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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring time Magicks! Goddess Petitions

Good Evening,

What a beautiful, spring day today has turned out to be! I love nice weather, the warmer, the gentler, the happier I am. With this lovely weather my thoughts have turned towards different magickal practices that help emphasize the warm, gentle energies flowing around me. I thought I would share with you tonight one of the magickal practices I find myself doing this time of year.

Goddess Petitions: A simple petition is typically a word or sentence written out on a piece of paper that we offer to the Goddess and ask that she help bring the written concept into our lives. One might write "Thank you for bringing love into my life" or simply the word "love" and then the petition is burnt and the energy released and that energy is to return to you with that energy, in this case love, in tow.

A Goddess petition (and I call them this to separate them from simple petitions) is a bit different. A Goddess petition is when you write several words or phrases on separate pieces of paper, a single one on each, and mix them up in a pouch or in a basket, then without looking, reach in with your hand and pick one. The word that is meant for you to work on is the one you choose. You don't burn these petitions but keep them for the next six weeks until the next Sabbat, in this case and then burn them if you choose. You can also choose to put them in your Book of Shadows and keep them this way if you wish. We did this recently at Enchantments during the Ostara Sabbat ritual, I had different words carved into egg shaped candles, and everyone picked a candle with the word meant for them. In the case of using candles for your Goddess petitions, the candle can be burned at the end of the six weeks. The words we used for this Sabbat were: Compassion, Strength, Understanding, Love, Patience and Passion. The egg I chose said quite clearly "Patience"! Hmmmmmm, working on it! Yes, I have to chuckle because a best friend told me, "I love you, but you're not patient!" And I have to laugh, because this friend is right in many ways, although I have learned to be more patient over the years, there is still work to be done.

For all of us there is always more work to be done. We, none of us are ever done cooking, not while we breathe air into our bodies, we can always improve, becoming more compassionate, more patient, stronger, more loving, more passionate and we can always have more understanding for others. I feel sorry for those who feel there is nothing left to work on, because they have truly stopped growing when they get to that 'place'.

You can do your own version of Goddess petitions at home, this springtime, if you wish. Maybe with the Ostara/Easter eggs you will be coloring. With a pencil lightly draw the words on the egg shells that you wish to have the opportunity to pick from. You can choose your own words, maybe concepts you feel would benefit you to work on more. You can also write these on little slips of paper and put them in a basket, toss them around and then pick the one meant for you! By all means eat the hard boiled egg afterwards, if you choose this method, as after six weeks the egg will be a bit old! Write down the word you chose if you're worried that you will forget it.

If you don't wish to hard boil eggs, they sell little plastic hollow eggs this time of year that can be opened and goodies, or in this case your petition papers, can be put inside for your Goddess petitions. They look like these pictured here:

This is just one of the magickal practices I use throughout my year, and I hope you find it helpful too!

Peace and Happiness

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