, anti-nightmare
Garnet -  love, energy, strength, healing, protection
Diamond - strength, divine energy, increased sexuality, fidelity

Receptive stones and minerals: 

green agate - money, growth, health
Jet - protection
Hematite - healing, protection,warding off of negative energies
Sodalite -healing, wisdom, peace
Lapis Lazuli - healing, love, fidelity,  protection
Coal - money attractant, luck

Some additional ways of cleansing and recharging their natural energies besides the earlier mentioned sun rays or moonshine method are:

Placing stones in a mesh bag and allowing naturally running water, as found in a stream or brook to wash over them for several minutes.

Soak in spring water with three pinches of salt added in a silver bowl for three hours then cast a circle and run the stones through a ritual incense mixture of frankincense, copal, and sandalwood, then touch each stone to a Goddess representative candle on the altar. This should be done in a full cast magick circle.

Wearing a stone, or stones such as in a piece of jewelry for 28 consecutive days (a lunar month), without removing, cleanses and charges the stones with your personal magickal energy.  Stones you cannot wear around the clock can still be infused with your personal energy by touching them every day for a moment or two.

These are just a few ways to cleanse, energize and bond with your magickal stones and minerals. As far as starting to collect stones, just pick up and feel every stone you consider buying and if it feels 'right' buy it.  YOU are the only one to determine if a stone feels right to you, no one else can do this. Go with a list of stones you would like to see and learn about and start collecting them.  Also buy a pretty dish or bowl to store them on, or buy a pouch to keep them in.  Keep them around you, and start to use them.

Learning about your stones, collecting them and using them can make a difference in your life, for the better.

Peace and Happiness

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