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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Karma, what's it all about? And do I need to worry?

Good Evening,

Tonight's discussion deals with Karma and how it affects our day to day lives. Many think of the concept of Karma as it is portrayed from the Eastern Indian point of view, that good or bad deeds done in this lifetime will revisit you in your next lifetime.  I don't know that this is true as much as I know that good or bad deeds done today will revisit you tomorrow!

The Karma I speak of, is energies we create today, and how they return to us in the near future. We deal with Karma everyday, and it comes back to us, everyday. Those that follow the Wiccan path have a phrase or saying that encompasses this Karmic rule. It's called the Law of Three, that what you send out comes back to you threefold.  I break this down a little bit more specifically. The Law of Three applies to energies sent out in a ritually crafted magick circle, these are what will return to the magickal practitioner three fold.  Now, that's not to say that Karma will not return to you, in the event that you never have cast a magick circle or even consider yourself Wiccan. It will. Only I believe what we send out comes back to us with the same degree and intensity as we sent it out. I mean really! If everything we sent out came back to us three-fold!! Yikes! Just having a crabby day would become disastrous for everyone!! Obviously, this is not true. So in a magickal sense the Three Fold Law, another name for the Law of Three is applicable when a magickal practitioner casts a sacred magickal circle and does either good or harm within, and sends it forth. Now let's discuss everyday, common Karmic feedback and how it can affect us on a daily basis.

Simply, if you cut someone off in traffic today, you might very well find yourself cooling your heels waiting in a traffic jam later in the week.  If you yell at a phone solicitor, well .  .  .  you might very well be the brunt of someone's anger later that day or the next.  But knowing about Karma and respecting it can make all the difference in the world. The same holds true if you do something nice for someone, or say something kind. The 'goodness' will find you also, in a day or so. Those good days you have on occasion? You created them and you can make more and more of them happen, just by being aware that you are in control of them. So, in the case of sending out some not-so-loving energies.  .  .  having a bad day? Growled at anyone lately?  Is there anything to be done if we make an oops and respond in a 'human' way to avoid the backlash?  Yes! I burn a candle and speak to the Goddess about the situation. I apologize, if it's not possible to apologize to the person specifically, such as the random driver in traffic you cussed out or a phone solicitor you hung up on, apologize to the Goddess or the Universe or whomever your higher power is. Light a candle and let it burn down.

It's important to be truly contrite, and never play manipulation games with the Goddess, she sees and feels what is truly in your heart. If you are truly sorry, say so. Light a candle and then prepare for the backlash to be delivered to you. Oh .  .  .  did you think you would be able to avoid the consequences by apologizing and burning a candle? No, my dear witchling. It doesn't work that way. You will just negate a stronger slap back. Oh, yes, you will be given the opportunity to accept the consequences with grace and humility, but accept them you must. You did send them out after-all, now didn't you?

It does surprise me on occasion when I read blogs or posts on social networks by magickally minded people who do not follow the Wiccan belief. When they speak about revenge, payback and doing things to others magickally, they will almost always follow it up by saying, "I'm not Wiccan, so I don't follow the 'what you send out comes back to you' philosophy. Hmmmmm.  This speaks to them somehow being exempt from Karmic feedback. They are not. Karma is not Wiccan. Nor does Karma follow any religion or spiritual belief system. Karma simple .  .  .  is.  Karma is a Universal law, kind of like gravity. It applies to everyone!

The issue, I see, with people who loudly proclaim to not follow the 'Law of Three' or Wiccan belief,  is that they feel entitled to 'get back' at another, to cause harm to others, and they usually rationaliz that 'they did it to me' or 'they deserve it!.  We do not get to play judge and jury. As much as we'd like to. And I for one will not step in the way of the Goddess of Karma and try to do her job for her. That, my dear will come back to us, in a severe and usually harsh manner.  I find it to be the immature magickal practitioner that wishes to play games with revenge and payback. I know and accept that this discussion will tick some people off, primarily those who like to 'cast spells' simply to get back at others. Be that as it may. I don't believe in teaching children or teenagers magickal principles because they have poor impulse control and come at the world from an immature, hormonally induced view point. This unfortunately also applies to some adults.  But those who play in this arena will get the Karmic feedback and usually I find, many will stray away from the magickal path and in later years claim that they got into 'dark' stuff and really bad things started to happen. Again, as if there were outside influences such as demons or evil beings controlling the game, when in fact it was simply themselves getting in the way of healthy, proper magickal practice.

I've spoken about Karma before, and I'm sure I will again.  But, it is one of those 'magickal understandings' that sometimes takes a few tries to fully comprehend and then to accept in our lives.  If you deal with Karma and know it, pat yourself on the back. That's the first step, understanding that we create our reality, both the good and the bad! There are those who believe we create the crappy situations in our lives but wish to attribute the good things that happen to 'miracles' as if the wondrous comes from outside of ourselves. We are the miracle makers, the creators of our universe, the world we see flowing around us. By accepting that we create the good along with the not so good, we take control of our lives and then we take responsibility. The next step is changing how we react to things outside of our control, and finally we are in a place of Karmic acceptance and understanding.  At this place our lives truly become fully and consciously ours to live and to be.

 Karmic peace and Happiness!

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