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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green Medicine and Enchantments' Official Stance on offering medical advice

 Good Evening,

Tonight we'll discuss a serious topic. Self medicating using herbs, natural, homeopathic, naturalistic or other home remedies.  Enchantments official stance on this is we don't give any advice concerning this topic to customers.  For several reasons, of which we'll go over tonight.

Firstly and most importantly, I, nor is anyone associated with Enchantments a doctor nor do we have any medical degrees.  Of any sort.  That's very important.  The last time I checked you still need to have a license to practice medicine in this state or any other in this country.  A valid medical license.  No this does not mean a course in Reiki making one a Reiki master, nor a massage therapist, a yoga instructor, nor an herbalist, or any sorts of alternative healing practices going on in our world today.  We work with magick, simply that.

Many people today have a pretty dim view on modern medicine and some have good reason.  But many whom I have spoken with, disdain modern medicine because "the doctors over prescribe!".  Well, it takes two. If your doctor is over prescribing medications for you, you must be going to them and asking for some relief from symptoms.  If you are feeling like crap, because you have the common cold then many times, I've been told by a doctor, you need to ride it out and feel a bit crappy for a while. Most of us want and demand instant relief, as promised by television commercials.

Trying to self medicate using natural ingredients speaks to the novices inexperience with herbs.  Yes, years ago the herbal green witch used herbs to treat just about everything, but many things could not be cured or treated. Simply because modern medical pharmaceuticals had not been developed yet.  Today we are surrounded with chemicals that can cause an adverse reaction if taken with herbal remedies. Especially if you take prescription drugs you must check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure you won't cause a nasty cross reaction.  Don't take pharmaceutical drugs, recreational? What about vitamins? Over the counter medication? So many of these have warnings against taking them with other drugs, vitamins even fruit!  Yes, some over the counter drugs mixed with fruit can be a bad thing!!

Some birth control pills have cross reactions when taken with certain fruits or vitamins making them less effective! Trust me, we on average know much less about this topic than we believe. In fact some people you may know may be virtual experts in the subject, just ask them. But do they have that all important training that tells you they actually know what they're talking about?

Yes, as a green witch I feel that herbal accompaniments can enhance one's life and health. I believe that modern medicine may have it's issues, but it's responsible for keeping millions of people alive each year and making their lives better and healthier.  But it's a responsible person that uses all the gifts the Goddess has given us, and uses them wisely. 

We can't and won't give medical advice for those searching for alternatives. I have recommended people that are determined to find herbal cures to check out a health food store, as they are often staffed with knowledgeable people when it comes to herbal remedies.Working with a naturopathic doctor  in combination with an allopathic (Western Medicine)  doctor that respect each other's profession can be the best combination for someone wanting to keep healthy and strong.

I do not try to treat myself or family members, even though I have read extensively on the topic.  I like to be knowledgeable and aware while consulting experts who can make more informed decisions than I.  If something feels a bit sketchy, check with another doctor, do research yourself on the computer and find a safe, effective solution to your issue.

Many throughout the ages have learned that the local witch has answers for all sorts of ills and maladies.  I personally find it a good thing that we no longer have to rely on a wise woman to fix our medical issues, because the Goddess has given us all sorts of respected, authentic medical practices and personnel that can help us with our problems.  Being a witch should not be an indicator of medical competency and when a lay person asks because they sincerely believe this, or hope it to be so, then we have a responsibility to gently correct them and encourage them to seek out competent professionals.

I read the tarot and give spiritual consultations for many people.  Many readers find like the stereotypical hair stylist that you are in effect giving a type of therapy, but it's just as important to be able to recognize individuals who need real clinical help and to encourage them to seek this type of help rather than having them come back month after month.

We in the field of professional witches work closely with the community to offer help, give answers and needed change for troubled, challenging lives and recognizing when to move them to professionals is very important, at least in my opinion.

My only advice when it comes to living green is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, fresh is better,  breath lots of fresh air, drink water and get enough exercise for you and be happy.  At the end of every day, be happy or make change.

Peace and Happiness

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