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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Celts and Druids - the start of the discussion

 Good Evening,

Tonight I wanted to discuss a topic I'm often asked about. The Druids. Much of my magickal training was heavily influenced by the Celtic people and the Druids, the ancient Priesthood of the Celts. Many people have asked me about this topic so I thought this week I would touch on some of the areas of magickal interest about this ancient culture.

Firstly lets look at the Celtic people. They originated in the far eastern portions of Europe and those today of many Eastern European cultures can say they are of Celtic descent.  Though known commonly today as   inhabiting the Western part of Europe primarily the British Isles, they were a migratory race of people and can claim a connection to all parts of central Europe as well as Italy, Spain and France.  The Celts were a great culture who introduced into our modern world, the concepts of democracy, sexual equality, soap, even horses used domestically to name just a few.

They were a civilized culture that viewed men and woman mentally, spiritually and intellectually equal and had a well developed religious belief system, a complex medical understanding and the Druids, the Priesthood of the Celts were highly educated in all manners of religious philosophy and natural magicks.

Although I have studied extensively over the past almost thirty years, really? Thirty years! My stars! Even so, I don't consider myself a Druid.  I'm a witch that has studied, practiced and absorbed that which works for me and I have set aside that which doesn't.  I recommend the same to you. 

The Druid's were the 'government' of the people. They conducted the religious rites, studied divinatory methods to discern the future and taught the magicks and medicines which kept their people alive and healthy. The Celts were an advanced culture that used elaborately designed symbols on their artwork and their clothing.

They were known for their ferocity in battle, their passion for the earth and their magicks which were contained in the mystery of the natural world.  They revered trees and saw nature spirits in all things. They had a strong belief in the unseen, invisible worlds and the worlds in between. 

They did practice human sacrifice, divination by the entrails of animals and had many magickal practices we would look askance at today. Over the next week we'll discuss some of their beliefs, their magickal and cultural practices and what the people lived like. 

For tonight we'll focus on the Druid's reverence for anything in between. To them, anything in between was considered scared. What do I mean?  Things like mist and vapor. They could touch it and know it was water, but it hung in the air as if a spirit of the air.   Mushrooms.  They knew of animal, vegetable and mineral and even without high powered telescopes or even the concept of magnification, they knew mushrooms did not belong to any of the known worlds. They belong to the world of fungus and propagate with spores. Ice is water that mimics earth.

The times of the day and night also fell in the space in between. Midnight, not yesterday yet not yet tomorrow, Noon, not morning or afternoon, dawn and twilight, not day yet not quite night. This is a reason Samhain is considered such a sacred holiday as if falls the night of the last year, proclaiming the year is over, Samhain eve but is not yet considered the new year.

Even today we have in betweens. Can you find them in your life? Maybe its 'happy hour', not at work but if celebrating with co-workers not really off from work. Lunch? How about the time between work and vacation? Maybe its that time in the morning after you've awoken and have not gotten out of bed yet?  These can all be special moments, if we see the magick in the in between.  What  in betweens do you have in your life?

If you have questions regarding the Celts and Druids please post a comment and I'll address all questions in the discussions this week. 

I also wish to tell you, my faithful reader,  that for this year I will be posting a discussion 3-4 times weekly, rather than nightly. I am also, simultaneously with all I do, writing a manuscript that I hope to present to a publisher this year. The topic of the book is magickal practice,  and is specific to the magick I personally practice.  I am enjoying writing this witches blog and will continue as it has received some really nice comments and feedback. Thank you. 

I hope you keep reading and sharing my work with those in your life who may also enjoy my work. 

Peace and Happiness

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