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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another past life regression I experienced, I'd like to share with you!

Good Evening,

The Past Life regression seminar I am hosting at Enchantments is coming up in just a couple of weeks, on Saturday April 14th to be exact. I thought I would share with you another past life regression I have experienced and which helped me get over my fear of heights.

You see, phobias, likes, dislikes and fears that come from past lives seem to generally develop in ones late teens and early twenties and can grow and get much stronger over time. I had no fear of heights when I was younger and even have a photo of myself standing next to the chimney on the roof of my parents house! I was 16 years old at the time. Don't ask me why I was on the roof, I can't even imagine! But it was obvious heights didn't bother me at all. But as I grew older they seemed to take on a new life and little by little I developed an intense dislike for heights, and a fear of being up too high.

My fear became very real several years later, when I was helping with some roof work on a two story house and clambered up the ladder with no worries. While sitting on the roof and handing tools over, I lost sight of the ground and my equilibrium became compromised and I got slightly dizzy and a wave of nausea and fear flashed through my body, like I've never experienced! I couldn't move and was stuck on a roof! Seriously, I wanted someone to call the Fire department and I was told they only come out for cats! I said "tell them I'm a cat!" But it didn't work.

No one was in a position to help me,as I was closest to the roof than anyone else, so over what seemed like ages I slowly moved to the edge of the roof where the ladder was and slid my foot to the first rung. I slowly made my way down, again it felt like hours, my legs weak, knees buckling and trying very hard not to hyperventilate. I finally got to the ground and just shook for what felt like hours. O.K. definite fear of heights, check!

I found over the following years, even going a few rungs up a ladder or standing on a step stool would be unnerving, and I wanted to do something about this. I'm not the kind of person who can live with fear in my life. I need to do something when faced with fear, whether its education on the subject matter, such as learning about what something really is so that there is no fear necessary, or training oneself as I did for several years in the martial arts, or in this case finding out the cause of my sudden and inexplicable fear of heights. And, that's what I did.

Again, I sought out my friend, Dr. Norton Berkowitz a past life regressionist and we worked together to find out the cause of this new phobia of mine. I started to drift back into the past and found myself in a time and place several centuries ago. In this past life I was in Wales, United Kingdom, and it was sometime in the 1600's. I was a little girl living with my mother alone on the edges of the cliffs that border the Irish Sea.

I was only about 5 years old, and unfortunately my mother was not of sound mind. I don't know what caused her insanity, perhaps living in so desolate a place alone with just a small child to keep her company, but I had visions of her taking me by the hand and dragging me to the cliff edges and threatening to throw me over if I didn't behave. Seeing this in a past life regression can bring up feelings and emotions but they are not as strong, typically, as the true life experience. You can see these things almost as a bystander. Well, I reincarnated a short time after and even though I did not experience in my past life regression being thrown off the cliffs, and I truly do not know if that is how I perished in that life time, I know I did not grow to adulthood. I needn't have been thrown off the cliffs, just the dragging to the edge and threatening of so small a child would be enough to cause a trauma that could resonate through subsequent lives and it did.

Working with Norton, he had me leave the fear and paralyzing feelings in the past where they belonged and to gently separate from that life to this one. I came out of the past life feeling refreshed and very good. It would take a few years before I would realize how very effective that session was in reducing and eliminating my fear of high places.

A few years after the regression I was training in the martial arts academy I belonged to and a fellow student asked me if I wanted to go with a group of people to a local air strip where every weekend people would sky dive. My first reaction was "Are you crazy? No way would I want to do such a thing!" and I started to walk away. After only about five feet I stopped and I started to shake my head, because I knew. I knew I would do it! I couldn't live with the fear and this was the Goddess's way of taking the fear away. When would this opportunity ever present itself again? I knew I had to do it. And I did.

A few weeks later, at considerable expense, skydiving is not cheap!, right before my 38th birthday I strapped myself to a trained, experienced sky diver (tandem jumping its called) and I barrel-rolled out of a plane at 15,000 feet in the air. It was crazy, exhilarating, scary and mind blowing all at the same time! I tried to stay present and be away of everything I could see and experience on the way down and it really was an incredible experience. But as I said after I got up off the ground after the landing, "I will never do that again" and I won't. Simply, because I have no need to.

I no longer have a fear of heights and I remember that Norton was the first person I called when I got home, and I remember him saying "well, I guess you don't have a fear of heights anymore!" and I don't. I have a serious respect and caution for heights and am not about to mountain climb or bungee jump anytime soon, but the paralyzing and mind numbing fear is gone. I attribute it to the past life regression I experienced and the fear I left in the past where it belonged.

Now, you needn't have a fear or disease like my arthritis I spoke about in my last discussion (March 13, 2012) on past lives to experience a past life regression. In fact most people experience simple, interesting past lives out of curiosity and interest with nothing more serious than that and that's o.k. I don't believe everyone brings traumatic things with them into this life from past lives, but I think we bring little things with us. For every life adds to the person we are today.

I find those who have a keen and sudden interest in different eras, places, historical events like the American Civil War, Ancient Celtic occupied Britain, Egypt, to name a few, often have a past life in these areas that seem to fuel their continued interest in these subjects during this lifetime. There's so much to experience and learn about ourselves from past life regressions that to have a session or two seems to help people understand more about themselves.

If you are interested in experiencing a past life regression, please contact Enchantments at 860-791-6033 and give us your name and contact phone number and you can reserve a spot for the 14th of April, 2012. There are only a couple of spaces available, so if you are interested please call as soon as possible. The seminar goes from 1 - 5 pm and refreshments will be served. Everyone is asked to bring a pillow and notebook and pen with them and you must know we have cats in residence. The kitties will be spending the seminar in another part of the building that day, but if you have severe allergies you might not wish to participate in the seminar. I will conduct two group regressions where everyone is talked through several past lives and you will be brought into the light. Then everyone will be able to witness one person experiencing and speaking about a past life as they go through the process. The cost for the seminar is $65.00 per person, and is payable that day. The cost is non-refundable if anyone fails to experience a regression, but in my experience just about everyone sees something.

We can answer any additional questions you might have when you call. Please call Enchantments Tuesday 10 - 4 pm or Wednesday through Saturday 10 - 5 pm at 860-791-6033 to reserve your space. Thank You, Ms Faith

Peace and Happiness

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