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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Past Life Regression & Seminar at Enchantments

Good Evening,

Tonight we will be discussing Past Life Regression.  I am hosting a Past Life Regression Seminar at Enchantments on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 from 1 -5 pm and you are invited to attend.  Details can be found at the end of tonight's discussion.

I first tried a past life regression over 20 years ago, Yikes!! Has it been that long? Sigh. It has, but it's fun, exciting and I still love to explore and discover past lives.  I worked with a wonderful friend of mine,  Dr. Norton Berkowitz, who helped me discover my past lives and introduced me to the practice of channeling.

I went one night, 22 years ago to a Past Life regression party that Dr. Berkowitz was holding and met him and in conversation he asked me if I had any issues, physical or phobias that I would like to work on. I told him that I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and had a fear of heights.  I remember that night as it had been raining and I had a cane that I brought with me, as I was in pain. I had arthritis from my neck to my feet, in every joint and it was quite painful, especially when it rained.  I was 26 years old at the time.

He asked me if I would like to do a one-on-one past life regression where we would explore that life that I may have brought energies to this life time that helped contribute to my arthritis. I said, "sure!" Living with constant pain is never fun for anyone and I thought, "well, it can't hurt!"  So, in the midst of twenty or so people I sat down, closed my eyes and listened to Dr. Berkowitz's voice.  He had me go back to the life where my arthritis started and I suddenly found myself back in ancient Scotland in the 1500's and I was a boy!! My name was Robert Bard and I lived on a farm with my parents and my younger brother.

I was a lazy sort of boy, always getting my younger brother to run errands for me and to do simple chores so I could goof off and not have to do my chores.  One day, in the winter time, I sent my brother on an errand that I was supposed to do.  He ran off to do my work and never returned. I went looking for him and found that he had tried to cross an ice covered pond and had fallen through the ice and into the icy water and thus had drowned.

The next thing I recalled was being up to my neck in the icy water fishing his body out of the pond so that I could bring him back to my parents. I was grief stricken. The pain and grief I felt can't be adequately put into words, it was horrible. I felt so guilty and very, very responsible for my brother's death.

Dr. Berkowitz then made strong suggestions that I leave the guilt in the past, that it was a situation that was part of a past life and not a part of this one.  I felt a release, a lightening up of the heaviness, the weight of the guilt and responsibility.  This past life regression occurred 22 years ago.  I have not used a cane since that night. Doctors have suggested that my arthritis was either misdiagnosed or it had gone into spontaneous remission.  People have suggested post-hypnotic suggestion. I personally don't care what people think, I'm just glad the pain has gone, and as of this date it has never returned.  I have since gone on to become a black belt in the martial arts and today I enjoy cardio kickboxing and yoga.

Now, it's important that I stress that I do not believe past life regression is a cure or even a treatment for ANY medical issue. If you have a medical issue, please see a doctor!  I think, as in my case, it can be an interesting addition to any medical treatment you are undergoing.  It might help, as in my situation and IT VERY WELL MIGHT NOT!  I recommend past life regression not as a therapy, but as a fun, exciting exploration into your past to help us learn more about who we are today.  Yes, I feel that past life regression can be helpful at putting the mind at ease over fears such as the fear of heights, fire, the dark, fear of dogs or other animals. It can help explain recurring dreams and intense likes and dislikes you may have in this lifetime.  I have found, many people, for example, that are intensely drawn to the study and re-enactment of the American Civil War, have lived in that time frame.  Just as those who are inexplicably drawn to the ancient Celtic way of life from Great Britain and Ireland have lived past lives there. 

If you would like to be a part of the Past Life Regression Seminar to be held at Enchantments 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT on Saturday April 14th, please call the store at 860-791-6033 to reserve your space.  The cost is $65.00 per person and the seminar is four hours starting at 1 pm and going until 5 pm.  The seminar will consist of two group regressions where everyone will experience at least 6 past lives and witness someone doing a one-on-one where everyone will be able to hear the person's experiences as they re-live them.  A break for refreshments will be held in the middle of the seminar and a question and answer period will also be offered.  I will speak in the beginning about what to expect and how the meditation will feel for people, especially if you have never done this before.  Almost everyone can recall a past life experience and I will give you guidelines and techniques for getting the most out of this experience for you.

Please note, you may pay that day before the seminar for your seat.  There will be no refunds if you fail to experience a past life, but in my experience just about everyone will see or experience something.  There is a limited number of seats (26) available for this event, so if interested, please contact Enchantments as soon as possible because when we have filled up all available spaces, we will cut off registration.

I would dearly love to have you attend this event and to meet you, if I haven't already.

Peace and Happiness

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