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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do you like stones? A stone divination created by me!

 Good Evening,

I feel talkative this week, so I thought I would craft yet another discussion with you.  Tonight I wish to discuss stone divination. This is a method of divining that I came up with myself, and I have never known anyone else to use it, other than my students, that is.  Tonight I wish to teach it to you.

I have loved stones since I was a little girl and have always had a stone or two in my pockets, at any given time.  The stone divination I developed consists of having a bunch of your favorite stones, crystals and minerals. Of course, knowing the magickal properties of each stone is key to a good reading. I don't use them for in depth, complex readings, for those I use the tarot. The stones simply allow me to tune into a person's ideal focus and what they should be putting their energies into.

I find that as we live our lives, we ofttimes get distracted by many things calling for our attention. Sometimes the distraction gets intense enough that we 'forget' what it is we wanted to focus on in the first place! The stones help me help a client come back to their original focus.  How this works is, I spread out the stones and instruct the client that they can touch, examine, look at all of them. Then have them choose one and you as the reader holds the stone they choose in your hand and close your eyes and quiet your mind. The stone tells me what the person's focus is.  Sometimes the stones tell me more, about how that person can re-focus on their goal, perhaps what challenges to be aware of, but it's always accurate. I know this because as I speak, the client inevitably starts to nod their head in agreement and often says things like "That's right, absolutely!, of course, I have gotten away from that" etc.  You will need to learn from your stones what they need to teach you, but to help you start using stone divination the following list is a short one that you can start to build upon:

Stone                Focus
Malachite         focus on the financial in your life
Selenite            there is a reconciliation that needs to occur to bring balance back to your life
Tiger's Eye       focus on business and the business aspects of your life
Rose Quartz     focus on the love relationships in your life
Yellow Calcite  focus on the truth of a situation, needing to learn the truth or being truthful to yourself
Crystal Quartz  focus on the magickal in your life, and follow the paths that make you truly happy   
Howlite            focus on bringing serenity and bringing in tranquility to you life
Garnet             focus on bringing more physical energy into your life 

This is a small list, and the stones you choose may include these or may be different. Some may be unique, for instance I have a stone that is an agate, and it is shaped as a slight oblong sphere and on one end the rings of color in the stone resemble a human eye.  When a client chooses this stone, it always tells me that the person wishes to see 'with their own eyes' that which is being told to them. They need actual, physical proof and not just hearsay.  My clients that choose this stone always agree that, that is exactly what they are looking for.

I'm not sure how this divination method came about, except that I have always loved stones and when I quiet my mind I can hear what they say to me.  It seems to be accurate, according to those that know, my clients, and I have incorporated this method of divination into my tarot readings which also include the crystal ball, and witches runes.  My clients seem to like the variety and difference my readings bring to their lives.  Maybe you'll want to incorporate my method of stone divination into your clients readings also.

Peace and Happiness

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