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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Magickal Holiday Homemade gift ideas

Evening Greetings,

Uh, oh! I feel the spirit of Yuletide gift giving,  past and present, coming to the forefront of my mind.  Many magickal people want to give a gift that is personal, magickal and special to the ones they love during this holiday season.  Many either shun the retail marketing establishment or just can't afford to gift everyone with expensive presents.  This year more than most will be tough for many, so I have some inexpensive and lovely gift ideas that will take just one fun evening to make!

There really are many inexpensive, fun witch 'craft' (s) that you can make and give to those in your friends and family.  I'll throw out some suggestions and see what you like.  Every year, during this month my students have classes where we focus on the magickally infused things we can make for others.  One of our favorite projects is bath salts. 

A simple, basic recipe for a bath salts base is:

2 cups Epsom salt
2 cups sea salt
2 cups baking soda

This won't dry out your skin and it leaves your skin smooth and very soft.  To magickally effect this base recipe we add essential oils.  There is quite a few drops required of essential oil for 6 cups of base, but its worth it.  We also put food coloring into the mix to color it and the water when its used.  This should make enough for appx 3 gifts if jarred in 2 cup batches.

Here are some simple recipes you can whip up to specialize the bath salts to a magickal property,

For money add 60 drops of essential oils broken down into:

14 drops ginger oil
14 drops vetiver oil
12 drops sage oil
10 lemon balm oil
10 basil oil

Add drops of green food coloring and with the back on a wooden spoon, push the oils and dye  into the dried ingredients until they blend and have been evenly distributed. This will take some time, perhaps 10 to 15 minutes. Do not rush, patience is important for an excellent end product.

  While you are mixing, you can envision money energy, maybe a green mist (in your minds eye) enveloping the bowl of ingredients.  See money falling from the sky, to settle into the bowl as you mix the ingredients carefully together. You may add to the power by stirring and working the mixture in a clockwise motion.

We do things in the magickal world many times in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.  This came from ancient peoples who followed the sun and believed that for one to follow the natural path of the sun, to move 'deosil' Latin for sun wise, was to bring prosperity and positive things to pass.  But to work against the sun, an old Gaelic word 'widdershins' was to go against nature and cause disruption and possible mayhem. 

You may store the mixture in small glass containers.  Many are available in shoppes right now for the holiday gift giving season..  Of course its helpful to tell the person about the magick you've put into their gift. Have them place a couple of tablespoons under running water in the bath and while they relax and rest, have them visualize financial prosperity coming into their lives.  They are working the magick, you just packaged the ingredients in a pretty manner for them to use. You are not doing this spell for them, they must do it themselves. Of course they can just use it with no visualization and small amounts of prosperity will manifest. 

Some other simple oil blends for bath salts are as follows:

For bath salts infused with the powers of attracting love and lust:

Remember appx 60 drops per 6 cup batch.
12 drops rose oil
12  drops dragons blood oil
12 drops rosemary oil
4 drops cardamom oil

Red food coloring for this recipe. The salts should be a pale pink, they will stain the water a darker color once added  to the bath. Initially making the salts any darker and you risk dyeing yourself to look like an Easter egg, or badly sunburned.  Probably not the look you were going for?

For tranquility and relaxation in the evenings:

10 drops lavender oil
10 drops lemon balm oil
10 drops apple oil
10 drops jasmine oil
10 drops lily of the valley oil
10 drops sandalwood oil

Keep this salts mixture white or you can add purple food coloring, which is available in your supermarket nowadays! Or you can add red and blue color and mix them well with a few drops of water before
adding to dry ingredients.

Place a couple cups of the bath salts mixture in a jar, cap and tie a pretty ribbon around. Place in a gift bag, with some pretty tissue paper, add a few bars of delightfully scented goats milk soaps, which are becoming very popular lately and what a luxurious, very welcome gift this will be. 

Perhaps the friend you wish to gift with a special present this Yule can't take baths, as is the case with diabetics and other people with health issues.  A nice gift to use in the shower is sugar scrub.  It helps exfoliate and leaves the skin soft, and deliciously scented. 

To make a sugar scrub, take a few cups of sugar. Regular, granulated white sugar.  Place in a mixing bowl and add a 1/4 cup of mineral oil to the sugar base. Then add essential oils, like the ones we added before to the bath salts base. Except with 2 cups of sugar add only about 10-20 drops of essential oil.  Mix it well, and it should have a damp but not wet consistency. Sugar scrubs that they sell in the fancy stores are more oil than sugar. This isn't necessary and makes for a slippery experience.

Take a tablespoon or so out, place it in your palm and rub it over legs, arms and anywhere you have dry skin.  PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL MAKE THE FLOOR OF THE SHOWER STALL A BIT SLIPPERY, BE CAREFUL IF THIS IS THE CASE. Please also let those who are receiving this gift know of that eventuality. Only a small amount is necessary.  If a fancy magickal goal is not required, adding a simple vanilla oil to the sugar makes a deliciously scented and fragrant sugar scrub. Vanilla also brings in loving energies and increases magickal power.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your gift suggestion with a touch of the magickal added. 

Enjoy and happy crafting!

Peace and Happiness

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