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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Specific life situations made better with the magick of stones Part I

Good Evening,

We've discussed the magick to be found in crystals, stones and minerals over the last few discussions and tonight we will touch again on this very useful magickal system.  I have been using stones in magickal applications for several decades and they prove themselves again and again to help sway life situations in our favor.

You see, that's what magick is all about, really.  It's not as Hollywood depicts with the snapping of one's fingers and having something suddenly materialize, out of nowhere.  That's more optical illusion, and in truth sleight of hand practitioners do this very thing, make something appear from apparently nowhere, but even so, the object existed in the first place.

The magick a witch does, at least this witch, is to use the magickal energies of natural substances to draw or repel other energies which by doing so, will aid and enhance my life.  Stones, crystals, plants, fire, lightening, rain, wood, seeds, pods, grasses, soil all contain magickal energies to repel or attract energies such as love, health, protection, justice, strength, and if the practitioner uses these substances in a magickal fashion things start to manifest in magickal ways.

But .  .  .  the magickal areas we focus on may seem vague for some people.  What about some real life issues that could use a healthy boost of magick?  Situations such as a court case, a broken relationship you desperately want to fix,  a test or course of study you really need to pass, protection against a stalker or someone who means you harm.   These are some real life, real serious situations that can be aided and swayed in your favor by using stones and magickally charging them to work for you. Tonight we will discuss the first two, and follow up with my next discussion of the last two.  Of course, if you have a specific situation please comment and I'll design a specific spell for you. As long as I can discuss it in this forum so everyone can benefit, feel free to give me your specifics. Of course, real names will never be used, so use a pseudonym or I'll pick one for you. 

The following spells (as this type of work with stones would be classified under spell casting) utilize stones as their main component while also employing other spell casting methods or techniques.  The more serious and necessary a magickal goal,  the more layers or steps you are encouraged to work with. The level of effort directly translates with the level of manifestation, in my years of experience. Take your time, focus and have a clear, magickal end result in mind.

A Court Appearance

 Get Lady Justice to tip the scales in your favor!

There are times in many peoples lives when they have to go to court. Or to be in a place where judgment will be rendered whether in their favor or against.  If you find yourself facing a court date the following stones can be helpful in directing the winds of justice in your direction.

Carnelian - for eloquence
Bloodstone - prosperity, abundance, verdicts in your favor
Malachite  (especially if business is at all involved)
Citrine - clarity, intellect
Tiger's Eye - justice, victory
Yellow Calcite - justice, truth
Quartz Crystal- power boost to the entire collection

spell candles that will be used completely with one burning. The colors of:
green - if its a business situation

Place an altar pentagram on your altar and a Goddess figure or God figure to focus your petition on.  Hold each candle separately and anoint each with oil of rose, violet or orange. Just one oil, no need to mix. While rubbing the oil into each candle, slowly and carefully, visualize clearly your end result.  A court case positive end result would be the phone call, most likely, that you receive giving you the good news.  Perhaps you visualize the celebratory dinner you will have once you win. After each candle is anointed and charged by your visualization, and set around the pentagram and God/dess figure.

Take a few more drops of the oil you chose and rub on the palms of your hands and when your hands are lightly covered with the oil pick up the stones and hold them for a few moments. Also visualize slowly and carefully, no rushing!!, and after a few moments of seeing your end result clearly, place them carefully on the pentagram on your altar.  Then light the candles, and of course, ask the Goddess or God (aloud) to help you in your situation. Ask for your desired outcome clearly and be sure that what you are asking for is just and deserving to you.

Be able to see the candles and the altar over the next hour or so, you can watch television or work, whatever you wish, while they continue to burn, just every now and again stop and focus on the end result again, until they burn out completely. Don't do this spell if you can't devote the time to burning the candles out completely, only full out measures for these real life situations.  When the  candles are out, take the stones and place them in a green or gold pouch and carry them with you into court. Have them in an inner pocket, and none of these stones will set off a metal detector (be careful as some can!!) and you should be able to have them with you to help you while in the court room. 

To help mend a broken relationship

For those who have had a quarrel with a friend and loved one, the following stones can help a reconciliation as long as both parties are willing.

Lapis Lazuli

three pink spell candles

Take a silver or crystal bowl, (no skimping now! This friendship is too important for plastic ware!) then hold your stones in hand, visualize your friend and you together, happy and at peace, reconciled and friends again.  Take a few drops of olive oil mixed with lavender oil and rub over hands and hold stones, coating them completely. Keep the visual. Now place them in bowl. Gently sprinkle salt over stones, only a few pinches. Then take a bottle of spring water and gently pour over stones.

Place three spell candles around the bowl with stones, (remember to charge the candles as we did in the first spell discussed tonight.) Use the oil you used for the stones to anoint the candles and the visualization of you being reconciled. Light the candles and allow to burn out.

Carry the stones in a pink pouch once you've taken them from the water, after the candles burn out. You can contact our friend and attempt reconciliation but do not push it.  I would wait a couple of weeks before contacting to allow time for your friend to contact you. Its also very possible you two will accidentally meet, take this as a good omen and go with it.

Of course the above spell all hinges on the concept that both parties want to reconcile, and there is no restraining order or stalker laws in effect concerning your situation!! Magick will NOT allow you to manipulate or harm another, even with fear, so don't go there .  .  .

Our next discussion will discuss using tones to help with studying for a test and protection from very real danger. 

Peace and Happiness

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