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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surrounded by negativity? Some simple ways to protect yourself

Good Evening,

Tonight I wish to discuss with you some simple ways to protect yourself from any harmful, negative energies you feel might be floating around you. Now I'm not talking about evil spirits or demons, they are far less likely to be around you than typical negative energies from other people you surround yourself with. Do you have a co-worker that's always pessimistic and a real downer? Is there someone in your life that is always spouting off about the worst that is to come? Someone who is a master at seeing the worst in every situation? Perhaps you just feel that you have bad luck?

If enough energy, negative in this instance, is built up over time, then what seems to be a 'cloud' of negativity will seem to hover over you, darkening the area of your life and making it seem as if only bad things happen to you. Well, you can do some simple things to make your day brighter, to make your luck seem better and your outlook more positive.

Witch Balls:

Witch balls have been used for over 6 centuries to help trap negative energies and to keep harm from befalling a person. In medieval times, when witches were considered evil and harmful, witch balls were used to 'trap a witch' inside the orb thus preventing her from causing harm. Hmmmmmm, funny . . . I surround myself with witch balls and have never found myself trapped inside of one? But legends are curious creatures, are they not?

In Victorian times witch balls were signs of wealth and good fortune as only the wealthy were likely to be able to afford them. Today they are used primarily for decoration, but I still hold that they have magickal powers which help keep the air around a person or in a home clear and free of harmful energies. Once the energies are trapped inside of the witch ball you can eliminate them completely by wiping any dust off of the ball and keeping it clean. Some names for witch balls over the centuries are Fairy Orbs, Pond Balls, Spirit Balls, Friendship Balls, Good Luck Balls, Globes of Happiness, Gazing Balls, and Butler Globes.

Black Salt:

Black salt is common salt that carbon has been added to. Note it is NOT salt that spices such as black pepper has been mixed with, so beware of unscrupulous dealers passing off knock offs. Black salt should look just like that, black crystals of salt. This can be used to sprinkle around doorways and placed in corners of your house to keep negative energies away and it is also reputed to keep harmful spirits at bay.

Black Candles:

Now, there's always been an association with witches and the burning of black candles. People seem to want to assume by burning black candles we are up to something nefarious and evil! Nothing could be further from the truth. We burn black candles to keep harm and evil away from us. To keep bad things from getting too close. For protection and banishment is why a witch burns a black candle. Take a black candle, size doesn't really matter and burn while visualizing yourself surrounded by a glowing orb of love and protection. Remember the first time we saw Glinda the good witch of the North in the 'Wizard of Oz'? She appeared in a big round bubble floating over Munchkin Land, and this bubble is the type of sphere or orb I want you to imagine yourself floating in while burning your candle. This visual is very powerful and will bring strong protection to surround you.

Brick Dust:

Used in Hoo Doo a magickal practice which originated in the American South East, brick dust is used similarly to black salt to keep harm away from you and your home. It is reputed to keep evil and harmful energies in any form from crossing over a line of brick dust, thereby keeping those energies away from you.

Blessed water:

Take a few pinches of salt and place in a small bowl of spring water. Put your right index finger (left if left handed) and trace the sign of a five pointed star in the water and ask the Goddess/God to bless this water. Then you can sprinkle this water around your home to eliminate unwanted energies. Trickle a small line of this blessed water across thresholds and with your finger, dip it into the water and mark on windows and doors a five pointed star surrounded by a circle for protection against intruders and harmful people.

These are just a few ways you can simply and inexpensively bring a lighter energy to bear in your home, office and other surroundings. I hope you find comfort and peace in these tips and tricks!

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Dear Ms. Faith,
    I have an aunt who I believe practices black magic, but I have decided not to confront her in any way. The other day she placed a thing that looked like a carbon ball in the corner of my room. Three days later I was going to vacuum and I picked up the ball and tossed it a few times playing with it. A few days later my mother told me nnot to touch that thing and that if you did it was possible that you yourself start sucking out the bad vibes and negativity from everywhere... After I had played with the carbon ball I have been generating lots of heat, and I start sweating and I can't sleep. However no one believes that I played with that thing. I was wondering if you could help me understand this concept..?

  2. I do not practice Black Magick, but may people do. The concept of effective black magick is primarily getting the person who it is intended for to believe and to fear it. Once that has happened the psychological warfare has begun. Please believe me when I tell you that nothing your aunt has done or placed in your room can harm you magickally unless you believe it is so. Practicing harmful magick comes back on the practitioner and not on the intended victim. My question is why would your aunt wish you harm? Do yourself a favor and pick up the "carbon ball" and throw it in the garbage. Then go on about your life and stop stressing. The sweating, lack of sleep etc are all caused by worry and stress, with a healthy dose of fear thrown in for good measure. You are causing these reactions, not some silly black ball placed in your room. Feel better and rd yourself of it soon. I hope this helps.