The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, December 10, 2010

A pop quiz tonight! I hope you've been taking notes!

 Evening Greetings,

Keeping in mind the title of this witches blog, I'm setting aside the history lesson tonight to focus on something far more fun!! A quiz!  I know, I know you love taking quizzes and tests, so this should make you as happy as my mice are playing on their wheel. 

This discussion came to mind this week as I revised a test to administer tomorrow morning in class.  I have some students taking their first-year first-quarter review and some taking the first-year mid-term review.  It's funny, I remember when I started Enchantments and after the first couple of months of classes I issued a test during one class. People freaked out! Talk about test phobia!  Oh yes, by the way, it's important to point out I only teach adults. Well, some felt betrayed, some terrified and one student actually took the test, left and never came back! My, my!  I still wonder about that, as he didn't do too badly.  But no matter, I know now to inform my students that  tests are a part of the curriculum.

 I have a rotating curriculum as new students can enter the year long program anytime during the year, so I like to test them on the material I know they have experienced up to this point. Everyone is tested at the same time, just with different versions of the test, so as I put this one together this week I thought I would share with you a sample of what they will be working with tomorrow morning. 

Tonight you take the test, and everything in it has been touched on in my discussions from this witches blog.  Tomorrow I will give you the answers.  I won't print the results today as my students read this witches blog regularly, or so I like to think! 

1. What is the ritual blade, which incidentally is almost never used to make physical cuts, commonly called?

2. Once in its lifetime a ritual blade is allowed to make one physical cut, what is it allowed to cut?

3. Do modern day witches worship a Satan or a devil?

4. New and Full moon rituals are commonly called by what ancient term?

5. Wicca is really a modern day religion started in the 1950's by a man named Gerald Gardner?

                                                   True or False

6. When working in a circle a witch normally moves in which direction?  Choose from one of the following:

                        widdershins              contrary           deosil          northerly         symbolic  

7.  New moon ritual work is for:  choose one

             banishing         invoking         cursing          socializing       worshiping  

8. Full moon ritual work is for:    choose one

           banishing         invoking          cursing          socializing       worshiping 

9.Start with the left column of Sabbats associated with the Wheel of the Year,  place the number of the Sabbat next to its commonly known association in the right hand column. 

1. Samhain                    maiden

2. Yule                          ribbon

3. Imbolc                      loaves of bread

4. Ostara                       midsummer

5. Beltaine                     sacrificial god

6. Litha                          milk  

7. Lughnasa                   apples

8. Mabon                      evergreen

10.  Are all witches Wiccans?     Yes   or   No

11.  Are all Wiccans witches?    Yes   or   No

12.  When casting a spell for the new moon you can expect manifestation within how much time?

13. When casting a spell for the full moon you can expect manifestation within how much time?

14.  When you curse or try to cast a harmful spell on another, who is the recipient of the energy sent?

15.  Witches wear black because it's slimming and the goth look is really in!    True or  False

16. Wicca is a religion and Witchcraft is a science.  True   or    False

17.  There is magick in everything.    True   or   False 

18.   Modern witches use the pentagram upright and inverted.   True or False

19.   Witches revere nature and all life.  True or False

20.    Witches can be Christian.   True   or False


Good Luck and tomorrow we'll discuss the answers. Have a great evening!

Peace and Happiness

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