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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Divination by ice cream?

 Good Evening,

A Happy New Year's Day to you!  So tell me, what was today like? I hope you had abundance, happiness and love in great measure for you shall surely bring that into your life again and again this year.  I am also happy to see our 'January thaw' has come so early.  How nice, especially after such a cold December.

We have just a few short weeks before the geese fly North again, and the spring starts to make an appearance.  Now, now!  No grumbling that winter has us in its grasp for another few months. Keep reading our discussions and I'll teach you how to spot the signs of spring when they appear as early as February first.

But for tonight let's discuss a fun topic.  Learning about other people by the ice cream they enjoy. Seriously!!  This came about one day when I was dining with friends and the topic came around to the type of ice cream everyone enjoyed.

I started noticing things about their personalities that seemed to sync up with the energy of the flavor.  It's not a science and its just for fun, but if you'd like to play along, find your favorite from the list below and see what kind of energies I attributed to it.  I started this for fun, but the more people I ask the more accurate my list seems to be.  I am sure that I haven't included every flavor, but primarily the most popular.  See how you match up and then ask your friends.  Mmmm, makes me want ice cream.    

Chocolate - likes luxury or the finest of things. Not necessarily riches and possessions but the finest quality of the things around them from food, music, drink, a quality rather than quantity type of person.

Vanilla - mild mannered, pleasant, dislikes change or extreme excitement. Prefers simple, sophisticated and elegant.

Strawberry - fun. A person who has a good feel for the child within and enjoys fun and frolicking!

Mint Chocolate chip - someone financially conscious and who has a strong sense of organization.

An ice cream with added nuts, chocolate or other ingredients, like Rocky Road - a person who enjoys surprises and especially likes gifts and treats.  Enjoys the 'discovery' of the next surprise.

Coconut - a passionate person who enjoys sex and physical exertion as in sports, working out dancing.

Coffee - a persona with an appreciation for the flamboyant, exotic, excitement. Would enjoy a Broadway play with all its theatrics as well as the excitement in the boardroom. Tends towards open-mindedness. 

Toasted Almond - again a passionate person who enjoys sex and physical exertion as well as having a keen sense of money and finances.

Vanilla Ice Cream coated with chocolate - an upstanding person with a strong sense of self with a fun, mischievous side.  A hard worker as well as a good friend.  Tends towards neat and orderliness.

Fruit flavored ice cream such as Orange, Cherry, Blueberry etc - responsibility but can have moments of drama

Cookies and Cream - studious, reads a lot and enjoys learning and studying even without having an assignment

Extra rich and complex  ice creams .flavors like Chocolate Carmel Crunch, Double Double Chocolate Chip, Death by Chocolate, Pralines and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie dough - all have the same qualities of a person who wants it all.  Someone who lives a diverse lifestyle with many different likes and desires, Also a person who keeps a lot of themselves hidden inside, and presents only one face or two to most of the world around them. 

Butter Pecan - a person who is focused and concerned about their home and family life.  Being a homebody is not a bad thing to this person, they relish this role.

Pistachio - this person has an appreciation of the outdoors and would enjoy gardening as well as playing games out of doors.

Neapolitan - a person who doesn't like to make decisions when it comes to simple things like ice cream. They makes larger decisions in their day to day life. It is also liked by those who enjoy sampling everything life has to offer and doesn't like restricting themselves.

Chocolate Chip - a persona who works hard but has a hidden fun side that many people don't get to see. But it there when Chocolate Chip lets loose, but they only let loose around those they trust.

Vanilla Fudge Ripple - a person who would just enjoy hanging out and relaxing all day. A "is it vacation time yet?" person. Fun and lots of friends typically, and the host or hostess at most parties in their lives.

Traditional Hot Fudge Sundae - a person who likes things just a bit special. They get pleasure from things made especially for them. They appreciate the personal touch and they would mostly pass up a lesser version of what they want, if what they want wasn't available.

These are just some of the ice cream varieties I was able to meditate on and come up with a personality type. As I said in the beginning it is just for fun and I came up with this list purely from my own intuition and I hope you find it a fun comparison.  If there are some flavors that I haven't included try figuring out what kind of person enjoys the flavor. How does the flavor make you feel?  the fun thing is, you can bring the qualities of the ice cream into your life, if you branch out and try different flavors. 

Working on your taxes? Eat some mint chocolate chip while figuring out the numbers. It will help. Want to add some spice to your sex life? Eat some coconut or toasted almond ice cream. Hey now, the ice cream in your freezer is starting to take on new possibilities, is it not? Want to have a fun outlook for the day, order strawberry ice cream instead of your usual. 

It sounds silly, but the more I inquire about peoples likes and dislikes when it comes to ice cream, and comparing them to the list, I've found I've had more accuracy than not. What do you think?

Oh, and what flavor did I say I liked?  Hmmmm, I didn't. I'll let you decide.

Peace and Happiness and a Happy New Year to you! 

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