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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Using your personal energy every day with psychometry!

 Good evening,

Psychometry? Yes! This is the ability to divine or 'know' about people and events associated with an object simply by touching the object and 'reading' its information.  It is the belief that, as we go through life our energies, our feelings and emotions are deposited into the things around us. Recorded so that we can play back the record at a later date.  The jewelry we wear, shoes, keys anything we handle and clean seldom. Car keys are a good item to practice on as we seldom wash our keys! As long as one person is the primary user of the keys, always keeping them on their person or purse, using them 90 % of the time, then that person's energy is what can be picked up and read back.

I had a teacher in one of my first metaphysical classes almost 30 years ago,  Yikes!  teach me the art of psychometry. She held a watch that belonged to my husband at the time and she described him and told me things about him, there was no way she could have known.  I was immediately intrigued with psychometry and as with most things in the field each person seems drawn to the areas they have the most ability or natural synchronicity with.  For me divination in general and psychometry are strong abilities of mine.

Whereas most people who use psychometry seem to prefer reading items as we already mentioned, with jewelry being a big favorite as the metals and stones in jewelry seem to hold the record of events clearly, I prefer buildings and old ruins and such. I was working with the jewelry and small objects one summer and was getting quite good when an unusual event occurred. I was volunteering at the time at a local museum and my job was to number and record all of the copies of old, ancient newspapers from the locality. Over 150 years of newspapers. A messy job, but for a Virgo, organizing and recording was just the type of job I liked at the time.  I worked in the attic of the museum which was a two room schoolhouse over 100 years old. 

I always had a strange phenomenon occur when I went up the stairs to the attic. I would place my hand on the rail and proceed up the stairs, a terribly steep staircase with almost twenty stairs and I would smell vanilla cake baking. Each and every time. It got so strong I would ask others if they could smell it. No one ever did. Funny though, I never smelled the aroma of the vanilla and warm cake unless I was going up the stairs! It never happened on the trip down, even if I immediately turned and started down again.

One day while tending to the museum, I had the opportunity to meet an elderly woman who had gone to the school when it was a two room school house many years prior and I asked her if they ever had a reason to use the attic. She smiled and said "only when it was rainy or too cold to go out. Then we would all troop upstairs into the attic and sit on the floor and have a picnic lunch, as everyone brought their lunches with them".  I can only imagine that the smell of vanilla cake was in some little child's lunch or perhaps a favorite of the children when cupcakes for a birthday were sent to school. They do that today, I can't imagine that they didn't do that years ago.  Whatever the reason for the delicious smell I really do think it has to do with the children using the attic for lunch many, many years ago.

I found that when I was around an old structure I could place my hands on a wall or banister, wood or stone and images would come to me. Sometimes smells and at times sounds. Years ago, up in Vermont where my parents resided my mother showed me an old stone wall on the property they had just purchased. It was covered with vines off a dirt road and not much to look at. Their house overlooked this stone wall and partial stone foundation and as they had just moved there they didn't know anything about the area or its history.

I didn't know what I could tell about a forgotten portion of Vermont stonewall but I told her I'd give it a try. I walked down to the foundation corner and walked along the wall. I sat down and put my hands on the stone wall and closed my eyes. Almost immediately I could smell horse manure. Having grown up on a farm I knew the smell and I felt that maybe there had been a barn on this site, when suddenly I could see images in my minds eye and hear sounds. I heard the stamping of many horses feet, the jangling of their harnesses and as these sounds and smells faded away stronger sounds and smells took over. The smells of cooking food and the sounds of many people, talking, laughing and I got the sense that this place had at one time been an inn or a place travelers would stop on their way to where ever to get some food and sleep the night. What might have been a tavern of sorts.

I told my mother of what I experienced and I also had very little hope of ever verifying it. I actually thought I was being a bit fanciful as this place today is so far off the beaten track in the wilds of Northern Vermont, yes there are still wilds in VT!, that even 200 years ago I couldn't imagine anyone voluntarily coming so far north that an established inn or tavern was needed.

About three years later I received a call from my mother. The original owners of her new house had come by to say hi and see if they liked the house and in the ensuing conversation she was able to ask about the stone wall and old foundation below them in the field next to the road. She was so excited to tell me that apparently it was a tavern and had been well over 100 years before the modern highways made it obsolete in its location and it was finally abandoned and left to waste.

I hadn't ever expected to receive such feedback but its gratifying when it happens. You see, as humans, when we do things like tarot readings, psychometry as we are learning it is vital to get positive feedback. Our critical mind makes it difficult for us to really 'believe' we are getting it, and that its not our imagination, coincidence or a hallucination!!

What has taken me several years, if not decades to learn, I now want to save you time and teach you a way to get this feedback quickly and in a way that will reinforce your belief in your abilities.

You can work on developing your psychometric skills simply by going to the supermarket. Go to the produce section and look at the fruits and vegetables. I like to work with fruit. Choose a melon or pineapple or some fruit you enjoy. Pick it up and hold it. Close your eyes if you wish and 'feel' the energy of the fruit. Does it feel good. Do you feel like you want to put it back down? The fruit you hold and have a hard time putting back, is the fruit for you. The fruit that just feels right, even if you can't say why.

Bring it home and see how tasty it is. I do this to pick out melons and other fruits that if not perfectly ripe are just a waste of money.  We are so used to using our eyes and nose to determine things like this, but we have stronger sense of 'knowing' than we realize. If you choose a fruit that isn't what you wanted using this method, don't stress, just pay attention to that energy so you can recognize it again. If you keep at it, you will always be able to pick out the best tasting fruits and vegetables. Also, when first doing a drill like this it won't always work as you wish. That's why what I do is a skill, but a skill you can learn just as I did.

Of course, you can also play with your friends and hold pieces of their jewelry, but one word of caution. If you know the person super well, its not a good drill. We need the confirmation of what we didn't know before we held the piece of jewelry, watch or car keys. Have your friend bring something from someone you don't know, or don't know well.  Rub your hands together and close your eyes. Hold the object and see what pops into your mind. Don't analyze it, worry whether its true or not, just say what you feel.

Your friend can help by giving you an affirmative answer every time something you say is true or close to being accurate. Have your friend say nothing at all if your not right about something.  We need to hear the affirmative to continue to gently open our minds to the possibility that we can do this. However hearing "no", or "your wrong" only reinforces what we already believe, that we can't do this, or worse, we are giving the incorrect answer and we worry how the other person will respond.  Many times you working with the fruit is a safer, more positive experience that you don't have to share with anyone but yourself.

Then people will wonder what magick you possess that you always serve the best fruits and vegetables!! Really people will start to talk. Ha!  I hope you enjoy your evening or day. 

Peace and Happiness

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