The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Answers to the pop quiz

 Evening Greetings,

Well, I hope you're ready for the answers to the pop quiz I sprung on you yesterday. My students did very well this morning on their tests, and I'm sure you did also. 

1. What is the ritual blade, which incidentally is never used to make physical cuts, commonly called?

   An athame   see my first discussion on October 14th on more information re: athames

2. Once in its lifetime a ritual blade is allowed to make one physical cut, what is it allowed to cut?

 a wedding cake 

3. Do modern day witches worship a Satan or a devil?

   no- not in any fashion.  In actuality, according to those who profess expertise in the area of Satanism one must be a disillusioned Catholic to become a Satanist.  Many people, but not all,  who pick up the broomstick and become witches usually have left behind any Christian tradition they may have been raised in. 

4. New and Full moon rituals are commonly called by what ancient term?   esbats

5. Wicca is really a modern day religion started in the 1950's by a man named Gerald Gardner?


6. When working in a circle a witch normally moves in which direction?  Choose from one of the following:


7.  New moon ritual work is for:  choose one


8. Full moon ritual work is for:    choose one


9.Start with the left column of Sabbats associated with the Wheel of the Year,  place the number of the Sabbat next to its commonly known association in the right hand column. 

1. Samhain      4.   maiden - Ostara is a Germanic Goddess of the springtime

2. Yule          5.    ribbon - Beltaine celebrations often include a maypole with ribbons

3. Imbolc      7.  loaves of bread- Lughnasa is translated as "loaf mass', the mass of loaves of bread.

4. Ostara      6.  midsummer - Litha is the Summer Solstice, or midsummer

5. Beltaine     8.  sacrificial god- The cutting of the grains in September is metaphoric for the sacrificing of the God. 

6. Litha    3. milk -  Imbolc translates in Gaelic as 'In the belly" and references the baby animals born in spring
7. Lughnasa  1. apples- Samhain is also known as "The feast of the apples" a reference to the ancient Roman celebration of Pomona, an apple festival

8. Mabon   2. evergreen - Yule and the evergreen is synonymous with the winter solstice

10.  Are all witches Wiccans?         No  One can be a witch and not follow the Wiccan tradition.

11.  Are all Wiccans witches?        Yes- Even though I've heard of those who refuse to use the word 
  witch because of negative connotations, if you follow Wicca as a  religious tradition you are by definition a witch. Wicca is, according to Gerald Garner who created this religion in 1953, the "religion of    the witches."                                        

12.  When casting a spell for the new moon you can expect manifestation within how much time?  14 days

13. When casting a spell for the full moon you can expect manifestation within how much time? 28 days

14.  When you curse or try to cast a harmful spell on another, who is the recipient of the energy sent?  
                                                                                                                                                  You are

15.  Witches wear black because it's slimming and the goth look is really in!    
False- we tend to wear black because it makes us less sensitive to absorbing others energies. 

16. Wicca is a religion and Witchcraft is a science.  True  

17.  There is magick in everything.    True 

18.   Modern witches use the pentagram upright and inverted.       False

19.   Witches revere nature and all life.  True 

20.    Witches can be Christian.   True  - I was asked if this was a trick question.  Actually it's not.  I have met people who claim to be witches and follow a Christian religious tradition also.  Maybe an amalgamation of Christian and Wiccan practices. The good thing is, its up to you .  .  .   ish.   No one can determine but you if you are a witch, but I will say that if you belong to a Christian church and follow its teachings, realize that with that dynamic in your life you allow those to have a say as to what you do, and what's acceptable. Most witches shy away from anyone having control over us.  Yet ultimately the choice is yours.   As my muse will say to me "can you look yourself in the eyes in the mirror in the morning?"  If you can, then you're good.

.I hope you enjoyed this little quiz and that it wasn't too stressful.

Peace and Happiness

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  1. I did better than I thought I would!! As usual, my nerves get the better of me and I confuse simple concepts like Esbats and Sabbats! I also got backwards banishing and invoking moons! Oh well, live and learn. Thank Ms Faith for the quiz! (I guess this tells you I'm not big on ritual huh?!)