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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using essential oils in your magickal work

 Good Evening,

Tonight I wanted to discuss using  essential oil blends in your magickal workings.  Magickally charged oils truly are the magickal potions of legend and lore.  By properly blending essential oils with a base oil, then charging the oil in a magickal circle,  you can 'program' an oil to work for you.

Let's start at the beginning. Essential oils are distilled from plant material and for example one would need 2 hundred, yes hundred pounds of rose petals to equal 4 teaspoons of essential rose oil.  All essential oils are either distilled or pressed from the plant material.  The magickal properties of essential oils are attributed to the natural properties found in all natural materials, which are felt to attract or repel certain energies that surround us.  For instance most people when asked to think of a flower that signifies love, would think of roses.  One of the strongest magickal properties for roses is love, another being protection. That is the energy of thorns and many times in history  roses were grown in hedgerows to create a boundary or barrier that even the toughest grazing animal would not cross. 

We think of a word like balm as calming and soothing, and that is exactly the energies attributed to lemon balms, and bee balms and plants with folk names that have words like bane in them are thought to repel harmful energies, such as lion's bane and wolf's bane.

So with the understanding that  natural plant materials contain energies we wish to utilize in our lives, a simple, neat and long lasting way to use these energies is in oil form.  Using an oil by itself is effective, but blending oils to intensify your end result helps you design an oil blend exclusive to you and your desires.

Since Valentines day is right around the corner, I will focus on love energies and recipes for this discussion.  If you wish to make your own special blend you first need to distinguish the loving energies you wish to attract.  Are you looking for romantic love? Attempting to attract a new best friend? Looking for a hot, sexy, passionate affair? The oils you choose can help you specialize your love desires.

First let's discuss base oils.  I tend toward the non typical, in most of my witchy ways and base oils are no exception. Yes, yes, so many people tout the qualities of vegetable or fruit oils such as apricot or olive as a base for your magickal oil blends. Not I. I prefer mineral oil. I know!!! Mineral oil!?? Well, isn't that a petroleum based oil?? How could I?

Now let me explain.  Mineral oil beats other base oils hands down. First let me address the petroleum issue.  Mineral oil and petroleum jellies are refined to a point where they are food grade safe. Mineral oil for instance is sold as a laxative.  Now, I would be more considerate of this point if we didn't, everyday, in most industrialized countries breath more petroleum based fumes just due to the road traffic we surround ourselves with, than we could ever ingest from refined mineral oil. Seriously, if you can look out of your home or office and see cars driving by you're inhaling more petroleum than using mineral oil in the tiny amounts we use for a base oil, as to not be concerned.

  Secondly and even more importantly, mineral oil is inert. this means it has no specific energy. It's a clean slate to add to. Oils like apricot, olive oil and others used as a base must be considered for the magickal properties they will add to the mix. Also, these base oils are not inert nor essential and this means they will spoil. Just as a forgotten bottle of cooking oil will go rancid, so will your magickal oils and potions, in as short a time as a month depending on conditions, definitely 2ithin a year.  In contrast I have some wonderful oils made for me almost twenty years ago from a magickal friend, who not only made the oils but sold them, and he was the first high priest I worked with, and  I learned that everything has value. Mineral oil comes from the earth and some people will use it and call it what it truly is, dinosaur fat, and benefit from those ancient qualities.

Now that we have that settled, and please feel free to use what you wish in regards to a base oil, but whatever you do, if you are using a base that will turn rancid, never, EVER, put magickal oils or potions in your refrigerator in the attempt to extend its shelf life.  The risk, no matter how slim,  of someone taking it out and drinking it, because of its being stored along with food, is too great to risk. Don't do it!!

Using a small vial, 1 or 2 drams works well, place a small amount of base oil in vial.

I fill mine up just about half way. Then I add drops of essential oils, and at times I put in dry ingredients to enhance my potion.  When adding the different oils and dry ingredients after each new ingredient, be sure to succuss the oils gently. One definition of succuss is  'a thorough 'mixing'  applied to the oil blend at each dilution stage.   I ask you to succuss your oils gently, as opposed to vigorously.  Oils do not need violent shaking to mix them and this energy may not be the energy you are looking for, especially if making an oil for tranquility and calming.

The following are some recipes I've come up with that  I wish to share with you.  Because of the Valentine's Day, love theme, we'll stick with the energies of love:  Each recipe contains numbers that refer to the drops of each essential oil to put in the base oil.

Romantic love Oil  

  9 drops rose oil
  3 peppermint oil
  3 lavender oil
  3 neroli or sweet orange oil

Add for enhancement, a pinch of pink fairy dust, which is a super fine glitter and a small piece or chip of rose quartz. Mix well, succussing gently and cast a simple circle to charge your oil.  Not sure how to cast a simple circle? We'll discuss that in our next talk. In the meantime, gather or purchase your supplies and you'll be ready to cast your circle and charge your oils.

To cast a simple magick circle gather these supplies and tools:

a small bell
an altar pentacle or a piece of paper and a pen to draw a pentacle
seven small votive candles, one each of the colors white,black, blue, green and yellow and 2 red votives. (Have an extra red votive if you are not making an oil.)
a small bowl to hold spring water in
spring water
a small bowl to hold salt in. Regular household salt is fine.
powdered incense
a censer or fire proof container to burn a charcoal briquette in
small amount of sand, 1 cup is fine, to burn charcoal on
charcoal briquettes, in a foil roll, sold at all fine witch supply stores
a lighter
an athame, wand or your finger will work to cast the circle
optional, gentle background music if desired 

 Some additional formulas for love potions or oils that might interest you:

Wild, Crazy Monkey Sex & Lust Oil - (this one is sure to have you swinging from the chandeliers! Use at your own risk!!)

9 drops dragon's blood oil (this oil is distilled from the dragon's blood palm tree) Oh! Did you think it was from real dragons? Hmmmm, it's a popular misconception. 
7 vanilla oil
3 rosemary oil
1 patchouly oil

1 clove oil
1 lemon grass oil
Now this oil is a special recipe of mine. I choose to utilize an ancient witches technique to personalize this oil and program it to you specifically. Then when you wear it, you will draw those who truly desire you. Trim a small amount of your hair. Just a tiny bit. With scissors trim the ends into as small bits as possible and allow to fall in the oil blend. Only use this oil on yourself as a perfume or anoint red candles and burn before going out or just wear during your day if you feel you might be around others who wish to date.

Perhaps you're good with lust and passionate love, and good for you!  Maybe you just need a new friend, someone to share with and spend time with. The platonic love relationships in our lives are just as important as the passionate loves. 

This recipe is for finding a new friend or enhancing an existing friendship.

Friendship Oil 

9 drops lavender
3 rose oil
1 orange
1 lemon balm
1 violet

Wear as a body perfume or anoint pink and light blue candles. Light blue is a good color for communication, and good friendships are cemented by strong, personal communication.  A dry ingredient you can add too enhance this potion can be a thin strip of orange peel, only the color not the white pith. Just a thin strip as long as you can make it, maybe a few inches. Allow it to curl up into the vial.  This can also be made and shared with a friend or given to a friend with full disclosure of what it is, and how it works.

I frown on giving unsuspecting people magickal spell work without them knowing about it.  As much as someone needs your magick!! and I'm sure they do, you can't give it to them without their knowing all aspects of the potion. In the magickal realm you must play fairly, or the penalty will be called on you!

Now, you have a few formulas and a short list of ritual tools and supplies needed to cast a circle.  Tomorrow is Friday, so I'll be back soon to detail the casting of a simple circle, and the love magick we will do inside it. Gather together what you need and meet me back here tomorrow night!  Friday is the best time to do love magick.  I will cast a circle and discuss it with you as I'm doing it.

Together we'll bring the loving energies into your life, if you want them and this ritual will be able to be done even if you don't wish to make any love oil.  We can just focus on a visual.  So between tonight and tomorrow night, come up with a visual of what you will look like with the loving energies you desire in your life.  How will you look? Feel? Be? See yourself, perhaps after coming home from a wonderful date! See yourself walking into your home, shutting the door and looking as you would after the best date ever! Get your visual, collect your tools and meet me here tomorrow night.

It's a date!

Peace and Happiness


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