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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Ostara! Our second Spring Celebration!!

Good Evening,

Ostara is upon us, our second Spring ritual and Celebration. Our first was February 1st, Imbolc. For this celebration we welcome in the greening of the grass, the new chicks and baby birds being hatched and the baby bunnies and lambs being birthed in the fields. Of course all of this new growth and burgeoning life screams fertility! This Sabbat is a celebration of fertility. The fertility of the earth is celebrated along with all of its creatures, the warming of the soil and the new shoots of plant life poking through the ground. Fertility is simply bringing 'new' into the world. Birthing that which we desire, and sometimes things we do not desire, but we are responsible for everything in our lives. Let's use this Sabbat and season to give birth to things and concepts we want and desire, for we are the ultimate creators.

This year my focus for this Celebration is 'What Will We Plant This Springtime?' I mean this metaphorically in reference to our lives, rather than the actual planting of seeds and seedlings. But I believe much of our lives can be compared to the agricultural world around us. As if our lives were gardens where we plant seeds that we later nurture and tend, we weed, then harvest in the proper time. The seeds that will in turn make up the flowers in our lives.

What do you wish to harvest later this year? Maybe not even this year, but what will you plant that will in turn grow, get stronger, blossom and then allow you a harvest that feeds your soul, makes you happy, fulfilled and complete? You can start this Ostara by planting those seeds.

For example, if you wish to bring more like minded people, friends, into your life you can start by planting the seeds that will allow you to harvest this down the road. Join a group of like minded people, take a class, invite those you would like to know better, out for a few drinks and put yourself out there. I've met so many Wiccans, Pagans, and magickally minded people who desperately wish to meet others like them. I recommend they do this by frequenting those places where like minded people gather. Go to Pagan festivals, open circles, Ostara festivals (or the Sabbat that is closest) and be friendly, open and welcoming. You can find these in Pagan peridicals, on the Internet. Its much easier these days. Be sure to bring a Quartz crystal or Rose Quartz and carry it in your pocket to magickally open your energies to others of like mind.

A way to start 'planting the seeds' is to decide which you will plant, and this is done by determining what you wish to harvest. Think of your life. Think of the things, concepts and people you want to be a part of your life. Don't waste any energy for that which you don't want right now, we will be weeding your 'metaphorical garden' later in the year. Have an image, a 'snap shot' of your life with what you desire in place in it. Everything, everyone you desire to be in your life, in your world. See this and believe you will create this. Know it.

This is also the first step to Anatomy of a Spell, having a magickal goal and visualizing the end result. This is important in magick casting and spell crafting. Yes, that's what we are doing here. We are using the Sabbats to make major life enhancing changes in our lives, creating magickal change.

So, your home work . . . is to think about the seeds you wish to plant this springtime. Just that, the seeds. We'll get to tending the rest of the garden later on.

If you haven't had time yet, please make time to get outside, touch a leaf, smell some fresh grass and marvel at nature in all her wonders. We are fortunate this year, this Ostara in Southern New England, the weather is as warm as June.

Have a Blessed and Sacred Ostara, I sincerely wish you Peace and Happiness!

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