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Monday, January 24, 2011

Moon Madness - water molecules & PMS!! Oh no She didn't go there!!

 Good Evening,

A delightful full moon we had this week. Did you see it? I love the moon, its in the top three things I love the most, another being music.  The moon affects people, or most people believe this. I will discuss tonight the moon, women and PMS, and an interesting study done by a Japanese scientist on how our very thoughts affect water crystals.  The world around us affects us and we in turn affect the world around us. We can't separate from this so how do we make it work for us and not against us? Let's discuss these concepts tonight.

Have you heard or ever experienced the madness that surrounds the moon?  Oh, to be sure there are those experts and scientists that poo poo moon madness and the research I've seen looks something like this.  The following activities or circumstances seem to be affected by the moon, and studies have been done on each and every one of the following areas:

-the homicide rate, assaults, domestic violence, stabbings, shootings, robberies, suicide attempts, assassinations, kidnappings, traffic accidents, crisis calls to police or fire stations, violence in prisons,  psychiatric admissions (one study found admissions were lowest during a full moon), births of babies, major disasters,  casino payout rates, emergency room admissions, sleep walking, dog bite incidents (one study found they were greater during a full moon while another said they were lesser), aggression by professional sports players (one study was specific to hockey players), alcoholism, and agitated behavior by nursing home residents.
  Interestingly, many of these studies which were limited in scope and specific to one of the above areas of suspect behavior come to the conclusion that the moon when full has little effect on the behavior of a person. you see in many of these studies they would look at the statistics on every day of the month and compare those statistics to the numbers on a full moon. Most of these studies were focused on one day, the day of the full moon when the effects of the moon are cumulative starting a few days before and increasing to a peak shortly after the official full moon.  by only focusing on one day and not the seven that the moon actually affects certainly skewed the results. 
  I believe in science, I do.  Yet I am partial to the world's oldest science, the world of magick and magickal phenomenon.  You see, traditional science tests a concept or subject in such a way that for it to be a proven theory the scientist should be able to replicate the same result by using the same formula again and again. Well, who said magick fell within such mundane and typical scientific standards?  

In truth our world is more familiar in the world of quantum physics.  The world by where a scientific experiments end result can be affected and altered just by the passive observation of someone.  I lecture in my classes on the work of Japanese author and scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto.  His website really states it best when it says: 

"..... Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven over and over again, through photographing water crystals, that there is a geometrical correspondence between human thoughts and emotions and the very shape of the matter that surrounds us. Water, Emoto has shown, "treated" with love or beautiful music, undergoes molecular change into beautiful, harmonious geometrical forms. And the same happens in reverse: chaotic or "negative" thought and emotion cause the crystals of water to become unformed and unlovely."

Dr. Emoto has proven that water molecules, of which the human body is mostly made up of, is directly affected and irreversibly changed by the energy that surrounds us. Words said to the water molecules change the structure of the molecules, showing that loving words and thoughts making beautiful designs and geometric shapes, whereas harsh, mean and threatening words make the molecules ugly, dark and misshapen.  Yet the molecules will look differently depending on each instance. Not every 'ugly' water molecule looks like another, nor every lovely molecule.  Each instance and the unique energies of that moment in time make each circumstance unique. Just as no two people are alike in every  single aspect, not even identical twins, so each water molecule is different and so is the reactions of people during a full moon.  

 Does the moon affect people?  You, your family , the people at work? You tell me. Some people aren't even aware of when the moon is full unless they look up and visually see it. Some people don't even look up!  Yet those of you who are a bit more aware and are sensitive to the energies around you, you may very well feel that the moon can affect others and even yourself.  

The moon has a strong affect on the earth's oceans and tides, for without our moon the oceans would be stagnant and still. We know this, so why is it so hard to believe the moon can also affect us, as we are primarily water? The skepticism comes from a science that wants to be able to put everything into neat little boxes, yet working with humans that's an impossibility.  

It's the same concept that not every medicine or treatment will work on everyone with the same illness or disease.  It would be nice to say that radiation or chemotherapy works on every cancer patient but we know that is not the case. 

So, the moon and its madness.  Well if you feel that the moon does affect people and in turn affects you,  what can we do about it? First knowing about the issue is key. The accepting that maybe the moon when full affects you in some way. Is it a good way? Or not?  Does the full moon sync with your monthly cycle, for the women readers? Check that out.  This comes close to a new modern day taboo,  women and PMS. Women have PMS. Yes, I said it.  And yes, it does affect many women. Some not so much, some in a clinical serious medical way.  

Men already know what I'm going to say, that women are affected by their monthly cycle and not always in a fun, happy way. Why? Kind of like the moon. Our cycle or 'tides' if you will, ebb and flow and the increase in hormones can make for a cranky witch.  Ask a man about this PMS 'phenomenon' and if there are no women around,  they will all agree that it exists.  Women, on the other hand, tend towards being insulted, I think, simply because what's at the time very important to us, is not so important to a guy whose looking at the big picture.  They are thinking 1.) Is this life altering? 2.) Will this affect my living status, work status or ability to make money? They tend to think about major challenges and if it doesn't qualify, it's just not that 'stop the world right now and stress out with me important'   Then let them suggest that we are a bit 'touchy' because of our cycle and many men have learned to rightly fear for their very lives. That's because to women, taking our current crisis, whatever it is and blaming it on a biological occurrence makes us feel that men trivialize it.

Yes,  the monthly changes are often seen and known about by the men in our lives while women generally, in my experience, feel they are just having a bad day, or week for various other reasons.  Besides as a woman, accepting that a monthly biological physical occurrence can affect our emotions, our mental clarity and our physical comfort in not positive ways, can be very dis-empowering. That is if you feel you have no control over it. 

So, if you feel the moon or your monthly cycle can affect you and therefore those around you, be aware and take precautions. Apply the concepts I present in the areas that work best for you.  First you need to be aware of how the moon affects you. If it's a case that it doesn't except perhaps others that you work with, or in a business that gets extra busy like an emergency room or bar be prepared. Know that its likely because of past history to get busier and expect it. Maybe set up a treat like a visit with a friend or going out to dinner to celebrate after the event has passed.  Many times the witch doesn't try to change the chaos or calamity, as it may well be that someone else needs the experience, but she will do what she needs to to get through and celebrate at the other end. 
  Be careful about trying to use magick to affect work environments. Just because it affects you, it may be necessary for the place you work. Imagine a bar, peaceful, serene and tranquil on a regular basis because you can't deal with the typical stress and you cast a spell for it to be tranquil. Well soon you'd be out of a job and then the stress will really build!! 

Do you get sensitive? Cranky? Mean? Nasty? Well, I personally do not believe that we should emote our baser feelings onto everyone else just because we can. We do have a responsibility to those around us and the way we comport ourselves. If you are having that bad a day, perhaps take a day off.  I recommend for those who have the occasional 'dark' day, to make it a great one!!  Really .  .  .  call in sick, stay home, watch depressing movies,  eat ice cream, have a friend over, bitch and complain ( in private with said friend) and get over it!!  It's funny how people will call out sick to go to the beach yet when they are in a horrible, should not be allowed out in society mood, they go to work. Yes, that's what your co-workers and customers really want. A surly, disgruntled, nasty person who can scare small children and dogs,  to serve them their triple espresso, no fat foam latte!!  Stay home!! Get through it, and then the next day go out into the world and adjust your attitude.  

The same can be said for your monthly cycle.  Pamper yourself, especially if you've no one in your life to pamper you, do it yourself. Sit in your office chair with a heating pad on. Not that you might need it for pain or cramps, but because its comforting and can help calm and soothe the savage beast. Yes dear, I'm talking about you! Have a hot cocoa instead of your usual coffee, treat yourself to Thai for lunch rather than the typical. Draw yourself a hot bath, or watch T.V. lying in bed with candles burning and a nice gentle incense stick burning. Especially when at odds internally, adjusting your environment to soothe and comfort, relax and calm can make a huge difference.

Face it, we have madness surrounding us always and sometimes we more easily absorb it and take it on ourselves. Be aware of it, accept it, then be responsible and do something about it. Talk with a friend, or if its really bad, talk with your doctor.  Apologize when necessary and try to find the magick in everyday. It's not always easy, but who said being a witch or being magickal was easy? 

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Avery insightful look into the moon and moods! I enjoyed this and it was a great read. Thanks for the answers :)